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  1. About two weeks ago Emby Theater for Windows stopped being able to skip around in the movie. Any attempt to use the skip buttons or to drag the movie to a different location causes the movie to start back from the beginning. Another oddity is that if I had dragged the ribbon to the middle of the movie for example, the movie would then re-start with the progress ribbon still in the middle where I dragged it but when the ribbon reached the 'end' of what it determined the movie was the movie stops playback at that time instead of playing through to the end.EmbyLogs.txt Logs attached.
  2. Hello! I have a problem when streaming with Chromecast 2 gen, doesn't matter where it came from (Android, IOS, Web, etc) When watching some tv series, the playback is in great quality, smooth and RANDOMLY jump / skip to the next episode. It simply happen from NOWHERE. I don't know if it is my PC that is the problem or the chromecast itself. What kind of Logs do you guys need to check? I have at least 20 logs just from today trying to watch a single episode...
  3. Hallo Zusammen, ich möchte neue Features für die Musiksammlung zur Diskussion stellen: 1. Liedtexte anzeigen Als anzuzeigende Texte sollte jeweils wählbar sein: 1. Tag <LYRICS> wenn synchronisiert dann nach der angegebenen Zeit, wenn nicht siehe 1. und 2. Tag <UNSYNCED LYRICS> bei automatischem Zeilenvorschub, berechnet nach Zeit und/oder 3. von Lyrics-Seiten aus dem Internet (Plugin, Problem Rechte an den Texten ) 2. Bereits gespielte Lieder ausblenden 2.1 mittels Tag <PLAY_COUNT> dazu könnte ein Tag <PLAY_COUNT> verwendet werden. Eine Reihe
  4. Hallo Zusammen, ich möchte neue Features für die Musiksammlung zur Diskussion stellen: 1. Liedtexte anzeigen Als anzuzeigende Texte sollte jeweils wählbar sein: 1. Tag <LYRICS> wenn synchronisiert dann nach der angegebenen Zeit, wenn nicht siehe 1. und 2. Tag <UNSYNCED LYRICS> bei automatischem Zeilenvorschub, berechnet nach Zeit und/oder 3. von Lyrics-Seiten aus dem Internet (Plugin, Problem Rechte an den Texten ) 2. Bereits gespielte Lieder ausblenden 2.1 mittels Tag <PLAY_COUNT> dazu könnte ein Tag <PLAY_COUNT> verwendet werden. Eine Reihe von Programmen (
  5. clakulus

    Various Apple TV Bugs

    Hi there. New Emby user for the sole purpose of music and having a few issues with the Apple TV client, mostly cosmetic. I've noticed there is an issue with track numbers in that they do not display unless you scroll down, then back up again. The numbers do not correspond to the tracks (which are in the correct order despite this). Please see the image attached - note the missing track numbers, which change each time an album is selected. The web client is fine. I've also noticed that I cannot skip through some tracks, which display as streaming 'live'. Is this a file format issue
  6. In the least couple weeks my Skip to Next or back to Previous file buttons have gone missing on all file types. Both in Chrome and Firefox, and both on this PC and on the host PC when I test playback. I have tried to install on top with a fresh copy of Emby with no changes. How can I get my buttons back?
  7. Hello, Sometimes I jump to the next episode through the arrow on the OSD, before the "next episode start in..." appears. That episode then shows up as partially watched.. I do this often as I binge through a series. This hogs up the "continue..." section. If the episode would be marked as fully watched, after I click on the next episode, that would be a lot less hassle to get those partially watched ones out of the way. I'm not sure if I'm the only one who wants this implemented, but I guess it doesn't hurt to ask. Cheers!
  8. I have no idea if its possible or not but it'd be a great feature to have something like what Netflix where as you skip through an episode or movie there is like a live preview of what it'd skip to. I'll attach a picture to show what I'm on about.
  9. Can one change the 30 second skip forward/10 second backward times Emby Theater skips forward or backward when those buttons (or alternately the left/right buttons) are pressed on the remote? (or corresponding keys on keyboard?) Background: Using Win7 MCE, I was able to change those buttons time to 15 seconds forwards and 7 seconds backward (my preferred amounts for watching football, which is one of the few shows I still watch in the Living Room). I'm now thinking of finally transitioning to Emby Theater & Emby Server LiveTV due to the Windows 7 EoL and no more MCE Guide after ne
  10. Hi, I was wondering if there was a way to skip a line when enterring the movie overview in the metabase. I have some movie in Bi-lingual version and would find it helpful to be able to do so. However not mater how much I do it white editing the metabase: The text still appear grooped while watching it. Thanx in advance for your help.
  11. When I press on a video, it shows an information screen with media info, a thumbnail, and play/download/delete buttons. Is there a way to skip or bypass this screen and just play the video by pressing on it?
  12. I was having trouble with chromecast via the Android app from my Linux server, but manually updating to seemed to help this. https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/57052-cant-stream-anything-to-chromecast/ However, the movie I was watching cut out about 15 minutes before the end (so tragic! -- right before the final scene in the original Blade Runner). Emby was still connected to the chromecast, so I tried to restart the movie and time skip to the spot where it had failed, but it did nothing. I've had no trouble replicating this behavior, and media does seem to play fine from
  13. Hello, I would have two smaller suggestions for server operation. It should be possible to evaluate a user-defined SKIP tag for songs. This tag indicates (value = 1; otherwise empty or 0) to some audio players that this song should not be played, but skipped. A maintenance option in the info dialog would then also be useful. The next suggestion concerns the taking over of pictures from music albums with several CDs. First of all, the backsides "back.EXT" and "disc.EXT" are not copied automatically into the pictures, only "folder.EXT". It would also make sense to transfer images with at
  14. I have a problem with recorded shows. (Have not yet organized my dvd's to emby, so I don't know about movies). I have set Emby to start recording a few minutes before scheduled start, which works as intended. This means that I need to stap a bit forward to find the "intended" recording". I do that using the time bar at the bottom of the screen. It's sometimes painfully slow, or seems to hang completely. (for minutes, until I give up and go back to the Emby main screen). When it (seems to) hang, I can't resume the playback (it's selectable, but I just get black screen). I have
  15. Hi Folks, I am using Emby for a while now and I really enjoy it for DVD playback - I have digitised all of my DVD library which works great. I have recently moved on to my BluRay library and I am noticing a playback issue using the browser as a player, I also have an emby app on an android TV box and notice the same issue. The server Emby is on is purpose built CPU: AMD FX 6300 Hexa Core Processor 3.50GHz RAM: 32 GB OS: Currently Windows 10, Planning to switch to Server 2016 Storage: OS Disk 500GB SSD 500meg Read 500meg Write (where Emby is installed) Video S
  16. Hi, I've been using XBOX 360 as an extender and now i'm having pause/resume/skip issues. It seems that only transcoded files from server are unable to pause or skip. When I try it I receive an error and have to start from beginning. But when files are "Direct Playing" pause/skip.. works Do you have any solution to my problem? Reg, Arni Thor
  17. Gaspar Filmes

    episodes jumping automatically

    Good morning everyone! I'm having a problem that happens when it comes near the end of each episode, causing it to skip to the next without ever having come to an end. (for example, the episode lasts 1h, when it reaches 45 ~ 50min, it always skips to the next episode on that margin), the most recent log attached.
  18. Emby mobile app - 2.9.42 Emby server - beta Chrome Home - latest Chromecast dongle - verion 2 Android H/W - Sony Z3 phone, google Nexus 7 tablet ffmpeg - latest installed with server File type: .ts, H264, AAC_LATM Using NextPVR backend and plugin (latest) This problem has been occuring for some time. Then casting recorded TV to any of my TV's, the following occurs: When an ad break starts I skip forward about 4 minutes by dragging the progress button (green dot), but on releasing it, the elapsed time count reverts to zero. This makes it very difficult to skip the n
  19. For some reason, certain shows just won't play in the web app. They work in Kodi fine, but whenever I go to play these shows it just endlessly skips episodes. Plenty of shows work correctly, so any help would be appreciated. I am using Firefox, but am having the same issues in Chrome as well. Here are 3 logs of it failing in the same skip episode loop: na Any suggestions?
  20. As per Luke's suggestion, turning this into a feature request - It would be nice if Shuffle didn't get killed if I pick another song to play while its already in shuffle mode, or in other words I want to skip the song its decided to play but still shuffle and move on to the next song. In relation to this, when I click Shuffle, the Shuffle button doesn't visually change to show its been selected, This would also be useful to click again to Unshuffle. If this can't be done, a Skip This Track button would be nice. Hope this isn't too confusing - it confuses me when I read through it..
  21. Hi folks, Today Theater updated to 2.72 (I think it was 2.7.0 previously; I got back from a trip and it sort of updated twice, once to 2.71 then again to 2.72). Now, the >> skip forward and << skip back (which took me 30 secs forward and I think 5 secs back) no longer do anything. I can mash those keys all day and there's no movement. I can mouse around and click on the progress bar and move the position in the movie, but this is totally a huge pain. PLEASE FIX! It's stuff like this that makes me not like forced updates. Everything I used was working fine in the prior v
  22. dwyatt

    Skip Forward/Back

    Just got a Roku3 to temporarily replace my recently dead HTPC (was going on 8 years old and the motherboard is dead). Now that I have the Roku3 I may just stick with this - it seems to be great so far. I only have one question - is it possible to setup the fastforward/rewind buttons to act as skip forward/back? I have no need for ff/rw and prefer to skip by 10 or 15 seconds. Thanks in advance!
  23. wkellyo

    FFW - Commercial Skip Request

    You guys really have quite a good thing going with Emby on a Roku, Killer work! I pay for the premium services as well. Schedules Direct for Guide Data, I'm Using Emby Plugin on a FreeNAS-9.10.2-U2 10TB, 32GB ECC Ram as my backend - playing On a Roku Ultra 4K (updated to latest Roku updates) to a Visio non smart TV. For my media source, I have three Silicondust Connects HDHR4-2US tied to three CM4228 HD antennas on top a 100' Rohn 25G tower each aimed in different directions, closest TX is 60 miles, farthest is 90 miles. Needless to say it's quite a setup to get working. But, it wor
  24. The last couple days I noticed the Chapter skip behavior which used to skip to the next TV episode, now just skips a percentage of the show you're watching. Is this intentional? If it is can we get full episode skipping tied to the channel buttons or something? The wife is sweating me on this one.
  25. Hello. Movie playback does not start from the beginning and transport commands (skip forward, skip backwards) often do not work. For example, I can start movie playback and it may start ~10 minutes into the movie. If I try to skip backwards (to beginning) it will only go back to where the movie originally started (10 minutes in). Also, clicking on the movie progress bar (not sure what it is called) to adjust where I want to move to in the movie playback seems goofy. Does not appear to work or does not indicate actual position in the movie. Can not seem to get this figured out
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