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Found 12 results

  1. softworkz

    New Server Plugin: Emby Data Explorer

    This is another brand-new plugin which is available in the catalog now: Emby Data Explorer Important Note Make sure to clear your browser cache after installation and restarting the server! History In 2016 I was working on Metadata Providers and wanted to see and better understand which metadata is coming from which provider and which information was actually taken by Emby Server. In turn, I had created the MetadataViewer Plugin. Later, it became outdated and I was no longer around to update, so eventually it had to be pulled due to incompatibilities after the server had evolved. Meanwhile, there had also been an idea for a "Backstage View" plugin with the purpose to provide some low-level insights into Emby item data, but it never took off. This month, I came back to some work on metadata providers and I had the same problems again, which ended up in creating this plugin. It's a fusion of the MetadataViewer plugin and the Backstage View concept - with a name that leaves room for more... Beta For now, it's available for the beta server only It's been done in two and a half days, so please report bugs in case you find any How it Works The plugin adds a new entry to the Item Context Menu: This will open a dialog for data display: This dialog is the one and only UI that the plugin provides. Everything is happening there. I will describe individual features in subsequent topics. ENJOY!
  2. For anyone like me who started off creating their library of media and and deciding at a later date that maybe they want to move the those movies into their own folders, but don't want to manually create thousands of folders, and then manually move the files, you can automate that process with PowerShell (on WIndows). Open up a PowerShell prompt and navigate to the directory with your movies being stored, in my case on a network share. cd \\unraid\media\movies Make sure this command will create a folder for every file in the directory you just navigated to. WARNING, I was lazy when I made this. This will technically create a folder for any object in the folder that has a period in the name. So, if for whatever reason, you already have folders with a period in the name, it will try to create a folder for it as well. If you already have a folder structure with periods, either don't use this or revise the command. Get-ChildItem | Where-Object {$_.Name -Like "*.*"} | Select BaseName | ForEach-Object {New-Item -Name $_.BaseName -ItemType "Directory"} This next command will actually move every item with a period in the name, into a folder of the same name, minus the file extension. So, if you have multiple copies of a movie, with multiple resolutions, or if you keep your metadata in NFO files, ALL of those files will be moved into the same folder. Get-ChildItem | Where-Object {$_.Name -Like "*.*"} | ForEach-Object {Move-Item $_.Name $_.BaseName}
  3. Hi All, The recent upgrade to 4.3.3 states "Performance improvement to TV guide', But I am not seeing anything on my setup. My setup is Andriod TV on an Nvidia Shield, connecting directly to a Synology NAS via managed hub on the same VLAN. The NAS runs the Emby Server which also connects to a HD Homerun Quattro, also on the same hub and VLAN. My issue is with scrolling through the TV guide If you scroll through the guide with the BBC channel highlighted, I can scroll forward through programmes for weeks, no problem. But if if I select another channel to be highlighted such as ITV2+1, it will scroll up to 10pm that day then screw up the whole guide with "<No programme Data Available>". Yet if I use the calendar to select a future date, all works fine. So scrolling on certain channels is broken for me Any ideas ?
  4. I'm just trying to figure out if I have something set incorrectly or is Emby really has different playback screens for TV shows vs movies. When you get to a TV show episode playback screen, it shows the audio and video details and then has a drop down list of the available subtitles. When you get to a movie playback screen, the same information is not shown. The movie does have the details embedded. Using Tiny Media Manager, I get this information: So, I'm wondering what I need to do or change with my Emby settings to get the movie playback screen to show the same information as the TV episodes. Just as an FYI, I have also added an external subtitle file (.srt) file for this movie. So I would hope that some kind of subtitle information would be shown. Any help would be appreciated. I am still setting items up and have only done about 15% of our movies. I want to make sure that I copy everything the way Emby likes it.
  5. frandan

    How to Recover Movies list

    Good morning, first of all best compliments for your fantastic software. I had a hard disk failure. In this disk i had part of my movies collection that i had previously backuped on another disk. There is a way to recover the movies list that was recognized by emby? So i could rebuild my movie library at the same state before disk failure. At this moment Emby runs correctly on another disk and it never stopped working I tried with local.db but i couldn't find the complete movies list Thanks in advance
  6. There are some media items (Anime, TV Shows, Cartoons) that have the wrong episode titles & metadata fetched which is causing a mismatch in episode numbers and episode titles. Now most of these items have the actual episode name and episode number in the filename but when metadata is fetched; the episode order and naming is all overwritten and trying to manually correct this via the metadata manager is daunting. Does anyone have recommendations on how to prevent this or have it recognize or populate episode metadata based solely on the filename and order the episodes based on the filenames? These filenames with episode title and episode titles are pre-populated from streaming sources (Hulu, Prime Video, etc). I would like to have it auto-recognize and auto-order the episodes based on the filenames because i don't know for sure that the filenames that came from the streaming sources are correct as is. Even if it doesn't match the episode ordering of the metadata fetchers; at least have the episode names right and re-order as needed. Would it be better to just remove the episode ordering from the filenames and just leave the name of the episode by itself?
  7. Since joining Emby last December, I have spent a lot of time organizing my media libraries, including correcting any mis-'identify' linking, updating metadata, and even setting custom "sort as" information to organize my libraries. Then the previous media server updated versions came out, I installed the new server version, and to my dismay, all of that custom information and work was lost! as the server restarted and essentially ran what looked like a fresh scan and link process. So much work and time, gone in an instant. I suspect that there's a way for me to help ensure this doesn't happen again, before I install the latest update. I appreciate any guidance or tips to help ensure that I don't make this same mistake again. I did find the 'lock this metadata' near the bottom of the metadata screen for each individual piece of media - is that sufficient to select to preserve my inputs? Or is there more to be done. Thanks in advance!
  8. I am curious whether there is a way to query the emby server for title and timecode information of what is currently being played - Ideally a serial stream through an IP/TCP port that on my end I can parse for use on an ipad remote control system for a theater In the past I was using MPC-HC as the backend player for emby within media center - when the web interface was enabled I could essentially 'query' MPC HC by IP address port # and then [in this case] /info.html and parse the data on my remote. All the remote 'sees' is the raw html or source of that specific page and I set rules on the remote to disregard the gibberish so to speak-- For example the timecode feedback was displayed on the remote by setting a rule on the remote to only look for data in between a line that begins with "<p id="positionstring"> and ends in <p>" --the number in between that specific prefix and suffix were displayed on the remote --Because of this, the remote only displayed the static timecode when you queried it --it is crude compared to the Oppo player that sends out a constant serial stream of timecode, track, chapter etc information via its RS232 port --> connected to a serial card in a computer that runs an rs232 to tcp/ip service, forwarding the serial data as TCP packets--> i.e. constant RX bytes. I connect to that bridge and parse and display the information on the remote. *note -> there was an aspect of the mpc hc web interface, a remote that displayed the title and current rolling timecode but it appeared to work by using a javascript to constantly refresh the data and I am not smart enough to figure out how to create a bridge from that rolling timecode I see in the browser {post that javascript} to my remote. We are moving to emby theater from a Windows Media Center plugin solution. Wondering if this kind of data can be easily accessed or whether a server plugin could be developed to help system integrators use a serial stream of 'remote feedback' in their projects. Obviously this data exists as can be seen in the dashboard--how do I extract that information? Getting too tired to really explain myself but I hope the developers understand the gist of what I am asking about -Thanks for the wonderful program
  9. Guest

    Removing IPs in Logs

    Hey Folks, Little Question: Is it possible to disable the logging of IP Address on the server? I have a few mates using it and i kind of feel a bit bad because i get their IP Addresses everytime they login. So is there any possibility to disable this? or could you kindly point me in the right direction to remove it in the code? I even tried to do a reverse proxy in front of the reverse proxy of my emby server to disgintuish the users ip, but it still gets it. So if you have any advice, i would be happy Greetings
  10. Hi guys, I've got an issue with my meta data. I've added a load of new TV shows and it is not pulling the images or making the screen grabs. The last time it happened it was an extension in chrome blocking the images from loading on the External ID's but I've checked them for all the TV shows i'm having issues with and they are all there. Take the screenshot I've attached for example it's done them for a couple but not all of them, some TV shows it's not done any for. Please help, I've also attached the LOG file in case anyone needs it to determine what is going wrong. Log.txt
  11. softworkz

    New Plugin: TV Maze Metadata Provider

    Hi, this is a new metadata provider plugin for Emby, supporting TV Series, Seasons and Episodes as well as Season-Images. The data is retrieved from http://www.tvmaze.com/ The plugin should operate pretty stable, I've been running the code for a few months now without problems. But what's the benefit, now? Well, you got to make your own decision about how useful that additional data could be for you! Metadata handling in Emby is not a very transparent process. To compare the different metadata retrieved by the installed providers, it's probably best to use the Metadata Viewer Plugin (http://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/32984-new-plugin-metadata-viewer/). After installing, you need to check your metadata settings for Series, Seasons and Episodes. You should choose the priorities based on your experience from comparing metadata results as described in the previous paragraph. If you're already satisfied with your current metadata retrieval or just don't want to make a significant change at this time, I recommend the following: Disable TV Maze for Series and Episodes (Emby already comes with 3 built-in providers for those) But enable TV Maze for Seasons (and Season images): The reason: Currently, there's only one provider for Season data and there are many cases where TV Maze has some season descriptions when the other (MovieDb) doesn't Download: https://github.com/softworkz/Emby.Plugins/releases/tag/TvMazeBeta1
  12. Hi, after the last server update I can not see my metadata anymore, only "chapters" to each movie. The movie counter showed around 370 now it showing 766 :S I've added a picture to describe my problem better. (attached file) *** This happens in MBT and Web ***** Also, if I go to "collection" and choose ex "blu-ray" then all the movies are shown properly. What is wrong? **EDIT** Okey, it's looks like it something to do with the way the server handles naming. MBT should ignore the "#". MBC is working fine, and so is the WEB-version if I choose a letter from A-Z and not the first "#". (as shown in the picture) MBT is showing all the movies correctly, but i need to scroll trough all the "chapters first" before it finds the movies from A-Z. I think this is the problem, and it is now more related to MBT.
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