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  2. pwhodges

    Emby Premier

    Good idea. Then you can say "To purchase Premiere, go to the Premiere tab in your server's console". That seems bomb-proof. Paul
  3. cayars

    Emby Premier

    The only way I can think to make it more clear is to simply hide any links to purchase it but embed the links directly in the web console so you can't get to do a Premiere purchase without having already installed the server.
  4. pir8radio

    User IP Address when going through Cloudflare

    That is correct. https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/HTTP/Headers/X-Forwarded-For
  5. ebr

    Theme Songs on Roku

    Server log from entering one of these items on the Roku? Debug mode, please.
  6. This is the ParentID I found in the URL when I open a library. There are many folders in the library https://www.<hidden>.com/web/index.html#!/videos?serverId=c46368b5a9f946e5b12bc48569c6ad7b&parentId=c2257bbd84a4b4bb4f9f4e16cd641326
  7. MortigiTempo

    ability to adjust playback speed

    That’s wonderful to hear! Hope! How can I get in on the beta? I’m not too familiar with how it works on Android TV.
  8. jmansell90

    Server - Option to ignore media in scans

    Bad Parent ID. It should be a 6 digit number. If the library only has one folder, then this method of getting it doesn't work. I worked around it by adding another folder (an empty temp folder) and then trying again.
  9. roaku

    Theme Songs on Roku

    I just tested with TV shows and experienced the same behavior. The Android app picked up and played back the theme immediately. The Roku app acts like it doesn't exist. I use the 'theme-music' folder convention, but I've now also tested with the 'theme.mp3' convention and got the same results across Emby apps.
  10. Mkharrell

    Delete my account

    This wasnt what I thought it would be and I would like my account deleted
  11. I was under the impression that this feature is currently in the beta only. https://archlinux.org/packages/?name=emby-server is currently at
  12. OK. I've never seen this (but it's not my area anyway) The point is: everything is working correctly! The ffmpeg that is included in that package is not capable to do any of those tone mappings. Is there any reason why you can't install the regular package for Arch Linux?
  13. kamilon50

    TV Shows by date added wrong order?

    I would like this to be setup for tv shows which are named as the first image. and the fights for some reason I'm not able to order the fights from the newest to the oldest. Can you help? a as follows
  14. Here's the AUR link: https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/emby-server-beta/
  15. justinrh

    help understanding audio compatibility

    Doesn't Emby have to probe the client's capability to know if it can direct play or transcode? Is there any way for a user to see what info Emby has for a client?
  16. Thanks. How did you install Emby - I mean, using which package?
  17. roaku

    Theme Songs on Roku

    Ok. I don't currently have any TV with themes, so I'll try adding one to see if the behavior is different. Most of my themes are full length tracks from soundtrack albums. Is there any file size or time limits that you know of that might affect Roku?
  18. ebr

    Emby Premier

    That is an illegal streaming service using our platform against our ToS. They misrepresented their use of our product when they applied for a Premiere license. We have revoked that license. You should not subscribe to Premiere if you are using someone else's server. There is a statement at the top of the page where you purchase Premiere that tries to make this clear. It is: Can you tell us how that statement could be improved so that you would not purchase Premiere if you don't have your own server? Thanks.
  19. I get the following error when I run the ps1 file At N:\emby\updatescan.ps1:3 char:46 + $FOLDERS = @(c2257bbd84a4b4bb4f9f4e16cd641326, f137a2dd21bbc1b99aa5c0 ... + ~ Missing argument in parameter list. + CategoryInfo : ParserError: (:) [], ParseException + FullyQualifiedErrorId : MissingArgument
  20. Sure. ffmpeg-transcode-b56a9367-e5d5-47bd-8ca7-ee91b284fb60_1.txt hardware_detection-63755846870.txt
  21. Could you please post the hardware detection log and the full ffmpeg log?
  22. ebr

    Theme Songs on Roku

    My test TV series with an mp3 theme song is working. Not sure if I have a movie with one...
  23. Luke

    Cant View MP3s On Emby App But Can On Webpage

    Can you please attach the emby server log? we might be able to see what's going on. But in general, yes, I would suggest updating. Our Synology process has moved to a standalone package that you can download now and install in the Synology web interface: https://emby.media/synology-server.html We're also working on getting listed in the official Synology app store.
  24. Emby install was done from the NAS screen. Currently, I don't have access to the machine but where would I find the relevant emby logs on the freeBSD/TrueNAS filesystem?
  25. cayars

    Yet another 'Which TV?' thread

    Just my personal opinion but I'd always go with an external device over integrated as it will be more feature rich, typically a lot faster and give you more control if needed. By this I mean if you decided to add a speaker system or sound bar you can put that between the device and TV. A typical device like mentioned will run $50 so one valid approach could be to look at TVs you like for this guest house use and if the model you like best isn't more than $75ish more than a base model then simple all in one might be a good choice. If you find a dumb model or even a smart TV that has an a
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