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  2. are you referring to the settings in the shield or on the server. I don't see a user log on shield and on the emby server I has users but no log setting there. I do see enable logs sections separate from the users, which I've enable and tried to play the same file at 4:58PM EST

    Migrate from QNAP to WIndows server

    Hi Carlo Thanks for the info. I followed the guide and I had to port forward on my router and add a setting in my Norton antivirus. Its working on my phone using mobile data. I never had to do this whilst it was running on the qnap. So far I think it is working now. Ill keep testing and get my brother to try and remote. Is it possible to cyberghost vpn and emby at the same time for remote connections? Thanks in advance
  4. RokuGuys

    Slow loading on a large file - Roku Emby server

    No the bit rate. It showed as 4mbs when I started the clip, then it gradually started increasing and finally reached 80mbs at some point of the clip. if Roku supports only up to 40Mb/s, how does the bitrate show as 80Mbs? It has to be 100Mbs I think.
  5. tsanchez88

    SSL issue in Chrome/FireFox after upgrade to latest

    I'm getting the same Error as well, running Windows 8.1 Pro. I'm planning on upgrading in the next few months, but really the OS shouldn't be considered dead for another couple years.
  6. rbjtech

    Auto Quality

    CRF 23 on Medium Preset will try and balance speed of conversions - by saving bit's (ie compressing) while keeping the quality constant (that's the CRF part). If you don't particularly care about upload bandwidth (which I presume you don't with a 250 Mbit upload !) then SPEED UP the Preset (use fast/very fast/super fast etc) and effectively ask ffmpeg to ignore trying to save bits, and just keep the quality - or even raise it if you like (by LOWERING the CRF value to 22 or 21. ) You will then find it will try and grab as much upload bandwidth as it can - with superfast, it will likely grab everything you can give it on a high bitrate original. The added bonus is it will reduce your CPU load considerably, as it is not having to compress the data.
  7. FrostByte

    Playback Stuttering

    The dashboard says it's direct playing, but the remux log would indicate otherwise I don't think your two logs match up. Remux and server log are from different versions of server @DannyBoy135iyour screenshot looks like from stats for nerds on the TV. Can you post a pic of the mediainfo from the server please? It's at the very bottom of the movie page. It should look like this
  8. Holtz

    Conversão de novos arquivos

    Pessoal, boa tarde. Sou novo no Emby mas tenho um pouco de experiência em outras plataformas. Minha dúvida é em relação a conversão de midia de novos arquivos na biblioteca. O cenário é o seguinte: Quero que todos os episódios novos de uma determinada série / anime seja convertido e substituído pelo original assim que ele bater na pasta. O problema que tenho é: 1) Se a pasta já tiver todo o conteúdo já no formato que escolhi (mp4 / aac / 8Mbps) ele vai dar falha direto. Dúvida: Mesmo marcando como falha, se um novo episódio entrar sem ser no padrão que escolhi ele vai ser convertido?
  9. mikeraburn

    How do I dinstall the new update?

    Thank you very much
  10. FrostByte

    How do I dinstall the new update?

    DS216play is armv7
  11. MAX92

    TUTO : installation sur Synology + Kodi + Tuner TNT

    I install Emby Server 4.5 On Internet Explorer Only image, no sound On EDGE Chrome, no image but sound
  12. MAX92

    ability to adjust playback speed

    Works, very nice Thanks
  13. krazzey

    VirtualTV plugin

    This plugin is great! I am having an issue with an episode ending and not starting the next episode. Either it will hang or spin busy or drop to the guide. I can select the next episode and it will then play. This happens on Android TV and my browsers. I am sure it's something I have setup wrong or am missing. I've only installed the latest version of the plugin. last night I cleared cache removed virtualtv.dll and deleted xml file it created but after fresh install same issue. ffmpeg-VirtualTV23_20200922160723.txt embyserver.txt embyserver-63736387563.txt hardware_detection-63736387592.txt
  14. mikeraburn

    How do I dinstall the new update?

    Thank you for UPDATING that page, when you do!
  15. Glenn won't install on N5550

    I deleted the package already... but will reinstall it. One thing though, any idea where on the NAS the logs are placed? I guess I need to ssh into the linux that is running on it.
  16. Luke won't install on N5550

    Hi there, was any emby server log generated? Can you please attach that? Thanks.
  17. Incarniac

    Automatic version grouping for movies

    Yep, just updated and it works just fine and grouped movies like it has before.
  18. Glenn won't install on N5550

    Just for reference on my thecus N5550, Emby version release; did install ( after 2 tries ) but Emby website itself does not come active. Reverting back to an older version...
  19. WalkingHat

    Emby Server 4.5 Released

    Thanks for your hard work!
  20. Hi. You need to recreate the issue and then choose the "Send Log" option from the user menu.
  21. Pain

    How do I dinstall the new update?

    Thank you... Shes updated and running fine..
  22. I didn't get a message. I simply enable the debug log in the settings and yes the audio is set to auto, thx much
  23. Today
  24. Luke

    How do I dinstall the new update?

    So you can use the x64 package. I'm going to update the download page to make it easier to determine which package to use depending on your model.
  25. Shidapu

    Auto Quality

    Can't provide logs right now, but will tomorrow if it helps. I've seen speeds of that calibre, but mostly they are above that, at around 6-8Mbit. In settings -> Network , I've set unlimited. In Settings -> Transcoding , I've set H264 to medium CRF 23 And in every user profile, I've set max 2 streams per user, and capped at 20Mbit per user. So far it has worked ok, though I have to tell all users with IPTV to activate Direct Streaming of IPTV in their settings, and also increase quality to max to solve Buffering issues. If IPTV is Transcoding the buffering is a pain.
  26. speechles

    Slow loading on a large file - Roku Emby server

    Depending on chipset(RokuTV vs RokuSTB vs RokuStick) it can affect speed. Stick is usually worst. Roku TV second to worst. Roku STB is your best bet for fastest WiFi especially Roku Ultra. You might get faster speed on WiFi than Ethernet. WiFi has a faster protocol but might suffer packet loss. That packet loss might be worse than the Ethernet but you might get better speed on WiFi. Especially with 5Ghz you can get faster. But theoretically you can get faster. With interference and the way the real world works the wire might be better than wireless or it might not be. You might want to try wireless on your Roku too just to see on 5Ghz what the bottleneck point is.
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