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  1. I would like to request that when a episode starts to play the next episode the wait time is faster then 30 seconds. Would be nice if we could adjust it on the server side to maybe 10 seconds
  2. hErEsy

    Language Removal

    Hi, couldnt find aynthing to this matter. Maybe someone could help or if not - maybe this would be a nice feature? My Issue: On TV when I manually look for subtitles, frequently I need to scroll through all available languages (Android / Tizen / PC doesnt matter). Takes forever to scroll from english to turkish. Is there a way where I can mark 4 of the most commonly used subtitles / languages as favourites so that these are the only ones shown to select? IF not then that would be my feature request. Also, It would be nice (for some reason emby doesnt do this - or I don
  3. all4dom

    TV Everywhere

    It would be great if emby could include a paid add on for tv everywhere. It's impossible for me.to get reception via an antenna & I would rather stay in 1 app them use 2 to avoid minor problems here & then. I think you would be surprised how many people would take advantage of this feature. I'm new with CDVR but I'm seeing more people each day in the forum looking to combine the CDVR TVE with emby. Just had a discussion with someone last night about signing up for emby to give it a try.
  4. I was looking into this and after some googling it seems to be a common request. Look at this scenario, I have a folder with 2000 TV Shows which are complete, will not receive any new episodes and is properly identified and done. When Emby starts library scan it will go over this huge folder and this causes: 1. HDD to spin up on my NAS. 2. If remote access in the cloud to produce a very long library scan. What I did here is that I have 2 folders: "TV Shows" and "Recently added TV Shows". Scaning the later takes just a minute or so. While adding the first ta
  5. Hey Guys, sorry if this is already been mentioned somewhere else. I would like to know if it would be possible to have the option to disable the trailer, folders and episodes tab within the emby movies and tv shows section ? Onyx
  6. (Edit: To indicate that this might be thought of as a "Smart Collections" feature, perhaps similar to Smart Playlist functionality.) I'd love to see an Advanced setting, or a Plugin, that enables a List of Rules (which can be manually reordered by the user) that would match whatever pattern is defined in the rules for auto-adding items to a given Collection. These patterns could be set to match the file path (eg, match on "*\Disney\*" to match all videos with a folder "Disney" in their file path, and then add them to this Collection) or to match various item attributes, in particular Tags
  7. The requirement is to create a clickable item that starts the movie at a specific time in the movie. I'd like the ability to create a set of movies for demo purposes, these would have start points to scenes that you want to instantly go to, rather like the resume feature.
  8. Would love to see my soundtrack albums listed on the corresponding movie and tv-show pages, as well as seeing the movies and tv-shows listed on the corresponding soundtrack album page. That way it’s easy for an user to see whether the soundtrack can be listened to.
  9. I tossed a couple of seasons of some shows together in a playlist and sorted them to play in episode order. I.e. S01E01 Show X, S01E01 Show Y, and so on. Everything is going fine until I return later to resume where I had left off. The episode was on the "Continue Watching" deck, but once the episode ended, it continued to play the concurrent episode in the season, not from my playlist. I know by default, Emby is designed to play chronological ordering, but in the instances of curated playlists, I think an option to resume the playlist would be a welcomed feature. Thanks fo
  10. OCDcrazy

    EMBY Logo

    Allow users to turn it on or off, show or not show. I dont want the emby logo to show in the top left make it go away thanks.
  11. Could we have an option under the admin profile to clear all for the 'Continue Watching' and 'Next Up' sections on a per profile basis? Much like a 'Mark All Read' in an email client. Thank you.
  12. 1st i like to say love the program, but i would love to see a way to bump paused players after x time like plex does so people tont sit with open transcoder slots. Also on live tv, since it never ends and there is no are you watching possible is there a way to say to end after x hours for people who like to fall asleep with it on the hdhome run only has so many connections and i hate wasting them
  13. I found an old topic discussing this but found no feature request topic so thought I would make one here. Series Next Up not showing Specials but viewing the Season does - Web App - Emby Community At the moment I am watching a series with many specials dotted in-between the episodes, for this reason I have grown to distrust the 'Next Up' tab as it will not show any specials and instead navigate to the Series folder and look within the Season itself to find my next episode (incl. specials). Hopefully one to think about for the future?
  14. Hi All, over the years we added thousands of videos and series to our remote-server, but every disc becomes full. Then it is difficult to decide which content can be deleted. So i have create a little angular tool that collects the video items from the emby-api and shows it in a table. There you can filter and sort the items by several properties. Today i pushed the project to github.com because like to share it with the community. https://github.com/tantchen/emby-library-browser
  15. EMBY is Great but missing one thing Video Track Selection I wish to be able to change Video Track like I can change Audio or Subtitles. I know most of People have only one track in a file but some have 2 like me. VLC have this option but doesn't work well as external player unfortunately. Other thing is doesn't recognize default video track. It plays track with ID1 always. I wish to see this FEATURE in the Future! Thank You
  16. Just moved my family across to Emby for remote use, and have noticed an opportunity. My old media server would make it very obvious to the admin in the web client when the service was in use, maybe the restart button could be colored if the server is in use Red - Streams of other users playing Amber - Users activity in last 5? minutes maybe an "service in use warning, are you sure' on shutdown/restart of Emby. when introducing the service remotely to family it would be helpful to have a very obvious que for admins on the web client, that there are use
  17. Forgive me if this has already been requested; I couldn't find a thread specifically related. I think when a user downloads a playlist from a music library (on mobile devices), the downloaded content should be viewed as the said playlist. Currently, downloading a playlist results in all of the content within the playlist being broken up into its parent albums. This makes enjoying more than one downloaded playlist impossible. With just one, you can shuffle all of the separate albums for the same effect, but this isn't feasible as soon as you download a second playlist or other content.
  18. blackstar88

    ADJUST next episode

    manualy adjust next episode if for example serie is longer then 20min --- 30min ---40min.---- 60min--- 20min serie usualy has less ending credits so adjust to say 15-20 sec next episode button or if serie is 40min then 30-40sec adjustment etc
  19. blackstar88

    limit cpu

    limit transcoding cpu usage example like 20% or 40% so it dosent bottleneck... im using ds918+ synology and each time its transcoding its using 99% cpu... even thou its like an 480p or 720p if transcoding its always using 99% on cpu...
  20. blackstar88

    jump intro on tv serie

    would be nice to be possible to manualy add a function for server to add own skip intro and that displays at specific timeline like start end so that user can skip intro or opening. i guess it cant do it auto but would be nice if its possible (example like next episode)
  21. MachineLearning

    Video Playlist Multi Select

    As simple as that, my apologies if this has been requested before, but I can't find them apparently Say I wish to remove multiple items from a playlist, or create a new playlist out of some items in a playlist, currently I gotta do so one by one
  22. Besides installing the server by using the portable version and put it wherever we want, the Windows installer window by default puts the folder in this odd location: C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\Emby-Server I wonder why it doesn't put it in the "Program Files" folder, apart from that, the installer window lacks an option to choose a custom location to install the server wherever we want.
  23. Itunes has a column browser which has the effect of filtering and sorting views of music objects. Values are selected rather than typed. it makes the function of curating content much simpler eg checking whether tracks of a given album/ artist have been added . i am finding i am regularly using the web browser's search function to curate playlists which is far from ideal the ability to sort by [music] tag alone would go along way for [music] playlists.
  24. Hi, Background: I live in a country where we have scheduled rolling power blackouts. I would like to place a banner at the top of Emby library when you log in that shows when the next scheduled power outage will be so users know when the server will be off. Request: So let's say when logged in as admin user, I could enter a sentence in the setup/config portion of Emby that will just scroll over the screen while in the library sections. And maybe 10 minutes before the server is about to shut down, if someone is watching then it could pop up as a reminder over die video they are watch
  25. I have the auto-collection plugin installed and it works really well for showing groups/series of movies. I was wondering if a simple line of text could be added under the title when viewing a movie page, since all my TVs just show the movie and then the cast. In order to actually see if it's part of a collection you have to scroll down. Ex: (Movie Title) Alien <Add new text if relevant> Part of Alien Collection </Add new text> (rating/movie info) 8.1 1979 1h 55m R Ends at <time> Added <date>
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