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Found 540 results

  1. Heya, I'd like to suggest a feature to users to bind TV Source per user account. If i have multiple M3U URLs, for different kind of channels, I could bind access to specific M3U Url in the user directly. That would put some ease of mind when channels gets updated/added/removed, instead of using Tags and Parental stuff for every channel. I have M3U URLs setup for different kind of channels, One M3U url for Swedish channels, 1 M3U URL for Sports, 1M3U URL for XXX and so on.. Would be really sweet to have this feature.
  2. Hi Ive been trying to have thumbnails extracted from all of my media so that when I hover over the timeline when playing media, I can see whats at that time. I have this set so that it generates a new thumbnail every 10 seconds. This takes an incredibly long time. After having a look through the embylogs, it looks like its only using a single thread for this. Is it possible to increase this? I have a 24core cpu and only ever seem to be using a single core for this. The line in the logs is 27 08:24:40.780 Info App: ProcessRun 'extract-imageseries' Execute: /usr/local/bin/ffmpeg -f matroska -threads 1 -i file:"/media/TVShows/someshow/s01e01.mkv" -an -sn -threads 0 -vf "fps=fps=1/10,scale=min(iw\,320):trunc(ow/dar/2)*2" -f image2 "/var/db/emby-server/cache/temp/0250f79a267348b29460c874ddedf4b7/img_%05d.jpg" My emby server is running as a freenas plugin - let me know if this could be the reason for any issues.
  3. I’d like to be able to set a library to filter its contents, rather than including everything in a folder. in particular I’d like to be able to filter by language, so I can have one library that contains only TV shows with English audio, and another that has only shows with Russian audio, and I can have both pointed at the same folder (containing some English, some Russian, and some dual audio). In another topic Luke confirmed that filters for language will be in the next release, but as far as I know there’s no way to permanently set a filter for library contents. Searching with filters is ok when I’m looking for something, but way too cumbersome for my wife and kids. A solution that lets them just open the Russian library (without keeping duplicates of all my dual-audio content) would be really cool. Thanks!
  4. Right now it's 5 sec, would be great to have an option to hide menu as soon as you leave the screen with cursor and/or when cursor becomes idle.
  5. I've read about this throughout the forum, seems like it's hard to advocate for this option, but it's so senseless to delete videos one by one when there are hundreds to be deleted.
  6. The feature request I'm asking for I'd think is very simple to implement. What I'd like to have is the ability when looking at the Dashboard seeing what a user is watching to click it and be taken to the Detail page of the move/show/video. What I envision is to click anywhere in the area denoted with the yellow box (the picture). It could also be another box in the lower section next the send message icon but I'd prefer clicking on the picture. Thanks
  7. Now that we're seeing hardware fast enough to encode H.265 reasonably, can we can H.265 support for recording in the DVR and transcoding for live TV?
  8. Hello every one, I want, first of all, to warn you of my bad English. I am French: D Emby user for a few years now I was running it on intel Core 2 Duo, Xeon X3430 and now on an E3-1220 v2. Now that I have a somewhat efficient processor, and in view of my tests with the H 265 codec, and the results as well as the advantages of this codec (like, for example, the compression which is 2x more important than the H 264 , so a less congested network), do you think it's a good idea to add this codec in future Emby-server updates? I await your return for this proposal. With that, have a good day Julien.
  9. swenth

    Sort by random

    Would be useful to have a option to sort library content to random would help to browse and find content for people who have 2000++ media's
  10. Dex_Q8

    watch together

    This is a deal breaker for me because I want to buy the life time membership I know it has been asked multiple time but I really need to know what developers plans for this feature
  11. Hi everyone, I have a other ideia for embyweb and emby apps, i would like than emby devs develop a way to post comments on the movies and store the comments as (Self Hosted) . So if someone have previously whatched the movies he/she can comment thought (Nvidia Shield,Android,iOS,WEB,etc...) and then we can reply but the whole thing self hosted. This is a e.g (Footage of my feature demande ) (Hosted in emby means -> Hosted in my Server "SelfHosted") Kind regards EDIT: Also i forget to precise but this feature need some moderation tools or be moderated by default by Emby Server "Self Hosted" like ban url, (Just something to eliminate all potential wrong use of this) or not clicable links etc.. (Basicly a tool to moderate it) i have family on my server and i don't want they swear on my emby server because i have also my family on it so it will be nice to have a tool to moderate comments. Waiting for @Luke opinion and @ebr to know if this is releasable and there will be a way or a hope for this in the feature and how many time it will take ? Enjoy VOTE WITH LIKE NOT WITH +1 COMMENT
  12. Richard Branches

    Emby Server - ReplayGain support

    Just like all the info added to the music library by the music plugins after the scanning process is completed, ReplayGain should also be added to the database, avoiding the hassle of adding the information to the id3 tag by ourselves, keeping the files untouched. A ReplayGain setting should also be added to all apps, in case we don't want to use the feature at any given moment.
  13. robert powell

    auido slection details

    when selecting an audio track on a movie that has multiples, the menu only displays the language the track is in. It does not display the title of the track. for example a movie might have the primary audio track, and 3 different commentary audio tracks, but when you go to select which audio track you want, all you see with emby is 4 tracks called "English" (or what ever language the movie is in. Would it be possible to have emby (and the emby apps such as the roku app) also display the actual title of the track as well? it would make it much easier to find the track you are looking for. would also be nice if this could also be done with subtitles as well.
  14. strugglez

    Actors/People Metadata

    Hi, I tried doing a quick search but unsure if this is an issue, or by design and apologies if this has already been answered. The issue (for me atleast): Actors/People metadata appears to be common between libraries and makes it look funny when using the TVDB pulled images for cartoons/tv shows etc. In some cases it is okay, but instances where it becomes to look funny is where I have Homer from the The Simpsons showing up in Aladdin. Is it possible to have unique Actors/People metadata for each TV show? I know a work around for this which is just to use TMDB for this metadata where it's a photo of the actor themselves usually. Also, is it possible to not display Actors/People for ones that do not have any image associated to them? Regards
  15. Hey Team Wanted to know if we could add a recommendation function for other users in your Emby set up. Bit like suggestion but by other users on your emby server
  16. changzhou

    Control play speed

    like 0.5x 0.75x 1.25x 1.5x I hope can control speed like youtube.Thank you.
  17. ugrin

    Duplicate artists

    Hi, first i must say I'm new to Emby, and so far I like it. But, I scanned my music library with almost all options selected (for metadata etc), but I noticed I had many duplicate artists, usually one entry with photo and the rest without photo, but this is not true for all of them. I read that others have had this same issue, and one user posted that they resolved it by removing the library, and scanning again but this time with disabled all metadata downloading options etc. I did this, but to no avail... But the most interesting part is, it seems like the server is getting MB data anyway!? I've attached the log so you can see... Any way to fix this? Thanks! p.s. Here's a screenshot embyserver(1).txt
  18. Radman4927

    TV Everywhere Function

    Is there a possibility to get a TV Everywhere functionality added as we see in Channels DVR as an example.
  19. Hallo all, there is a way to use the dvb-tuners of an enigma-box for live-tv, which is realy great, but in the other direction, there is now way to use emby on my enigma-box to watch movies. would is be possible/usefull to add a client für enigma 2 based set-top-boxes as well ? modern boxes have way enough power to act as movieplayer, just the front-end sucks. this kind of plugin is available for plesk, but unfortunally not for emby. id really apprechiate if something like this would be build. regards
  20. It would be nice to be able to set up different Live TV Sources depending on the user. For example: User 1 would have access to x.m3u, y.m3u, z.m3u User 2 would have access to a.m3u, b.m3u, c.m3u What's the rationale for this? If an individual subscribes to more than 1 IPTV service, they could designate which IPTV service each user would be able to access since some streaming services only allow 1 connection. "Why don't you just buy 2 connections?" - different reliability, different channels etc. Further, User 2 may only watch 5-10 channels, whereas User 1 likes to watch content from all over the world and have 1,000,000 channels - why subject User 2 having to scroll through thousands of channels to get to CNN or something.
  21. Hi everyone, I would like to know if there was in the future update a way to filter the audio (Like e.g by english,french,spanish etc..) and the same for subtitles i can do that for container and etc.... but it doesn't show me for audio, subtitles. So i would to request it, as i can see on plex i can do that but not in emby. Not sure if this is related but don't forget to add this filter in all library type.
  22. MadibaJ

    Xmltv Enhancer

    I’d like there to be an option for the tvguide xmltv to be enhanced using tvdb or moviedb data. Also useful would be to tag the scheduled recordings with a tvdb Id so it fetches the correct metadata and matches shows more easily.
  23. Hi everyone, I have downloaded some videos from youtube but the json appears like something wierd (No paragraphs, no clickable links,no actors(Usually the name of the youtube channel) etc..) I whant to suggest to do something like plex have done to allow users to click on the links in the description and they have some more stuff like appear the actor info (Not sure if you can do that on emby "appear youtube channel as a actor") btw this is some printscreen to show you what i mean. It can be usefull to be able to read it like that (Paragraphs, clickable links, and if possible show the actor name like on plex (But not sure if this is possible) by the way the Paragraphs and Clickable links can be very usefull. This is just a minor update i guess So in emby it looks like that. And i also can report than the date is not correct it show me the years like that (20190513) on years filter. Thanks to take advantage of this feature request. Kind Regards
  24. Can we have TheSportsDB as metadataprovider ? http://www.thesportsdb.com/ Was looking for a way to archive all my Formula 1 & MotoGP NBA, recordings of past years into an Emby library, but couldn't find a working solution to incorporate metadata automatically. Also for other sporting events, TheSportsDB is gaining in popularity. I usually have many of the replays well organized but using thesportsdb as metadaprovider will be better, i don't find any way to organize well my library with sports replays as i can see they have an api not sure if this allow for metadata search but i pretty sure than it allows that, https://www.thesportsdb.com/api.php e.g i have the Fifa World Cup recorded and i would like to organize it well with emby but looks like it's impossible, there is a way to get it organized until the metada provider from thesportsdb is ok World Cup (2018)/FIFA.World.Cup.2018.Round.of.16.Spain.vs.Russia.720p/FIFA.World.Cup.2018.Round.of.16.Spain.vs.Russia.720p.FOX.WEB-DL.AAC2.0.x264-AJP69.mkv so i would like to get the posters and all it metadata like (Synopsys and etc..)
  25. Hi, i've have just subscribe to emby premiere to test Live TV. I would like to know if it is planned to get a support of EPG EIT ? regards
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