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Found 8 results

  1. Hi, Im not sure i'm posting in the right section off the forum its actually the first time I do so. I was just wonderring if by any chance there was a way to add multiple title to a same movie. In simple, I have some movie in a bylingual version and for some of them I reffer too their title in french and some other in english. Would it be possible to add 2 tittle to a movie in order that when i'm searching for it in my searchbar, event if its sorted name is his original one in english I may still find it with his french name.
  2. arrbee99

    IPTV and channel name

    I downloaded an m3u list thing which contains an example like the following - #EXTINF:-1 tvg-name="001" tvg-id="tv.9" tvg-logo="https://raw.githubusercontent.com/matthuisman/iptv/master/nz/images/tv.9.png",TVNZ1 http://iptv.matthuisman.nz/nz/tv.9.m3u8 and modified to the following, adding channel-id - #EXTINF:-1 channel-id="1001" tvg-name="001" tvg-id="tv.9" tvg-logo="https://raw.githubusercontent.com/matthuisman/iptv/master/nz/images/tv.9.png",TVNZ1 http://iptv.matthuisman.nz/nz/tv.9.m3u8 I still needed to change the channel name displayed to an actual channel name, so 001 becomes TVNZ 1, so I did that in Emby itself. It shows up as TVNZ 1 fine in the guide but when I refresh the guide it reverts back to 001. This could well be because I don't know what I'm doing, so I'm wondering if there's something I need to remove from the info, such as tvg-name, or should I put tvg-name='TVNZ 1" ? Am wondering if I change it would I bugger up the channel mapping ? I could just try it but thought it might help to ask first plus it might be useful to record it here.
  3. I am new to emby and have searched here and elsewhere and found a lot of talk about library scans and such but nothing about this specific kind of thing. Running latest stable version as of two days ago on Windows 8.1. I have a dump folder, basically, where TV Shows get dumped into and they have some crazy names because that's how they come to me (wink). Usually they have dots in between the words of the name. Like The.Big.Bang.Theory.s11e01.maybeotherstuffhere.mkv or something like that. Nothing is in a subfolder at all. One big, ugly, dump folder. I have the library pointed at this folder with the auto update option turned on and set to TV so when new things get dumped there it should pick them up. This is how I had plex setup and it worked perfectly for this. emby does a horrible job at identifying the shows/episodes in this scenario. I love emby and consider it superior to plex in pretty much every other way at this point. I even dropped my plex pass subscription and paid for emby premiere. I guess my question is whether emby just isn't setup to identify things like this or it can't figure the name because of the dots or it has to have the subfolders OR am I doing something wrong other than having the big dump folder as a library? Thanks for the help.
  4. Hello all; I have a problem with the sorting order being different in "My Media" vs the metadata listing. So I have my media folders and attempted to sort them by following: http://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/3199-how-do-i-change-the-sort-order-of-my-media-folders/I have done that before with no problems but I had to reinstall window 7 (64bit if it matters) unexpectedly. The issue is this, the folders are sorted correctly in the metadata page and Emby classic (in MCE): It is incorrectly sorted in My Media section though: And of course it appears in that order in all other devices (like the Roku). I have sorted them by numbers in my previous install (as I have currently) and there was not an issue but I cannot figure out what could be going on in this case. Any ideas? My number sorting for each item is shown here: I have also tried sorting them alphabetically, (a, b,c, d & e) but the result is very much the same, sorted in the metadata list and classic but not in my media. Thanks for any assistance.
  5. Hello, is it possible to create a collection and add movies by something besides title? Say, I wanted to collect all movies by Paramount, or all movies with Clive Owen. Right now, the only option I see is "name" Thanks!
  6. Hi, I am testing Media Browser 3 in a school network environment, it is working very well with over 50 users signed up, we need to find a way to restrict/disable the user from changing their password, username and profile details. Is there a way of implementing this, once we have this setup this will be used for over 1500 users, on laptops, tablets, phones, DNLA devices and computers, so this is a very good testing ground. I look forward to hearing your suggestions. Many thanks Nathaniel
  7. kingy444

    Server Name in DLNA

    This may already be possible just wasnt sure. I want to change the display name that comes up on the DLNA device when browsing. At the moment all devices see the server as 'Media Browser' im pretty sure I saw a setting somewhere to change it per device but I would prefer the change to be server wide. Is this possible? Dont want to have to edit each profile individually as I woild prefer to ensure they are always updated with server releases (and individual editing gets messy and unreliable) Any advice much appreciated.
  8. Please offer some clarification on the purpose of the Name: field on the .../dashboard/edititemmetadata.html page, and what is valid and what is not. It is editable so I assume it is OK to edit it. Thanks
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