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Found 25 results

  1. EDIT To clear things up: The title of my post is the feature request itself, while the bulleted content is one proposed solution that I’ve come up with to achieve it. It doesn’t have to be “solved” that way. Seeing as how many Emby users value customization, a different proposition could be the following. Allow users to chose navigation styles on all clients by giving the option to utilize a navigation drawer (like the web app already has). The point of this request is to accomplish exactly what the title says because, at the moment, different clients offer exclusive, different
  2. Unless I'm being a bit blind (highly possible!), I'd love a way to hide a couple of the top green navigation items without hacking it in myself. For example, in Movies I don't want the 'Trailers' item to appear for any profile and for TV I don't need the 'Upcoming' nav link. Obviously not a major issue but thought it would be a nice thing to have, perhaps allowing them to be re-ordered like the home page items but again just a nice extra,
  3. Hi - I seem to have found that there is something missing really from the Emby GUI which I think would really help users in navigation - unless you can show me where it can be found? Context: I am running Emby Theatre in Desktop Mode, on a Windows 10 machine, where Windows is under Kiosk Mode and on a touch screen. There is no mouse or Keyboard available to the user. When a user plays a film from the Thumbnail Selection Page, once the video starts to play, and if the user chooses to hit the full screen button (bottom right), now the user exits the film (using the back arr
  4. On tizen client app v1.0.85 I can't go below "Discover Emby Premiere" section to for example to watch (do obejrzenia) section. I can select my media, or go to profile. This discover emby premiere is not always displaying and when it doesn't navigation on start screen working fine.
  5. goodeye

    No way to go home

    I updated LG app to Emby Theater 1.0.24 My emby server is Synology NAS, just updated to (but issue existed before this update). There is no way to go "home". In the upper left corner, there is a "back arrow" when you're down from the home page (when you move the mouse). But this is "back", not "home". Previous releases included a home option under the profile icon. That profile icon now goes to "settings", with no home option. There is a Home Screen entry, but that's home page settings, not go to home. I see on the web interface (Chrome) there is a Home icon in the upper l
  6. Hi all, I've mentioned this a long time ago in another thread, and haven't found a fix for it yet. The problem is, for some reason in MBT my Harmony 650 remote seems to work perfectly for everything, except when trying to "fast scroll" through my collections. What I mean by that is: I'm unable to hold down my arrow buttons and quickly move through my collection. Instead, I need to move through titles one at a time (I'd need to press the "right arrow" close to 900 times to get to the end of my movies collection). A while back someone mentioned that my remote may not be configured to re
  7. Hi New to Emby, when i see a show i hit record or record series. I wanted to go back and change some setting to that series but I cannot find an easy to modify recording settings. The only way I have been able to is to click on 'upcoming on tv' and then the recording settings becomes available. Is there a better option? Thanks.
  8. Hello, Recently purchased Emby. As a whole I was able to install and configure the server without issues. It is installed and configured with hdhomerun and one m3u source, 2 EPG each dedicated to their own tuner. The issue is with the client apps. At first I was using an older 1/4GB Android 7 TV box but am now upgraded to a Quad 4/64GB Android 9 box. Navigation is really difficult with the remote. I can't seem to be able to select and click with the standard remote as pressing left, right, up down seems to focus on groups rather than tiles. When I use the mouse function I can h
  9. I've been using Emby for a month now and am almost ready to switch completely from Plex...almost. I was skipping forward thru a show with Emby and it kept locking up every few seconds and I'd have to wait to continue. So I opened the same video in Plex and navigation was smooth as silk, no lock ups or freezing at all. What can I do?
  10. acnp77

    In-movie navigation very frustrating

    Hi I am posting an issue concerning the iphone an ipad apps. Both are on the latest version. General: The In-movie navigation with the scrollbar is totally frustrating, especially on small devices. And the navigation with the arrows (which could be a bit bigger) simply does not work properly. We need a simple an consistent (at least over all IOS apps) navigation with a small/big step forward or backward, like it is common in many of today's media centers. E.g. like in Kodi client. There is nothing simpler and more efficient than Kodi's in-movie navigation. I tested playing I single
  11. I have messed with the stable emby, and the two most recent beta releases. My server is running Unraid and im using the official Emby docker. The server specs are Core i7 4790 with 32GB ram with a 5Gb/s network connection, allot of my media is stored on a separate Synology server that has a 2Gb/s network connection. Just as a reference I have Plex running using the exact same configuration and it is lightning fast. So the issue I am having is that 99% of the time I open the Emby web app, Windows 10 App, or iPhone app, it is excruciatingly slow. I'm talking 5-10min just to load the main scr
  12. It would be really helpful if the user interface would remember where I was when I click the back button. For example lets say I am in a season looking at episodes within the season, there are 12 episodes total. I start at the top of the page and scroll down, to episode 6, click on 6 and find out I really wanted 7 so I tap the back button the page starts at the top again and I need to scroll back down to find episode 7. It would be nice if the app remember the scroll location was at episode 6 so when I click the back button it would take me back to the exact spot I was looking on the page and
  13. See attached images. Hard to explain in words, but it is almost like coding/formatting is messed up causing images to cover up navigation or the layout is wonky .
  14. Hi there, The changes i made in libarybrowser.js to link to a category : for example 'movies.html?tab=2&topParentId=' + item.Id; Doesn't work anymore since the last build... What is the new variable i can use? Grtz
  15. joshhuggins

    DVD Menu Navigation

    Howdy all! Usually I rip my DVDs as main movies only, but I have a few discs that I needed to rip with full menus. My question, which I have searched for an answer to and surprised I haven't found more on the topic one way or the other, is how are people handling playback for these? I use Media Browser Classic's built-in play back normally and would prefer to use that if possible. I can't use the direction buttons on my remote or even the mouse to manually pick the menus. Is there a way to do this from Media Browser? Thanks for any leads!
  16. Server Version 3.0.5911.0 On Photos page the numeric/alphabetic selector on far right of page does not work. Thanks
  17. Environment Details: client version: 2.5.47 and 2.5.48 (verified issue on both versions) server version: 3.0.5781.5 device: Droid Turbo (OS Version: 5.1) Description of Problem: When navigating through "Movies" content the view stack loses position... and returns the user to the "Suggestions" tab. Steps to reproduce: kill app open app select any movie content category select the "MOVIES" tab select any movie in the library (opens details page) From the 'Details >> Links" section, select "Website" wait for the built-in browser to load the web page select back (as expected, th
  18. I use the web client more for media management than as a 'viewing client'. It would be useful to have an option to have the default action set to 'open', where it is currently 'play'.
  19. I have more than one "TV" folder in my collection and I have unchecked them all in the "combined view" section of preferences. If I enter into one of the TV folders and click the "shows" tab I get a full list of all shows in that collection. Navigating down to a season or an episode and then clicking on "shows" takes me back to the full list of shows in that collection again (as expected). BUT, if I navigate down to a season or an episode and then click the next season/episode button and then click "shows" I'm taken to a full combined list of ALL TV shows from all TV collections.
  20. when entering one album from latest the applucation exits (this log)...or gets stuck on retrieving v.1.75 e------ Manifest does not exist in zip archive ------ ================================================================= An error occurred while attempting to install the application: ------->No manifest. Invalid package. ------ Running ------ --1.75 Anamorphic support: true Server.info: listening on Entered CreateScreenForItem Pushing screen 1 onto view controller stack - Welcome Button pressed: gonext Not sure what to do with breadcrumbs on screen type: roCodeRegistr
  21. Already posted this in the MBT section, however, I supposed I should have placed it here, so here goes again: Hi, I would realy like to see a next button on the details page of TV episodes. This buttoin is available in MBS webbrowser, but not in MBT. When watching a TV series it would be nice when an episode has played to directly go to the next episode whithout having to go back to the seasons page. To be honest I am surprised no one has asked for this yet (unless I missed it of course). Thanks in advance.
  22. Hello, I found a problem when using a remote control (or the keyboard) to navigate to the topmost items in MBT: in order to be able to select the sort button for example the element with the current focus needs to be right of the middle: So in the above screenshot the 3 items above the different movie views can only be selected when the focus is on the right side of the red line. In this part of MBT I can get to the top because there is an item right from the center, in the main screen however I don't have enough items to get to the right from the center so I can not get to the top it
  23. MSL_DK

    Navigation like Apple TV

    I wonder if there are plans for navigation similar to Apple TV "fast scroll"? Now I am on this subject. Which remote would you recommend? Thanks
  24. Luke

    MBT question

    Yes eventually.
  25. In the Crystal theme (which by the way is pretty cool) the Navigation seems a bit weird on the poster view because of the way the information on the right continue to change back and forth (between director and rating / Genre and star rating). If I arrow right to go up and change the view, if I am not fast enough when the information changes it dumps the focus back to the left to to the rightmost poster. If I happen to be on a folder (so no information that is linkable like director) then when I arrow right from the rightmost poster, it ends up in no mans land (no cursor anywhere the screen
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