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  1. Yodikko

    Audiobooks not showing properly

    The structure is /Audiobooks folder/Book name/ and here the files are 1- Book name - Chapter 1 2- Book name - Chapter 2 ... 8- Book name - Chapter 8 What am I doing wrong here? As you can see the chapters are not showing up, and it looks like it is reading just the chapter 8.
  2. Hi, Some of us listen to classical music and maintain extensive collections of it. Unfortunately, proper classical music sorting requires different metadata fields than pop music. For example, the composer field is not very important with pop music, but is a big requirement with classical music. Currently, Emby supports a single content type for music, which is tailored for pop music. It has views to list Artists, Album artists, Albums, Songs and Genre. I propose to create a second content type dedicated to classical music. This would be a very coherent move since there already are dis
  3. embyserverlogidentifyerror.txt I am unable to retrieve tv show metadata from the internet due to a TrustFailure - CERTIFICATE_VERIFY_FAILED Here an error snippet snippet from the attached log: 2021-01-05 11:09:54.348 Info HttpClient: HttpClientManager GET: https://www.thetvdb.com/api/GetSeries.php?seriesname=Downton+Abbey&language=en 2021-01-05 11:09:55.139 Error HttpClient: Error TrustFailure getting response from *** Error Report *** Version: Command line: /var/packages/EmbyServer/target/server/EmbyServer.exe -package synology -programda
  4. CathMowr

    Metadata Problems - Audio

    Aloha community, one giant emby noob speaking, and so I have a problem. I hope I am in the right place and find an answer here, if I missed crucial details in order to find a solution please tell me, if should post somewhere else tell me too! So I want to set up Emby as my primary media player on OS X and IOS and started playing around with it. I set up my NAS with the server and whatnot and then started pulling some audio onto the server to see if Emby recognizes it. It does. But. The folder is called 20syl and emby does not want to make an artist out of it. Shows up under the Album
  5. percie

    Reorder metadata sources

    Hello. I am using current version of Emby. Is there any way to change order of metadata sources? I've seen order settings on screenshots of old version, but I can't find this options in current verion.
  6. Hello! Meta doesnt appear to be pulling. Been like this for the past couple days. Nothing has been touched on a server level. We did recently update to a new mesh wifi recently, but no issue accessing the server both onnet and offnet The screenshot below is how it pulls when new media is added. Odd Thomas is the only one that pulled a cover, but no actual meta. The rest all look just as you see it. I ran a fresh debug. Any assistance would be phenomenal. Thanks!!! embyserver (1).txt
  7. Hi, I'm an Emby user since 2 or 3 months ago. Still experimenting on some things, but I'm already on a production scenario, with hundreds of items. I've spent a lot of time customizing metadata for single items, and such. As I'm an Emby Premiere user, I'm using the Emby Backup plugin to backup everything in case of disaster. However, I've read recently on other similar posts, and later I confirmed according to the wiki here: https://support.emby.media/support/solutions/articles/44001159936-backup That the Emby Backup plugin does not backup metadata at all. According to the
  8. Hi all, I’m looking to copy all the metadata from my server to a new second server, all file/paths will remain the same. The issue is though that I want both servers to remain running. I’ve tried copying the whole /var/lib/emby folder, and while that works fine to copy the metadata, it glitches out the server if both the original and copy are running at the same time. I can’t remove emby premiere from just one for example, and emby connect starts disconnecting users. I assume there’s some unique server identifier that distinguishes between servers or something like that. Is ther
  9. It has been a few days since Emby for the "Majo no Tabitabi" series hasn't been able to recognize her. He finds it as "Kiki home delivery" of 1989 (studio Ghibli). I tried everything, changed the name of the folder from "Majo no Tabitabi" to "Majo no Tabitabi (2020)" to "The Journey of Elaina" to "Wandering Witch The Journey of Elaina" but nothing. Even putting the ID series from AniDB (15202) / TheTVDB (371436) and telling him to replace all meta and images, he keeps leaving this series (leaving only the right logo and backgrounds but everything else is wrong). Unfortunately I cannot
  10. lowe1739

    MetaData issue

    For some reason my Metadata is no longer pulling from any sources. example below. Wonder Woman, the screen cap 1 shows the correct info for themoviedb but even after refreshing and choosing replace image it just shows what is in the other two screen caps any help would be appreciated, just happened this week.
  11. tjmcd.314

    Music metadata issues

    I'm having issues importing my music library. I don't have a list, but there are lots of issues with incorrect meta-data. Just to start with an example, I have a ton of random artists showing up as having "3 doors down" as the artist and album artist (see image below of library). I've checked the metadata with ffprobe and mp3tags and none of the tracks I see list 3 doors down anywhere (mp3tags screenshot of one track below). I've tried deleting and re-importing the library several times, and the issue persists. I think I was able to get 1 album to correct itself by just re-writing th
  12. SO this is something I really miss from Kodi. In kodi, it's possible to go into a tv show, and select "All seasons" all the way at the beginning of the season listings. This would then bring up a playlist comprised of every episode in every season in order. What I would then use this for, is to "sort by IMDB rating" or "sort by TheTVDB rating" and then scroll through the highest rated episodes of the entire series. A super super useful feature that I used every day. And one I miss dearly in Emby. Of course I could just use Kodi and do DLNA from Emby, but it's just not as aestheticall
  13. stevelamb121

    Missing metadata settings

    Hey all, I've noticed in the latest release on my synology DS920+ there are no metadata settings in the library. I have tried removing and readding but there are no metadata settings and none of the movies are being recognised. I've posted 2 screenshot below, 1 from my windows setup showing the settings and 1 from synology showing the missing settings. Anyone else getting this?
  14. Hello, I'm returning to Emby after a few years with Plex and other platforms. Love the configurability of Emby vs other platforms - kudos to the team. What seems to be screwing up the experience for me is the reset of metadata and folder images. This is what initially convinced me to leave Emby for others. I spend considerable time customising the images for various video catalogues, use tags and craft a web of permissions... one day I log in and *puff* gone. Images reset to the automated images pulled from videos, tags nowhere to be found. <Enter anger management> So
  15. nosachov

    Thumbnails and cache OpenSUSE

    Hi Everyone. Problem: I got a trial emby on an OpenSUSE server. All looks good except the thumbnails usage. Every time I enter some folder thumbnail images are downloading again and it causes a 100% or high CPU usage. Already looked for a solution on the forum but can't find it. VM Hardware: 4 CPU Cores. 2 GB RAM. External mounted NAS with photos and videos of high resolution (~1TB). Also I use Nginx. Config: server { listen 80; server_name media.domain.com; root /var/www/html; return 301 https://$server_name$request_ur
  16. Hi, I have EMBY on my Windows 10 laptop with my libraries on an external disk drive. All seems fine except I've noticed a couple of instances where EMBY seems to be getting some Extras/Specials mixed up, or I might be doing something wrong. For example: Although the path address in the metadata manager is for a file called 'Deleted Scenes - Series 1', it is showing uo correctly in the library as 'The mMniseries' and the Miniseries episode plays when I select it in the library. I'm mighty confused! I've tried rebooting the laptop and the emby server. Any ideas?
  17. mofa2016

    Fetching metadata timeout

    Recently I found Emby could not access to tvdb and tmdb to fetch metadata. I need to use v2ray to proxy those traffic before, because the GFW in China, but I find that there's no traffic going trough my v2ray client now, when starting a "Rreconize" progress. thetvdb.com, api.themoviedb.org, assets.fanart.tv, Those 3 proxy rules are added to my pac settings, and I'm sure the proxy service is functional, I can access to www.thetvdb.com with browser. embyserver.txt
  18. I have hosted my emby server on a vps and using rclone mount as my library . I am currently renaming and sorting all my content . Just had this very simple question I currently have 2 choices Either i can scrap all metadata directly in my google drive using tiny media manager or other tools and don't let emby fetch any metadata. So each TV show & Movie will have its own nfo , posters and everything in its respective drive folder itself . In short emby would read metadata individually for each folder The other option is i can not scrap any metadata externally . Just rename
  19. Mr.Berzerk

    Writing Meta Data to Files

    Hey, I'm just wondering if it is possible to bulk write the IMDB meta data to my video files. Or have I just not figured out how to do it?
  20. I have all my photos from my dSLR visible on my Emby install and it appears that something is creating PNG files that are the same size as the source content. The issue here is that the source files are typically 5472 x 3648 (Landscape) or 3648 x 5472 (Portrait). Is there a specific reason why it's creating these files for my images? There's absolutely no better to creating in JPG format -- they're already compressed as JPG. I'd expect to see it generate downsized versions at lower resolutions, not convert 1:1 to PNG and waste disk space. Here's some output from windirstat on my Em
  21. for some not yet decophered reason folder 'louis theroux' although identified correctly on tvdb is given original title 'louis theroux: miami mega jails'. this mistake infects the trakt link, so i cleared original title field in my emby. but it (incorrect original title) came back on refresh locking the name (title?) field (unticking) does not protect original title field as still blank original title is reverted on refresh. can this work if only i knew better (1st time lock metadata user).
  22. As I was correcting metadata for TV's 24, I noticed only 32 People appearing in the Cast & Crew section of the main show page, despite me loading 47 People into the Edit Metadata pop-up. Is there a limit? If so, can this limit be adjusted? 24's Main Screen 24's Main Screen, farther down the page: the Cast & Crew bar At the end of the Cast & Crew bar: Colm Feore and Annie Wersching In the Edit Metadata popup: Woah! There're a lot more names after Colm Feore and Annie Wersching!
  23. Please clarify the "Replace all metadata" wording. Perhaps a following note that says the context of what is being replaced. e.g., When selecting a specific item, e.g., a series or even just one actor, when I click the 3 dots, select Refresh Metadata, the two Refresh mode choices are "Replace missing metadata" and "Replace all metadata". While "Replace missing metadata" feels fairly harmless, I'm never quite sure what "Replace all metadata" is going to do. I really don't want to replace my entire library, I'm just looking to replace this item (series, actor, etc.). So perhaps somethi
  24. Hi there. Many of my movies have missing cast members (image 1). I can manually get them to load (image 2). Is there a way to force Emby to reload / refetch them? If there already is a thread explaining this, please point me there, as I couldn't find one. Thanks in advance.
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