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  1. TKX57

    Collection Sorting

    I've seen this pop up a couple of times in some older threads but wanted to start a new topic on the matter. It would be nice to have another metadata field for collection sort title. This way you can have the original sort title in your main movie/music library, and then sort the media the way you would like within your collection. For instance Marvel movies in chronological order. If you sort them now naming wise it effects the collection and the main movie library.
  2. XcOM9876

    Qwerty Onscren Keyboard

    I wondered how much effort it would be to implement an option to enable the on screen keyboard on the FireTV app (And likely others) to be in QWERTY layout rather than ABCDE?
  3. Is it possible to not display background image generated from selected library on start menu? I have library dedicated to explicit content and I don't want background image generated from that library to be randomly displayed on start menu.
  4. Kraszer

    Add user star rating like in plex.

    I would like to rate movies like in plex by clicking on stars that appear under the movie. Then to be able to sort shows in library by my user rating.
  5. Hello I've been testing the linux server and while Emby is great it seems to lack some basic functionality that other software has. First off, the Now Playing screen should have a quick hot link in the left pane to avoid navigation confusion. There is lot's of clicking involved in Emby to find things and to get the logical view of things. Navigation UI improvements could be done to streamline the experience. There is no shuffle option on the Now Playing nor is there a randomise order or remove duplicates option for the play queue. It would be useful to be abl
  6. mpearon

    Ending Time on Up Next dialog

    Hello! I think that adding the Ending Time of the next episode on the Next Up dialog on the Apple TV would be phenomenal. That way, at the end of your current episode, you can choose whether or not to watch another episode based on the time it will be over. By default, my response is 'yes' - and that really ruins my mornings!
  7. Bakers

    Live TV Feature Request

    Would it be possible to have an option to limit the amount of live TV transcode files are kept? When I go to the lake I have poor internet quality, but I want to have my TV shows on the go. When streaming live TV I have to transcode to manage the bandwidth usage. I noticed that during this transcoding, the temp files are maintained much like they are for video files on the system. Would it be possible to have a limit option in the settings that only X minutes of history are maintained in the transcoding, specifically for live TV? This would prevent me from watching a live sporting event
  8. Hi! I don't know if this can be configured somehow, but I would really like to have the option to display the title of a library for items in the search results. I have different libraries for different languages and formats (4K, 3D, etc.) and if I search for something I can get up to 10 duplicates which I then have to click and hope that I found the one in the right library. If there is no such option, do you thi Just adding the library title to a label below the title and year would solve this problem and improve the search feature by a lot. Do you think this is possible? Edit:
  9. speedingcheetah

    TVE Support?

    Have the Emby team considered adding in TVE (TV Everywhere) support? This is a feature where using a online streaming provider(Philo, Sling, YT TV, Hulu etc) or CATV provider login allows access to those network Live TV streams. (they connect and load the streams from the network sites, not the service provider). I have been using Channels DVR and they have this feature in Beta and it works well. Using my familys Xfinity Login, i can connect many channels to the server, watch, record them just as if they were coming from my local HDHDR tuner. They also support unlimited streams since
  10. Hey, it'd be great if displaying the bottom on-screen display (OSD, e.g. when moving the mouse) pushed up subtitles such that they are not behind the OSD. That's all
  11. Hi guys, i got some audiobooks last weekend and i importet them directly into my library. I split my music and my audiobooks but i can't find a audio-book library type. Now i use the music type but the books called album and the files called songs. I followed the music naming guide in the wiki to group the files. In my opinion the music type is not ideal for audio-books. My Request is to create a audio-book type looks like the series in movies. If i missed the feature and it is already in emby could we extend the music naming wiki page with an audio-book part? Thanks a lot
  12. I'm running the Emby app off an Android box with a typical mediacentre style remote and it's close to impossible to navigate using the arrow/directional keys as GUI elements are seemingly navigable at random. Most section titles on the home screen can be navigated to, but not all; individual titles on the home screen are unreachable; etc. It seems the only way to use the Android app is using touch/mouse input, which is not very comfortable doing from the couch. Are there any plans for allowing normal navigation using arrow keys? This is currently the only thing keeping Plex in use for
  13. It would be great to allow specific users to download subtitles.
  14. parrymruk

    Feature request - Media Info Filesize

    Hi, I was wandering if its possible to display the file size within the "Media Info" section on a movie and/or episode on the Web App and also to make it a reportable under the "list view" for episodes and Movies? I'm running MB Server running off of a FreeNAS Jail.
  15. Would be nice to show file size in the movie details screen near path to the file See screenshot as an example (highlighted with yellow)
  16. Please add a Save button to the Manage Library settings. Settings are not being applied when changing an clicking the back arrow in the top left.
  17. I am currently using Emby's Live TV features with an m3u playlist. There are a lot of channels, so finding a specific channel to watch isn't the most intuitive thing. Also, if you want to look at the guide for a specific channel, you have to manually find it. I believe a simple channel search would go a long way to improve the experience. Live TV is missing a couple crucial features, but adding channel search would be a step in the right directions as the web interface (and most apps) doesn't seem to have any Live TV search or sort functionality at all. EDIT: I just found out you ca
  18. sle118

    Recording conflict/reporting?

    Would it be possible to get better reporting on missed/failed recordings? for example the schedule page could display them with a visual clue on success or failure? Also, it would be good that the scheduler give some feedback if there is a recording conflict during creation of a schedule as well as in the schedule page! thank you!
  19. I think it would be nice if there were a content type for libraries called "Standup Comedy" that would sort titles in named rows instead of in traditional movie/file format. So instead of seeing 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 We would see: Name 1 2 3 4 Name 5 6 Name 7 Name 8 This way we could have a Standup Comedy folder that had subfolders of comedians' names, and then in those folders would be their titles that would then be sorted in a title block or a scrollable column.
  20. sohojink

    Photo Gallery Ratings

    It'd be nice to be able to rate or like photos from the slideshow. Just getting into Emby and like what I see!
  21. Hello emby - love your product and longtime loyal user. I have two items... (1) I noticed that the "skip forward" button appears to be broken on my latest update. I'm using emby server and the latest Emby Theatre. When I play a movie, the skip forward button does nothing (it makes a sound but does not skip the video forward). Can you please look into this as I suspect it is a bug as I reported a similar issue a while back when the SHUFFLE button suddenly didn't work. (2) FEATURE REQUEST: I asked for this a wee while back but I was wonder if I ask politely if we could p
  22. Is there a timeline to utilize the Nvidia Shield as a media server? Thanks for the update. - Tony
  23. Hey all, Hope the holidays are treating you well I thought I might suggest something to encourage users to customize their Emby even further: Right now, we have the ability to add some custom css into the "Branding" field for our servers - this is great and has allowed me to make some minor adjustments to my Emby install to make things "just right", but so far it seems a little obtuse for users who aren't interested in or accustomed to editing CSS. Currently, if we want to include any custom images, we must either overwrite our system images or overwrite them in CSS. In some c
  24. I don't know about other containers, but with MKV you can set a track label/title. This is useful with subtitles because you might have 3 english subtitles. Forced, SDH, and full subtitles. If Emby could parse that out and store it, then make that available to clients (and the API) it would really help when choosing a subtitle.
  25. Another idea/request for the nifty Trailers Plugin. This one's probably a bit more involved (potentially a lot more involved). It would be really useful if each of the three views (New and Upcoming in Theaters, New and Upcoming on DVD/Blu-ray, New and Upcoming on Netflix) would default to displaying trailers by whatever the most relevant date is for that view (eg, movie release date, DVD/Blu-ray release date, date coming to Netflix). And it would be even more useful if that information could be displayed on the detail screen somehow, and also perhaps have some visual date markers in the h
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