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  1. Hi, my Emby server crashes from time to time and it often happens at startup or when the server is accessed by an Android/IOS app. On my Odroid XU4 I freshly installed the latest Armbian image (Armbian 20.02.7 Buster with Linux 4.14.180-odroidxu4 kernel) and then installed the latest Emby version for armhf via armbian-config. I did a lot of research and did all the necessary steps to make sure it wouldn't crash. I disabled the realtime library scan and it still crashes randomly. I manually installed Samba server next to Emby-server. I made sure that Emby has the necessary read and wri
  2. Hi there, I noticed on my two different Android TV devices that Emby (latest public version) crashes while playing any song and going back to Emby's home screen. Let me know in case you need any specific data/proof how to deliver. K
  3. Pistolero

    Emby for Kodi on fsTV4k memory leak?

    Hi all, Emby is killing my Kodi and my clock! I use a rooted Amazon fire TV 4k stick with an Ethernet USB adapter running Kodi 18.7.2 and the latest Emby addon. I also run this translucent clock app. So, I start Kodi, wait for Emby to welcome me, and start playing Das Boot. About 5 minutes into the gunfight the clock will go kaput. Couple of minutes later, video will stutter, then stop, then Kodi will go kaput as well. The clock vanishes at 85% memory usage, and Kodi itself will die at 89%. If I disable the Emby addon, and restart Kodi, then memory usage, as reported by K
  4. Is there anyway to tell my Terramaster TNAS to automatically restart Emby Server when it crashes? It seems to crash VERY often when I scrub through a movie.
  5. App can input user name and password But it crash after entering The end of the video is about the tv
  6. Every once in a while , emby server crashes and I haven't figured out what preceeds the crash, so I'm hoping you can help. embyserver.txt
  7. Hello Since 3 weeks ago I have random crash from emby that freeze the Ubuntu Linux 18.04.3 server. Kern.log Jul 20 22:18:28 SERVIDOR2 kernel: [605193.781202] ffmpeg[512]: segfault at ffffffff8bc5a2d6 ip 00007f205b7664e2 sp 00007fff9a8b6328 error 5 in libc-2.27.so[7f205b5f8000+1e7000] Jul 20 22:18:28 SERVIDOR2 kernel: [605193.815515] EmbyServer[338]: segfault at ffffffff894cfc6b ip 00007fb93eee94e2 sp 00007fb8457f8838 error 5 in libc-2.27.so[7fb93ed7b000+1e7000] Jul 20 22:18:28 SERVIDOR2 kernel: [605193.944154] traps: compiz[9066] trap invalid opcode ip:7fe7a4f4b067 sp:7ffdc80b97c
  8. After getting prompted to update in the web app, I went and downloaded and did so and now the server won't stay active, as soon as I close out of the Emby Server App, and try and access it either through the web app or the player on the Shield it isn't there. When I go back to the Server app again and open it, it starts up suggesting it had crashed. I've rebooted the Shield etc and still the same behaviour. Was just wondering if anyone else was having an issue with this update or whether is it just something local to me. I've kept the previous installer so I could try rolling back?
  9. Hi When playing a movie in Emby Theater the app crashes. I've added the server log files as well as the Report.wer file. Let me know if you need more information. Regards, G Event Viewer Information: Fehlerbucket , Typ 0 Ereignisname: WWAJSE Antwort: Nicht verfügbar CAB-Datei-ID: 0 Problemsignatur: P1: EmbyMedia.EmbyTheater_1.1.310.0_neutral__svmepx4c03f7m P2: App P3: 5ee4 P4: 5 P5: ms-appx://embymedia.embytheater/web/modules/htmlvideoplayer/plugin.js P6: 1_17995 P7: P8: P9: P10: ffmpeg-remux-28db80c7-88e7-4f80-bd34-a88a5b169f1e_1.txt embyserver.txt Report.tx
  10. philip1234

    Version 4.4.2 crashes mac on loading

    Hello, I'm using a late 2009 iMac running Catalina. I've been using ember server for years with no issues. But since updating to version 4.4.2 i get the following happen: If I download a new copy from the emby website, it loads fine. But after rebooting the mac, attempting to load emby server completely crashes the mac, making it reboot (panic kernel errors). This also happens in safe mode. I can use version 4.1.1 fine with no problems at all. Here are some log files. Am I ok to use the older version, or is there something i can try to use the latest version? I have already uni
  11. hopykito

    Black screen on specific files

    Hi Guys ! TV : LG Smart TV (OLED55B8PLA) - Software : 05.10.50 Emby Server version: Operating system: Unix I have some strange crash when i play specific files only in my LG TV This files is : Anime with subtitle VOSTFR Stream is ok with Android phone and with computer But why i have only the problem with LG (i think the problem is subtitle) In my tv LG i have this scenario : Start 2s show and black screen and start again and black screen ... i have this message error (in french) : "Aucun flux compatible n'est actuellement disponible." Logs and v
  12. ifti12

    Crashing issue in Ubuntu Linux

    Hello, I've posted earlier here about a crash issue on emby 4.3 Our server has a 24 core processor and 40 GB of ram. So its a moderate server. We've let some of our local internet user use it as a streaming server but its at max 15-20 users at a time. We were running on emby 4.11 for past few months as 4.2 and 4.3 always crashed. So after the recent update which is 4.4 we thought we might give it a try. Result was same, it crashed but the sad part was we were unable to downgrade back to 4.11 life before. So we thought there might be a file issue. So we gave it a clean install. Removed everyth
  13. Hey everyone, has anyone else had trouble with the emby app crashing while playing 4K content on the non-pro 2019 Shield? I've only recently gotten a 4K TV, so the problem is new (otherwise the shield has been working great with 1080p content). My normal setup is: Emby server running an i5-5250U processor with 16GB of RAM (Windows 8.1), connected with a CAT5E cable directly to my TP-Link AC4000 Router. NVidia Shield connected directly to the router with a CAT5E and to my AVR (Sony STR-DH790) with an HDMI 2.1 cable. AVR connected to my TV (Sony X900F) with an HDMI 2.1 cable. I
  14. Hi there, apologies if this has been covered but I can't find an exact solution. I've been using the Android server on an old shield box to host my music library and everything is working fine, except that after an hour or so, I can't connect to the server from any device (or web interface) without rebooting the shield. The server appears to go offline. Any ideas as to what could be causing this, Kind regards
  15. Hi, I have my Emby server on Shield TV, and everything works fine unless I want to transcode files bigger than ~2GB. The transcoding process causes the Shield to run out of memory (RAM) and it restarts the Emby Server. No error is displayed on logs since the restart is caused by the lack of memory (I checked that trough adb access to my Shield). This problem occurs during conversion (sync) or transcoding during playback. I have already tried the following Emby versions: You can check the transcoding log in attachment. Tips for developers
  16. killianbe

    Crash Emby Server Linux lastest

    Hi (Sorry i'm bad in english!) I've error when i've update my docker emby *** Error Report *** Version: Command line: /app/emby/EmbyServer.dll -programdata /config -ffdetect /app/emby/ffdetect -ffmpeg /app/emby/ffmpeg -ffprobe /app/emby/ffprobe Operating system: Unix 64-Bit OS: True 64-Bit Process: True User Interactive: True Runtime: file:///app/emby/System.Private.CoreLib.dll Processor count: 4 Program data path: /config Application directory: /app/emby SQLitePCL.pretty.SQLiteException: Busy: database is locked - PRAGMA journal_mode SQLitePCL.p
  17. Hello there, I have installed the lastest version of Emby Docker on my linux server and everything is working perfectly as long as I'm using the server locally. Unfortunately every single time I try to stream a video file by passing outside of my lan, be it with a browser, the android app or the samsung tv app, my modem crashes completely in 5-10 seconds. The network seems to be working flawlessly excluding those times. I've also checked everything with my ISP and from their end it seems to be ok. Emby's log did not seem to show anything out of the ordinary. I've tried to put the
  18. Starting yesterday, my Emby Classic running on Windows 8 Media Center was missing some movie cover images. When attempting to open the movie missing the covers, Emby Classic hung. Had to close Media Center to gain control of the computer again. Later I found out that the Emby server (running on different hardware) was crashing each time I did this. I would have to force quit the Emby Server and restart it. Emby seems to work fine from every other app and the website. I am able to repeat the issue any time by using Emby Classic for WMC for anything so it has become worthless. I am able to use E
  19. hi everyone, I'm newby in emby, i just finish to configure the emby server but when i try to play a movie emby server crash. the server run on a freebox delta in debian vm what can i do ? thank for all. hardware_detection-63710041826.txt embyserver.txt ffmpeg-transcode-815f8b49-4589-4115-a0c4-526e2ee4a875_1.txt
  20. I have a Roku Express (3900X) on my local network. All other Roku channels work, but Emby. Upon signing in (I see the sign-in in the logs on the Emby server), the client just instantly closes on the Roku, returning to the Roku Home screen. Troubleshooting tried: Delete the Emby Channel Reboot the Roku Re-install the Emby Channel As soon as it signs in, same thing, booted to Roku Home screen. I am able to sign on with the same account using a browser. I'm unsure how to pull logs from the Roku to help me solve this issue, or if there's some sort of setting/cache I can clear f
  21. Pseudomax

    Emby crashes on Ubuntu

    Hi I have been using Emby for years without any problems until recently where I had a transcoding error. I have always had Emby hosted on a Windows HTPC, but for completely different reasons, I have recently given up on Windows due to yet another bug (my firewall was corrupted by a recent Windows update) and moved to Ubuntu 18.04 However, I installed Emby without a problem but could not work out why after a few hours it seemed not to be active... and indeed it had crashed. Given I had installed a whole lot of software in the process of changing OS I thought maybe something had gone wro
  22. I'm putting this issue seperate from another issue to keep the replies clear. When I scrol through the EMC home screen to the "Music" entry, WMC freezes and throws an error message pop up. I will attach a screen shot, although it doesn'tshow much. The "Latest" music widget is also empty too. MBClassic-19920199454183a5a4a4f56a26dc8709a4b4d80.log embyserver.txt
  23. Since the last months I have sporadic crashed in the emby server. Now I can reproduce the problem if I surf very fast jumping pages very fast (always crash) syslog Aug 15 12:42:47 SERVIDOR1 emby-server[668]: Info App: Entry point completed: Emby.Server.MediaEncoding.Api.EncodingManagerEntryPoint. Duration: 3.5686515 seconds Aug 15 12:42:47 SERVIDOR1 emby-server[668]: Info App: Starting entry point Emby.Notifications.Notifications Aug 15 12:42:47 SERVIDOR1 emby-server[668]: Info App: Entry point completed: Emby.Notifications.Notifications. Duration: 0.0009515 seconds Aug 15 12:42:
  24. With new version (This server is constantly crashing. Tried uninstalling all plugins. Still crashes. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling both stable and beta. Still crashes. Tried uninstalling with all traces removed both versions. Still crashes. Need help can figure out what is wrong. embyserver-63695470693.txt embyserver.txt
  25. Kimballslice1890

    Emby Server Crashing

    After updating to the new 4.x platform of emby I have been experiencing APPCRASH for embyserver.exe Fault Module Name: KERNELBASE.dll Fault Module Version: 6.1.7601.24214 Locale ID: 1033 Every time I check the server, I have anywhere from 1-10 of these windows open. The EmbyServer.exe seems that it restarts itself after the crash. But I suspect that it causes a lot of random hangs on my server and when I try to load the my emby home page, it will load half, I will terminate the app and re open and then it will all load. This is all coming in conjunction frequent database clean
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