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  1. Hi, I just found out about emby and currently loving it. I really miss this feature, that for instance I have recipe video's. That I can add the following information. 1:40 - Introduction 2:50 - Ingredients 5:00 - Final results Like timed section in the video's where I can click on these custom marks so it will navigate quickly to that section. YouTube has it as well nowdays, and its pretty handy! Maybe it's already suggested, but I couldn't find it on these forums, sorry if it has. Thanks.
  2. I just use a Home Videos and Photos libray for store my photo. after I enter the libray, it show me videos at first, but I just want see folders screen. in movie libray and tv libray, it have option: default screen to do this, but Home Videos and Photos libray have not. in Home Videos and Photos libray(folders screen), Settings->Show Fields only use year by default, This is not suitable for displaying photos(a lot of photo's year is same). Although every folder will be changed once, Can you add an option to change the default value?
  3. One of the greatest features of Windows Media Center was the tray notification for recording. I was wondering if guys can push that out for emby as notifications, or a webhook. That would be really good because, I have a problem with recordings ending early and need to schedule them again, immediately, if they stop recording. (No reason given in log for them ending early). Also, please allow us to UNCHECK things from channel mapping. The process given to me by @cayars (Editing the dB) was nothing that any basic user would even know how to do. Even if there is a new versi
  4. my media asia movies or series need plugins mydramalist thank
  5. A quick feature request: Useable Chapters support, like most other media player have been offering all along. Screenshot of MPC; chapters are displayed as little indents in the timeline, and back and forward arrows jump to next or previous chapters I am much surprised it is not already mentioned in the tracking list.
  6. Sorry if this has been covered, but is there any plans to give separate users their own recording folders? My parents want access to schedule recordings, but I don’t want them accidentally deleting mine, and I don’t want to have to manage theirs...is this an option already? TIA
  7. I searched and didn't find anything related to "multi-version" features for music, but this idea came to me recently. I have been gradually ripping my BluRay and DVD-A discs with high-resolution audio versions of albums. These will usually have at least 3 versions of an album - a new high resolution surround mix, a new high resolution stereo mix and an original high resolution stereo mix. Currently I have these as 3 separate album folders, but this is starting to be a little cluttered looking. Often I also have one or two CD versions in addition to the high resolutions versions, perhaps becau
  8. Sometimes I like to just binge watch a specific TV series. Other times I like to watch a variety of TV shows, just like watching Live TV, except using my OWN recorded shows....... Just like AntennaTV, MeTV, Grit, etc broadcast specific shows from specific time frames, Genre, etc, I would like to see a section for my own media. Not sure it is possible, but randomly gather episodes from my library and play them just like watching Live TV. Maybe based on latest shows or latest recorded shows...
  9. I would like for the channel mapping options to be alphabetic and searchable... There are thousands and thousands of channels to map to and impossible to find the correct one.
  10. Just want to request for this feature > Option to create a shortcut of all Networks/Streaming services content on home screen or your main screen. This will create or do a quick view shortcut of all movies/tv shows from Netflix for example or any other network or streaming exclusive content right at your home screen.
  11. I happily saw the new option to enforce audio-transcoding to DD. In my case this is helpful for clients that don't support DTS-codecs, specifically a FireTV paired with Echo-Speakers. That setup could however deal with EAC3/DD+ (and ATMOS) tracks, so may i suggest also supporting live-transcoding to EAC3? It would allow higher audio-bitrate and preserve a bit more quality.
  12. Hello the team ! Could it possible to have a special tag when I have all season's episodes from a TV Show. For egample, when I have the 8 episodes of The Mandalorian second season, this season will be in specific menu or with special tag to indicate : Ok, you have all episode, you can watch and have fun ! For many Tv Show / anime, I prefere to wait to have all episodes before to watch full season at once. Moreover, if this evolution is possible, that will be awesome to have it with add-on emby for Kody Thank you in advance !! PS : Sorry
  13. It would be great if emby auto added the next collection item to watch next. So if you viewed Harry Potter 1, it would auto add Harry Potter 2
  14. Wasn't sure of the correct wording, so maybe a duplicate request word differently. When scrolling through channels, it would be good to get to the bottom, and have it roll over to the top again. Instead of having to head back up through the entire channel list again. If this could work on Rokus that would be even better.
  15. It would be useful to add a custom sort order for collections, so collections like Marvel, DC Comic, and Star Wars's movies can be ordered by chronological order instead of release date.
  16. Is there anyway to add a library based on RSS? let's say "box office movies" or famous action movies, based on rottentomatoes / traktr list? Assuming the movie is in my library it should be added to the list, if not then it simply skips it. pardon me if this already exists but i googled and couldnt find it. I got tons of movies and i thought it'd be nice if i could make a list of high rated movies.
  17. AmIBeingObtuse

    Change EMBY Logo and text

    Hi, I did a quick look around and coulnd't see this already requested. In the app could we get a setting that allows us to change the Emby logo to another image of our own and the wording next to it for premier users. It would look amazing to have our own logo and server name shown here instead and if were paying subscribers. Incentive to get emby premier for those who don't already too.
  18. Hi there am having a problem atm I have just bought winTV-quadHD tuner all working nice. But now I want to rename the category live tv to freeview then make a new category for my iptv M3u file and have two categories called freeview and iptv. We really need this ASAP please. i don’t want to mix my home tuner with a iptv service all in one TV guide/channel list.
  19. Ok so Plex have plexamp and gotta say it was pretty good But overall I much prefer emby and with the new music setup it literally has everything we need What I'm hoping for is a dedicated music mode/app so when I load it up it's fast responsive and just music and music videos nothing else, was thinking it could just be an option in settings or just a replica of current app but without the library folders just nothing but music
  20. Is there anyway to eliminate the gap between songs without having to make the album one big file? For instance on Pink Floyd's The Dark Side Of The Moon album some of the songs run together. It is very annoying to be listening to an album and have the gap between songs when there should not be any. Thanks for any help with this.
  21. Hey I would like to request the possibility to upload individual pictures to Emby. At the moment on your mobile device when you select the camera upload option. You can choose what server, only on wifi or all the time and what folder you wish to upload. I would like to see this expanded so it shows you that folder and let's you select the pictures you want to upload. The main reason i'm personally suggesting this is because recently i met up with some friends and we wanted to share pictures and since i keep all our pictures secure on my server. They want me to have them. At the mome
  22. The "Continue Watching" list only applies to individual elements (from what I can tell), and when continuing a movie/episode from "Continue Watching", the context of whether or not it was started directly, or through a playlist, is lost. If a playlist got paused, "Continue Watching" resumes the single movie/episode that got paused, and the playlist doesn't continue. I would like to have an option when resuming something from "Continue Watching" to continue only that single element, or to continue the entire playlist, if it was started through a playlist (i.e., "Resume Playlist"). I think
  23. Hello, I recently got a universal remote for emby and found out some buttons cannot function correctly, so , I think ,why not remap buttons ? Then, I go to "Keyboard and Remote" menu. What tooks me down is I cannot remap or define buttons. Pls add this function in next upgrade, thanks
  24. It would be nice to show cpu, memory, remote network speed usage and local remote used. user stats, movies played etc like below picture
  25. I'd love to see this option on Emby. So far ive been loving Emby i migrated from plex but i gotta say i loved the option that plex had to watch together and invite friends and family. I attached the link below. Thank you for all you do. https://support.plex.tv/articles/watch-together/
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