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  1. MAX92

    Recording planning

    Hello, For the moment, for a recurring recording, we only see the next scheduled recording. Better to see all the next scheduled recording. Thanks
  2. kevlar2010

    Multi-User DVR...

    So, I know Emby already has some multi-user settings and such, but one that would be useful to me is in the arena of recordings. I have multiple people who record shows in the house and for the most part, I don't care to see their recordings and they don't care to see mine. I would like to see an option to have recordings be user aware. For example... User one records "The Big Bang Theory" User two records "The Cool Kids" Users one and two both record "New Amsterdam" User One would see "The Big Bang Theory" and "New Amsterdam", but not "The Cool Kids". User Two would see "The Cool K
  3. This possibly falls into a feature request, but is there a way to exclude (or explicitly include for those who need it) the sign language broadcasts that typically run late/early morning in the UK? a quick general search returns this thread that states that it's both embedded into the main video stream and EPG should mention 'SL' (Sign Language) in the show details. while i've used schedules direct (mythtv & emby), and now moved to embys own EPG i cant say I've ever seen the 'SL' tag on either so maybe it's a youview EPG feature only. I'm not quite sure how i did it with Myt
  4. Hi folks, Yesterday I used the backup plugin to back up my Emby configuration (which included live TV stuff including some series recordings). I then installed Emby Server on the new server PC I built, and restored the settings. It was pretty painless. Good job! One thing I noticed though is that in Home\Guide\Series there are no recordings listed. I had several series set to record new episodes, but I don't see those on the new server. Is it just that we're in hiatus over the holidays and no new episodes are on the schedule? It's only a few things that I record, so I will res
  5. Pommes

    Tuner for Live DVR and Recording

    Hi, I know there are a few similar posts, but I havent found anything for my specific situation. I am looking for a DVB-C Tuner for the live tv and recording feature in Emby, that is currently available to buy (Europe). It should be able to handle up to 4 streams at 1080p, work with Emby and have a ci+ slot (or two) I found HD Homeruns etc only used at ebay on amazon etc they are all out of stock. Will the tv guide work with that solution, i found a few post that sayed it only works with DVB-T :)
  6. speedingcheetah

    Record failing at random times/closed connection

    I have having recording failures. Sometimes its 40 min, sometimes 15min. The server reports stream server closed connection. and it retries, but gets 403 error. and quits after 435ms. I need this to be much longer and have it try more.... From the log, i gather my iptv service is dropping connection, and it take several seconds for it to accept a new connection. here is what log says, removed the iptv url. 2020-07-13 16:15:53.562 Info SharedHttpPipelineSource: Remote server closed stream http:// 2020-07-13 16:15:53.563 Info SharedHttpPipelineSource: Retry opening st
  7. al92780

    User custom Recording Folder

    With a custom recording folder for each user, does a user see their folder only?
  8. Hi I have a question about the livetv buffer. If I start watching livetv and let say 10 minutes later, I hit the record button. The recording start at the moment the button is pushed and the content of the livetv buffer that can go back 10 minutes ago is not saved in the recording like other dvr do. Is this the expected behavior? Does this feature on your todo list? Thank you
  9. Kimballslice1890

    Start active recording from beginning

    Been having an issue lately that I have gotten more intimate with the quarantines going on. Over the past couple of days when an active recording on Live TV is happening, I selected the channel via the guide with the active recording and opted to play from beginning. Sometimes it will hang at the spinning circle, other times it will load a frozen frame and sit (my sever shows it is streaming with the time counter moving forward), and sometimes it will stream for a couple seconds then hang up (server side showing it is still streaming). When checking the server side it has sometimes showed dire
  10. liviosa

    Private recording

    I would like to record a program and be seen only by the user who recorded it.
  11. I was trying to find a way to manually start recording a channel even if the guide data is missing for that particular time slot. I'd say my EPG brings in about 2/3 of the data, leaving a handful of channels that I can tune in to no problem, just can't see the schedule. I recall the DVRs I've tried over the years all included a way to schedule a recording for a specific channel regardless of what the guide said. I remember running into this whenever there was an extended rain delay with a baseball game for example. Is there any way to accomplish this? Thanks!
  12. Hi New to Emby, when i see a show i hit record or record series. I wanted to go back and change some setting to that series but I cannot find an easy to modify recording settings. The only way I have been able to is to click on 'upcoming on tv' and then the recording settings becomes available. Is there a better option? Thanks.
  13. I would like to have the ability to check if a movie is already in my library before scheduling a recording in the DVR. The only way to do it now is to make a search. This mean going from on screen to another. It is already possible to not record an episode of a serie that already exist in the library. A similar option should be available for movie, One suggestion is to have a seach display on screen when scheduling the recording of a movie, in order to inform if the movie is already in the library or not. Hope this help!
  14. sundevil67

    DVR: List of Known Issues

    I'm still struggling to get the DVR to work reliably. The recordings are either of the wrong show, or the playback skips around and even seems to switch channels at times. While all of these recordings were all set up on channels/programs that appeared correctly in the guide at the time, there are quite a number of missing spots in my EPG, and I've tried Emby, Schedules Direct, and XMLTV.. from what I've read in some of these threads, mapping all of the channels through some other 3rd party service sounds like a ton of work & a production-ready integrated Emby live TV/DVR solution with IPT
  15. So as of a few weeks ago Emby stopped Recording Live TV altogether and I can't get live TV to stream from any device. I noticed there were a few upgrades recently and I'm on version Windows server. I can stream previously recorded videos, but new recordings never get recorded and trying to watch live TV I just get a blank screen and the spinning wheel of death.
  16. I'm not sure when this started as most of the shows I record only started coming back for first-runs in the past week or so, but I am getting the following errors in Scheduled Tasks for recording shows by schedule: Task Scheduler failed to start "\Emby Recording Family Guy Sun, 06 Oct 2019 21 29 00 GMT" task for user "DomainName\ServerName$". Additional Data: Error Value: 2147943645. Task Category: Task Start Failed Last Run Result: "The operation being requested was not performed because the user has not logged on to the network. The specified service does not exist. (0x800704DD)"
  17. Hi, in LiveTV Section of Emby -> Submenu "Zeitplan" (german -> schedules) the TV Channel logos are shown in wrong aspect ratio (logos are stretched) I attached a screenshot showning the "prob" In the section "Serie" the aspect ratio is shown correct (look at second screenshot) I know this is only a visual bug but would be nice if it could be fixed ;-) thx
  18. If this is available now please point me to it! It would be great if we could get keyword or wishlist recording. Something similar to what is in WMC. I use it quite frequently in WMC when I am scheduling things to record. If WMC doesn't find a particular series or movie I will then choose "wishlist or keyword" and then choose from Actor Name, Director Name, Movie Title, Program Title or Generic Keyword. I can then choose from several options including channel, new/repeat etc. Very handy for when I see or hear about future series or specials I can set it up and WMC will record it wh
  19. Hello Everyone, Back here with a simple issue, not sure if it was intentional or not, but when I am watching live TV, the option to record is no longer there. I have to back out of the show and click record from the guide. I have attached my server log and two screenshots. one of the screenshots is showing that I can record from the guide, the other is from live tv view and there no longer being an option to record. Guide View Live TV View emby-server-log.rtf
  20. When searching for a TV series, I think it would make it much easier to schedule a recording if only the NEXT showing of a series was shown, instead of ALL the episodes, or at least have them in date/time order.
  21. I record Jeopardy daily because I usually get home just as it's ending or after. I don't mind it being spoiled so I'll sometimes watch the end live (last ~10 min). When I go to watch the whole episode after the recording ends, sometimes the recording is only 4-5 minutes and then I can't watch the beginning. Usually if this happens, I'll get an error about the amount of streams, which I don't understand. Is watching while recording a no-no and I should practice more discipline? Or is this fixable?
  22. tvmainia

    error recording

    I have two concurrent streams available from provider. i wanted to record two shows at the same time. one recorded, the other one didn't. here are the logs: https://pastebin.com/y37Y0e3y ffmpeg log: https://pastebin.com/gcGAELdE MacOS 10.13.6 thank you! tvmainia
  23. I'm running an Emby server on a Shield TV Pro with Emby Premium. I'm trying to setup a recording of a series ("Bull") but am running into difficulties. I had it scheduled and wanted to make a change but now I just get a looping circle and can't change or delete the program. It's a little hard to see in the screenshot. Emby version is Version My impression is some sort of database corruption but not sure how I can tell or troubleshoot.
  24. mickeyfinn

    Recordings failing after a few minutes

    Hi there, I have seen another post about this, which may be related. I have had a few instances since the upgrade to Emby v. 4, but since I have only been using Emby Live TV consistently for a few months, I am not certain that the upgrade is a factor. In instances prior to the one shown in the attached logs, one show will fail after 2 - 9 minutes. I did not have time to gather the logs for the earlier instances of this issue. In this instance, two recordings were happening at the same time and stopped at the same time. I have provided logs from the time the issue started to the end of
  25. Hey, I'm trying to convert to Emby Live TV (away from my rip off cable provider) but I'm having an issue with recording. When I record a program and come back hours later to watch it, sometimes it has only recorded 2,3,10,15, etc, minutes of the show. I have made sure to try it without recording or watching anything else as I think my IPTV provider only supplies one connection. Also, sometimes I am watching a channel and Emby randomly drops out and returns back to the TV guide. I don't know if this is an error on the provider's end, a bug with the app on my Android TV, or a transcoding/server
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