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  1. Hello, For a while now whenever I go to watch something through emby after about 20-25 minutes the session either crashes or is forcefully closed somehow and I am not seeing the reasoning in the logs. I attached a log file to show the behavior I am seeing. Essentially no matter what file I am watching (in this case a TV episode) it will crash or close out after that rough time period. Once I re-open the video or movie and start playback again I won't have any issues at all with the movie or tv show, no matter how long I watch after. I am not sure if this is a plug in issue, but I have
  2. MrLinford

    [DOCKER] HTTPS is not working

    Been a while since I have had to post so just a quick thank you. I am running EmbyServer in a docker on my unRAID server (emby/embyserver:latest) and I'm trying to get HTTPS to work through my Nginx Proxy. HTTP works no problem. Client: Docker Engine - Community Version: 20.10.5 API version: 1.41 Go version: go1.13.15 Git commit: 55c4c88 Built: Tue Mar 2 20:14:11 2021 OS/Arch: linux/amd64 Context: default Experimental: true Server: Docker Engine - Community Engine: Version: 20.10.5 API version:
  3. Hello everyone Last Friday I restarted my Docker Emby container on Unraid. I lost all my libraries. I had the "Server Configuration Backup" extension, but no restore worked. I was using this Emby package, so I thought that this one had a problem. So I installed a new package at the end of the day. Everything was working until today when I had no cover image on my libraries. I restarted my container, and I lost all my containers. I also tried a restore but nothing worked. Also, it deleted my old Emby log files... However, I found an error in the little log file
  4. Hi Everyone, sorry for the long-winded post: I have approximately, 5 remote users that may be transcoding at any given time, plus 3 possible direct streams in my house, then mobile phone/tablet usage, maybe a couple at a time max (but rare, at least for now) I know there are a lot of posts where people are asking what kind of server to use, and if their server is good enough, my question(s) are different. First I will give an idea of my previous servers so you can see where I have been, so we can understand better, where I would like to go: 1.) I started with a Drobo FS (for Media)
  5. Hi, And thanks for this software. Right now I'm running emby server (premiere) on synology app (NAS is a 918+) ; client is installed on a first generation nvidia shield . All is connected via ethernet. Sometimes (rarely to be frank, very rarely) I got stuttering, mainly x or h265 files. I get two months ago a second hand elitedesk G4 mini (UHD Graphics 630) and installed linux (ubuntu 20.04 server) to run some valheim, minecraft and conan exiles servers via docker. And I wonder if using an emby container on this linux computer would improve performances. CPU is way better in t
  6. I am using docker, i have the exact same set up with jellyfin, i just wanted to try emby as they have apps for my lg tv. If i go into my docker containers cli i can see all the films and tv shows, they just don't appear in my movie or tv show library on the emby gui when i have scanned them, the path is exactly the same as my existing jellyfin docker which works without issue. Logs are here: Info App: Loading Emby.Notifications, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null, Info App: Loading Emby.Codecs.Dxva, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null, In
  7. Hello, Still quite new to using Emby with Docker. Below is the line from my container run for the configuration folder. The container creates the folder. I also tested prior by having the folders already created locally. However the container is still creating the folder within itself as far as I know. I also have a Sonarr setup where I'm using a similar line of code to have it put its configuration files in the below successfully. I just wanted to have all of my containers configuration files uniformly accessible in the same location incase I want to check logs
  8. After Recreating my (32bit) Pi4B / OMV / Docker / Portainer image to upgrade to Emby 4.6, the /app/emby/EmbyServer process was constantly restarting, with no access to the Emby Web interface. After a lot of web searching and several blind alleys the solution is here: https://docs.linuxserver.io/faq#my-host-is-incompatible-with-images-based-on-ubuntu-focal Manually installing libseccomp2_2.4.4-1~bpo10+1_armhf.deb (Option 2) worked for me, although I've subsequently added the Buster backports repo (Option 3) Hope this saves time and anxiety for someone....
  9. Hello Community, I was hoping someone else is having a similar problem and perhaps know the reason why after the second to last update of Emby, my collections vanished (both user created, and those generated by the box set plugin). At first I thought it had to be ownership/permissions had become muddled, but all other writes are allowed (updates to metadata, metadata refreshes on intervals, favourites) Here is a breakdown of my formerly working setup: Emby running on Docker - app folder in home directory to utilize the SSD benefit. OS: Fedora 33 - kept up to date d
  10. cappapp

    TV Shows by date added wrong order?

    My emby docker no longer displays tv shows by date added properly any more. Everything else seems fine. But I get a mix of old and new shows when sorting by date added. Any ideas what might cause this? @Happy2Play please move my posting to a new topic. Thanks.
  11. Hi, Put this together for my own use - its a bit rough around the edges but figured i'd throw it out here should anyone want to give it a whirl! Docker Hub: https://hub.docker.com/r/matty87a/telemby GitHub: https://github.com/matty87a/telemby
  12. I have a Samsung TV (UN65H6350) and I use docker and docker-compose to use embyserver. However, in DLAN mode of Samsung TV, embyserver can only be found up to version From v3.2.70 to the latest version, it cannot be detected in DLAN mode. I kept using emby/embyserver: due to dlan issue, but it is no longer compatible with android apps, so i have no choice but to update embyserver. I wish UN65H6350 DLAN could work on the latest version of Embyserver.
  13. ivolanski

    Emby Docker exit after few seconds

    Hello, First of all, thanks in advance for any help you can give me and feel free to ask anything else if you need more information. Emby docker just stop after few seconds, here are some information: It's a N1 box running Openwrt and it contains docker.
  14. BAlGaInTl

    Transcoding Temp Out of Control

    Maybe someone can tell me why this is happening... My Unraid server crashed today. I'm running Emby in Docker. When I tracked the problem down, it was because I ran out of space on my 1TB cache drive. A little more digging led me to the transcoding-temp directory of Emby which is stored on the cache drive. There were almost 800K files totalling over 500GB of space. The files go back to May of 2019. A large file transfer caused the drive to fill up the rest of the way, and then crash the system. Shouldn't these files be cleaned up by Emby? Is there something in my Un
  15. ShadowKindjal

    Nvidia Runtime Docker Compose

    Would anyone be able to help me? I have a docker install for Emby currently working but I would like to use Docker Compose to further simplify the process. I noticed that the Nvidia runtime is not supported within the docker-compose.yml file but does anyone know a way to maybe incorporate the runtime with a Dockerfile? Any help would be appreciated.
  16. mengoshmink

    (Ubuntu + Docker +) Emby + Tvheadend

    Hi, I have created this in the hope it helps others. It isn't very detailed but hopefully enough information to be helpful. Thank you. My setup: Ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS (I would prefer if this said CEntOS but that's another story) TurboSight TBS 6280 DVB-T/T2/C (SAA716x dvb adapter) Docker (I don't think this effects my guide much below but worth mentioning) Emby (emby/embyserver:latest version on as of 9th January 2021) Tvheadend (linuxserver/tvheadend:latest version on as of 9th January 2021) docker-compose.yml Install required software (Ubuntu, TBS d
  17. teiva

    Benefits to docker?

    Setup: Ubuntu Server 16.04 Docker 1.12.2 Windows 10 client (Bash/Putty) I'm new to Emby, linux and docker. Can someone explain to me how installing Emby server via docker has made my setup easier or better? I hear things like "segregation", "pre-configured" and "seamless". I need some context. How's it pre-configured? Can I skip any of these file system setup steps since I pulled from the dev container? SAMBA setup - Set to automatically mount drives on boot - Setup ownership and permissions on media folders - Setup sharing over network with Window clients Sho
  18. How to secure Emby using LetsEncrypt and Nginx Reverse Proxy by modifying Docker containers in Openmediavault. https://youtu.be/jYoDyoH2C0A
  19. sebasmiles

    Docker won't start after update

    System: Unraid Docker: Latest (as of 11/02/20) So after the latest docker update, my docker doesn't start. So far all my other dockers are doing well. Below is what it shows me in the docker log, the emby log (from the folder on the shared) isn't showing anything at all since the update so something is happening before it starts saving it. Let me know if there is some other way to pull log info. Update: When I pulled the logs directly from Docker command prompt. the "r" line in logs was actually "Bus error" [s6-init] making user provided files available at /var/run/s6
  20. Hi. In the past I used emby in Windows behind a Traefik Container. Now I had to change everything because I don't want to use Windows anymore. I decided to switch to UnRAID. Now I've created a Docker Compose File to create my new emby container. version: '3.7' networks: emby-net: driver: bridge traefik_traefik-net: external: true services: emby: container_name: Emby image: emby/embyserver:latest ports: - "8096:8096" - "8920:8920" - "1900:1900/udp" restart: unless-stopped devices: - /dev/dri:/dev/dri
  21. A library I created for my children can no longer play content when the account has tag limitations in place, and every episode of something I've checked so far has the Version drop down appear (when viewed in a browser), with what I can tell is every other item in the library listed as an alternative version. I am running the official Emby docker, on unRAID. Scenario goes (with tags): Library: Kids TV User account: Parental Control > Restrict Items with Tags > Tag1 (allow only items with these tags) Shows: Only those I've tagged are visible to my child
  22. lawrencecurtis

    4.4.3 missing from dockerhub

    Hi I see 4.4.3 is out and that on GitHub everything has built. Although dockerhub was updated recently it is still version 4.4.2. I saw it took a few days to build everything which is slower than normal. Many thanks
  23. Context : I am using a very old laptop running pop OS 20.04 and docker . I have a 3rd gen i7 on this and an nvidia 740m GPU. I installed graphics driver from ubuntu repository and my discreet GPU works (image attached for clarity) because I can see kodi picking up the discreet GPU. Problem : I installed emby beta from dockerhub and installed nvidia container runtime and loaded the systemd module on it : nirjhor@pop-os ~/Downloads [1]> sudo cat /etc/systemd/system/docker.service.d/override.conf [Service] ExecStart= ExecStart=/usr/bin/dockerd --host=fd:// --
  24. chacawaca

    docker post-recording

    Hi, i done a docker -it watch your record directory -extract srt -convert .ts to mkv or mp4 -process comchap or comcut on it. if 2-3 persons can test it and give me feedback, that will be nice. https://hub.docker.com/r/chacawaca/post-recording please use it with a test directory for now, keep DELETE_TS = 1 if you want to keep your .ts file thanks you
  25. Hi all, Sometimes while browsing my media, sometimes while starting video playback, or second video after the first has finished - the server becomes unresponsive. Most often access is from Firefox web browser in Fedora on the gigabit LAN. I can't ssh in and APCI shutdown doesn't work. I resort to pressing the reboot button or press and hold the power button. Not good, I know. It has become so frequent I can no longer use Emby, I am browsing my NFS shares and playing in VideoLAN. I have used different server distributions, deleted both the Docker image and container, deleted Emby config
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