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Found 14 results

  1. I'm trying to play UHD video at its native bitrate without re-encoding. It plays fine for about 2.5 minutes, but then the Direct Play stream is interrupted. The server then tries to switch to transcoding, but doesn't have the hardware to convert these files, so the playback is poor. The drive read and network speed is sufficient to support the bitrate, but I'm not sure why the stream is being interrupted. Thanks for looking at this! Server: Windows 10 Pro with latest updates, Emby Server Client: Emby for Android on nVidia Shield All times are EDT. Log sent from Sheild at 5/10 12:58PM Eastern. 12:27PM Reboot nVidia Shield 12:28PM Enable Debug Logging and rotate log file 12:29PM Login "Adults" user 12:29PM Verify Enable debug options set on nVidia Shield 12:30PM Start Playing Godzilla and turn on Stats for Nerds Direct Play, HTTP, Bitrate 74.93 Mbps 12:32PM Network activity monitor shows streaming activity stopped Video playback continues for a bit before transcoding starts 12:33PM Transcoding playback, Direct Stream, HLS Playback starts and stops due to transcoding speed. 12:35PM Stop playback. 12:37PM Start Playing Finding Nemo Direct Play, HTTP, Bitrate 60.32 Mbps Network Activity monitor reflects 60Mbps network utilization 12:39PM Network activity monitor shows streaming activity stopped (Playback at 2:40) Video playback continues, stutters at timecode 3:30 to switch to transcoding 12:40PM Transcoding playback, Direct Stream, HLS Playback starts and stops due to transcoding speed, sometimes displays weird pixelated colors on screen. 12:43PM Stop playback. 12:44PM Start Playing Tomb Raider Direct Play, HTTP, Bitrate 20.66 Mbps Network Activity monitor reflects 18 to 25 Mbps network utilization No network dips, no playback interruptions. 12:54PM Stopped playback. Video stuttered, then Shield stopped responding. Screen displays blue screen, the same as if the Shield were off or sleeping. 12:57PM Hard restart of Shield by disconnecting power. 12:58PM Logged into "Adults" user and sent developer log. Searching through the forum, I saw a suggestion to change the Max bitrate on the device from AUTO to 1000Mbps. I tried this, and still observed the network dropoff. When playback was stopped, the Shield blue screened again. The blue screen is new, it may be due to turning on logging mode or could be due to resolution matching switching. embyserver-63787784375.txt
  2. Matthew Binns

    4K content and the Emby LG app

    Just a little feedback on my initial experiments with 4K playback using the Emby LG app. I'm finding some 4K content works and some doesn't. 'Sully' 4K for instance will not play on the Emby LG App. It will play on the LG Plex app. Same results for 'Jigsaw' and 'It'. I'm playing UHD rips from my 4K blu-rays made using makemkv. That being said, where files do play I am noticing quality degradation. 'Argo' for instance streamed via the LG app looks terrible (however the server does say it's direct playing). 'Argo' streamed via DNLA to my UHD blu-ray player looks far, far better and as per the disc. So as it stands, if I want to watch 4K rips using Emby, the LG app is not up to the job. This may in part also be due to the TV itself. DNLA to the TV also results in reduced quality (however all files do manage to at least play, same as Plex). There could also be bandwidth issues involved. The LG TV does not have a gigabit LAN port. To sum up, the only way for me to get the true 4K (exactly as per the disc) is to stream using my phone or iPad via DNLA to my Oppo UDP203 and then HDMI into the TV. TL:DN Emby LG app plays some 4K (albeit in reduced quality. Plex LG app plays all 4K (albeit in reduced quality).
  3. i've been testing emby for playback of 4k/UHD files. when I play and 4k movie, it stops playback and i get a "loading" every couple of minutes. from the server management gui I see the following: The media is compatible with the device regarding resolution and media type (H.264, AC3, etc.), but is in an incompatible file container (.mkv, .avi, .wmv, etc.). The video will be re-packaged on the fly before streaming it to the device. Is MKV really an incompatible container in emby? This would really be bad for me because most of my 4k media is in an MKV format that I can stream directly to the TV with another media server software. any suggestions that don't require conversion to another file container? Thanks
  4. Hello, I already have a Movies library for 1080p content however, I would like to add another Movies library for UHD (4K) content. Currently, if I create another Movies library with the title, UHD Movies, each UHD movie that also has an identically titled counterpart in the original Movies library for 1080p content shares the same play status progress and subsequently, 2 thumbnail images are displayed on the homescreen under the Continue Watching heading. One which is linked to the 1080p movie, and another for the UHD movie. Is there any way to disassociate the movie libraries by creating a library content type for us called 4K Movies or UHD Movies that will contain it's own unique play state information? Or, allow us to name our own content type to create the split which we will also then select it's parent content type from the existing list. Many thanks
  5. Good morning all Recently, I've noticed the Blu-Ray or 4k banner on top of the cover is not displaying. It was previously working perfectly, although recently I've noticed it not working correctly. I'm not sure when this started, as I only noticed it yesterday - but I would suggest it's within the last couple weeks. This banner is generated through the CoverArt plug in, which is still operating with default settings. I've never adjusted any of these settings for general use and it's always worked as expected. I have of course attempted changing settings in this as part of my troubleshooting, but have been unable to fix the issue. It seems very intermittent as to what titles show the banner and what do not. They are all in the same parent folder and there also appears to be no correlation with it being a problem for 1080p BluRay titles or 2160p 4K UHD titles A screenshot below shows the issue, where some titles show the banner and some do not. I have also tried installing older versions of the plug in, to see if it's a recent issue, but have been unable to fix through this means too. Rescanning the library also doesn't make a difference. Does anyone have any advice or has experienced similar issues? Emby Server is running on Win 10, and the application version is and the plug in version is (although I have tired all the versions available for install back to 4.0.99
  6. Hi, is there any way to transcode 4k movies with HDR and keep the 10bit colours for HDR? my friend is using an 65c9 oled it can play 4k movies without a problem as long as the bitrate is not higher as my upload. Some movies especialle with a lot of film grain exceed my upload limit by a lot. I have a ryzen 9 3900x without a graphicscard for transcoding so that should be enough for one 10 bit transcode (i dont know exactly if ffmpeg is able to transcode 10 bit h264 or if it needs h265, then i am willing to buy a entry level quadro card if nesessary) At the moment i am using handbrake rf 20 on all 4k movies. If Transcoding doesnt work an is not expected to work in the near future i have to reencode some movies in lower quality. I am using the official Emby Docker Container on an Unraid Server. Thanks for your help.
  7. I recently bought a one month license for Emby to kick the tires on it as I am having issues with Plex on an Nvidia Shield when trying to play back UHD HDR content consistently. Of course I am having issues with Emby, too. My problem is that some of my UHD Blu Ray MKV files will play fine and HDR is recognized and properly displayed, other movies appear washed out and will NOT play properly with Emby. Here are two that will not and one that does. Can someone tell me if they see a reason why they would not? Aquaman - washed out HDR and app doesn't recognize the file type Saving Private Ryan - washed out HDR and app doesn't recognize the file type Infinity War - plays ok except for all green blockiness part way through the film. This also happens in Plex which means it must be an Nvidia Shield issue. The Plex app DOES properly play them, if it matters. EDIT - I wonder if it has to do with subtitles? I noticed that Infinity War does not have them but the others do. Is that throwing the Emby client for a loop? PrivateRyan.txt Infinity War.txt aquaman.txt
  8. StLDreiling

    4K UHD playback on 720p TCL RokuTV

    I am starting to add 4K UHD (w/ or w/out HDR) titles to my library as I own a few 4K HDR TVs, tablets, & phones. However, the majority of my streaming devices are still max. 1080p or less. When attempting to playback my 4K titles, my 720p 32" TCL RokuTVs initiate playback (green progress bar on device completes and playback shows in my server Dashboard) and then show a blank screen: no picture, no sound. I can fast-forward and rewind and the video thumbnails appear to function normally. My server hardware is fairly robust and appears to be transcoding video from h.265/HEVC to h.264/AVC and audio from 5.1 AAC to 5.1 AC3 as expected. I've tested this with both Emby and Emby Beta apps on the TV. HEVC 60p playback was disabled by default, but frame rate of movie is 24p, like all my titles, so I can't see that mattering as non-UHD movies play without issue. I was researching this in the forums extensively this morning and found what may or may not be a related issue on the Fire Stick/TV. ​https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/74677-hevc-10-bit-playback-on-firestick-too-many-errors/page-3?hl=%2Btranscoding+%2B1080&do=findComment&comment=792447 I checked my logs (attached) and found that the transcoder was not stepping down the resolution of the video stream from 2160 to 720. I then went and tested other videos and found that video stream with a resolution of 720p or less played fine, but anything 1080p or greater experienced the exact issue described above, to include 1080p videos encoded w/ h.264/AVC video and 5.1 AC3 audio streams that show as "Direct Playing" on the Dashboard while the device screen remains blank. Any thoughts? Emby transcode 20191007-1052.txt Emby Server 20191007-1049.txt
  9. I noticed that the library Filter function doesn’t seem to work. Almost everything, HD and 4K, is incorrectly tagged as SD. Is this user error on my part, or is this a known Emby limitation? Am I supposed to manually set the video type of my content? Thanks.
  10. brendanf91

    Unable to play 4K

    Hello, i am having problems streaming 4K content from my HP Gen8 server to my Samsung 4K TV (UE55HU8500). TV and server are both connect to my router by network cables. The format of the 4K content is HEVC, whenever i try to stream from my TV i get an error "No compatible streams currently available". I have attached the server logs, please can you advise what the issue could be? Server Log.txt ffmpeg.txt
  11. ShoutingMan

    4K UHD playback on an HD system?

    I now have my a UHD video (from the one UHD 4K disc I own) and also the HD version. Impressively, Emby Theater on Windows 10 plays the UHD video pretty well. Audio and Video in my brief check played without stuttering or losing sync. That's cool and unexpected for me. But I noticed on a scene with large white region (the Hockey rink in Deadpool, about 1:02:00 (hh:mm:ss) in) there was large macro-blocking visible. It's not there in the HD version, so it's from the on-the-fly conversion of 4K down to HD. What, if anything, can I tweak in Emby Theater or Server to get better playback of 4K material on my 2K system? It would be a bonus if I could start collecting 4K media and only have to keep the 4K file saved, trusting Emby to play it perfectly on my HD system. That might be not practical, but it's worth a check. My Emby Server (and playback PC) is a 6th Gen Core i5-6500 with Intel HD Graphics 530 (integrated graphics). Thanks for any insights into how UHD is played back at HD from Emby and tips to improve that performance!
  12. biour

    Xbox One S DLNA Direct play UHD

    Hello, i'm here to ask some question. i've an Xbox One S link to a receiver (UHD) to a UHD TV so set the display in 3840x 2160. and Audio in Bit stream. i also have an emby server (linux) so when i use the xbox to play using media player the emby DLNA it works, but not for 4K movie. but, if i use the "watch on DLNA feature" xbox one from my device it use the "Movie player" no more the Media player,it seems the movie player can handle x265 file. so i try to modify the dlna profile (increasing the bitrate, adding x265 and HEVC somewhere) some movie can be seen in direct play, the orther are transcoded, and in stereo. But if i chose from the emby remote fonction to change the audio track, for some movie, it give acces to direct play. And on the Xbox Movie App i can change the audio track and no more transcoding on the server (it appears as direct play). So how can i do to make a simple custom profile for my Xbox One S to do Only direct play for all file not transcoding video nor Audio? Best regards, Biour ps: i can give my current custom profile, but as John Snow, i know nothing
  13. I picked up a new Samsung UN58MU6100FXZA TV today to finally enter the 4k era. I have a few 4k films to test with which report being 3840x2160. This TV is my first and currently only 4K screen. I was able to play some Netflix shows through my FireTV and when I hit Info on the TV remote it shows the resolution as 4k so I'm assuming my HDMI cable is good. However, when I try to playback the 4k films I have on the server through Emby the TV Info only shows as 1920x1080p. Emby is not currently available through the Samsung App Store so I can't try it directly on the TV. So I'm wondering if I have something misconfigured somewhere or if there is just something not reporting properly. *Updated Title
  14. Nebular Nerd

    CoverArt plugin: 4K or UHD banner?

    The CoverArt plugin rocks but with 4K/UHD becoming a bit more common it would be nice to see the addition of a 4K or UHD banner. Also for those of us who are picky a HD-DVD banner would be nice to seperate BLU-RAY and HD-DVD rips out visually. Any chance of these in an upcoming version.
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