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Found 17 results

  1. What is EmBook? EmBook is a combination of server plugin and app to improve the AudioBook experience. Note that the app will not work properly unless you install the server plugin as well. The app is a dedicated AudioBook player with the interface and features you'd expect from such an app. Emby does have AudioBook support on the paper, but if any of you tried to use it, you'd probably know that it's not really usable in most cases. Here's the app icon: App NOTE: The app is currently unavailable, while I am completing a full rewrite. You might still be able to get it on some platforms, but the current version does not work so DO NOT BUY IT as of yet. The app is being developed simultaneously on Android, iOS and Windows. The app is not free, since I spent many hours developing it, and even took several days off work to finish it. I may at some point release a free ad-supported version. But currently I want to focus more on adding new, awesome features, than spending time implementing ads. Please be aware, that due to problems with how Emby core handles resume settings for AudioBooks, the apps will not save resume state in a way that lets you resume in any official Emby apps (including web interface). If you're interested in a more technical explanation, you can read this post. App Store Links Android: Play Store. iOS: App Store Windows: Temporary Windows Store Link Features Browsing only AudioBook libraries on the server Auto pre-cache files for playback Settings to pre-cache next X minutes or audio-files Setting to auto-cleanup files that are earlier than current progress Saving progress on Emby server Resuming from Emby server progress (so resume on different device) Media notification with play/pause Showing cover and description of book from Emby metadata Multi-server support Control Playback from Android Wear TO-DO List Adjust media notification buttons to forward/rewind X seconds instead of their current unreliable skip skip/back file functionality. Option to automatically rewind X seconds when resuming (to catch up on last sentence from your last listening session) (already started research how to do). Sleep timer (stop playing after X minutes) Tap notification to go to "Currently Playing" in app. Show a "mini" version of "Currently Playing" on all pages of the app. Play/pause, seek, name and possibly cover. Tap to open full "Currently Playing". Cast to Google Cast (Chromecast etc). Mark files as "watched" in Emby when you've listened to a file. See and open ebooks (likely in external app designed for it) Open for more suggestions Server Plugin The server plugin provides some webservices for the app, to allow saving of progress on the book (so you can continue where you left off on any device). It also automates grabbing of metadata for your audiobooks from Google Books, so you get covers, descriptions and more. This is done by a scheduled task. Metadata grab is temporarily disabled. Stay tuned for updates. How to use Server Plugin? Download and unzip EmBook.ServerPlugin Install the plugin on your server, by copying EmBook.ServerPlugin.dll to %AppData%\Emby-Server\plugins Restart Emby Server After installing the plugin, you will see a new task called "Grab audiobook metadata" in Scheduled Task in you Emby Server settings. Running this will start the process of downloading metadata for your audiobooks. Some things to consider: A folder that contains audio files, is considered an AudioBook. Keep all audiofiles for a book in a single folder It will only look for metadata if the containing folder doesn't have the tag "EmBook Metadata". After searching for metadata, that tag will be added to prevent searching the same book on every execution. If you want the plugin to relook for data, just remove the tag in Metadata Manager. It will use folder name for search title. You can also include year (e.g. "The Invisible Man (1897)". If the plugin finds a wrong match, you can override it by placing a file called isbn.txt that contains the ISBN number of the book. Make sure to provide ISBN for the textbook version of the book, since Google Books does not have any entries for audio books. You can provide your own cover, by placing cover.jpg in the audio book folder. You can exclude a book from metadata search, either by putting a value in Sort Title, or by putting the number 0 in isbn.txt After adding new books, make sure to do metadata refresh in Emby first, so the folder is added to the library. Then run the "Grab audiobook metadata" task afterwards. Known Issues There are some known issues. These do not hinder usage of the app, and are generally just minor things I noted that I want/need to fix at some point. (General) Buttons to rewind/forward 10 seconds wasn't working too well. They've been removed until I make a better implementation. (General) Items may in some cases be queued in the wrong order (fixed in (General) Possibly an Android problem: Only current cache will be played. Either new items aren't being cached during playback, or they aren't queued properly after caching. (fixed in (Android) when app launches it is briefly white. Should see if it's possible to change so you won't get blinded by a bright color when launching app. (Android) Tapping a list item, gives an orange highlight. Would be nice with Emby green instead. (Android) When you lock the screen, it will only play back the current file, not the whole queue. (iOS) When app launches it is briefly bright blue. Should see if it's possible to change so you won't get blinded by a bright color when launching app. (iOS) Status bar text and icons (clock + battery etc) are black on a dark background. Should be white for better visibility. (iOS) Play/pause on lockscreen doesn't work (iOS) Artwork is not shown in media notification (iOS) Lockscreen shows currently playing file. Files are saved with obscure names, so it doesn't look pretty. (iOS) Lockscreen current playback position and total duration is for current file. Consider changing to show for whole book. (iOS) Tapping a list item, gives a white highlight. Would be nice with Emby green instead. (Windows) Artwork is not shown in media notification unless it is embedded into the mp3 files. (Windows) When app launches it is briefly bright blue. Should see if it's possible to change so you won't get blinded by a bright color when launching app. (Windows) Browsing server and folders, list items are very short, making it hard to tap the right one. (Windows) After tapping an item in the menu, the menu disappears and there is no way to bring it back. This might not be the case for mobile, but it is so for desktop. This may cause delays for Windows release.
  2. Generally I am only listening to a single AudioBook at a time. In addition, many of the fantasy/ sci-fi books I read have titles that are difficult for Google Assistant to interpret. I would appreciate the option to to simply ask Google Assistant "Ask Emby Home to resume my audiobook" and Emby would begin playing my most recently played AudioBook . At it's core I want a way to resume my AudioBook without having to speak the title. I think the simplest way to accomplish that is to default to resuming my most recently played book. I know there is the command to ask "what (show/movie/audio book) was I in the middle of?" but when I use that I just get a list of all of the media that I've listened/ watched recently. I really hope this can be added. Thanks.
  3. Can you add an option, when resuming an AudioBook, to rewind playback (ex: 3-30 seconds) depending on how long the pause was? (Without rewinding beyond the beginning of a chapter) My favorite audiobook app does this and it greatly improves the listening experience. When I am repeatedly interrupted, and need to repeatedly pause my book, I'm not resuming in the middle of a word (3 second rewind). When I'm resuming after a long pause I'm given a few sentences to remember where I'm at in the book (30 second rewind). I would love for these values to be adjustable at the library level, or perhaps a few presets. ex: no rewind, short [up to 15 seconds], medium [up to 30 seconds] Thanks.
  4. TKX57

    Audio Books not Joining

    I'm hoping you guys can shed some light on why some of my audio books are not combining. It seems to be pulling the metadata it just isn't joining them into one. It keeps separating them by disc. Here is an example, Both of these are by the same author and named in the exact same format.
  5. I'm currently having an issue with opening my audiobooks on my Android app. When I sort by folders, all of the files show, but when I click on one of them, I get what is essentially a black screen (image attatched). This isn't an issue on my computer, however. All files are still accesable there. Also, some files on my phone work, while others don't. The audiobooks are even playable without opening them completely. If I hold down on the cover and hit "play", all files will still play. It just fails to open to the list of tracks. Hasn't been an issue until recently, probably 1 month.
  6. I found a couple posts on audio-book support and I'm sure this isn't a very popular request; so I was wondering if it would be possible to save playback position in playlists? I know that music is handled very differently, but I was hoping that the resume playback feature that is alive and well in the video section could somehow be applied to playlists therefore creating a pseudo-audio-book player? This would make it one of the few ubiquitous Audiobook players that I know of.. Thanks again.
  7. Yodikko

    Audiobooks not showing properly

    The structure is /Audiobooks folder/Book name/ and here the files are 1- Book name - Chapter 1 2- Book name - Chapter 2 ... 8- Book name - Chapter 8 What am I doing wrong here? As you can see the chapters are not showing up, and it looks like it is reading just the chapter 8.
  8. I'm using emby Version atm, still quite new to emby but I'm testing out the features one after one by time. I'm on the Audiobooks section now, playback works fine, but I noticed the "recently added" section doesn't seem to work "correctly" for these. Ofc it links to the newest added file, but not to the newest added Audiobook, which would be much better. If I click on the recently added audiobook, it opens either the last or the first track of that audiobook, but only that. If I then manually click on go to album, then I can listen the whole album from the beginbning to the end, but that step seems unnessesary to me. It would be better if it wouldn't open the last added file, but the last added album. Can I somehow fix it myself or if not, can I completely remove the recently added section only for audiobooks by css editing maybe? Regards
  9. hello, i created an AudioBook library and i added a folder with multiple mp3 files. when i click this folder from the homepage, i will see the Suggestions tab. how can i configure to go direct to Folders tab ?
  10. Version OS: Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS hosted in Hyper-V I created audiobook library using Books type for NFS mounted directory with books in m4b format. (NFS is shared from ReadyNas) Books are displayed and i'm able to play them via Chrome and IOS app. ArtWork (visible in iTunes) is not displayed for most of the m4b: niether in chrome nor in IOS app. The only ArtWork is visible is when m4b has more then 1 video stream, which is used for ArtWork. (Those were actually created by mistake). For files with single video stream (as it should be normally) This is confirmed by multiple sample, all audiobooks with 2 and more posters are visible, with one regardless if it's mjpeg or png stream are not visible. I tried to do full rescan of the library - no result. P.S. Sorry, my audiobooks in Russian, not sure if it causes an issue.
  11. Version OS: Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS hosted in Hyper-V Chome: Version 71.0.3578.98 (Official Build) (64-bit) Audiobook created in m4b format created with ffmpeg using -movflags +faststart After requesting playback embyserver.txt: 2019-01-07 22:19:01.437 Info HttpServer: HTTP GET,mp3|mp3,aac,m4a|aac,flac,webma,webm,wav&TranscodingContainer=ts&TranscodingProtocol=hls&AudioCodec=aac&PlaySessionId=1546897003224&StartTimeTicks=0&EnableRedirection=true&EnableRemoteMedia=false&SegmentContainer=ts&AudioBitrate=384000&TranscodeReasons=ContainerNotSupported,AudioCodecNotSupported.UserAgent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/71.0.3578.98 Safari/537.36 2019-01-07 22:19:01.444 Info HttpServer: HTTP Response 200 to Time: 1141ms (slow). It seems that brawser just did not pass m4b as supported container. Transcoding log attached. Assuming that m4b is the same format as m4a, it should be played without forced transcoding, even if there is a need for transcoding then -a copy should be used instead of force reincoding to higher bitrate. Please also note flags passed to ffmpeg "-strict experimental -ab 384000" are not accurate, as ffmpeg does not require -strict experimental any longer (aac is quite stable) and bitrate is hardcoded as orginal bitrate was lower, thus probably should be just omited. P.S. Attached the file m4b-transcoding.txt
  12. Schimi


    It´would be cool if MediaBrowser (i don´t now it´s a Server side think or a Plug-In thing) could Play Audiobooks "seperatly" If i set a folder only for Audiobooks, i only can choise "music" as "Collection type"... but if i like to hear music. MediaBrowser use the Audibook files to play as "music" It´s not so funny if you hear David Guetta and the next "Song" is a Part of Dieter Nuhr Audiobook ;-) I hope anyone understand what i try to explain...
  13. daedalus

    audiobook support any?

    may i ask what audiobook support is currently implemented? all i see is my folder structure, no artist page, no album view, no album resume am i missing anything? setting up my audiobooks as 'music library' brings up a proper appearence kind of but also some wired (random?) album sort orders on album page: and in 'more of' @ bottom they suddenly get sorted descending incl some quirks @ end: metadata of albums are all like this, empty except for title and 'date added'
  14. Is there any information about how the structure should be for audio books? I've tried, but it just shows up in web interface like the folders. Resume doesn't work, and no automatic queue of next file. I've seen Luke post that resuming does indeed work for AudioBooks now, so I must be doing something wrong, and this is my first guess as to what it could be. I even started development of my own Plugin for AudioBooks, but if it's already working well enough, I won't waste time with it. I am running Version beta
  15. Letters

    Audiobook resuming

    It seems like audiobooks don't resume properly on the app, however accessing the server through Safari works. I can see the saved progress through the app, but when I select it, it starts the file from the beginning. I hope audiobook support gets some more development in general, there aren't many polished server-client solutions to personal audiobook collections yet. I hugely appreciate the team having support at all though
  16. Resuming audiobooks doesn't works on the Android app, unlike the web fronted. On Android I can see that I have already started a book, but when I touch the menu "Resume at 2:14:20" I get straight back to the begin of the book; of course the bookmark of my precedent position in the book is lost. This behavior appear when I access the server directly or through a reverse proxy. With this bug fixed I would happily ditched the dedicated audibook app on my phone and the fuzzy workflow to add manage books which came with it. This has already been reported on Emby Server/Linux.
  17. Haplo164

    Audiobook resuming issue

    I've been trying to get audiobook resuming to work, with today's update I actually see the resume button and I can skip forward via the progress bar. The thing is regardless of which button I hit, play or resume the book starts at the beginning. When I stop the book it fades out and the progress bar shows up on the book, and gives me the resume button. but when I press it it jumps back to the start. On the android app it asks if I want to resume at the correct spot, but then jumps back to the start anyway. embyLog.txt
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