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  1. It would be nice to have the option to hide seasons for TV shows. For example I have 20 or so Looney Tunes episodes, but they are spread out across 10 seasons and it makes it very hard to find a Bugsy Bunny episode. I am switching over from Plex after many years and love Emby, but not having the option to hide seasons like Plex is frustrating. It would also be nice if there was an option to auto hide seasons and just show the episodes for TV Shows when you only have one season of a TV show. Every time I go to watch Firefly I am sad to be reminded that there was only one season of that great show. It is just difficult and unnecessary to add an extra painful click when I want to watch the Serenity crew and their adventures.
  2. MBSki

    Series + Movie link

    I'm starting to collect a lot more tv shows that are related to movies, and I'd like to be able to link them to each other so I know there's a related show or movie. At the moment the only way to do this is with a collection, but I'm finding a lot of shows that are only related to a single movie and a collection wouldn't make sense. Please add a function to link TV Shows to a Movie.
  3. (I didn't see this feature request. Possibly it exists and is worded differently.) Whenever I do a search I get results from all libraries. I would like the option to limit a search to a specified library: Example 1: if I search for "Star Wars" I will get results from all libraries: movies from my "movie library", the film score from my "music library" and an interview with John Williams and Harrison Ford from my "interviews library". Since I know I am looking for the film score it seems one should be able to search the "music library" so that one doesn't get a dozen irrelevant results. I feel this is an important feature, particularly when one has a very large library with different types of media. Example 2: I have an older iTunes library of media from earlier years that is mp3 or low resolution type formats. I also have a more recent library that only has higher resolution audio, such as FLAC. If I want to find the high resolution FLAC version of Fleetwood Mac "Dreams", for example, searching for it will result in finding both the older mp3 version and a higher resolution FLAC version. I will then have to look into the specs for each to find the version I am looking for. If there was an ability to search by library this would facilitate finding exactly what one wants faster. Thank you for looking into this.
  4. Hi All, I had my emby-server down for several months, and was very happy to see many small tweaks and also larger enhancements when I installed the latest version. Great Job. I found several things that I thought could be useful, here is one of them: I would like to have a function in the user-interface (UI) to move media from one library to another library. I have tried to illustrate an example here (in red): Currently, I have to do that on a filesystem level, and only I can do that. Adding that to the UI would enable other users to do that as well (with sufficient privileges). Once the destination is picked, a new dialog should pop up, what the transfer-request should move on the file-system basis: I hope that my idea is not totally absurd and finds many supporters! Thank you all! RooDee
  5. Friends

    Watch party

    With my wife and kids living far away from each other, a Watch Party feature would be an amazing. Thank you
  6. Please add an option to determine the order of the cast. In some films, the cast is shown in the wrong order.
  7. Syztemlord

    Collection Filters

    Hey guys, I have setup some collections for decades via the smart playlist plugin. When I go to this collection and select ALL ITEMS I get the filters down the right hand side but not the alphabetical list down the left. Would it be possible to add the alphabetical choice down the left side just like it is in main library folders?
  8. Mobile APP, play interface, finger to the left to slide the screen, video fast back, finger to the right to slide the screen, fast forward. The left side of the screen slides up and down to adjust the brightness, and the right side of the screen slides up and down to adjust the volume.
  9. as title says. i have some tv-show collections like the star trek shows moved into one collection "Star Trek - Universe" and everything works great. But i can't find how i could add a theme song for this. Is it even possible? When not than please make it possible. I have theme songs for all my tv-shows scraped with tiny media manager and they are in the folder for the shows. works perfect. But i don't know how i could do this for self created collections ... p.s. when its not possible to add own mp3 as a them song for the ocllection than could you just play randomly them song from a tv-show inside this collection? thank you
  10. hi, I would like to know if it would be possible to adjust the volume and brightness by sliding the finger vertically on the touch screens. regards.
  11. goldsworthy1

    Credit Skip

    Intro skip works really well, any chance we can get credit Skip as well?
  12. Title already says it. Such a tiny basic thing, which I always miss. Add a new flick for someone else, start my app, go to settings, scan lib, instead of just hitting that context-menu-item on the emby server.
  13. Hi I am running Emby Server V4.7.6 on PC with the PC Desktop version of Emby Theatre 3.0.16 on the same box. Here in the UK, most moves that are transmitted with surround sound via Free2Air get AAC 5.1 Audio, not AC3 5.1 (aka Dolby Digital). When I play a movie with AAC 5.1, I get PCM stereo sound from my external 5.1 receiver. I have the passthrough options enabled in Emby Theatre. If I play the exact same file on a FireStick 4K then I DO get Dolby Digital - albeit with major lip-sync issues. Is there a possibility for Emby to transcode AAC 5.1 to AC3 5.1 (Dolby Digital) either at the server or on the client such that I get something that can be passed through to my AV amp and rendered as Dolby Digital? Also. How come this works (eg gets transcoded) with FireTV Stick App, but does not work with Emby Theatre for PC? I also note this thread, but its closed or I would have posted this there. and here I also note from the above that there is an option added in some of the screenshots - however, I don't see this in my Emby Theatre V3.0.16
  14. I just installed Emby on my server via Docker and really like it so far. I see that Emby is able to read the captions that I set in the EXIF data for some scanned photos. In Emby, I can view the metadata by going to Edit Metadata and looking under "Overview". I switched from Plex to Emby specifically for this metadata reason. What I'd really like to see is the ability to display metadata on the screen while viewing the photo (such as overview and the date).
  15. Would it be possible to remove the delete function from playlists. If the option to delete movies is turned off you can still delete playlists
  16. Just as the title says, I'd like to be able to edit filenames - not on a bulk basis - from inside Emby. You can already delete files from inside the apps, why shouldn't an edit be possible then? It would streamline editing metadata and filenames more because you are not always required to edit in two different places.
  17. Hey , I would be happy if we had the option to choose that as soon as the audio file we put in the theme-music folder and the video file we put in the backdrops ends. There will be the possibility that it will repeat itself. And I would also like to have the possibility to put both an audio file and a video file together, so that as soon as the video file ends immediately after that the audio file will be played and repeated.
  18. Is it possible to get this added as a filter? When in tv shows I just like having them sorted by the total number of unwatched episodes, especially when trying to catch up on content.
  19. emby has parental ratings like PG 13, R, and so on movies and tv shows. What I want to see is additional information on sensitive content of the movie or episodes like "Strong language" Nudity" "Violence and gore" For example when the movie starts its shows small info at the top corner that says Rated R and would have been nice if it adds like "Rated R contains Strong language and Violence".
  20. Hi all! I won't waste your time on praising the system - it is awesome. I would love, however, if it was made possible to assign to a user a permission to download from a specific library and not from an other. For instance we have a user we will call Dave - I would love for Dave to be able to watch, but not download from the Library we will call "Movies", at the same time I would like Dave to be able to watch and download from the library we will call "Films". At the moment I can only grant Dave download permissions to all Libraries he has access to or revoke that permission. Would be great to add flexibility there. Thanks in advance.
  21. Hi Emby Team ! I'd like to know if it would be possible to make the Music Artists, Genre, Albums bar editable in the admin. For example I don't need the composers to appear or I'd prefer to see the Genre to be located before the Albums tab. That would make the search of music quicker mainly on my phone as you have to scroll right to make the genres appear. Thanks in advance :)
  22. Good afternoon, I tried searching for this and I couldn't find any other topic abou it. I was wondering if you could implement a way to watch the videos with the phones in Portrait mode, like YouTube does. That way you can watch something with your phone standing up without being so obvious you're watching media, or watching it sideways.
  23. Hey ! It's could be cool to add fonctionnalty to limit how much a user can download things like userA can donwload only 5 movies and 10 episodes of TV shows and maybe do something to renew that every week. So 1 week after userA can download again 5 movies and 10 episodes. With possibility of allowing download on selected Playlist. My wife like to download TV show on my phone when we go on vacantion but she don't know what is "Storage capacity" of a phone, like she download a full tv show of 30Gb when i only have 50gb free on my phone and she don't watch the full serie in once. So doing this can save me and maybe save other people some storage lol. Also can be usefull if you have a kid and want to allow him to only download like kids library and don't allow him to download a lot of stuff
  24. There are many full movies on youtube , how about making it possible to add those in emby. Like a plugin where you use the "embed option" from youtube. Same thing with your favorite webradio.
  25. 我需要一个固定的播放速度,为什么我们每次玩的时候都需要调整播放速度,那真是太傻了请实现此功能
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