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Found 18 results

  1. Preamble / Background: I have a ton of Audiobooks, mostly Audible, but some not. But None of my options are any good at organizing them, and having them on multiple platforms is a nuisance, as is not being able to stream them from my media server. So - I tried making an "Audiobook" Library, but that was a big sea of files (or folders) and the audiobooks had the metadata fields of a song and I couldn't structure my collections into series, all of which was really not great. In a Stroke of 'What If' - I thought - "Maybe I can import them all as a TV Series instead?" So I tried it. I renamed the m4a files to mp4. And then I tested it on web. And it worked perfectly. ff/rw/pause/resume/continue. And then I tested it on Mobile. And it worked perfectly there as well. I know it's kind-of off-label , but Audiobooks-As-TV-Series is perfect interface-wise. I made the audiobook into a 'season' within the overall series, and that let me have individually sectioned chapters (as episodes), and jump between them easily. I also tried converting the same audiobook to a single m4a/mp4 with 'chapters' and Emby detects those correctly as well - though only accessible on Web, no mobile. If you could access the chapters on Android when opening it as a TV-Show, all-in-one, All-In one would be ideal, organizationally - but I can manage with many short episodes instead - that's not the reason for this thread. https://scontent-lga3-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.15752-9/288765161_868742904085050_4858505779076026758_n.png?_nc_cat=110&ccb=1-7&_nc_sid=ae9488&_nc_ohc=BVfNNBZabnQAX9cbNly&_nc_ht=scontent-lga3-1.xx&oh=03_AVIjvEAgPwfankfz-LOLbPy_tyjcgti5CyCiZanXT4_hLQ&oe=62F059D2 I mean - I had to populate the metadata myself, but that's not so hard. Mostly copy paste. And I've gotten pretty good at it at this point. It's a bit rough looking and only partly filled in, but it is a test. With this working - I would / will be able to neatly insert my "The Clone Wars" audiobooks (Ahsoka, and the Ventress novel) where they fit into "The Clone Wars", which would / will be ideal. -------------- The Problem: It does not work on the TV. The TV says "Too Many Errors, Giving Up", rather than playing the audio over a black screen with controls like I expected after seeing it work flawlessly on web and mobile. --------------- The Request / Bug Report / Whatever this is: I would really like it if the TV Client handled such files the same way mobile and web do, by playing the audio and not freaking out about the lack of a video track. Then I can import the rest of my audiobooks (many of which are Forgotten Realms Novels written by a dozen authors, that I would like to add to my media library in chronological order making up one giant forgotten realms "show" with like 50 "seasons" (that I own). I can manage without being able to use it on my TV, but being able to use it on my TV would be very helpful. ----------------- Aside: Feature Request Being able to access video chapters on mobile would be handy. ------------------ Thank you for your time.
  2. I installed the emby server in a Raspberry Pi 2 and I see that some TV Series cannot be identify. I tried this one for example: https://www.themoviedb.org/tv/74795-orzowei Using the Identify option, it finds it but when I press Ok for replacing metadata it continues to think but never ending as shown in the attached screenshot. Do you mind checking it, please?
  3. New user -- why does Emby not allow me to play or view individual episodes (or even seasons?).
  4. As I was correcting metadata for TV's 24, I noticed only 32 People appearing in the Cast & Crew section of the main show page, despite me loading 47 People into the Edit Metadata pop-up. Is there a limit? If so, can this limit be adjusted? 24's Main Screen 24's Main Screen, farther down the page: the Cast & Crew bar At the end of the Cast & Crew bar: Colm Feore and Annie Wersching In the Edit Metadata popup: Woah! There're a lot more names after Colm Feore and Annie Wersching!
  5. Noustaa

    TV Time plugin for Emby

    Hello Everyone, i would like to ask plugins devs the following question: There is an existing KODI addon for TV time available here: https://github.com/alxlaxv/script.tvtime/releases Are Kodi addons and Emby plugins more or less similar or are they totally different ? Would it be easy to develop a plugin for Emby taking kodi Addon as an example or do we need to start something totally new from scratch ? I don't know anything about plugin creation, is it easy to learn ? Do you know how much time did it take to create Trakt.tv plugin ? Thanks in advance ! Regards
  6. Not a big issue but recently I got to see a TV series with the help of subtitles. Upon ending of one episode, Emby would correctly play next one but, though subtitles for every episode were the same (media had 3 embedded and one external subtitle), I had to re-select the correct one every time a new episode would start. Could Emby preserve subtitle selection from one episode to another?
  7. I have Mac Mojave 10.14.6, Google Chrome Version 77.0.3865.90, Emby 4.2.10. I have a problem with TV series. By default, when I run an episode of a series, it runs an OTHER SERIES episode. As can be seen in picture 2, an episode of the Twin Peaks series shows a "Version: 1x05 - Peaky Blinders" box and actually runs the specified episode of Peaky Blinders. If I press the "Split versions apart" button, it is automatically corrected. But I have to do that in each and every episode of the series and as long as I restart the Emby server. Something is obviously not working right. What is it?
  8. Hi, I'm not sure where I should have put this request but will do so here. Maybe the feature is already available and I just didn't see it but I'd like the option to hide a TV Series if there are no episodes for the series. For ex, I download all my shows, for ex Season 1 of The Flash, once I watch the entire season I delete all the episodes. Then eventually will download Season 2 when available. I do this for all my TV Shows. If I have approx 40 shows I have in my library, it's a pain to have to scroll through all the empty ones to get to the ones that contain episodes that I'm currently watching. It would be great if I could hide empty series, then when I download say Season 2 for The Flash, once the files are copied into the appropriate folder, the show then shows up again in my TV Shows as active.
  9. Some shows (eg, Phineas and Ferb) can often be comprised of two episodes per "block" (or ~20 minute episode time frame), and in instances where one chooses to keep those as a single file it would be nice if the Multi-Episode support added a little visual divider/marker when outputting the Overview/Plot so that it was more apparent when the plot of one episode ends, and the plot of the subsequent episode (contained in the same file) begins. My proposal is that we just use the same green dot delimiter as is used to separate Genres: <span class="bulletSeparator">•</span> Above from: https://github.com/MediaBrowser/emby-web-defaultskin/blob/gh-pages/item/item.js#L383 It'll be consistent with the overall look/feel, and no knew styles have to be created. I would have done a Pull Request, but I couldn't see anything in the default skin that impacts this -- I suspect that the Plots are combined on the server and then outputted as a single plot. Oh, actually, it just occurred to me that the plot is being stored as a single plot (in the Overview field) because it is a single file (duh!). Looking at the details of an example it does appear that the Plots are separated by a CRLF, but lately Emby Theater has not been displaying those (I thought, though I could be wrong, that in some earlier testing maybe a few weeks ago I had success with those characters being recognized and outputting as space between lines of text). Regardless of how we get there, it would be nice to have a visual separator (whether CRLF, or something else) for these plots. PS - If this is something you might like to see implemented, be sure to "Like" this top/first post (as well as any subsequent posts in this thread that highlight particular aspects of what you are interested in) -- "Liking" the top/first post helps the Devs to know how much interest there is in a given Feature Request.
  10. Hi, It would be good to add the ability for additional air dates and times. EG:- You could replace the current Release Date, End Date, Air Days, Air Time and Studio with Air groups... which would have options for First Run and Repeats. First Run options:- Release Date, End Date, Air Day(s), Air Time(s), Season(s) and Studio. Repeat options:- Air Day(s), Air Time(s), Studio This information could be displayed in Series-level information screens, and the Studio would be carried from the parent item to the child items (season and episode screens).
  11. kornster

    Latest Media TvSeries

    Good afternoon all, I`ve recently moved back to Emby from Plex. Without going into too much detail plex continuously failed to stream on my local network to a chromecast on the same network and this is just a tip of the experience i`ve had with plex. The reason for this topic is that before i made the change, i`d recently downloaded a fair few complete tv series. Grey`s Anatomy, Seinfeld, BSG to name a few. The issue im trying to understand as i think i know what it is but i may be incorrect is that now that ive moved over, i only see Seinfeld as the latest media. I think and correct me if im wrong that the 'Date Added" for Seinfeld is the most recent so the Web Gui is showing only Seinfeld as all the episode under the main folder have the "Date Added" marking of 19/08/2018 and so thats all emby can show due to limitation. Is this correct? Latest Movies works perfect. I was just hoping to see a wider range of Latest Tv Shows. i`ve attached a screenshot Also im not sure if its required but the server is Ubuntu 18.04LTS. Its the Bionic Beaver release. There are no NFO or XML files in the tv series folder as i have checked that first thinking it might be that. administrator@white-forest:/disks/storage/plex/tvseries$ sudo find . -name "*.xml" -type f administrator@white-forest:/disks/storage/plex/tvseries$ sudo find . -name "*.nfo" -type f administrator@white-forest:/disks/storage/plex/tvseries$
  12. Hi, I have a folder called "Scooby-Doo Collection" within my TV series folder. Inside I have multiple folders named correctly from the series, for example: Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!, What's New Scooby-Doo etc... Inside each of these folders I have the episodes named correctly, for example: S01E01 What A Night for a Knight S01E02 A Clue for Scooby Doo etc... My Problem is that Emby is not recognising or fetching metadata for these series. The only way I can fetch metadata is by putting the series into the root folder and then fetching the metadata, after that I put the folder back into the "Scooby-Doo Collection" folder. One problem I have discovered with that is when viewing actors/cast, it comes up unpopulated for every series?. Am I doing something wrong or can't you make a collection within a TV folder?. I would appreciate any help.
  13. Folks - Apologies if I am asking a question that has already been answered.. I've done a lot of searching and can't find the answer, or I've found it and totally not understood... I've been creating Stub files for all of my DVD's (not interested in converting them - I just want Emby to gather all the meta-data) - holding off on the TV Series DVD's, and that went beautifully... I'm now trying to do the same for TV Series on DVD such as Game of Thrones, American Horror Story, and such. I created the folder for the DVD Season, then the dvd.disc stub file - for example: American Horror Story - Hotel (2016) > American Horror Story - Hotel (2016).dvd.disc I've waited for the scheduled processes to run through for gathering all the meta-data, and Emby doesn't seem to know what to do with these TV Series on DVD - as it is not gathering any meta-data with this setup. Do I have to treat "TV Series" DVD's differently than "Movie" DVD's? As in, creating the structure described here: https://github.com/MediaBrowser/Wiki/wiki/TV%20naming I had hoped/thought that at least the high level meta-data for the season would be pulled (artwork, actors, and so forth) - as I am not too concerned about data for the individual detail of episodes on/per DVD... Could someone enlighten me on what I am doing wrong or point me to where it is already explained? Thanks!
  14. I am attempting to remember a TV series that was on Discovery or Nat Geo or History Chan. It was about 4 or 5 inventions that slowly led to a modern day machine ie from first calculator to current. The host was I think English and had dark curly hair,I remember the opening animation had his head turning side on and showing his brain working inside. Like Connections with James Burke or Engineering Connections with Richard Hammond in a similar vein. Here is what its NOT: The Secret life of machines, Modern marvels, Inventions that shook the world, Inventions, Connections, Engineering connections, The genius of invention, How we engineered the world, Inventions that changed the world. Have tried several forums so far but with no luck
  15. swhitmore

    Trouble adding series '24'

    Hey, I'm having trouble adding the series '24'. I think the issue could be related to the fact that I only have the specials (season 0) in the folder so far. I'll be adding the latest series when it airs tonight. As you can see in the first screenshot, there is no option to 'identify' the series, however there the option is there for the season 0. Server Log MBS Version 3.0.5236.40234
  16. demonseed

    Tv Series Icons

    I see the images on this page have broken for some reason, but the links attached to them are still good to gain access to the downloads and galleries. So if your looking at this page, don't be discouraged, click anyway! If you’d like to only use the inserts I’ve used in my icons, you can download them from this gallery I also have a small collection of seasons I’ve done in my Diamond & Disc template, You can browse that gallery using this link. If you add to this collection using my action and template, I’d be happy to throw them in my gallery. Tip for downloading from the Gallery’s You will only receive the actual full size image by enlarging the thumbnail and using the download button on the Black Page. To access the download button, press Options > Download, on the bottom of the page.
  17. As I mentioned here, I would to be able to manually link Movies to TV Series. So that when you browse either the movie or the TV series, it will allow you to link to the other. Kind of like the way sound tracks are linked now. Thanks!
  18. Hi, I have lots of TV series that are only one season long (typical for Asian series), so all episodes are stored in the show's folder without a season sub-folder. With MB Server version: 3.0.5099.2102, if the folder contains series.xml then none of the episodes are displayed in the clients. If I remove series.xml file then the episodes are displayed in the clients. Comparing the series.xml to the ones with season sub-folders, I noticed these ones don't have <SeriesId> tag in them. So it is now compulsory to have all the episodes in a season sub-folder? Cheers, Gordon
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