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  1. I'm polishing my new Emby server after fresh switch from Plex, and so far, I'm very happy switcher 😀 Just wondering if there's an option (didn't find any) to have separate section for latest media in each library, like latest in movies, latest in series, photos, music, etc? I've noticed I can select "Latest Media" in several sections of my Home Screen, but I can't control which goes where. It would be very nice to have.
  2. I like to have My Media at the top of the home screen in the web client, but at the bottom of the home screen in the Android TV( ATV) app. This isn't currently possible, so is there any chance of having client-side options please. Thanks.
  3. Hellas embians, I have a maybe stupid question. The continue listening section does not show up on my home screen when I activate it, why is that? Same seems to be the case too for latest media.. Did i forget to activate something or is this a bug? All the best!
  4. Hey peeps, Just a quick post as i am new to emby and in the middle of changing over from plex. when starting to add my movies to emby i have noticed that they is no tab for "newly released movies". when showing my family our new emby they all was asking the same and im very shocked this hasn't been already done, i have seen a lot of threads about this but i dont think people know what they are on about to a certain degree. ei sorting movie by date, using a plugin or spotlight etc, as you can see in the photo below from my plex server, i have NEWLY released movie and RECENTLY added movies, im not going to be buying emby just yet as i would like to test it for a bit first to see what its like. i love the amount of customization you can do along with the tv mode, these types of things smash plex outta the water. i would like to have my media server a bit like Netflix and emby is starting to do that very well but little things can go along way and really hope this gets added and maybe movie genres tabs too.
  5. Hello, I would like to make some suggestions for the AndroidTV application: First, you have created a beautiful OSD (Logo, Poster and Progression Bar with buttons), but we never see it, we have to click on the up arrow to do it appear. Would it be possible to make it appear in the first 2-3 seconds of reading and replace the progress bar with this OSD, or at least give us the option to activate it? Second, I wondered if it would be possible to display the title of the audio next to the language? It is not uncommon that there are several versions of a language (Comments, same language, but different countries etc.) and it is not easy to be sure that we have the right one in the last case? And finally, I wondered if it would be possible to slightly reduce the Emby logo on the home page and to have the choice of 2-3 sizes for the images of our libraries at the top of the screen, I think that would slightly cleanse the page without the need for too much change? I want to say that I appreciate your work enormously and that the application is really good in my case, it is only small suggestions that will make me leave the version "Kodi" (I pass from one to another regularly)... Thank you for your work. Have a nice day!
  6. I have been having a recurring problem for the last week or so with my 2019 second generation FireTV Cube: most times if I watch an episode to the end and click the green Stop button then backup to the Home Screen, the Home Screen doesn't update "Next Up" and keeps showing that episode in position 2, 3, 4 or whatever instead of hiding the watched episode and showing the next epsiode of that particular series in position 1 of "Next Up" similarly, most times if I pause an episode then backup to the Home Screen where I can see the episode in "Continue Watching" and then resume watching the episode it does the same as above but also shows the now fully watched episode as still only part watched in "Continue Watching" If I use the Windows client to view the Home Screen it correctly shows the next episode and doesn't show fully watched episodes in "Continue Watching." However the only way I can get the FireTV cube to refresh the Home Screen is to restart the FireTV; typically it then works correctly for a few episodes before eventually again failing to refresh/update the Home Screen. Any idea what is causing this and how to fix?
  7. Per this thread: https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/81042-tv-mode-home-screen-vertical-scroll-of-libraries/ Please consider adding the ability to be in TV mode with vertical scrolling of the list of libraries. Why: Other than preferred esthetics, I use a Logitech K400 keyboard/mouse combo to control the system, displaying on a TV. The mouse portion of the keyboard is a trackpad. It works great for moving around the screen, but I cannot use it in any fashion to scroll right on the screen. I have to use the keyboard arrows to manipulate the interface. Not terrible by any means, but not intuitive particularly for users who don't know that they have to arrow down to the library row first, or they're instead moving left and right on the top row (Home, favorites, user icon, etc) and get confused as to why the library list isn't scrolling. Basically, I would like the icon size of the first picture because of distance from the TV screen, but the layout of the second (desktop mode) picture for the home screen for ease of use and being able to see a larger set of libraries all at once instead of having to scroll. I don't think this is a duplicate as I'm specifically concerned about the home screen, but it's possible I didn't quite understand some of the other feature request posts. Thanks for considering!
  8. Hi all.Emby on my apple TV home screen (not the Emby home screen ) doesn't refresh the "next up", "Continue" and "New" section. It shows content from an earlier Emby server I had.Is there any way to change this or clean they Emby library on apple TV? As you can see from the included pictures there are no images in the thumbnails and if I press the program that it shows I get an error message.My version of Emby is en-GB Thanks.Hope someone can help.
  9. On the home screen (and in some other places) we have lists like "Latest Movies" and "Because you watched ______." I would find it useful if there was an additional list called something like "Extras to Watch." After I watch a movie I like to watch the extras over the next several days, but depending on what all is happening in life I might forget by the time I come back to Emby Theater, and the movie is no longer prominent (if, for example, it had originally been in Latest Movies) and I forget all about the extras. Having a list/View for movies that I have watched but for which I have not yet watched the Extras would be useful so as to keep those movies in front of me so that I might actually finish watching the Extras. Related threads: https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/50382-emby-theater-unwatched-sub-view-for-movies-with-unwatched-extras/ https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/50381-emby-theater-visual-indication-of-unwatched-movie-extras/ Thanks for your consideration! PS - If this is something you might like to see implemented, be sure to "Like" this top/first post (as well as any subsequent posts in this thread that highlight particular aspects of what you are interested in) -- "Liking" the top/first post helps the Devs to know how much interest there is in a given Feature Request. And adding a +1 post to the thread can be helpful too because it gives the thread a bump in visibility.
  10. Hi folks, Before I go into too much detail, perhaps I should start with a short and quick question: on the Samsung Smart TV app for Emby are you able to change the Home Screen layout when it is in 'Horizontal' format/mode? My Samsung is a UA55HU8500 running Emby v0.122 "(updated 2018-10-11)". I'm pretty sure this is an Orsay based TV. Kind regards, Dodgy Bob
  11. I've just upgraded to Emby - and I really do not like the "Customize Home Screen" bar at the bottom of the HOME screen on the Web App. It seems redundant and intrusive to me. There is already the "person" icon in the upper right of the screen to get to Profile settings, and the 3 dots already beside the "My Media" section take you directly to Home Screen settings. I don't see why there needs to be a third way to access it from the same screen (in my opinion). I never really liked the 3 dots beside "My Media", but they were barely noticeable - so I got over it... LOL But, I definitely DO NOT want a SETTINGS bar at the bottom of the screen that should only be displaying my media inventory. It just breaks the flow and seems out of place. Could you add a feature to disable it? That way, those whom like it can keep it. I've tried to find if there is somewhere to do so already, but don't see any option for it. I primarily use the Web Interface, so haven't seen how this works on the other Apps yet.. Thanks!! Thomas
  12. paul1965

    Customize home screen rows

    I made the switch from Plex to Emby not that long ago, and I really do like how much Emby can be customized. I currently have 12 libraries listed on my home screen, but what I don't like is that I can't customize how they appear in relation to the number of rows. For example, right now 8 of the 12 libraries appear in the top row, then the other 4 in the 2nd row (this is when viewed on a 65" TV, maybe it's different on a standard monitor). I'd like to be able to customize the home screen further than is currently possible by telling Emby how many rows to display, then which libraries go in each row (in my case 6 in the top, 6 in the bottom). A further step would be to then center each row on the screen instead of the current left justification. Any thoughts or suggestions?
  13. Hello, I run emby with a reverse-proxy and redirect the root path to access emby to a sub path of my domain. example: mywebsite/emby/ when I create a homescreen shortcut using mobile chrome for android to access emby it creates the shorcut to the root domain of "mywebsite" instead of "mywebsite/emby/". Thanks for your help, I prefer the web version over the android app.
  14. monkeyslapper

    Home Screen Section Customization

    Wondering if there is option that can be added to the Homescreen section, that allows you to sort Movies by date not added. Or to have an option add favorites etc... Thanks
  15. I was recently testing Infuse for IOS and was impressed with some aspects, namely its presentation of the media available to watch and of course its SMB and Network scanning options. Of course it falls short in other areas as it it is a direct player and not a media server. The Emby Homescreen is a it empty compared to Infuse. I would like to suggest Emby add some new views to the Home Screen Dashboard : -Least Played -Played Often -Favorite Folders -Favorite Playlists -Smart Playlist -Random Selection I would love to have more options right on the home screen so the users can get a quick overview of available content.
  16. BAS

    Beta - Connection Setup lockup

    While testing setting up connection externally with a few different rokus had some weird issues in 1.19.16. Not using emby connect, entering server in manually, change host, change port, click continue. App froze on two different occassions didnt advance past this screen waited patiently for a few mins until I was returned to the Roku home screen. Upon relaunch of the app it saved the server info I had and entered and was presented with the user login screen for server, which all worked fine from this point.
  17. So I now have all these new, multi-color boxes around my thumbnails on my home screen... How do I get rid of/hide these, as they are very unappealing to me. I have looked around for a bit now and have not been able to find an option to turn them off. Thanks!
  18. This is a duplicate issue in another forum post, but nobody has been posting anything in that thread: http://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/32876-kodi-crashes-when-playing-from-home-screen-widgets/ Basically, when trying to view a Movie or TV show from a home screen widget, such as Movies, or TV Shows, Kodi crashes immediately. However, if I go into the Movies or TV Shows menu, I can play content just fine from the Emby back end. This only seems to happen on the home screen, and it does not matter what Skin is being used. I've experienced this with Kodi 17, 16.1, and 16. Kodi 15.2 does not seem to have this problem. This will happen consistently on both tvOS and iOS devices. I've sideloaded Kodi on several iPhone 6/6 Plus and Apple TV 4's, and all display the same behavior. I've attached my logs just in case they may be helpful in any way. kodi.log kodi.old.log
  19. good day all. wondering if there's a way to eliminate (hide) the "On Now" & "Latest Recordings" sections on the Apps Home Screen for the Nexus Player? I personally use Live Channels for my TV watching and then anything i do record, i have that all auto organized into my unraid box with my other recorded tv stuff. once the auto organize is completed, all of my recordings are then captured/shown in the "Next Up TV" section and therefore typically nothing is in this "Latest Recordings" section. thoughts? thanks much, sd
  20. Seeing the Poster (Screenshot) helps me see what episode I am up to at a glance from the home screen for any given TV Show. The new ET defaults to the Thumb view for the season (or show) which doesn't give this detail until you navigate into the next level down for the TV Show. Also not all shows have Thumb views, which results in a mixed bag of Thumbs and Poster views on the home screen which looks a little messy. I would like to see an option added to change your default preference between Thumbs and Poster views for areas on the TV home screen like latest episodes or next up episodes (perhaps an independent option for each?). This would allow me to customise it to my personal preference and get more information directly from the home screen. Many Thanks!
  21. ElLoboSolitario

    Suppress Certain Items From Showing

    Is there a way that I can force Emby to NOT show certain items on the main screen? My PC doesn't have a tuner card, so the Recorded TV, Live TV and Guide folders are redundant. Moreover, I tried adding the Music folder into Emby and it conflicts with the way Windows Media Player works, so I don't use Music as part of my media collection.
  22. Emby Server Version 3.0.5724.6 Windows Professional Firefox 41.0.1 1) TV (Live) 2) Guide and 3) Recorded TV buttons did not use to appear on the Home screen views? Now they do. Is there a way to hide these buttons on the Home screen? While the other buttons can be customized these 3 cannot and ruin the aestheics. Even if they were customizeable I don't want them to appear as I rarely if ever use them. Thanks
  23. lja

    Server - Home Screen

    The home screen shows only "Resume". How do I get it to show the item buttons? There is no edit button. Thanks for any help.
  24. ceg2670

    Customize Home Menu

    Music Add-on does not populate in sub menu when Add-on Browser is added, Music, or by itself. My ultimate goal is to have a menu item like add-on browser where I can control what add-on shows. For example, I don't want to see programs in my video add-on. I want a menu item like add-on browser with sub menus for video add-on, music add-on, tv add-on, etc. Is this already possible without changing code? My experience in that area can be summed up with one word...non-existent. The shortcut coding for music: ActivateWindow[MusicLibrary,addons://sources/audio/,return] Maybe the problems is in the backend coding.idk
  25. Hello Before version beta (251) I could sort what order the media folders were in, (TV Shows first then Movie and so on) by using the Sort name in meta data manager. It looks like beta (251) doesn't use this field anymore, so how can I make TV Shows first and Movies second? Thanks for your time.
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