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Found 13 results

  1. EDIT To clear things up: The title of my post is the feature request itself, while the bulleted content is one proposed solution that I’ve come up with to achieve it. It doesn’t have to be “solved” that way. Seeing as how many Emby users value customization, a different proposition could be the following. Allow users to chose navigation styles on all clients by giving the option to utilize a navigation drawer (like the web app already has). The point of this request is to accomplish exactly what the title says because, at the moment, different clients offer exclusive, different options that can lead to discrepancies described later in the thread. END OF EDIT ————————————————————— In order to streamline, modernize, and overall enhance library navigation through all of the clients, I propose the following changes: Completely remove the "My Media" and "My Media (small)" options from the Home Screen personalization. Utilize the navigation drawer approach (as seen in the web app) to display all of the library links. Examples of apps and services that utilize this approach on TV clients: All of these services offer an easy-to-use navigation menu for library links on the left-hand side of the screen. On the contrary, Emby's Android TV, Roku, etc apps lack this menu and rely exclusively on the users having "My Media" somewhere on their customized homescreen. As for mobile devices: In the Emby iOS app, there are multiple ways of getting to the same "Settings" menu; selecting the icon in the bottom-right or the profile picture in the top-right. As both of these icons are always on the screen at the same time, one of them is undeniably wasted space. Changing the bottom-right "Settings" icon to "Libraries" would replace the no-longer present "My Media" sections. This icon would slide up a small submenu of all libraries, or even a full-page list that blurs the background. Quick mockup: While customization - including the Home Screen section settings - is usually welcomed and praised, streamlining this particular aspect of the server across all clients should prove to be cleaner and more intuitive.
  2. I like to have My Media at the top of the home screen in the web client, but at the bottom of the home screen in the Android TV( ATV) app. This isn't currently possible, so is there any chance of having client-side options please. Thanks.
  3. I have this issue with Emby from time to time where I will set How I want my media to appear then out of no where it goes back to it's default alphabetical order. Why does that happen?
  4. arrbee99

    My Media size seems to have killed the following for adjusting the size of the My Media thumbs - /* Increase My Media Image Size */ #homeTab .smallBackdropCard {width: 20.0%; !important;} Any idea on how to fix it please.
  5. connorconway

    Modify Latest Media

    There are a couple of questions here and if anyone could help me here that would be great and I'd really appreciate it; I believe this will also require a .js change but I'm just wondering which file would need editing as there are so many (I'm aware the changes will be removed per each update). Thank you for ANY assistance at all, Connor
  6. (I searched for the permissions problem but didn't see it. Sorry if I'm repeating other posts here...) I set up the Emby Theater app on Windows for my mother and was careful to not let her do any admin-type stuff, but she is able to cancel my recordings (any recording - movie, show episode or series)! I double-checked the permissions and double-checked them again. As it stands, she doesn't have permission to make her own recordings, or to delete shows or movies, but she can cancel my recordings. I've asked her to be careful not to do that. Also, if you use the large-format icons for the libraries in My Media, the app only shows about 5 of them across and you can't get to the rest of them (no scroll-bar or scroll button). I thought about using the smaller icons, but they're not as descriptive or appealing, so I just rearranged them so the 5 most common ones I think she would use will appear first... The app version is, and she's running Windows 10 Home (with all the latest patches) Thanks for your help...
  7. I've just upgraded to Emby - and I really do not like the "Customize Home Screen" bar at the bottom of the HOME screen on the Web App. It seems redundant and intrusive to me. There is already the "person" icon in the upper right of the screen to get to Profile settings, and the 3 dots already beside the "My Media" section take you directly to Home Screen settings. I don't see why there needs to be a third way to access it from the same screen (in my opinion). I never really liked the 3 dots beside "My Media", but they were barely noticeable - so I got over it... LOL But, I definitely DO NOT want a SETTINGS bar at the bottom of the screen that should only be displaying my media inventory. It just breaks the flow and seems out of place. Could you add a feature to disable it? That way, those whom like it can keep it. I've tried to find if there is somewhere to do so already, but don't see any option for it. I primarily use the Web Interface, so haven't seen how this works on the other Apps yet.. Thanks!! Thomas
  8. I just started migrating over to Emby after Plex ruined the Roku app. After adding some of my libraries I noticed on the Emby home screen (dashboard) It created these really nice icons with images from the poster art. The problem is it didn't do that for all of the libraries (Anime is missing that). I attached a picture to show what I mean, is there a manual way to add that? I have a lot of libraries to add still I would love to know if I can add that to all the libraries.
  9. Hello all; I have a problem with the sorting order being different in "My Media" vs the metadata listing. So I have my media folders and attempted to sort them by following: http://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/3199-how-do-i-change-the-sort-order-of-my-media-folders/I have done that before with no problems but I had to reinstall window 7 (64bit if it matters) unexpectedly. The issue is this, the folders are sorted correctly in the metadata page and Emby classic (in MCE): It is incorrectly sorted in My Media section though: And of course it appears in that order in all other devices (like the Roku). I have sorted them by numbers in my previous install (as I have currently) and there was not an issue but I cannot figure out what could be going on in this case. Any ideas? My number sorting for each item is shown here: I have also tried sorting them alphabetically, (a, b,c, d & e) but the result is very much the same, sorted in the metadata list and classic but not in my media. Thanks for any assistance.
  10. Trevor68

    My Media Views gone

    Since the small server update today all My Media views are missing. I seem to have a new left menu with very pretty admin nav, but if i try to add My Media to all 4 sections of the home page then i just get a blank page. All other views are working correctly. Mrs is watching TV right now, so I'll up some logs in awhile.
  11. For some reason emby keeps using the default images for "My Media" folders. This just started happening with latest Version 3.0.5781.3. I can't seem to figure out how to get my images to show up and for some reason the first folder, boxsets doesn't default to the thumb image ever. Even when I delete the "Thumb" image it comes back on it's own after some time.
  12. thosewhocamebeforeme

    Regenerate My Media icon

    I accidentally deleted the "My Media" icon for one of my media folders. How can I get Emby to regenerate the thumbnail icons for the folder? Thx.
  13. mpearon

    My Media Button Behavior

    Hello! I'm looking to change the behavior of the My Media buttons. For an example, when I click the Movies header I am redirected to .\moviesrecommended.html, but I would prefer that I be redirected to .\movies.html. Is there any way to adjust this via the Administrative Dashboard, CSS or HTML?
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