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  1. Hi all, First of all a huge congratulations for this magnificent software in free access. Secondly, I bring my modest contribution by sharing with you my work on Photoshop with regard to genre thumbnails. This includes a PSD file to create your own thumbnails with the typo file and background image. Also includes the 16 thumbnails in png format that I created for myself, in French only. Preview on emby : Downloading the zip file (7.6Mo): Vignettes-Genres.zip Sorry for my bad English, I use Google Trad... Best wishes.
  2. Cheesegeezer

    Emby FILM CLUB

    Well seeing as we all use Media Browser to watch.... errrr... Movies with. I thought I'd start up a thread, so we can say a few words about any recent movies you have watched and pass thoughts on them, so those sat on the fence regarding a particular film may decide it's worth a shot. RULES: 1. THERE IS NO FILM CLUB 2. NO SPOILERS 3. GIVE OVERALL EXPERIENCE FELT ABOUT THE MOVIE (how it made you feel) 4. YOU MAY GIVE COMPARISONS TO OTHER MOVIES 5. YOU CAN GIVE THE TYPE OF MOOD YOU CAN BE IN TO WATCH THIS PARTICULAR MOVIE 6. NO SPOILERS 7. GIVE A SCORE OUT OF 10 Ok so I'll start of with a couple. The Conjuring (2013) I've always been sceptical about Horrors, they always seem to go too far with gore or end up been down right stupid, well, what a nice turn of events with this movie. The events are based on a true story(apparently), and the pace is pretty good from start to finish. Now I'm not one that gets edgey by any means and I'm very thick skinned, however, I have to say that the suspense in this film is bang on the money, it had my arm hairs standing on end quite often and physiologically, its a trickster!! I thoroughly enjoyed being tense throughout the movie and would certainly watch it again. This is how horrors should be made. 8.5/10 Pain & Gain (2013) What can I say, it was totally not the movie I was expecting to see from the Front Cover..... This is a good thing by the way. Wahlberg &The Rock play outstanding parts in this movie about 3 body builders who need to make some money. The balance between the story and the comedy in this is perfect(the comedy would probably be more appealing to the males, not girly girls). It's a thoroughly enjoyable movie from start to finish, with no lulls at all throughout. For a 2hr 10min movie, it feels more like an hour and a half (Good Right?). Watch this anyday, anytime and you wont feel disappointed. 8.3/10
  3. Hello Guys, Would it be possible to add new themes so we can customize the look and feel of the emby app a little bit more. I really like how embuary looks for example. the emby app looks similiar to embuary but only if i go into the recommended category. Would be cool if we could make our movies and series categorty look like the recommended area on the homepage or embuary instead of the boring grid view. for comparisson some screenshots.
  4. Blueeyiz702

    Animated Movie Poster

    Hey Luke will these work with Emby? Animated Movie Posters, i think there really nice.
  5. Latest Release: MUMC v3 Multi-User Media Cleaner MUMC (pronounced Mew-Mick) will go through movies, tv episodes, audio tracks, and audiobooks in your libraries and delete media items you no longer want taking up disk space. Getting Started: Cool! How Do I Use This? New MUMC Features - Introducing Filter Statements; A simple way to configure the script to find and delete the media items taking up your disk space: Delete movies played at least 60 days ago with a play count == 1. Delete movies created at least 365 days ago with a play count <= 1. Delete episodes played at least 30 days ago with a play count not > 1. Delete episodes created at least 180 days ago with a play count < 2. There are many possibilities! - Keep a minimum number of played episodes to remain in all tv series' - Fix configuration editor to allow editing multiple existing users during a single run - All max_age configuration variables have been removed The same behavior can be achieved with Filter Statements, using created statements - Decided if media items are deleted when ANY or ALL users meet the play count - Media item play count shown for each user - Update console output to show version number and timestamp - Usernames added to user_bl_libs and user_wl_libs config variables - Updates to debug logging History & Origin
  6. spiritwarrior

    Random Game Movie Chose

    Hi guys, I just got an idea maybe to complicated, but I want to share with you. Many times on with family at home when we are about to see a movie, we struggle to chose one :)) like my brother wants an action movie, my mother a comedy movie, my father an adventure one, my self a SCIFI one, the thing is no matter what movie we put we all see the movie regardless. But always we are debating like what movie should we watch So I was thinking maybe is possible to add as a feature in the future a minigame where you can select some movies and then just randomize one and select it to Play it. (if the minigame could have some cool animation to see that the movies are selected then randomized that will be cool) If you like the idea please let me know Regards,
  7. Hello, I already have a Movies library for 1080p content however, I would like to add another Movies library for UHD (4K) content. Currently, if I create another Movies library with the title, UHD Movies, each UHD movie that also has an identically titled counterpart in the original Movies library for 1080p content shares the same play status progress and subsequently, 2 thumbnail images are displayed on the homescreen under the Continue Watching heading. One which is linked to the 1080p movie, and another for the UHD movie. Is there any way to disassociate the movie libraries by creating a library content type for us called 4K Movies or UHD Movies that will contain it's own unique play state information? Or, allow us to name our own content type to create the split which we will also then select it's parent content type from the existing list. Many thanks
  8. Is there a way of preventing my users from adding / removing items to / from a collection? I could not find any option or answer is this forum. Thanks!
  9. About two weeks ago Emby Theater for Windows stopped being able to skip around in the movie. Any attempt to use the skip buttons or to drag the movie to a different location causes the movie to start back from the beginning. Another oddity is that if I had dragged the ribbon to the middle of the movie for example, the movie would then re-start with the progress ribbon still in the middle where I dragged it but when the ribbon reached the 'end' of what it determined the movie was the movie stops playback at that time instead of playing through to the end.EmbyLogs.txt Logs attached.
  10. Hi, How can I kill a movie that is stuck under Active Devices. It has been sat there for weeks now, and emby still hasn't removed it. Thanks
  11. Unsure if this has been mentioned before but during playback while casting from android phone when I need to fast forward or rewind sometimes it starts the movie or TV show over. Was wondering if others sometimes had the same issue? I noticed if I click rewind once and let it load it seems to mostly be fine. But not always. Also if I double click fast forward or rewind, this seems to be a way to get your progress erased. But also not always.
  12. Hello, I'm having a problem with the display in the Metadata Manager for "Movies" media libraries. Indeed, for these media libraries, the variable " serveritemtype " is set to " Movie ", while for media libraries of the " TV " type , the display is in " Folder " mode eg: " Films " type media library : <li role = "treeitem" serveritemtype = "Movie" collectiontype = "undefined" aria-selected = "false" aria-level = "2" aria-labelledby = "8_anchor" id = "8" class = "jstree-node jstree -leaf "> " TV " type media library : <li role = "treeitem" serveritemtype = "Folder" collectiontype = "undefined" aria-selected = "false" aria-level = "2" aria-labelledby = "8_anchor" id = "8" class = "jstree-node jstree -leaf "> The fact is that when a media is not correctly detected by the scrapper, it is very practical to be able to find it thanks to the Metadata Manager (I think, moreover, that is its function). Display in " Folder " mode is therefore necessary. On an Emby server, in the latest stable version (, which I upgrade from version to version since version 4, I don't have this problem, the display is in " Folder " On a freshly installed Emby server (, I have this problem. For information on configuration, the 2 Emby servers are installed on an Ubuntu 18.04 server 64bits (up-to-date) with an Emby Premiere LifeTime license each. Is there the possibility to force the display in " Folder " mode in the Metadata Manager ? Thanks for your help. Mick @@neik @@Happy2Play @@arrbee99
  13. I would like to have the ability to check if a movie is already in my library before scheduling a recording in the DVR. The only way to do it now is to make a search. This mean going from on screen to another. It is already possible to not record an episode of a serie that already exist in the library. A similar option should be available for movie, One suggestion is to have a seach display on screen when scheduling the recording of a movie, in order to inform if the movie is already in the library or not. Hope this help!
  14. I'm just trying to figure out if I have something set incorrectly or is Emby really has different playback screens for TV shows vs movies. When you get to a TV show episode playback screen, it shows the audio and video details and then has a drop down list of the available subtitles. When you get to a movie playback screen, the same information is not shown. The movie does have the details embedded. Using Tiny Media Manager, I get this information: So, I'm wondering what I need to do or change with my Emby settings to get the movie playback screen to show the same information as the TV episodes. Just as an FYI, I have also added an external subtitle file (.srt) file for this movie. So I would hope that some kind of subtitle information would be shown. Any help would be appreciated. I am still setting items up and have only done about 15% of our movies. I want to make sure that I copy everything the way Emby likes it.
  15. Hi, Im not sure i'm posting in the right section off the forum its actually the first time I do so. I was just wonderring if by any chance there was a way to add multiple title to a same movie. In simple, I have some movie in a bylingual version and for some of them I reffer too their title in french and some other in english. Would it be possible to add 2 tittle to a movie in order that when i'm searching for it in my searchbar, event if its sorted name is his original one in english I may still find it with his french name.
  16. Hi, I was wondering if there was a way to skip a line when enterring the movie overview in the metabase. I have some movie in Bi-lingual version and would find it helpful to be able to do so. However not mater how much I do it white editing the metabase: The text still appear grooped while watching it. Thanx in advance for your help.

    Movie thumbnails

    Recent I run into the problem that the thumbnail does not work or get corrupted. See attachments. What I have done a few times is to install the entire (Emby) server on new ones. This with the result that everything works again in time. But I am done with that now haha. Would someone help me. Greetings SPARTAN
  18. Old MediaBrowser with WMC user before i switched to Kodi I always used a shared Mysql for managing my library's till someone suggested me to use Emby. i'm trying to manage to separate my kids movies with my own movies. i was following the tips from the following topic https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/62048-separating-tv-movies-adult-kids/ but it seems that it takes a long time to load the kids nodes and that every time i'm accessing the kids nodes. the normal movie entry created by Emby works instant. Then i thought i might use the so called automatic created playlist that Emby makes. but i don't see any automatic created playlist when i want to add something. Also when i'm in Kodi and in the Emby settings where you can manage your library it only shows Movies and TV Shows and not the Kids Library
  19. Blueeyiz702

    Animated Movie Backgrounds

    Annilation & Baby Driver Byzantium Casino Royal Dark River OldBoy Skyfall Slience of the Lambs Courtesy of rschiks
  20. Exist2Resist

    Docker image of Emby stopped adding movies.

    Recently my Emby server stopped adding Movies to the library. Server version Version Realtime Monitoring is enabled for both Movies and TV folder. TV shows are being added to the library and Movies are not. Just added a new show to the library and it added it and scanned for the new folder. Movies are not being added at all however. This started to happen at the beginning of February. Didn't notice till this week, I use Emby sparingly so it took a bit to notice. A manual library scan does not add the movies either. Using Sonarr and Radarr respectively. I checked the permissions on the Movie and TV folder and they are different. New shows are being added to the server using UID and GID nobody:nogroup. I have since changed the permission in Radarr to reflect the Server (unRAID) default. chmod 777 on Folders, and chmod 666 on files. chown nobody:users After the above permission changes Emby is still not adding new movies to it's library but is adding TV shows with the same above permissions. Content works fine with KODI, no issues there. What should I be looking for in Emby?
  21. kmed27

    Runtime Display

    Hi On the Movie display page, is there any way to show the runtime of each movie? There are tick options for Display "Title" and "Year" but I would really like to see the runtime (more than the year infact). When we watch a movie, I have to go into each one to see how long it is to make sure there is enough time to finish watching it - but - doing this this takes up quite a bit of time! and requires a shorter movie I have tried looking through the css forum but couldn't see anything related to it. Thanks
  22. dsmithp233

    Multiple sort capabilities

    Will Emby get the capability of multiple filters? Let's say that I want to see my music library A-Z by artist name then by release date. Currently in 4.0, it shows this: Has there been any thoughts or requests to do more sort capabilities than only one option? Thanks.
  23. el_pedriyo

    Bugged media player in google chrome

    Hello, I think I am having some time of bug or problem for playing some of my films in my chrome browser, seems that they are working fine in internet explorer. Ataching some photos of the bug. So first it seems like the player graphic design is not loading 100%, it is loading another extrange theme, even 2 different ones and the film is not being played neither. Can you please help me? Kind regards
  24. el_pedriyo

    Not updating library

    Hello, I just wanted to know how can I get my library updated automatically when added a film to it, I have the real time monitoring enabled, but when I tried copying a file inside the library, the movie is not appearing without doing a manual refresh of it. Any idea? Kind regards, Pedro
  25. Victorious

    Display of Movie Extras

    Hi, I have ripped all the Blu-ray special features for the Hobbit films, and put each set in a folder named extras within the main folder alongside the film. However, when viewing the film's page in Emby, the extras all show as a grid of the film poster image, with the extras title beneath. Ideally I would like them to appear in a list, with the description alongside, like TV show extras do. I've attached screenshots of the different layouts. Is there any way I can achieve this? Thanks.
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