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Found 9 results

  1. Latest Release: MUMC v3 Multi-User Media Cleaner MUMC (pronounced Mew-Mick) will go through movies, tv episodes, audio tracks, and audiobooks in your libraries and delete media items you no longer want taking up disk space. Getting Started: Cool! How Do I Use This? New MUMC Features - Introducing Filter Statements; A simple way to configure the script to find and delete the media items taking up your disk space: Delete movies played at least 60 days ago with a play count == 1. Delete movies created at least 365 days ago with a play count <= 1. Delete episodes played at least 30 days ago with a play count not > 1. Delete episodes created at least 180 days ago with a play count < 2. There are many possibilities! - Keep a minimum number of played episodes to remain in all tv series' - Fix configuration editor to allow editing multiple existing users during a single run - All max_age configuration variables have been removed The same behavior can be achieved with Filter Statements, using created statements - Decided if media items are deleted when ANY or ALL users meet the play count - Media item play count shown for each user - Update console output to show version number and timestamp - Usernames added to user_bl_libs and user_wl_libs config variables - Updates to debug logging History & Origin
  2. Hi, I have been using emby for a long time and seem to be having issues since the update last month. The merger of the 'Next Up' & 'Continue Watching' features was not ideal so I use the legacy set up. However, on the 'Next Up' section, when I watch tv shows, the episode does not mark as watched which means the next episode does not show up on the 'Next Up' section. The same episode is sitting there and I cannot manually mark it as watch as I get an error saying "error setting played status". This has only occured since the last update. I cannot mark any media as watched. Please can you kindly assist?
  3. Tapping the white 'Played' tick on a previously unwatched film, the tick turns red for a brief moment and then reverts to white. This happens on multiple devices and when logged in as different users. It does not seem to happen with TV episodes. Edit: I've just noticed that the "failed" watches have all been logged on Trakt, but they are still considered Unplayed on Emby.
  4. mondowondo

    Move Kodi "played" status to Emby server

    I searched and found several frustrated people who tried to move from Kodi database to Emby Server. Frustrated, because they wanted to move the Played / Unplayed status from Kodi to Emby. I figured out a way to do it! I'm not a programmer and have no idea if this will work for you but here is how I did it. I have Unraid running kodiheadless docker and mariadb as a central db. This allowed us to have multiple instances of Kodi running off the same central database. FireTV in the living room, Win10 in the office, Android cell phone, all running Kodi but accessing the central database on the unraid server. The only reason this may be important is that I have a mariaDB. From win10 MySQL Workbench I connected to the MariaDB instance to run a query to return anything with a playcount greater than zero, then exported this to a .csv file. SELECT path.strPath, files.strFilename FROM files, path WHERE files.idPath = path.idPath AND files.playcount > 0 I cleaned up the spreadsheet, removing unnecessary lines and characters using find/replace. Added a column of "<PlaylistItem><Path>" in front of each entry and "</Path></PlaylistItem>" at the end of each line. Using the Emby UI, I created a new playlist by adding one random movie to it. Then edited the new \EmbyServer\data\playlists\All Played [playlist]\playlist.xml file to remove that random movie and replaced it (copy/paste) with all the movies/TV episodes I want to mark as watched. So now the playlist file looks like this. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes"?> <Item> <ContentRating>Rated PG</ContentRating> <Added>3/17/19 9:10:38 PM</Added> <LockData>false</LockData> <LocalTitle>All Played</LocalTitle> <RunningTime>1092</RunningTime> <Genres> <Genre>Action</Genre> <Genre>Adventure</Genre> <Genre>Comedy</Genre> <Genre>Drama</Genre> <Genre>Family</Genre> <Genre>Crime</Genre> <Genre>Romance</Genre> <Genre>Fantasy</Genre> </Genres> <Studios> <Studio>Columbia Pictures Corporation</Studio> <Studio>New Line Cinema</Studio> <Studio>Kentucky Fried Theatre</Studio> <Studio>Plan B Entertainment</Studio> <Studio>Marv Films</Studio> <Studio>20th Century Fox</Studio> <Studio>O Entertainment</Studio> <Studio>Grand Army Entertainment</Studio> <Studio>TriStar Pictures</Studio> </Studios> <PlaylistItems> <PlaylistItem><Path>/mnt/user/TowerVideo/Movies/Karate Kid, The (1984).mkv</Path></PlaylistItem> <PlaylistItem><Path>/mnt/user/TowerVideo/Movies/Keanu (2016).mkv</Path></PlaylistItem> <PlaylistItem><Path>/mnt/user/TowerVideo/Movies/Kentucky Fried Movie, The (1977).avi</Path></PlaylistItem> <PlaylistItem><Path>/mnt/user/TowerVideo/Movies/Kick-Ass (2010).mkv</Path></PlaylistItem> <PlaylistItem><Path>/mnt/user/TowerVideo/Movies/Kick-Ass 2 (2013).mkv</Path></PlaylistItem> <PlaylistItem><Path>/mnt/user/TowerVideo/Movies/Kingsman The Secret Service (2015).mkv</Path></PlaylistItem> <PlaylistItem><Path>/mnt/user/TowerVideo/Movies/Knight And Day (2010).mkv</Path></PlaylistItem> <PlaylistItem><Path>/mnt/user/TowerVideo/Movies/Knight's Tale, A (2001).mkv</Path></PlaylistItem> <PlaylistItem><Path>/mnt/user/TowerVideo/Movies/Kung Pow (2002).avi</Path></PlaylistItem> <PlaylistItem><Path>/mnt/user/TowerVideo/Movies/Labor Pains (2009).mkv</Path></PlaylistItem> <PlaylistItem><Path>/mnt/user/TowerVideo/Kids/Movies/Labyrinth (1986).mkv</Path></PlaylistItem> <PlaylistItem><Path>/mnt/user/TowerVideo/Kids/Movies/Labyrinth (1986).mkv</Path></PlaylistItem> <PlaylistItem><Path>/mnt/user/TowerVideo/Movies/A-Team, The (2010).mkv</Path></PlaylistItem> </PlaylistItems> <Shares> <Share> <UserId>1</UserId> <CanEdit>true</CanEdit> </Share> </Shares> <PlaylistMediaType>Video</PlaylistMediaType> </Item> After editing and saving the new playlist.xml file I restarted the emby server and Scan All Libraries (each a few times). After a while the updated library was visible. I don't know what triggers the UI to pull the info from the playlist.xml file but eventually it did. Then it was EASY to click the check mark on the playlist to mark everything in the playlist as played. PS. So far this only worked one time... I tried creating another playlist so I could mark more items as watched, so far it hasn't been able to read the new playlist.xml file EDIT: SUCCESS!!! With help from those below and Luke on the server forum I figured out my problem was not every <...Item> was valid. The & in a few items acted as an XML comment so I replaced it with $amp;. I also had two items that were messed up because it was a 'part1' and 'part2' but the SQL returned them on the same line. I also finished this using a collection.xml instead of playlist because in the GUI there is an option to rescan the collections without rescanning the whole library (faster).
  5. I just noticed something that didn't used to happen. :-/ When I tick something as "Played" usually browsing inside Emby would reflect the update, as of not appearing in "Resume" list. In latest 3.1.0 version, I had to refresh the browser so Emby could really hide the Played from the "Resume" list. Can you reproduce it?
  6. pir8radio


    Can you add reports for each category (movies, music, etc) that show Play stats? So I can run a report that shows me like top 10 played movies, music, etc. and bottom 10. Also a report that shows most thumbs up (on my emby server) and thumbs down report?
  7. v.523 (I think, downloaded yesterday) The Samsung client is marking partially watched tv content as watched. All the other clients do not seem to set the watched flag until the content is fully watched. Consequently, partially watched tv content on Samsung, does not show on tv next up (on any other clients).
  8. Hello I was watching a TV episode and I noticed when it finished MBC did not set it as played. So I pressed the clear button on the remote to manually set it and MBC freezes to the point I need to kill WMC via the task manager. I notice this only happens in Favourites and series. If I play a episode from the home screen it marks that episode as played without a problem, how ever if I manually set it to played (Pressing clear on the remote) it will crash WMC as well. Of course I can manually set the episode to play via the server webUI without any problems. Using version beta (251)
  9. UPDATE Just received an MBS update to Version: 3.0.5289.18702 Just tested MBT and both issues stated below seemed to have been corrected. WELL DONE!!! MBS Version: Version 3.0.5288.30195 MBT Version: 3.0.5287.42414 1. RESUME status is no longer being saved when playing a video in MBT with the latest Server update. 2. Trying to select the PLAYED check icon in MBT throws a THERE WAS AN ERROR PROCESSING THIS REQUEST result. MBT can pick up a RESUME status on a video if it was originally played with another client that still tracks RESUME (MBC, WebUI, Android). But, MBT will not keep any additional RESUME status if you play in MBT and stop the video again. If you watch video to the end in MBT, it will not update the status of the video to PLAYED.
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