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Found 13 results

  1. Cheesey Productions brings you MediaInfo for Emby Bringing your Media Info Formats up to Date (including HDR, Vision, Atmos, HLG, DTS:X, DVx, etc) And HDR-SDR Image Extraction using tone mapping for clearer seek images Available from the plugin store A huge shout out to @rbjtech for all his help with this. He was my knowledge base. Thanks Rich 👍👍 Please read the wiki page available that will help you get set up. MEDIAiNFO WIKI PAGE PLEASE NOTE THIS PLUGIN WILL MODIFY YOUR MKV EMBEDDED TRACK TITLES Some examples Also you can add tags to your items Enable the options in the settings and this will only add the tags for the unique formats the emby doesn't already take care of. There are plently of options for you to chose from to get your media looking how you want New Feature Added ---- HDR - SDR BIF File Creation using Mobius Algorithm for ToneMapping This generates larger and crisper images for Chapters and 10Sec ThumbnailSets WE URGE YOU TO READ THE WIKI PAGE 2 SO YOU UNDERSTAND FULLY WHAT'S INVOLVED HDR-SDR IMAGE GENERATOR WIKI Settings can be found at the bottom of the media info page. Feed back is always good. After replacing the dll always remember to clear your browser cache and restart it, to load new changes in the UI.
  2. Hi, I want to notify you that the problem in playing files with DV and HDR10 from Netflix has been solved in the new Beta version 2.0.87g. Here below I am going to attach the screenshots where you can see the direct play without any transcoding and the HDR10 working without problem: But also luckily I am being able to force my Emby server to use HLS play, in the files and contents that cause constant jumps and jerks in the images, and thanks to the playback with HLS the jumps and jerks in the images are totally solved in my OLED television, in the movies and television series that come from the Apple TV + service there are always jumps and jerks but thanks to HLS they are 100% resolved. Here below I am going to attach the screenshots where you can see the HLS playback solving all the jerks and jumps in the images and so I can enjoy a totally smooth playback: I wonder how HLS playback solves the jumps and jerks in the images on my TV? Mystery... Thank you very much! Greetings
  3. I want to ask you, if you can please add a configuration option to force my Emby for Windows server to always use HLS streaming. At the moment my only way to force HLS streaming is to enable the "Convert Unsupported Audio" setting in the Android TV client. And I also have to have all the movie and series files with the default audio track with the E-AC3 or DTS codec. This way I force my Emby server to send HLS streams, instead of HTTP. The problem that with this method my Emby server also transcodes the E-AC3 or DTS audio track to AAC. If you add a configuration option in the Emby server to force the server to use HLS streaming, then it doesn't transcode the audio track unnecessarily. HLS transmission in my case solves the problem on my favorite and main television, the problem of constant jumps and jerks in the images. And since the latest version of the client for Android TV has become obsolete due to playback problems with DV and HDR10, and the client for Android 3.2.92 I don't have any option to force the HLS streaming. Thanks, greetings.
  4. I want to suggest you guys, please add LibVLC player as an alternative internal player to ExoPlayer. It's just a matter of adding a configuration option in the client for Android TV, in which I can choose between the different options ExoPlayer, or LibVLC, or an external player. An Emby competitor's Android TV client already has the configuration options ExoPlayer, or LibVLC, or automatic, or an external player. It is that if Emby's competitor already has two internal players, the official Emby clients would also have to have the internal LibVLC. Since the problem of playing MKV files, which contain Dolby Vision and HDR10, is unique to the Emby's ExoPlayer player, but if I had the option to choose LibVLC, right now I could play absolutely all my files that have DV and HDR10 with LibVLC, if you were as an internal player in the Emby client for Android TV. Although VLC a few years ago has problems with small jerks or jumps in the image when playing SRT text subtitle lines, I only use forced subtitles with a few lines of text in movies or TV series episodes. I leave you an attached image with the configuration options that should be added to the client for Android TV: Thanks. Greeting.
  5. Not sure if this is new but just noticed this in the quick-extract logs of the core: DOVI configuration record: version: 1.0, profile: 8, level: 7, rpu flag: 1, el flag: 0, bl flag: 1, compatibility id: 1 The core is also doing some progress apparently...
  6. Using both FireTV and Android apps. HDR Format: Dolby Vision, Version 1.0, dvhe.07.06, BL+EL+RPU, Blu-Ray Compatible / SMPTE ST 2086, HDR10 compatible TV triggered HDR. However, HDR format: Dolby Vision, Version 1.0, dvhe.07.06, BL+EL+RPU, Blu-ray compatible / SMPTE ST 2094 App 4, Version 1, HDR10+ Profile A compatible TV triggered Dolby Vision. TV is LG C1 so supports Dolby Vision, HDR 10 and HLG. No HDR10+ support as you can see both have the same DV specifications, only difference is the extra compatible track. Is there any reason by DV isn't being triggered for example 1?
  7. schlenzie

    no HDR switch on AppleTV

    Hi, i have read the topic here before, but unfortunately I can't find it again. Therefore I post it again. Maybe it can be moved to the right thread: Another problem is that the AppleTV Emby app does not automatically switch to HDR or Dolby Vision. The Emby app on the TV directly switches automatically. At the same time I noticed the same problem on a Telekom Magenta One (Android TV box) as well. Here is the same problem with HDR. Here, however, I can force HDR globally and then the movie is also shown in Dolby Vision. Whether this is a beta problem, I can unfortunately not say.
  8. As title's question, emby on my ipadair 5 and iphone13 can not support dolby vision, but the new release emby can support dolby vision on Android, why? Any update plan in future? Thanks!
  9. ffmpeg-directstream-536b2b26-c516-4141-bd7b-ac1d60c1c9b6_1.txt Hi,Community I've encountered some problems while playing DV Movies. So on my Sony H9000X, Dolby Vision movies played by emby can be correctly recognized by the TV, the Color was right. If I play a DV Movies from the very beginning, there will be no problem with buffering or lagging. However, If I fast-forward while watching, or I pause the movie, exit the software and resume playback, then I will encounter constant Lagging and Buffering. The log is attached. There is definetly no problem with Internet Connection, quality of the movie File, preliminary I assume the promblem is caused by the Dolby Vision Feature, Just cant figure out how. Hope to get your help, Thx a lot!
  10. Hi All, I have Emby for Android TV beta installed on my A90J. I have a couple of MKVs with Dobly Vision only and they correctly display the video (no purple tint etc) and the picture settings on the TV show the Dolby Vision Dark/Bright options as expected.. I have then tried playing a file with both Dolby Vision and HDR10 but Dolby Vision isn't picked up. I understand I need to upload logs etc but can anyone tell me from where? Thanks
  11. Just posting this for info - as it's something I wasn't aware of and may be useful to others. As you may be aware, there is no way to currently play dual layer DV files (those with a primary 4K HEVC and a secondary 1080p HEVC DV stream in them) via emby - however .. Using MakeMKV v1.15.4 you can actually remux these previous Dual Layer Dolby Vision MKV's into a 'single layer' maintaining the DV information 👍 These appear to play perfectly on the Shield 2019 with the latest Emby Beta client. Just use the MKV as the input file for MakeMKV and the resulting file will then be playable with DV - this is probably quicker than re-ripping the original media.
  12. Anyone here with a 2019 Shield connected to a Dolby Vision capable TV that works? I have just bought a 2019 Shield Pro, but when I enable the Dolby Vision HDR mode, I lose the picture on my LG C7 TV. The only way I have worked out how to get the picture back, is to Factory Reset the Shield, although I have since found there may be another way that might work. This is not an Emby issue, just asking for any input. Thanks.
  13. Hi everyone i have a issue with my Emby App well I tested 3 (Movies) two with Dolby Vision and 1 without Dolby Vision but with HDR10 So I tested the movies but the image are not good (Brightness/Darks colors) in HDR10 or Dolby Vision (Dolby Vision doesn't works) I tested without DV but with HDR10 and the result in bad quality of the movie is running, so the quality is very bad (Bright/dark) it's only shows me than the HDR10 is not working. Or at least compared with plex (ExoPlayer) the quality is less better in (Brightness/Dark) on Emby (LibMpv) So LibMpv < exoplayer in terms of brightness and darks color but when I open the stream with a VLC all colors as ok so it only proof than the LibMpv is not able to reproduce well the HDR10 because of their issues on the colors [Dolby Vision With LibMpv] i tried Dolby Vision but the screen still black and with plex works well, so i belive than the issue is from the (LibMpv) I really suggest to upgrade to Exoplayer. if possible. I guess than LibMpv Doesn't support MP4 Dolby Vision content so this is why i suggest moving to Exoplayer (Natively) cuz the Exoplayer run MP4 Dolby Vision withtout any issue in the quality. so i also noticed than the issue is really from the LibMpv cuz when i used "an external player" like VLC it worked well (Nice Brightness/Dark collors and etc...) [HDR10 2160p] the image still to be desirable because brightness and darks collor doesn't look at a real HDR10. i belive than it was a issue also with LibMpv. Tested With the follow movies HDR10 Dolby Vision (MP4) So Conclusion. I guess than LibMpv is not doing HDR10 / Dolby Vision as well on the plaformes where it was implemented. causing HDR10 dimming is bad on emby app My Suggestion. Emby Switch from LibMpv or talk with the LibMpv about this issue because mp4 already support Dolby Vision (Avalaible Only on MP4 and TS at this moment) and HDR10 is avalaible in all container (I guess) Issue: Bland colors instead of good colors as HDR10 Give us at normally Bad Dimming (Birghtness/Dark) colors. It just tell me than it not allow me to reproduce HDR10 but with exoplayer and vlc everything is ok on my Android and iOS. ScreenShot Plus many people enjoy more Exoplayer than others. @Luke Dolby Vision Demo files (MP4 Format) Glass Blowing @59.94fps: Dolby Vision Profile 5 UHD for iOS – Dolby Atmos Glass Blowing @59.94fps: Dolby Vision Profile 8.1 UHD – Dolby Atmos
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