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  1. Hi Emby community. Hope you're all well. On my Emby it is very slow to resume video if it resumes at all. Is this a common issue? On all the platforms I use Emby on, it either stalls when I try to scrub through the video (like say to the halfway mark) or just starts it back at the beginning. Any thoughts on this? Also, is it possible to adjust the display of the files in my Colletions on the android box to get rid of the Netflix like side scrolling and just have a thumb wall? All the best and Merry Christmas!
  2. Being able to stop watching an active recording and resume where I left off, either later or on another device, is a key feature. The resume function on previously recorded files works great. Providing this same capability for active recordings would be great. Sports provide an easy scenario. I usually start watching 30 to 60 minutes after the start of the game so that I can skip over a lot of the dead time (commercials, time outs, etc.) and focus on the game. Over the course of a 3+ hour game, I inevitably have interruptions and often move my watching from one device to another. To
  3. Hi resuming a movie in the LGe Emby app always leads to an error. After the error the playstate seems to be reset and one can only start the movie again form the beginning. In other emby apps resuming works fine. Any suggestions?
  4. Cefn Canol

    Chrome will not resume

    Hi, Just moved over from Firefox to Chrome, Now cant get emby to resume video it just seems to buffer, On local network or Public, It plays from the start in Chrome, and will resume in Firefox Chrome Version 79.0.3945.130 (Official Build) (64-bit) Any help Thanks embyserver.txt ffmpeg-transcode-636cec64-0467-47a4-aa06-fedf88a927cd_1.txt
  5. Hello, Sometimes I jump to the next episode through the arrow on the OSD, before the "next episode start in..." appears. That episode then shows up as partially watched.. I do this often as I binge through a series. This hogs up the "continue..." section. If the episode would be marked as fully watched, after I click on the next episode, that would be a lot less hassle to get those partially watched ones out of the way. I'm not sure if I'm the only one who wants this implemented, but I guess it doesn't hurt to ask. Cheers!
  6. I have now gone full Emby as it gets better with every update and actually surpassed Plex in my opinion. I love everything about video playback but I am missing a feature for audiobook playback. I like to listen to audiobooks before I'm going to bed and from time to time I am waking up and my headset needs a charge and I have to find my spot again. the Android App "Smart AudioBook Player" has a feature that fades the current playback out when your phone doesn't move for 5 minutes (can be set to whatever you choose). once you shake your phone it aborts the progress. it can easily be activat
  7. I searched but I couldn't seem to find an existing topic on this. I feel like this has got to be my stupidity because I can't see how no one has mentioned this before. So my apologies if this is a duplicate topic and can you please point me to the old one? In case this is the first time this has been reported, I use offline sync to my mobile on Emby a lot now that I fully switched over from Plex. If I watch something offline and then close it, then come back later to it, it does not resume and I cannot find my left off point anywhere. However, as soon as I connect to my Emby server, my lef
  8. blakkmaan

    Audiobooks / Music Resume Playback

    Hey, in the past i had my emby server on a NUC, now its switched back on my DS218+. For some reason i miss the feature "resume playback" of my audiobooks or music. i had this working on my NUC and i got single file audiobooks (length about 8hrs xD) so resume playback is essential to use emby for that. how can i enable this? i dont see any option right away, but could be blindness Ok, i found the actual problem. first of all, for whatever reason i needed to rearrange the librarys to get the feature working.i got audiobooks with files that go something like 8-14hrs ... there must be
  9. Would like to be able to resume playback using external player such as MPC-HC with Emby Theater. This was possible with Emby on WMC,activated through the "web interface" in MPC-HC somehow. Just switched my HTPC to Win 10 and did not realize it was not a feature with ET. Thanks, CFC
  10. Technik

    Crash on resume

    Hello. There is a problem with Emby Theater 1.0.44 on UE49MU6100. Some times when I resume a video the app hangs and won't respond to commands, and will crash when I press back button. There is outgoing traffic from the server when I press resume but than it stops. If I resume from the other device it plays ok, and if I rewind some time forward or backwards, than it resumes fine on TV. Log.txt
  11. germanicus

    No resume on any video

    Hello all, So far I really love Emby. It has provided 95% of the solutions I need for multiple users in my home however, there is one really nagging issue that is kind of a deal breaker. I bought premium for one month to see if it's worth it and the only thing holding me back now from purchasing a lifetime membership is this one issue. No videos will resume playing if I leave that video's screen. It correctly marks where I left off and when I go to play it from where I left off it quickly loads to that marker and then the slider moves to the beginning of the file and pauses. If I hit p
  12. So I have bean messing around the the custom css function and i'm wondering what the code is for changing the play interface color from green to whatever color. Like the scrubber or the volume bar?
  13. Hello, HELP ME PLEASE!!!! I purchased the HDMI wifi EXCast4K dongle --> https://shopping.ezcast.com/prod/ezcast4k It works fine but has some problems because Emby server can transmit video files via DLNA protocol to the dongle, but it is not possible to control the time or volume. Using other types of software and transmitting the DLNA video stream to the dongle, time and volume control is possible. Could you verify and possibly solve the problem by reporting it to the programmers? I am available to perform all the tests you want to help you solve. Thank you
  14. Currently, if you watch an in progress recording, reach the point to where it’s live, and then you exit out of the recording, it will be considered as watched. Would it be possible to only set as watched when you reach the in progress program’s end time, rather than the end of what’s currently recorded? That way, you can come back to a recording you’ve only had the chance to watch the first 15 minutes of, and resume right where you left off. Not only that, but if you can show the proper duration of the show in the player, you would be able to tell how far along a show has been recorded
  15. Hello I was trying to resume a movie on my phone, but was unable to find the resume button. There was only the play button, although a resume point is available. Long pressing did not bring up an additional menu. Requesting the desktop site did not change anything. This behavior also shows on desktop web browsers. When windows are the normal size, both resume and play buttons are displayed (when a resume point is available). However, when the browser is made smaller (horizontally, to about 1015 pixels), when it switches over to the "small screen UI", there is no resume button. I am
  16. Hi all im looking for some help. For a while now ive been unable to play new shows or movies but im able to play ones I have previously watch fine, which is very odd. Im able to play the other shows and movies fine over the network as normal. Thanks.
  17. echoxxzz

    Can't resume when using MadVR

    If I configure ET to use MadVR I can't resume any videos. I have to hit pause then play to get the video playing again. I can start playing a video just fine. I tested this on three different PC's and I get the same results using Emby Theater 2.9.2 and 2.8.8. Is there a setting I need to configure in order to get Emby-Theater to resume a video using MadVR?
  18. I often just watch one or two chapters from a music video for my favorite tracks. However, Emby then puts them into the resume playback category. In this case I do not want to resume and they clutter up the interface. Can Emby have features to: 1) For items in resume playback list have a button to cancel the resume 2) Have a setting at the Media Library level to exclude all items in the library from being resumed. I could then flag my music video library in one go.
  19. Hi, I've been using XBOX 360 as an extender and now i'm having pause/resume/skip issues. It seems that only transcoded files from server are unable to pause or skip. When I try it I receive an error and have to start from beginning. But when files are "Direct Playing" pause/skip.. works Do you have any solution to my problem? Reg, Arni Thor
  20. I have notice that when I play an audio book or podcast from a resumed location, if I pause the playback then resume playback it starts back on the last resumed location. For example if I resume a podcast at 00:54:34 listen for 5 minutes and pause it so it is now at 00:59:34. When I press play again it will go back to the 00:54:34 instead of 00:59:34. To get around this I need to stop the podcast instead of pause, this way it will update the resume location and go to the correct time. This issue does not happen if there is no resumed location. When starting an audio book/podcast from the b
  21. KidNamedCudi

    Clear Resume time

    Can you please add the ability to clear a resume point from somewhere inside the episode or movie's information? Right now if I want to get something out of the "Continue Watching" I have to start it from the beginning, let it load, and then back out of the episode or movie.
  22. Hallo liebe Gemeinde, Problem1: Ich brauche eure HILFE , es geht darum ich habe zwei Systeme wo Kodi 17.4 darauf läuft, einmal einen Fire tv2 und einen Fire tv stick und einen emby server auf dem RaspberryPi 3 . Ich habe das Problem das jedes mal wenn ich einen Film schaue und den zum Beispiel nach 30 min Stoppe wird er mir bei Kodi sowie auf dem emby Server als gesehen angezeigt und kann ihn nicht an der gestopten stelle weiter fortführen. Problem2: Wenn ich über meinen Computer schauen möchte dann kann ich die Filme anwählen aber er spielt sie nicht ab ffmpeg ist installiert .
  23. Hi everyone, the issues I have is with my Sony TV BRAVIA KDL-32EX521 via DLNA. - When I pause the video and press play the files plays from beginning - When I press Fast Forward the screen goes blank - When I press Rewind the file starts from the beginning I have Serviio and used Plex before without issue. I have attached my logs let me know if you need anymore info. Start looking at log at 2016-01-05 15:38:38.8796 Emby Version 3.0.5783.0 Thanks in advance. Log_160105 sideshowdad.zip
  24. Today when we start playing something... the items goes automatically to "Resume" list, if we don't end watching it. It happens that sometimes we really don't want end watching the item. And there's no way of removing it, so it bloats that list, until you watch it... or start meddling with the "Watched" button. I ask devs that, for items in "Resume" list, another icon pops up when hovering the item. That icon could be just a "X" allowig us to remove it, without changing the watched status, whatever it is.
  25. AllesMeins

    Runtime missing (possibly) on all files?

    I've noticed that resume points are not working when using kodi+emby. Instead a movie is instantly set to "watched" after i started it. I've searched a little bit and one possible explanation is a missing runtime - but I'm not 100% sure if that is the case (there are some other clues pointing to that: e.g sorting by runtime in emby does not work either), because I could not find a single place where emby displays the runtime. So my first question before investigating further is: Where is the runtime displayed in emby? How can I confirm that the runtime is missing (or not)?
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