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  2. pünktchen

    VirtualTV plugin

    Currently not automatically. You have to predefine a channel with suitable content by either genres or tags and enable it manually when the time is ready.
  3. TallBoiDez

    VirtualTV plugin

    @pünktchen Around Halloween various tv station began playing more scary and Halloween themed movies and shows the same with thanksgiving and Christmas, are able to do that with this plugin?
  4. MEB

    Camera Upload Never finishes

    Attached embyserver (1).txt
  5. pünktchen

    VirtualTV plugin

    New version 0.9.9 in the starting post: Export API: Added option to override the host adress that is used to generate streaming urls Added option to generate Kodi EmbyCon addon paths for streaming urls. This allows you to use either Continous or Playlist Playback mode in Kodi and fixes problems with non stopping streams that occured sometimes. A very big thank you to @TeamB who made this possible! Channels: Added seperate field to exclude seasons or episodes by tags from "Always include these named movies or tv shows" Fixed channel rule evaluation f
  6. I am trying to cast from my galaxy s21 to a chromecast then be able to control it with the watch. This works perfectly fine with youtube. With emby though it sometimes allows me to pause it but can never unpause it or change the volume. Does this work for anyone else? Edit: also just tested with plex and it works.
  7. CarlosLima

    About homepage bulletin board - EmbyServer

    What a wonderful post, great job. I will try them all for sure. Immensely grateful for all your help. Thank you very much.
  8. mike3821

    Trailers not working properly anymore

    I have the same issue on my shield.
  9. jang430

    Which GPU for 4K HDR transcoding to 1080p

    @pwhodges What brand of 1050 Ti has passive cooling? I'm interested. Thank you for the confirmation as well.
  10. AthelriC

    No puedo abrir emby server en mi NAS

    It's dead again
  11. Today
  12. PM Sent - Thanks!
  13. cncb

    Sort episodes by date?

    I am recording all the Tokyo Olympics and since there are no season/episode numbers it seems to sort episodes alphabetically by description. So, is hard to watch these recordings chronologically. Is there any way to sort/display by date?
  14. Could you carve out this one channel for me and PM just the 2 lines for this channel from the m3u file? You can change any username/password info as I don't need to play the channel, but just want to load it and try something for you with another guide source.
  15. Channel 7 (70), Brisbane, Australia
  16. Yesterday
  17. What country is this news channel from?
  18. FrostByte

    Trailers not working properly anymore

    Yes, I can back out of the trailer playback "usually". I sent you 3 logs and the first time I tried backing out and the app didn't seem responsive, but eventually it backed all the way out and exited. The second two logs I backed out no issues. Sent you 3 logs starting at 1950 EDT. User Rick.
  19. ICETV with Xteve consolidating the xmltv and m3u8 streams, to emby. I can discuss it with the guys at ICETV, or look at an alternative xmltv source for that channel if all other options are exhausted.
  20. I thoroughly detest any unasked for interruption of my browsing or viewing even if it is information only. Maybe there could be a little and I do mean LITTLE indicator on the home screen that messages are available and even that should be able to be permanently hidden. While I do understand the desire people have for more information about changes and updates but, unless it makes old habits unusable, there NEVER should be anything that interrupts my use of Emby or hides anything on the screen. If people want to see such crud they should be able to do so but those that do not want to
  21. What is you source for guide data for this channel?
  22. @ebr I have this same issue on Shield TV, Mi-Box S and Firestick 4K. Can produce logs on any of those if needed.
  23. Thanks @cayars, is there a work around for this from the emby side? I would have thought the "all episodes" being selected would have forced the recording?
  24. arrbee99

    (Failing to) crop a file

    Yep, they're just for Emby and I'll see how they go. They've just passed the vlc test so far...
  25. cayars

    (Failing to) crop a file

    From decades of playing with video, my personal advise is don't change the video from standard resolutions as some clients won't like this and do weird things you don't expect unless you know exactly how to author the video and set aspect ratios, etc With that said, if these videos will only be used in Emby then test watching them in every client you have access to before committing to crop all your videos. Just a case of better safe than sorry.
  26. This comes up from time to time. Without a unique title or subtitle or season/episode info Emby won't record multiple episodes that appear to be the same and already in the recording folder. It thinks it's a duplicate and won't record it until the first one is deleted. The option you mention is for comparing to your libraries which is usually the TV Library (since it mostly applies to series).
  27. arrbee99

    (Failing to) crop a file

    True. Maybe I could try using that crf thing, or maybe its not worth the effort. Doing a bit of, erm, home recording and I haven't found a way, yet, to record exactly the bit of the window I want, so I need to remove some borders.
  28. cayars

    (Failing to) crop a file

    Quite a bit of a difference. The new files is using less than half the bitrate of the original. BTW, why do you want to crop the videos?
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