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Found 9 results

  1. kmed27

    Runtime Display

    Hi On the Movie display page, is there any way to show the runtime of each movie? There are tick options for Display "Title" and "Year" but I would really like to see the runtime (more than the year infact). When we watch a movie, I have to go into each one to see how long it is to make sure there is enough time to finish watching it - but - doing this this takes up quite a bit of time! and requires a shorter movie I have tried looking through the css forum but couldn't see anything related to it. Thanks
  2. EduardoSantos

    Music artist runtime

    Is there any means as to Emby update the <runtime> on the music artist's metadata. Some have no runtime defined. Others have runtime defined but adding a new music album seems to add no time to the runtime. Thanks
  3. Currently, the playlist will report the total runtime of all of its items in just total minutes. Could we have an option to show days - hours - minutes as well (or instead?). Here is a Bash function that I use that calculates total minutes into the above format. The same math could be used in Emby: function show_time () { num=$1/1000 min=0 hour=0 day=0 if((num>59));then ((sec=num%60)) ((num=num/60)) if((num>59));then ((min=num%60)) ((num=num/60)) if((num>23));then ((hour=num%24)) ((day=num/24)) else ((hour=num)) fi else ((min=num)) fi else ((sec=num)) fi echo "$day"d "$hour"h "$min"m "$sec"s }
  4. nekoLite

    compile ffmpeg with smb support?

    Hi! I have an issue with Emby in that it doesn't keep track of how long I've been watching a movie/episode. Even if I watch it for only 1 second it will immediately mark it as watched. Looking through these forums I've understood that it is due to Emby not being able to determine the runtime of my files because ffprobe fails. The reason being that I have all my shares mapped over SMB. The solution I've seen mentioned is to compile FFmpeg with SMB support. Something I've not been able to do. I'm running Linux Mint, and been trying to compile using this guide: https://trac.ffmpeg.org/wiki/CompilationGuide/Ubuntu only with adding --enable-libsmbclient to the configure part. 'm out of my depth and was hoping someone here has managed to do this themselves?
  5. AllesMeins

    Runtime missing (possibly) on all files?

    I've noticed that resume points are not working when using kodi+emby. Instead a movie is instantly set to "watched" after i started it. I've searched a little bit and one possible explanation is a missing runtime - but I'm not 100% sure if that is the case (there are some other clues pointing to that: e.g sorting by runtime in emby does not work either), because I could not find a single place where emby displays the runtime. So my first question before investigating further is: Where is the runtime displayed in emby? How can I confirm that the runtime is missing (or not)?
  6. kanipek

    Bug/Error - .Net Runtime

    I have had two of these windows errors over the last 2 days. Emby Shuts down but does restart. I have not had Emby Server throw out windows errors before. So I thought I should report it. This is v3.2.12. Attaching logs. Times the errors occurred were 4/10 around 801AM and 4/10 around 1132PM. Thanks for reading and any help! server-63627408088.txt server-63627379200.txt server-63627336651.txt
  7. I have just finished setting up my Emby server for the first time, and I'm loving it! But I'm facing an issue: all my videos are showing a very very long duration (length). The files are all in individual folders, with no metadata file in it. Emby accessed all the content and downloaded artworks fine. As I've read, video length is extracted (and is ignored from <runtime> inside a .nfo file). The major issue is that during playback I can't skip the video, since the bar is way too long. Most of videos are .mkv, but the issue is present in other filetypes too. What I've tried (and had no success): - Refreshing library; - Refreshing individual metadata in the Metadata Manager; - Completely reinstalling Emby Server; - Forcing a <runtime> tag in the video NFO file; - Installing stable, beta and dev releases. Anyone had the same problem or have any idea how can I solve this?
  8. crazyman3921

    windows 10 runtime broker

    so i know alot of people say this is fixed but its not, i tries alot of what people claim fixs the problem but it does nothing at all. is there a actully fix for this or is windows not going to fix this at all. having 12gb of ram and playing a game just to have it lock and freeze the game is just stupid.
  9. travla

    Media Info not updating

    Hi there, I'm currently running MB3 Server version 635601306347583050. Since the most recent update, my media info is not updating on new content. I can live without the mediainfo icons, but the missing runtime is rather annoying (although I do have run time info in my xml file that Metabrowser populates, MB3 does not copy this field in to the NFO file it creates). I've tried deleting folders, advanced refresh, refresh, moving the item in to different folders, but always no media info (other than container and path). I have checked my logs, and I am getting a "User does not have admin access." on library update, so I'm hoping that this will provide a clue to the problem? I've tried searching the forum for this error, but could not find another topic with the same details. I've attached the log to this post. Any help would be greatly appreciated. travla logfile.txt
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