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  1. Can we add a sort-order for TV Series such that those series which have recently aired a new episode are at the top? Sorting by 'Release Date' is good for finding completely new series, seeing which have been released this year, say. But it'd be nice to see the series listed with new episodes, even when the series started many years ago. That way you can see what you need to catch up with, even if you didn't know there was a newly aired episode, etc. This could honour the 'Display Missing Episodes' option, such that the season would appear at the top even if the episode hadn't b
  2. SO this is something I really miss from Kodi. In kodi, it's possible to go into a tv show, and select "All seasons" all the way at the beginning of the season listings. This would then bring up a playlist comprised of every episode in every season in order. What I would then use this for, is to "sort by IMDB rating" or "sort by TheTVDB rating" and then scroll through the highest rated episodes of the entire series. A super super useful feature that I used every day. And one I miss dearly in Emby. Of course I could just use Kodi and do DLNA from Emby, but it's just not as aestheticall
  3. I'm having a strange. I have a copy of a Dick Tracy tv show from the 30s. Its a 15 episode series and it shows that it has 15 episodes on the main icon for it but when I go into the show folder in Emby it only shows as having 12 episodes. It's the same for mobile and PC web. Originally the naming of each episode was labeled as chapter 1, 2 etc. I changed that to s01e1, etc to see if if this was a fix. It was not. Any suggestions or advice?
  4. gillmacca01

    Episode contain sample in title

    I have come across this issue, which I have resolved with a workaround. TV Show 'Arrow' special episode 0x5 is called 'Blood Rush: The Sample'. Emby will not add this episode, because it contains the word 'sample' in the title. Workaround is to just call the episode in the file, 'Blood Rush'. This is the first time I have come across this issue, so don't know how often it occurs
  5. English: Hello, I tell you about the problem I have. I'm trying to update metadata for the One Piece series (season 21) and I have the following settings in the series library: And what is happening is that tvdb has only the titles and not the synopsis, and most of the episodes on tvdb are blocked from being edited. In theory as tvdb does not have the synopsis, it should be taken from tmdb, but it is not. And I see that in the cache of tmdb-tv it creates a file "season-21-en.json", which has the data of the episodes, but emby apparently does not use them. I clarify that I am lo
  6. I'm having trouble getting Dukes of Hazzard s01e12 added to emby. All the rest of the episodes display fine, just this one episode won't Here is what I see in Emby & the folder structure: Link for nfo file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/67ee7eyiztaf59c/The%20Dukes%20of%20Hazzard%20-%201x12%20-%20Route%207-11.nfo?dl=0
  7. i have been having trouble with anime series in particular like Naruto, dragon ball z and now black clover. upon reaching the 100th episode, emby no longer detected the episode, it appeared as some random serial number. so i changed the folder structure as it appears in IMDB, season 1 with 51 episodes, season 2 with 51 episodes, and season 3 empty since no episodes have aired for that folder yet. In emby i created a folder called ANIME SERIES with a tv category, then the folder structure for this series was ANIME SERIES_
  8. bobbee001

    View episodes plus

    I just installed emby and set it up with roku. Everything is great except the following. I am sure there is a parameter I need, any asistance would be appreciated, I would like to be able to select episodes. For example I have 9 seasons of a show. I want to be able to select a season and then scroll thru the episodes in that season to find one that we want to watch.
  9. When searching for a TV series, I think it would make it much easier to schedule a recording if only the NEXT showing of a series was shown, instead of ALL the episodes, or at least have them in date/time order.
  10. Hello, since 4.0 I am missing the ability to filter for missing episodes in the TV-Episodes-Search... Has this been removed? If so, I would like to request, re-adding the feature. Using the Reports plugin for finding missing episodes is possible but the sorting for dates is totally useless (sorting by D M Y, and in that order). greetings ben
  11. Hello, I’ve been using Emby Server for a few years now and absolutely love it. Thank you Emby developers! Admittedly, I can barely manage to stumble through the setup and configurations. I need some additional assistance in displaying the season and episode numbers correctly for our TV shows that have been recorded OTA. Currently, every single episode I’ve recorded “this year” is displayed with season 20 and episode 18. Yes, that’s right, every OTA recording....errrr! After reading through a few forum threads, I took a quick look at our wtv file naming convention. Here is an example (L
  12. Sorry if this is a repost, but I haven't been able to find an answer anywhere.... All I need is a simple explanation of how to refresh my entire database in one go (if possible), and whether this can be achieved by a simple restart, an option in the menu, or by deleting a cache folder? Clean install? Or other method? Obviously I'm new to all this... My problem arises from originally having MB set up wrong, and now that it's configured the right way, I'm still left with some oddly incorrect metadata and am trying to find a way to simply refresh (rewrite) it all. For example, all of my "sort
  13. joshuaavalon

    Episode has empty path?

    I am trying to develop a plugin. I encounter an NullReferenceException in my code. System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object at Emby.Server.Implementations.IO.SharpCifsFileSystem.IsEnabledForPath (System.String path) [0x0000a] in <3b153e3701214cb7bba0ce34ae8828eb>:0 at Emby.Server.Implementations.IO.ManagedFileSystem.GetDirectoryName (System.String path) [0x00000] in <3b153e3701214cb7bba0ce34ae8828eb>:0 at MediaBrowser.Controller.Entities.BaseItem.get_ContainingFolderPath () [0x0001a] in <d575e0bae0a34f14bdbdffbac62641bc>:0
  14. Ok, this a weird one. I was doing some house cleaning on my server and went to the report tab to see in I was missing any episodes. (I do this once a month to see if maybe I missed a recording some how, it's happened) I noticed that I had a more than a few. Like 10-20. I was like huh? So I stat looking into them to see what they are and when they aired and all but 1 were for episodes that haven't even aired yet. How can they be missing if they haven't aired. My first thought was I had ticked the box that inculcated missing episode be displayed some how. It wasn't. It's not a huge deal but can
  15. Hallo ich bin gerade dabei an einem Skin zu arbeiten und bin gerade etwas am rätseln was das Limit in der "loadLatest" Funktion der Episoden für ein Fehler hat. Hier einmal die Funktion im Original: function loadLatest(element, parentId) { var options = { IncludeItemTypes: "Episode", Limit: 12, Fields: "PrimaryImageAspectRatio", ParentId: parentId, ImageTypeLimit: 1, EnableImageTypes: "Primary,Backdrop,Thumb" }; return Emby.Models.latestItems(options).then(function (result) { var section = element.querySelector('.latestSection'); cardBuilder.buildCards(result, { par
  16. i have just uploaded a series to my Emby server that has a split episode i.e. part A and B. The normal naming I've used is Series Name S02E01 etc. I have tried keeping the numbers sequential, however clearly in the data it is something else. I have then gone for Series Name S02E01A and Series Name S02E0B. This time I got both writeups for episode A with a (1) added to it suggesting it knows about (2) and that I have been giving it the wrong format. So my numpty question is how to I name the episodes to get the info correct?
  17. cloudstriker83

    TV Episode Naming Incorrect

    Hi, I used iTunes before Emby and so have a TV episode structure in the form of /TV Show Name/Season 1/01 Episode Name.m4v according to https://github.com/MediaBrowser/Wiki/wiki/TV-naming#episode-naming-conventions it should be okay, to have episodes named just with episode number and episode name. But it's not working that way. I have the file “The Expanse/Season 2/06 Paradigm Shift.m4v” which results in Emby as an episode named “06 Paradigm Shift” with season number 2 and episode number field blank. So Emby doesn't recognize the “06” as episode number but part of the title. Wh
  18. I am having an issue with 1 episode not displaying the episode number correctly. The video & nfo file are named 'chips - 4x11 - 11-99: Officer Needs Help'. In the nfo file the title is '11-99: Officer Needs Help'. In metadata manager the title is '11-99: Officer Needs Help', but the webclient keeps displaying it as 'E11-99 - 11-99: Officer Needs Help'. I have tried removing the file and adding via the auto-organize folder, re-scanned the library, and even cleaned the database, with no success Can you help
  19. I've seen a few other posts that resemble this issue, and rather than hijack those threads I figured I should post my own. A few weeks ago I noticed that one of my TV shows was listing every episode in every season twice. After a bit of poking around, it looks like about 50% of my TV shows are doing this, the others still show up fine. My TV library only pulls from one location. Looking at the details of the episodes that are duplicated, it shows that the path is exactly the same, other than the server name being capitalized in one and not the other. Also the "added date" is different. I t
  20. Hey all. So I've been having this issue for quite a while now and it's happening over multiple apps. The server doesn't remember watched episodes. This happens on the web, Roku and Emby for Kodi. I've researched this and tried multiple fixes I've found in the forums to no avail. Their are 2 users accessing the account. The NFO is set to my name in the metadata settings and the NFO is checked under the services tab for Series, Seasons and Episodes. I will go through and mark episodes as watched (I've done this on every platform to see if one would work and none did), then after watchin
  21. ItsTheDutchGuy

    Bug: Incorrect episode plays in web client

    I'm using Google Chrome (auto-updated) on Windows 7 Ultimate (auto-updated) to use the Emby Web Client on my HTPC setup. If I open the TV Shows main screen, and click on a series "play" button, it will play the latest unwatched episode, as expected. On other screens, however (like the Emby Home screen, under "Latest Media", but also on the "Latest" screen under TV Shows), clicking the play button will always start Season 1, Episode 1, instead of the first unwatched episode. Kind of defeats the whole purpose of the "Latest" moniker. Note: behavior is the same in different brows
  22. Hi I've just conformed my entire library of specials for Top Gear and Doctor Who, and doing so entailed giving them special-episode-numbers, like S00E84, and putting them in a folder named "Season 0". Now, though, my specials-folders contains a lot of specials, and they all have their bogus episode number (e.g. S0 E84) prepended to their title, which makes it really irritating to look through in the clients. That number doesn't really tell me anything, just the order, and they're already shown in the right order. They're especially irritating, because I've had to change episode numbers
  23. Server Version 3.0.5588.1 I have selected the Display Setting to "Display missing episodes within seasons" I added an episode that was previously flagged as missing. Now both the missing episode and the added episode are shown. I waited for a day and a half in case a scheduled task (e.g., library scan) needed to update. However, the missing episode flag remains. I also "Refreshed" the season a couple of times. Still no joy. Thanks
  24. I couldn't find the thread about this, but I don't seem to just go to the next episode when playing a TV show. I did a thread that it was the Chocolate theme that prevented this, but I just tried it within the Xenon theme and I'm having the same problem. IIRC, I was able to continue to the next episode in some other theme which I don't think is available anymore. Is there anyway to just go to the next episode automatically, the way Netflix and Hulu do? This is only in WMC; oddly enough if using saying Playlists in the web browser, they immediately just go to the next one. *On a psuedo
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