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  2. dcol

    Using XTeVe with Emby

    try to enter this URL in a browser running on same computer as Emby. It should upload the m3u. If not, check your firewall
  3. UCM_1

    Recording fails

    Another regress to the snapshot from a couple months ago, and all is fine again. Emby is at the newest release of, and all backed up settings are restored. Here is the list that the Centos8 system wants to update. Is there anything there that you would consider more likely then another to potentially be the cause of the issue? annobin 9.23-1.el8 authselect, authselect-libs 1.2.1-2.el8 bash 4.4.19-12.el8 bind-export-libs 32:9.11.20-5.el8 binutils 2.30-79.el8 boost-atomic, boo
  4. Dibbes

    MySQL Support

    Yes, Eric, I do... Adding a few hundred thousand music tracks to Emby slows the whole server down to a point it becomes a real pain and it's getting worse with newer server versions. I've been through the whole "get rid of plugins", is Emby on separate storage, where is the cache folder, new installs, etc. with you guys a few times already, but somehow it always dies off... This is happening on various flavours of Emby (NAS, Windows, Linux and on various pieces of hardware) and only when adding a large amount of music tracks this really becomes an issue... Would this happen with another "fla
  5. Luke

    cannot use "identify" on some series

    I don't know what you're trying to say, sorry. But cayars is right, it's just labeled differently due to how the French translator translated it.
  6. Luke

    Closed Captions not centered

    It's possible they're just ignoring the embedded positioning info within the closed captions.
  7. mastrmind11

    Shall we play a game?

    nah no googling that dude, hes in like every movie. i probably have 50 of them.
  8. diysub

    Closed Captions not centered

    The top picture is Envy, bottom is another app I am trying. Hopefully you understand. Thanks.
  9. GrimReaper76

    cannot use "identify" on some series

    ... maybe because it's self-explanatory? Or noone ever accounted for a possibility that someone might actually succeed in NOT connecting TV shows with TV type library?
  10. ebr

    Unable to Login with Roku Devices

    Sorry you have had issues in the past. Unfortunately, this can be a bit of a double-edged sword as, the longer you wait to upgrade, the more likely it is for problems to occur. Please let us know if you run into issues on this upgrade.
  11. heula

    Several recordings issues

    The guide data is coming from Webgrab+plus TVGids.xml
  12. softworkz

    Emby server detecting Intel GPU as VAAPi not as Quicksync

    It's not far away. I have it working locally. It's only a matter of packaging.
  13. Luke

    4K movie playback bug

    Hi, is this only happening with this specific video?
  14. Luke

    Recording fails

    Yea that is strange.
  15. Thanks for your answer, but there is no PGS, vobsub, or ass subtitles for this movie. ffmpeg-transcode-f68a4d8f-4e04-44ed-b4f4-efc19bf379ae_1.txt mediainfo.txt
  16. UCM_1

    Recording fails

    As soon as I update all packages on CentOS8 to the latest versions, the problem starts again. Strange....
  17. I did try that and it works but once the tasks run it gets marked as watched again somehow.
  18. UCM_1

    Recording fails

    If write access is being denied by the file server (a separate machine), how could Emby be able to create file folders, the poster.jpg file (including writing to it), as well as the empty .nfo files? It's only writing to the .nfo files and writing the .ts that seems to be blocked. The Emby server is a virtual machine, so I've restored to an earlier snapshot (two months old), and now recordings work again. I'm still in the process of updating the virtual machine again, so it's still to early to tell if the problem will start again. But the fact that it is working now, aft
  19. Ratatouille

    Emby server detecting Intel GPU as VAAPi not as Quicksync

    When do you think Quicksync for linux will be implemented?
  20. But i think you're not getting what I'm saying. if you accidentally mark it watched in emby, then just mark it unwatched before you run the scheduled task to sync to trakt.
  21. diysub

    Closed Captions not centered

    Can I post a picture, showing what the Emby cc looks like versus your competition? Thanks.
  22. I removed both just to be on the safe side.
  23. ebr

    Closed Captions not centered

    Hi. I believe we are showing them "correctly". I.e. the same way a normal TV would.
  24. Luke

    cannot use "identify" on some series

    Ok I think that's just how the French translators did it.
  25. softworkz

    Green Screen

    @darrenkdean - Thanks for the kind words. The green screen with QuickSync MPEG2 hw decoder was a known problem with older drivers but actually it's fixed a while ago. I'm not sure why it would have resurrected. A quick fix for this though, will be to change to the MPEG2 DX11VA Intel decoder (leaving anything else unchanged, just change the MPEG2 decoder). Let me know how it goes!
  26. Please post the ffmpeg log and we can probably answer those questions. My guess is that you probably had subtitles selected that required the transcode (burn in).
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