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  1. Editing the "primary" picture of a folder is currently cumbersome. There is an option to edit the picture. This only offers to upload a new picture. However, the desired pictures already exist in the folder itself. So I'll have to download it, and reupload it as folder picture. Instead would it be possible to add: a context menu option "Use as folder thumbnail". This would be easier I suppose. optionally, allow to select an existing picture instead of the "upload" button? Thanks in advance. This is a wonderful product which is a treat to use.
  2. Hi I've been wondering about this for a while, but why does some videos produce this kind of Image via the screen grabber image fetcher, but the thumbnail generator does not seem to have any issue? Also watching the video is fine, (it transcodes properly) Video has the following media info:
  3. nosachov

    Thumbnails and cache OpenSUSE

    Hi Everyone. Problem: I got a trial emby on an OpenSUSE server. All looks good except the thumbnails usage. Every time I enter some folder thumbnail images are downloading again and it causes a 100% or high CPU usage. Already looked for a solution on the forum but can't find it. VM Hardware: 4 CPU Cores. 2 GB RAM. External mounted NAS with photos and videos of high resolution (~1TB). Also I use Nginx. Config: server { listen 80; server_name media.domain.com; root /var/www/html; return 301 https://$server_name$request_ur
  4. Hi, On Firefox 72.0.1 the thumbnails fail to load with the exception of maybe one random image when scrubbing. On chromium however the thumbnails display just fine. Anything I could do about that? I'm happy to provide server logs if necessary.
  5. There may be a simple answer to this, but I noticed that not all of thumbnails for cast & crew are not stored locally, but instead with the media. Under Library -> Advanced, I had selected the option to have a custom local metadata path. And within my library options, I did UNSELECT: Save subtitles into media folders Save artwork into media folders I wanted this stored separately for speed reasons. I recently started a fresh installation of Emby Server (Windows) without any media in there. I placed three movies in there just to test things out. When I opened the three Nfo's
  6. Hello Everyone, there is a bug within CoverArts and i dont know how to fix it. the Edges of nearly all episodes are bugged. Some are extremly visable, some are only minor. and some aren't even working at all. I want to use the rounded style. here are some example Screenshots. Merry Christmas by the way
  7. livtyler

    Thumbnail Generator doesnt work.

    Hi all having an issue with emby generating episode images, and I can see this error related to it. Thanks for the help. 2020-04-22 22:04:56.454 Error ChapterImagesTask: Error creating thumbnails for smb://10.2.x.xx/Multimedia/tv/Avenue 5/Season 1/Avenue 5 - S01E01 - I Was Flying WEBDL-1080p.mkv *** Error Report *** Version: Command line: /opt/emby-server/system/EmbyServer.dll -programdata /var/lib/emby -ffdetect /opt/emby-server/bin/ffdetect -ffmpeg /opt/emby-server/bin/ffmpeg -ffprobe /opt/emby-server/bin/ffprobe -restartexitcode 3 -updatepackage emby-server-deb_{versio
  8. FalconX

    Album Interpreten

    Woher nimmt Emby die Bilder von den Interpreten? Ich habe meine MP3s mit MP3Tag getaggt und bei allen auch den Album Interpreten eingetragen. Die Musicbrainz ID ist ebenfalls enthalten, und wenn ich die ID auf der Webseite von Musicbrainz eingebe, bekomme ich den korrekten Interpreten/Band angezeigt. Dennoch werden mir zu den meisten Album Interpreten keine Bilder in der entsprechenden Ansicht angezeigt. Wie kommt das?
  9. deepdivefl

    Library thumbnails

    Hello all, I skimmed through the topics and didn't see a thumbnail issue quite like this. For some reason, each of the library thumbnails is the same movie repeated four times. Any idea why it hasn't chosen four different images? In the Movies and TV shows libraries there is a subfolder structure using \movies\A-D\The Andromeda Strain etc. But in the Christmas and Gospel libraries, the movies are all just put in that root folder. Either way, the system seems to be having trouble with the library thumbnails. Note: Once you click on the library, all the individual movie thumbnail
  10. Hi, Could scraping mkv's for cover_land.(jpg/png) for thumbnails be added, and used as a higher priority than cover.(jpg/png) for thumbs... also use cover.(jpg/png) as the poster. I am in the process of re-repping my bluray and DVD collection, and using the media cover as cover.jpg and extracting the thumb (using ffmpeg) as cover_land.jpg for the episode thumb or using fanart as the movie landscape.jpg.
  11. beelloyd

    Missing Thumbnails

    I have a vintage Roku, Model 2500X. It has been working great for 7 years and suddenly has a problem showing the thumbnail photos or labels on the various menus. For example, when I open Netflix, instead of the home page/menu, I get a line of grey boxes where the little photos should be. Also, on the top row for navigation, there are no labels so I can't find "My List" or "Search" except by trial and error. This only happens on Netflix and Prime. Other channels are OK. I have put in all Roku updates. When it happened yesterday, I totally logged off Roku, all the way to HDMI1. This worked yeste

    Movie thumbnails

    Recent I run into the problem that the thumbnail does not work or get corrupted. See attachments. What I have done a few times is to install the entire (Emby) server on new ones. This with the result that everything works again in time. But I am done with that now haha. Would someone help me. Greetings SPARTAN
  13. I'd like to a address a question here that is coming up regularly and sometimes getting into the focus of user desire as a must-have feature with apparent benefits. Obviously it's an evident conception that some graphics acceleration hardware should be able to accelerate graphics related operations like image extraction. But in this case that doesn't quite apply. The short answer to the subject question is:It wouldn't make a lot of sense. That answer is not really convincing, so let's get into depth.. Most of you will have noticed that we've taken great effort in the area of hardware
  14. Hi! I've taken the time to have my library calculate the chapter thumbnails for a better user experience. However, the (beta) Roku app that I'm currently using doesn't show those thumbnails during playback. When I choose a movie/show to play, I can find the chapter list down below and see the thumbnails. But this is before playback begins. When playback starts, I can no longer see the thumbnails on the Roku app when I try to fast-forward or rewind, or regardless of what I try. Both the Android and Web apps show them just fine. Thanks!
  15. Seems the Roku thumbnails plugin always tries to create thumbnails for trailers during a scheduled task. Except it has nowhere to save these so simply discards them, wasting a bunch of time, and trailers are so short they shouldn't need thumbnails anyways.
  16. Hello all, I'm trying to sort out whether this is a general problem with my install or an incompatibility between the image sizing of Emby and the image sizing of the online image db's (themoviedb, etc.). I have a bunch of tv shows where the cast/crew images appear but they appear squished (incorrect aspect ratio). I have my primary db's set that for TV the images come from thetvdb.com and for movies it's themoviedb.org. It appears that thetvdb doesn't support profile/actor images but themoviedb does and this is where Emby is getting the images. The specifications for themoviedb images
  17. robdejon9

    Cropped EPG thumbnails

    Hi all, New Emby user here. On my system, my EPG thumbnails are cropped as per the attached images. I originally thought that this issue was specific to the ATV client, but tonight I noticed that this can also be observed in the "Schedule" section on the web client. Emby server running on MacOS ATV client Chrome browser IceTV EPG I have already discussed this with the IceTV folks, and at this point they assume that this must be related to how Emby handles the images. Anyone else seen this problem? Any suggestions? Thanks, Rob
  18. richwphillips@yahoo.com

    Cast info thumbnails missing

    I use Emby Beta for Roku and used to have thumbnails for the actors in a given episode or movie at the bottom of the page on my dashboard, but now I have detailed medai info at the bottom of the pages for each episode or movie and no actor thumbnails. These thumbnails would show other episodes and movies that I have with the same actor in them. How do I get these back?
  19. Hey guys, How do I remove this frame that gets put around all episode thumbnails? I've tried searching the forums but I haven't been able to find an answer. Is this a setting that I have inadvertently turned on? A plugin? I've looked through the settings and I can't find anything. I tried changing themes and it still appears. The episode thumbnail jpg on the disk is normal and without the frame, so the server is adding it. It's been around since a server update a while ago and I wasn't bothered by it. It's only now that I have an Apple TV 4K that it bugs me because the home screen of
  20. evanover


    Since the latest update to the Roku app, the movie thumbnails are taking a unusually long time to generate while browsing thru the movies, If you change the sort order the names will appear, but a lot will either have no thumbnails or a green movie thumbnail. If you wait long enough most will generate the thumbnail. Prior to the update they worked fine. server-63636721287.txt
  21. I have a funny problem: In some of the TV shows scanned by Emby, I get thumbnails for each episode of a certain season. In addition to that, a same number of thumbnails with just the picture of the series is also added, 'doubling' the number of episodes displayed for a certain season. Attached a file that illustrates the situation. Only the first ones can obviously be accessed, while the second set just being displayed. Clicking on them does nothing... I already removed all metadata, asked for refresh and even moved all folders residing in the one for that TV show to a differen
  22. I would love to have a setting that forces Emby to write the actor thumbs with the Internet addresses where they are located and not also use some local ones into the nfo. Some thumbs show: <thumb>D:\MediaBrowser Data\Metadata\metadata\People\.....jpg</thumb> I would like all nfos to be like: <thumb>https://image.tmdb.org/t/p/original/........jpg</thumb> It seems to happen if you refresh something from the "front-end" and then this actor seems to be locked-in to that path. Having this setting would make the nfo more portable. Thanks Mark
  23. I'm a long time user of Win 7 and Emby for WMC with the Chocolate theme. I've tweaked everything (lots of trial and error) and I have everything running smoothly. There is now a problem with the Specials display on the Details page. As you can see in the Before screenshot the captions are either missing or partially hidden. I've determined that the problem is with the resolution of the video clips. Most of the clips are 640x360 but the three in the lower left are 640x294 or 640x268 etc. When I remove these three clips from my extras folder the Specials display is all good as shown in t
  24. Hi Guys, So I've noticed that some of my collection information isn't being pulled from the movie db site. The site looks like it doesn't work anymore so i was just wondering if any of you know a solution? Also there is only one link that you can put in the settings for collections to pull the data where as individual movies you can add three links from three different sources. Can that be changed?
  25. Hello! I was curious, is there a way to generate video preview thumbnails? With youtube, netflix, etc whenever you are seeking through a video, it'll show preview images so you can gauge where you want to start watching. Thanks!
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