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  1. I'll try to keep this feature request short and simple. When the Emby server needs to transcode audio to make it compatible for the Emby client, it will use a hardcoded value for the bitrate that cannot be changed. For example, if the audio gets transcoded to Dolby Digital AC-3, it will always use a bitrate of 384 kb/s. This value cannot be changed, even though Dolby Digital AC-3 allows a maximum bitrate of 640 kb/s. Although 384 kb/s is a decent compromise between quality and data, it is very compressed and the quality is far from being transparent. The same thing applies to every ot
  2. timlance

    audio transcoding settings

    Newbie here, running away from Plex. Am loving Emby. I'm trying to find information and settings for transcoding. The closest I have found is here but I do not see the illustrated setting (see below) in my iOS app. Am I correct in assuming that my lossless files will be lossless in the iOS app if both the server and iPhone are on the same local wireless network? If I am on a different wireless network will it be lossless or does the server see it as a generic remote location? Where, on the server and/or iOS app, can I set preferred bitrates? IOW, I would like to possibly have hi
  3. Loving EMBY!!!!!!!!! However, I have an issue with HDR files. I'd like to make my growing 4K HDR library available to my family (outside of my network) to stream, but they only have regular SDR screens so playing back HDR content on their screens looks washed out and hue shifted colors due to incorrect tone mapping. Does/or will Emby adjust tone-mapping during transcode from HDR to SDR (like MadVR does) when it sees that the display device is an SDR screen? Many thanks
  4. Some old devices support h265. So the device do direct play But it's lagging. It plays h264 well. If I want to transcode h.265 to 264, I have to decrease the quality lower than the original quality. But I don't want to lower the quality. If original bitrate is 3.4mbps, I set the quality to 3mbps. There is no difference between the two. But when original is 1.4mbps, I have to lower to 1mbps and this is huge difference as I felt. So I want the feature. Forced h.265 to h.264 transcoding without decreasing bitrate
  5. Before I start, I'll explain what I mean by "without giving any reason why" usually when it starts to transcode, it would give a reason why like this (check the blue circling) Note:- I've forcefully made this video to transcode in the above picture by reducing the bitrate so that is not a bug but in this case, it doesn't this could be a bug so I'm just reporting that Now, I have no clue as to why this video transcodes while other videos with the same format doesn't. It's definitely not the subtitles or the audio because I've reencoded the video to H
  6. sharrisct25@hotmail.com

    Need Transcoding help

    So I have recently added a HDhomerun EXTEND to my Emby system. The goal is to allow people to watch a few local stations in Emby that we do not get on other steaming services. All of my TVs are Roku clients of different types. Some hardwired some Wifi. I use my Android client on my phone on occasion also. I have 2 HDhomerun EXTEND units connected and my goal is to be able to support 4 users watching / recording at the same time without any major load on my Emby server. The Server is virtualized running as a Windows 10 system in VMware 6.5. It has 4 cores and 10GB or RAM. All the st
  7. embyserver.txt ffmpeg-transcode-058599f6-a2e7-4ca3-8dd7-ad84cecaffe8_1.txt hardware_detection-63752995865.txt
  8. Hi all, I have run into a rather weird issue this evening after reviewing my hardware encoder options. After seeing a remote user connecting and playing a media file that needed to be transcoded due to global bit rate limitations, I noticed that it was streaming at a rather low bitrate of ~900kbps when the global limit was set to 2.5mbps. My upload speed is more than capable of achieving this and has done so without issue in the past. I hopped onto DSM to see what was up and found my CPU usage was spiking to 99-100%, which was causing the slow down. This has never happened befor
  9. francoisp

    Save transcoded videos

    Is there a way to transcode a video once and save it for future streaming instead of using the server's resources to transcode it every single time it is requested?
  10. I always had my server's services such as Emby running in bare-metal because I did't like the performance loss in VM/Hypervisor, etc (I know it's little, but it's something). But it's true that having all services in the same OS is a pain in the a** because if you need to change or reboot something, everything goes down. In addition I need VAAPI transcoding for my server so I needed direct access to iGPU through /dev/dri/renderD128 device. After reading a lot about LXC containers and the benefits of isolation and bare-metal peformance they have, I decided to change and go containerize everythi
  11. Hi emby Team, I testet as lot and want to describe a problem in detail that really keeps me away from using the emby app of my LG65OLED C7D. I already know that the emby app encodes all audio tracks that are not the first/default audiotrack of a mkv. But... emby also encodes the first/default audiotrack if this is Dolby TrueHD/Atmos. Why? and that leads to the/my problem: everytime the emby app starts a ffmpeg process to transcode a audio track (for the none default audio track or and thats a much bigger problem... for Dolby TrueHD Tracks) the video begins to stutter... plays f
  12. I have quite a lot of shows that have ASS Subtitles in them. But the problem is that when I enable them my server immediately jumps to transcoding. Which sacrifice quite a lot of video quality. I have noticed that It does not do that in the mobile version.
  13. I've been waiting for this feature for a while now. I'm hopeful that it will improve video quality. and a setting for audio encoding preference would be very nice as well
  14. Hi, I'm confused and trying to understand how the bitrate chosen when downloading a video affects the resolution that the video is played at. Or even, said in another way, if I know I only want to play a downloaded video at a given resolution (ex: SD 480), how do I know which bitrate to choose? If my source videos are anywhere from 720P - 4k, how do I minimize the downloaded file? Theoretically, bitrate should impact/affect resolution, but I have read other posts in the forum which seem to indicate a different story. Is there a correlation between bitrate and resolution? Than
  15. Hi Guys, Just looking for a little assistance if possible. Just want to see if anyone is using the above (title) setup and if transcoding works fine. It will probably be for a max transcode of two streams at once and the rest will be direct play. Most transcodes will be 1080p but in the future maybe 1 x 4k transcode at any given time - all over local lan. I've been told it will work but always nice to ask the community for real world usage and potential issues.
  16. Hi All, I have mostly made posts moaning about how stuff doesn't work right/the way I want to, but I'm going to give back to the community today! For the TL;DR skip down a few paragraphs, just me venting my woes I go into how I got hardware acceleration to work when it wasn't and everything said it should have been on an Ubuntu LXC container I originally built a FreeNAS machine, on which I planned to store loads of stuff including media, and saw that it had media player plugins. I didn't think too much of it at the time (except I didn't want to use Plex because my experience with
  17. Hi, I have just switch to Emby and was wondering what are some good settings for Transcoding and Network? I'm using iMac to stream over wifi to LG TV. Thanks
  18. Hopefully it hasn't been asked, can't find anything in the docs Basically, I'm at home, I'm playing an episode on my Xbox and it shows as transcoding to h264 format. Does the transcoded file get saved in a cache on the Xbox so my server doesn't have to transcode it again or is it cached on the server or it has to transcode all over again every time my Xbox plays that same episode?
  19. adam1010

    Audio boost when dowmixing

    I'm trying to get louder volume on my Android mobile devices. I have set the server's Transcoding setting of "Audio boost when downmixing" to its maximum setting of 3, however, the volume doesn't appear to increase much. I have verified that the video is being transcoded (downmixed) and not using Direct Play. I'd almost say there isn't any distinguishable difference when I switch on and off the transcoding on my Android device (I'm using Ubuntu for the server). I'm assuming you're taking my value of "3" and normalizing it to something and plugging it into ffmpeg like so: ffmpeg -i in.mp4
  20. Hi! I cannot seem to play a certain tv show on my server. I think its a transcoding problem. Any help is appreciated. Log files attached. All other tv shows and movies work perfectly! The Tv show is 1080p BluRay x265 HEVC 10bit AAC 5.1 ffmpeg-transcode-e53a9975-ecf4-43ab-ae1c-f55630df878f_1.txt
  21. I have recently started ripping my UHD Blu-rays for play back in Emby, and discovered issues with subtitle transcoding. In the past, my 1080p Blu-ray rips have been in HEVC, whatever the main audio track is, as well as only forced/foreign subtitle tracks if there are any. Normally I would extract the PGS (.sup file) and convert to VobSub using BDSup2Sub and that would work fine. This has been a habit that started back when Blu-ray subs weren't supported by the codecs on my old HTPC way back when, but handled DVD subs (VobSub) fine. The first 4K disc I have ripped that requires a forced
  22. I am looking for opinion and /or facts to help me understand more about the quality of my video. Say i have 4 videos - same title - different transcoding or format as follows 1. 4K Movie at 8bits and 12.9 Mb/s bit rate (NVENC) 2. 4K Movie at 8bits and 4.5 Mb/s (NVENC) 3. 4K Movie at 10bits and 60.0 Mb/s (i suppose this one should be the best quality) 4. 4K Movie at 10bits and 4.5 Mbs I have a 4K/HDR Quantum Dot LED Tv... What is the real perceivable difference in these files. Can/Should we be able to see a difference with 10bit HDR vs 8 bit and does the bit rate make a
  23. Hello Since 3 weeks ago I have random crash from emby that freeze the Ubuntu Linux 18.04.3 server. Kern.log Jul 20 22:18:28 SERVIDOR2 kernel: [605193.781202] ffmpeg[512]: segfault at ffffffff8bc5a2d6 ip 00007f205b7664e2 sp 00007fff9a8b6328 error 5 in libc-2.27.so[7f205b5f8000+1e7000] Jul 20 22:18:28 SERVIDOR2 kernel: [605193.815515] EmbyServer[338]: segfault at ffffffff894cfc6b ip 00007fb93eee94e2 sp 00007fb8457f8838 error 5 in libc-2.27.so[7fb93ed7b000+1e7000] Jul 20 22:18:28 SERVIDOR2 kernel: [605193.944154] traps: compiz[9066] trap invalid opcode ip:7fe7a4f4b067 sp:7ffdc80b97c
  24. RobertDi

    J4105-ITX GPU Transcoding

    Hallo liebes Forum, Ich habe Emby-Server auf dem ASRock J4105-ITX laufen, nativ unter Debian Buster. (Integrated Intel® UHD Graphics 600) Umstieg von der Docker Variante um die GraKa das Transkoding durchführen zu lassen. Leider musste ich feststellen das mit aktivem Hardwaretranskoding nahezu kein Film mehr im Browser darstellbar ist. Alles viel zu langsam und nur Aussetzer. Folgende Ansätze brachten leider keinen Erfolg: #1 RAM der GraKa auf 512 MB hoch # 2 Intel non-free Treiber Hat jemand noch eine Idee oder ist die interne GraKa einf
  25. mariokings

    4K HEVC & Remux plays intermittent

    I have Emby installed on my LG smart TV and on Windows 10 I use Chrome (Emby Web My movies are all on a NAS and all devices are in the same network. When I start the app on my TV or on Chrome and select a 4K movie, it starts playing but stops after 2 seconds. Then, 6 seconds later, the movie continues to play for about 3-5 seconds and stops again. 1080p movies play without any issue and it doesn't seem to be any internet problem. I have attached the logs of a 4K HEVC movie in case it helps finding a solution to this proble
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