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  1. I want to suggest you guys, please add LibVLC player as an alternative internal player to ExoPlayer. It's just a matter of adding a configuration option in the client for Android TV, in which I can choose between the different options ExoPlayer, or LibVLC, or an external player. An Emby competitor's Android TV client already has the configuration options ExoPlayer, or LibVLC, or automatic, or an external player. It is that if Emby's competitor already has two internal players, the official Emby clients would also have to have the internal LibVLC. Since the problem of playing MKV files, which contain Dolby Vision and HDR10, is unique to the Emby's ExoPlayer player, but if I had the option to choose LibVLC, right now I could play absolutely all my files that have DV and HDR10 with LibVLC, if you were as an internal player in the Emby client for Android TV. Although VLC a few years ago has problems with small jerks or jumps in the image when playing SRT text subtitle lines, I only use forced subtitles with a few lines of text in movies or TV series episodes. I leave you an attached image with the configuration options that should be added to the client for Android TV: Thanks. Greeting.
  2. Is it possible to display logo all the time while playing?
  3. We have a couple of Samsung TVs in the house, which are not very "smart" out of the box. To solve that problem we have installed nVidia Shield devices for each of these TVs. This solved the problems with the built in functionality. Streaming apps are working perfectly now ... with the exception of Emby. The problem is that the Emby client for Android TV cannot manage a server that is in the Sleep State. I'm respectfully requesting for a feature that can manage the sleep/wake state of the Emby Server (in my case the host is Windows 10). This can be done by: - Sending a WOL magic packet to the server when a client requests a video to be streamed (and the server is in the sleep state). - Keeping the server awake during streaming. Really love the Emby server, as it provides many benefits over its competitors, like Plex, but the absence of this feature really limits its usability in the Android TV space.
  4. aziz

    Date Played...

    Hello everyone, Is there a "Date Played" on items on Android TV app of Emby.? I know I can sort by last played, and i know there is a Date Added and i also know that there is a Played check-mark. But is there a "Date Played", and if yes, were can I find it. I am a very long time user of Emby, and was happy using the Emby Classic, which as a platform, died few years ago... I truly enjoyed the "Date Played", which is normally displayed in the played progress bar. So, when I open the details view of an item that is already played, it will show me the date I played that movie, and that's such a satisfying feeling remembering when you viewed that movie last, e.g. "oh, I saw that movie Christmas before last, etc etc." if this function exists in Emby Android TV app, can someone please point it out to me.. if it does not exists, where can i go to request this functionality. Many thanks
  5. Hi, The subtitles on Android TV / Shield appear too high on the image. The lower subtitle is a little above the lower black band of the movie. On the android app, iOS app, Chrome, Windows Theater, they appear in a much more logic position (next to the bottom). How can I change this? Thanks
  6. Preamble / Background: I have a ton of Audiobooks, mostly Audible, but some not. But None of my options are any good at organizing them, and having them on multiple platforms is a nuisance, as is not being able to stream them from my media server. So - I tried making an "Audiobook" Library, but that was a big sea of files (or folders) and the audiobooks had the metadata fields of a song and I couldn't structure my collections into series, all of which was really not great. In a Stroke of 'What If' - I thought - "Maybe I can import them all as a TV Series instead?" So I tried it. I renamed the m4a files to mp4. And then I tested it on web. And it worked perfectly. ff/rw/pause/resume/continue. And then I tested it on Mobile. And it worked perfectly there as well. I know it's kind-of off-label , but Audiobooks-As-TV-Series is perfect interface-wise. I made the audiobook into a 'season' within the overall series, and that let me have individually sectioned chapters (as episodes), and jump between them easily. I also tried converting the same audiobook to a single m4a/mp4 with 'chapters' and Emby detects those correctly as well - though only accessible on Web, no mobile. If you could access the chapters on Android when opening it as a TV-Show, all-in-one, All-In one would be ideal, organizationally - but I can manage with many short episodes instead - that's not the reason for this thread. https://scontent-lga3-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.15752-9/288765161_868742904085050_4858505779076026758_n.png?_nc_cat=110&ccb=1-7&_nc_sid=ae9488&_nc_ohc=BVfNNBZabnQAX9cbNly&_nc_ht=scontent-lga3-1.xx&oh=03_AVIjvEAgPwfankfz-LOLbPy_tyjcgti5CyCiZanXT4_hLQ&oe=62F059D2 I mean - I had to populate the metadata myself, but that's not so hard. Mostly copy paste. And I've gotten pretty good at it at this point. It's a bit rough looking and only partly filled in, but it is a test. With this working - I would / will be able to neatly insert my "The Clone Wars" audiobooks (Ahsoka, and the Ventress novel) where they fit into "The Clone Wars", which would / will be ideal. -------------- The Problem: It does not work on the TV. The TV says "Too Many Errors, Giving Up", rather than playing the audio over a black screen with controls like I expected after seeing it work flawlessly on web and mobile. --------------- The Request / Bug Report / Whatever this is: I would really like it if the TV Client handled such files the same way mobile and web do, by playing the audio and not freaking out about the lack of a video track. Then I can import the rest of my audiobooks (many of which are Forgotten Realms Novels written by a dozen authors, that I would like to add to my media library in chronological order making up one giant forgotten realms "show" with like 50 "seasons" (that I own). I can manage without being able to use it on my TV, but being able to use it on my TV would be very helpful. ----------------- Aside: Feature Request Being able to access video chapters on mobile would be handy. ------------------ Thank you for your time.
  7. Hi good evening (NL time), I have some issues with direct playing recently. Emby server is running on Nvidia Shield TV Pro 2019 model (Android 8 version, not updated to Android 9 experience). The movie was being direct played from my QNAP NAS server to Formuler Z8 Pro (running emby app version 2.0.55g) connected to my LG TV. The movie would play for a while and somehow it would freeze for a few seconds. It totally disrupted my viewing pleasure! So I went for troubleshooting on my end: deleted all my libraries and delete Emby Server from Nvidia Shield TV Pro Reinstalled Emby Server version Reimported all libraries and metadata changed the player buffer to Large verified that no resource intensive processes were running on the NAS verified that NVidia Shield is connected to NAS with smb version 2.1 verified that Emby's cache, metadata were relocated to attached USB drive After all these actions, I still have intermittent freezes when direct playing. I turned on debug mode in the Emby app on Formuler Z8 Pro and sent the log. Is there anything else that I need to do to get this issue solved? Thank you for your time! Eric.
  8. swandruski

    Music playback issues

    I just sent a log that might be related to this issue. I had upgraded my nVidia Shiled to Android 11 Not sure if this caused the problem, but the otehr day, I tried to play some albums I had ripped and uploaded to my WD NAS. Only certain albums uploaded seemed to be affected. I just installed the Emby 2.0.64 beta to see if that fixed it and it is still happening. The files I tried to play just before sending the log were Larry Coryell - The Restful Place and Oregon - Friends. When I navigate to those albums (and a handful of others) and press play, nothing happens. If I go to one of the tracks, the track will play but the screen is blank. These files play find on the web version and Emby Theater. They aslo play fine with other programs and I can find nothing wrong with the files themselves. Thanks.
  9. I want to suggest you to add powerful HW+ decoder in Emby Android TV client app. In this way, a totally fluid reproduction is ensured without jerks and without jumps in the image of all devices with the Android TV operating system. MX Player app (MX Media - formerly J2 Interactive), managed to achieve wonderful results in fully smooth playback without stuttering or skips on Android TV images with its powerful HW+ video decoder. Do you know if the internal player in the Plex Android TV client app has an HW+ decoder? It is that the Plex client works almost identically to the MX player, without jerks and without startles in the images. Thanks. greetings
  10. Hi, this kind of surpasses a "feature" request but I got the idea from @sydlexius and this thread. From that lengthy discussion I realized I liked the mobile UI a lot more then the TV version's, but that adopting the mobile one would probably never come to fruition. I therefore suggest that, instead of having two separate apps in development, Emby could benefit from having one app for the android platform but with the option of choosing either the TV layout or the mobile one. Using the mobile APK (even on the powerful Shield TV) lags in playback, and since it's main purpose isn't for TV usage it's unlikely to get fixed. Optimizing for both platforms might seem tedious at first but it's what comes after that'll make it worth it. The TV UI, in my opinion, caters to individuals that likes to have everything available within the OSD while the mobile one is designed with minimalism in mind. I prefer the latter one of the aforementioned two. I'm very much in the dark of the complications with honoring such a request so I might be wishing for the impossible, but on paper it feels like a win-win for everyone including the developers.
  11. EDIT To clear things up: The title of my post is the feature request itself, while the bulleted content is one proposed solution that I’ve come up with to achieve it. It doesn’t have to be “solved” that way. Seeing as how many Emby users value customization, a different proposition could be the following. Allow users to chose navigation styles on all clients by giving the option to utilize a navigation drawer (like the web app already has). The point of this request is to accomplish exactly what the title says because, at the moment, different clients offer exclusive, different options that can lead to discrepancies described later in the thread. END OF EDIT ————————————————————— In order to streamline, modernize, and overall enhance library navigation through all of the clients, I propose the following changes: Completely remove the "My Media" and "My Media (small)" options from the Home Screen personalization. Utilize the navigation drawer approach (as seen in the web app) to display all of the library links. Examples of apps and services that utilize this approach on TV clients: All of these services offer an easy-to-use navigation menu for library links on the left-hand side of the screen. On the contrary, Emby's Android TV, Roku, etc apps lack this menu and rely exclusively on the users having "My Media" somewhere on their customized homescreen. As for mobile devices: In the Emby iOS app, there are multiple ways of getting to the same "Settings" menu; selecting the icon in the bottom-right or the profile picture in the top-right. As both of these icons are always on the screen at the same time, one of them is undeniably wasted space. Changing the bottom-right "Settings" icon to "Libraries" would replace the no-longer present "My Media" sections. This icon would slide up a small submenu of all libraries, or even a full-page list that blurs the background. Quick mockup: While customization - including the Home Screen section settings - is usually welcomed and praised, streamlining this particular aspect of the server across all clients should prove to be cleaner and more intuitive.
  12. Android TV. In the subtitle brightness option dropdown there is one called "dimmer". Could someone explain to me what this option does? Thanks. Regards.
  13. embyserver.txt Hey guys. Using Emby for almost 3+ years now. Used emby in all kinds of scenarios and devices. Facing this weird issue suddenly. No work around. Videos don't play. They do play randomly but most of the times they don't play. Please find attached the server logs for the same. I am using windows pc as server and on the same internal server I am trying to play videos on my Android TV (MI). Attached is the server log file. Please help.
  14. please pardon the addition to a thread 18months old, but I am not sure where to add vs opening a new ticket. food for thought, only. not new thread worthy, imo. I still see no way to switch players and it would be handy. if I have two or three players installed on the shield, I am defaulted one. I have yet to see how to select the player. maybe I am missing it. regardless, exoplayer has documented issues evidenced in both plex/emby, e.g., stuttering playing 480 videos for me on the shield. I have read some have issues with 1080 as well using exoplayer. whatever what some think of exoplayer, the reason this has come up to the point I add to the forum is that I just noticed some pixelation issues in br2049 at about 5min, the moving clouds after pan up from car, that do not happen when the video played straight from thumb drive connected to the tv. both are 4k hdr, yet exo player not getting it done vs the player included in the sony. I am experimenting with mx and vlc, but so far not thrilled with having to give up one thing for another. e.g., I cannot switch if I have a problem with one player with whatever video. no player is perfect, so using players for their optimum case is ideal which hints having the option to choose which player for the video of choice. this is feedback; I am not looking for possible solutions to my exo player issues. I have beaten it to death trying to solve the problems I get with old 480 videos of which there is no bluray replacement(s). some blame nvidia as well, but I have the same issues on roku ultra. I say again, emby is a step up from plex. it is great to have options... Thank you. EDIT: I neglected to mention the aforementioned issues are not network related.
  15. Problem: Since the latest Emby Server Windows 10 update a few days ago, I have on all my Nvidia Shield devices no user selection screen anymore. The only options are "manual", "connect" or "server change". So every user have to do a manual login with password, altough the user account are set that no password is required on local network. My setup: Local network with a Windows 10 server running Emby Server ( Four Nvidia Shields in the same network connected to this server, having the Emby Anroid TV app installed (2.0.48g registered). User setup and settings: Multiple users that in the local network are visible users (visible tiles on user selection screen) and no password is required to access the Emby server in the local network. Behaviour before the latest Server update: Started the Emby app on Shield and user selection screen showed up, the user selected his user tile and got immediate access to the libraries (no password required). What I have tried to fix:: - Deinstalled Emby Android TV app on each Shield, reinstalled, unfortunately issue remains - Checked if this error can be replicated by accessing the server by a browser. Here it does work as it should, it shows a user selection screen with tiles you click on one and you get immediate access. That means this issue could be App specific, however Android App hasn't been updated since weeks and the only update that happened the last few days has been the Server update which and the timing matches with the first appearance of my issue. Could you please have a look at it. Thanks.
  16. I like to have My Media at the top of the home screen in the web client, but at the bottom of the home screen in the Android TV( ATV) app. This isn't currently possible, so is there any chance of having client-side options please. Thanks.
  17. Hi there, I noticed on my two different Android TV devices that Emby (latest public version) crashes while playing any song and going back to Emby's home screen. Let me know in case you need any specific data/proof how to deliver. K
  18. ciisubstance

    Movie theme videos

    Sorry if this has been more recently answered and I’m missing it. Brand new to Emby, grabbed a lifetime premier pass, loving it. My windows machine does the beautiful theme videos, from my searching I see the last time we had an answer to whether this would come to other platforms was over 6 months ago. Any chance this is being worked on for Android TV, would adore this on my shield app. Fantastic work here people, glad to have made the switch!
  19. emby peliculas

    Emby en android tv

    Buenas noches, quisiera saber porque, en mi smart android tv, aparece el mensaje, que la versión caduca el 15 de junio de 2020, y que debo desbloquearla o pasarme a emby premiere?
  20. Hi guys! 👋 I recently bought the new Chromcast with Google TV (Android TV) and it was a blast! The system fluidity speed is amazing. I just decided to give a better look at the app banner of Emby so I generated a APK launcher for the Emby Android TV app and I think it's a better fit in my opinion. I'm a graphic designer since 7 years now so if you need something else just ask!✌ PS: I have the Emby logo in vector, that's why. The app banner size is 1280px × 720px and the green color is the same as the Emby symbol logo. Cheers!🍷
  21. Hi Team, can we get the fabulous option to prefer the logo over the cover in the detail view in the other apps, like we have it in Android TV App, too? Thx for considering
  22. Hello, I'm new to emby and very pleased to have found it. But on Android TV there is an issue when adding item to playlist. The buttons to validate the add or cancel are hidden. After test I know that add button is at left side. Nice to correct this. Thank you, Arsounet
  23. bruno_0TT0

    Emby only as library

    Hi, i want to know if is it possible to use emby just to visualize my media in a prettier way on mi Android tv. I don't want to stream to another devices, just to watch my movies and tv shows directly from an hdd conected to my tv.
  24. When playing playing a movie though the Shield TV, it stopped twice, needing me to return to the main Shield menu and re-select Emby. When i looked at the logs I could see that it was transcoding the DTS audio, but could not see why. The same file pays without any transcoding though Plex. I have tried another movie with DTS audio (and a higher bitrate) and it played normally The Shield is output through a Yamaha YSP-2700 which supports DTS. I have attached the main Server log and the remux logs. My experience of the Emby app on Shield is that is any transcoding (even just audio) takes place, there is a tendency for the playback to stop unexpectedly. I can see no evidence of network congestion or heavy CPU usage on the media server (windows 10, i7-3770, 32 GB ram). As with the specific movie, I do not get these issues on Plex, which makes me think it is app specific. embyserver-63716803196.txt ffmpeg-remux-83f3c07a-0aa0-48ca-851b-b7cc53903a88_1.txt ffmpeg-remux-560a2e4e-5021-4bbf-9bf7-489d9224ccc4_1.txt ffmpeg-remux-187acee7-254e-440b-a9ba-e600d9ead170_1.txt
  25. Android TV does not remember the login info after closing app. I'm using an Nvidia Shield TV 2017
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