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Found 24 results

  1. About two weeks ago Emby Theater for Windows stopped being able to skip around in the movie. Any attempt to use the skip buttons or to drag the movie to a different location causes the movie to start back from the beginning. Another oddity is that if I had dragged the ribbon to the middle of the movie for example, the movie would then re-start with the progress ribbon still in the middle where I dragged it but when the ribbon reached the 'end' of what it determined the movie was the movie stops playback at that time instead of playing through to the end.EmbyLogs.txt Logs attached.
  2. Hi, I have my Emby server on Shield TV, and everything works fine unless I want to transcode files bigger than ~2GB. The transcoding process causes the Shield to run out of memory (RAM) and it restarts the Emby Server. No error is displayed on logs since the restart is caused by the lack of memory (I checked that trough adb access to my Shield). This problem occurs during conversion (sync) or transcoding during playback. I have already tried the following Emby versions: You can check the transcoding log in attachment. Tips for developers
  3. Hi could anyone assist in figuring out why my emby server keeps stopping. i have it running on windows 10 64bit i frequently have to restart it emby icon disappearing on system tray. once restarted all is well till the next time>just wondering which logs to look at to try find the issue regards
  4. schogobong

    Emby not available after QNAP restart

    Hi everybody, I am pretty happy with my QNAP-Emby-Kodi combination and after some initial I got most of it to work just fine. There is just one issue that I still was not able to find a solution to. I have regular restarts scheduled in my QNAP power schedule - every Sunday morning at 2a.m. It seems that everytime after my QNAP restarts, I am not able to reach my Emby server and I have to manually stop and start emby in my QNAP App Center. This is not the biggest issue out there but it sure is annoying to do that every week. It seems that similar issues also show up with Plex (e.g.
  5. mfemby

    Cannot connect to server

    Hi, Usually every three days I cannot connect to my server unless i restart it, then it works fine again for about three days. Thank you log.txt
  6. I see the option for shutdown in the server dashboard...
  7. Hey, During a library scan, Emby decided to freeze up. My steps were to restart the server, which I probably shouldn't have, and then that froze up. I closed out of all the windows and it won't boot up my dashboard. Any tips? Thanks. - Arly
  8. Hi folks, I'll attach here a batch of recent log files, zipped up in addition to the log snippets I've pasted in. These are from my HTPC that runs the Emby server plus Emby for WMC. On several occasions over the past few months I've seen the following series of events: 1. My HTPC restarts for some reason (Windows updates, whatever, nothing pathological). 2. Upon restarting, Emby auto-starts as it should (it is set to run when the windows starts) 3. Emby detects an update to the server is available, and apparently downloads and installs it. I'm usually not paying attention at this
  9. It started acting up between 5-6 pm local time, restarted shortly after 7 pm. She was trying to watch Jeopardy on KMEG 14.1 but it wouldn't give her a stream on one of the SHIELDs. unresponsive.zip
  10. QDivision

    Emby Server Fails to Restart

    Hi, When pressing restart server Emby fails with an unhandled exception. See attached logs. Running latest Emby server ( on Windows 10
  11. Restarted Emby service because of issues described in these threads: https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/46733-active-recordings-outside-of-record-window/ https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/46663-live-tv-broke-less-than-24-hours-after-update/ Picture of error included in ZIP. Replicate: 1. run Emby as services. 2. Open Windows Services window, find emby server, click on "restart" 3. Progress bar goes half way then stops, error pops up after timeout If these logs are insufficient, more logs are available on the above links. The logs only catch
  12. EVERY time I startup KODI and try to play a movie, it tells me that one or more of the items failed to play, see log. I dont know what I am looking at in the log. I always have to go to my computer, and manually restart the server. There are even times that I have to complete shutdown the server and restart it. Sunday it happened twice, and I never even closed KODI. I just had it in idle for about an hour. I have attached both logs from that day. Thank you for you help. Log 19MAR171624.txt Log 19MAR172014.txt
  13. Billythefishuk74

    QNAP TS-251+ Emby stops constantly

    Hi all. I'm very new to emby. Been running plex for a long time but on first impressions Emby looks amazing. My problem is that it constantly stops responding. It has run a full scan on movies and TV shows and generated the front end but if I attempt to identify anything that is showing the wrong movie or show it just crashes and I have to kill the app and restart it. It's unusable in its current state. It's a little random too in that sometimes I can edit a couple of items before it crashes. I can't be sure but I think it's crashed a couple of times without me doing anything. I can barel
  14. Some observations that should be fixed. I have Emby Server installed as a Windows Service: -When updating Emby Server, setup automatically starts the Emby Server application (try icon) instead of the Windows service. If it is installed as a service, it should trigger the service to start instead. -In the Emby Server web UI, I only see a "Shutdown" button and no "Restart" button. A restart button to call on the service to restart would be very nice so all admins can restart Emby Server if there is problems. Presently, only I (server administrator) can get into the Windows services pan
  15. Hi, The only way I have found to restart the Server on OSX is to log in on the server and Quit it from the OSX/Mac top menu. It would be really handy if there could be a restart button next to the shutdown button on the Server tab of the Dashboard, right next to the Shutdown button. As an added bonus, once implemented, the Restart function could be linked from the post-Plugin-installation text reminding the operator to restart the server. Would make for even smoother operations. -Florux
  16. Windows Server 2012r2 Datacenter Emby Server version 3.0.5785.0 Run server at startup is selected in Advanced Basically, when Emby is told to restart either via the web interface (Chrome) or right click on the systray icon and select restart, it fails to restart 99.9% of the time. It must be manually restarted. Rarely, best guestimate/swag, Emby will restart after an automatic update to Emby 10% of the time, if that. Daily, swag again, Emby will execute start a new log file 99% of the time successfully. To try to lend some feedback, I removed all of my plugins, scanned my library,
  17. Hi Long time Media Browser user who has just started using Emby. I have the Emby server running on my Windows Server 2012 Essentials machine - everything is working brilliantly except for the fact that everytime I try and do a manual restart of Emby server from the dashboard the server does shut down but it stays shut down and I have to manually remote back into the server and start it manually. Automatic restarts appear to work (I have notifications of the server module updating and restarting itself when not being used) but every time I click the restart server button it fails.
  18. mgd0705

    Server Restart

    Hi hope someone can help. After I restart server, All shows don't show up untill I do a library update. After update they show up fine but If I do a restart I have to do a library update again. server-63580442614.txt server-63580443516.txt
  19. Hi I have got the docker "image" and installed at my synology (DSM 5.2) and after the setup it are running. If I then turn off the container in docker, and then start it agian, then Emby start with the wizard agian??? ANy sugestion what I do wrong? /Jesper
  20. Hi, I started experiencing this new problem (starting from last weekend?). When I restart my computer, MBT starts full-screen but does not load anything, it is just black background, see attached jpg. If I delete cache and config, it starts correctly afterwards. But the problem occurs every time I restart the computer. Server is on the same computer, Every other client works without problem except this MBT. I am attaching log file too (a little bit annomized, x.x.x.x for IPs and stuff) Any ideas? Cheers (PS. tried reinstalling already) theater-63563489671
  21. Hello, I apologize for my lack of details, but I cannot even get MediabBrowser to start to provide me with the information on version I am running. I have had MB3 for years, and rarely have trouble. Tonight I was watching something and got a message that new upgrade was available and if I wanted to apply. I did, and continued watching. When I rebooted the machine (for other reasons), MB3 will not start. I cannot figure this one out. I tried rebooting and restarting to no avail. When I say cannot start, if I try to go into MB3, it says MB3 is not running. When I go to view t
  22. Current Server Ver: 3.0.5424.1 After installing the latest MBPlus server plugin and restarting MBS - I am presented with: At which point MBS stops. Unable to be restarted. Strangely I see in the logs it's complaining about metadata missing from TV Series, metadata that was previously fully populated. On the filesystem, it appears to have been overwritten with 0kb xml files. With an odd date to match. This is across multiple shows so it can't be accurate. MBS was working perfectly fine until just before the restart, all metadata has been in place for months.
  23. Just noticed after trying out MB3 Server as a service for a few days, there is nowhere to restart from in the webclient (like for an upgrade). I'm not sure if it's just not possible to do that when it's a service, but if it is, it would be really handy.
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