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Found 20 results

  1. Hello everyone Last Friday I restarted my Docker Emby container on Unraid. I lost all my libraries. I had the "Server Configuration Backup" extension, but no restore worked. I was using this Emby package, so I thought that this one had a problem. So I installed a new package at the end of the day. Everything was working until today when I had no cover image on my libraries. I restarted my container, and I lost all my containers. I also tried a restore but nothing worked. Also, it deleted my old Emby log files... However, I found an error in the little log file
  2. EDIT To clear things up: The title of my post is the feature request itself, while the bulleted content is one proposed solution that I’ve come up with to achieve it. It doesn’t have to be “solved” that way. Seeing as how many Emby users value customization, a different proposition could be the following. Allow users to chose navigation styles on all clients by giving the option to utilize a navigation drawer (like the web app already has). The point of this request is to accomplish exactly what the title says because, at the moment, different clients offer exclusive, different
  3. BruceDavid

    One File in Two Libraries

    Hi, I am using Emby on Win 10. I have several libraries created. One of which is Movies which uses as a content type, "Movies." Another is Music Videos which uses as a content type "Mixed Content." I have a directory on my computer called "Movies" and the content from there is showing-up nicely in the Movies library. I have another directory on the computer called "Music Videos" and the content from there is showing-up nicely in the "Music Videos" library. This content is mostly short form music videos. But, there is some content that I would like to have in both libraries.
  4. I would like to have the option to view and play the Libraries as they are stored on the server: by Folders. It seems that it would be a great feature. I would prefer to use it. I've made also a similar request for the Android app.
  5. I’d like to be able to set a library to filter its contents, rather than including everything in a folder. in particular I’d like to be able to filter by language, so I can have one library that contains only TV shows with English audio, and another that has only shows with Russian audio, and I can have both pointed at the same folder (containing some English, some Russian, and some dual audio). In another topic Luke confirmed that filters for language will be in the next release, but as far as I know there’s no way to permanently set a filter for library contents. Searching with fil
  6. Currently I have my categories broken down into reasonable settings, but it would be nice to be able to put libraries into folders, especially for content that doesn't match/fit Emby's expectations of particular content, such as wrestling. For example my current libraries would be: 4K Movies Kung Fu Wrestling It would be cool to be able to have: Movies -4K -Movies -Kung Fu Wrestling -Documentaries -Shows -PPV
  7. Hey Guys, I am still trying out emby and in the middle of changing over from plex. my question is to find out why my libraries are not showing up properly. i have 2 main folders (movies) and (tv shows) these both work fine how ever i have another folder within my movies directory (movies 4k) which isn't working properly, no movies are showing up but the folder icon on the top show there are movies there. really stuck on how to fix this as i want 1 main library for all movies and then sub folders to other types like 4k movies etc. any help would be grateful. thanks guys
  8. dhenzler

    Permission ?

    I've been playing with FreeNAS and Emby now for a week. I had a NAS booting directly on BSD, and then had to use another computer to manage that. How rediculous! So after making it work, and installing Emby on my Media Center box, I knew enough about it to play with some ideas. So I installed a new SSD and loaded Linux Mint. Installed Emby Installed VMware Installed FreeNAS on BSD connected my 4 drives Created a pool called nasty Setup Samba sharing And could find and read and write to smb://freenas.local/nasty However Emby doesn't recognise the samba share... so I figured it was becau
  9. Hello all. I updated Emby Server today (or installed on top of it since i had the most current version but i was troubleshooting something i had asked in a previous post). My library is devided into 4 sections: Movies HD, Movies SD, Series, Trailers Web app shows the library correctly. However, Emby Theater shows 3 "Movies HD", 1 "Movies SD" and 1 "Series". Meaning 3 times the HD movies one. How do i troubleshoot that? Thank you in advance. Dimitris
  10. As i just lost my entire typescript -- Emby server is quite often sluggish and unresponsive. May show libraries on the home page of the web app, but nothing else. If it shows the libraries, it will show nothing inside them more often than not. Lots of time with the spinner. Similar issues with the Roku, iOS, and Android apps. I've very occasionally been able to watch or listen to things, but even when I can get into a library and get it to display items, the library is usually incomplete. Artist sorts in music return either endless spinner, or very partial results. As I recently added tw
  11. levander

    Bug (?) creating libraries

    Hi, It happened to me several times while creating a new library in emby server : if I click OK button (confirming creation of library) more then once there will be duplicate libraries created with exactly the same name with numbers 1,2,3... (depends how many times I clicked OK) at the end. I just delete the duplicates and there doesn't seem to be any further problems but it is a little bit confusing/annoying. (OK doesn't respond promptly when clicked the first time, that is why I was clicking it more than once)
  12. Hello! I could have sworn the other day that it was possible to group multiple libraries together in the library view, but now I'm finding myself insane, as it doesn't seem to be the case. I've got an interesting layout that seems necessary for my wrestling. What was originally a Mixed Content single library called Wrestling I have reorganized into 3 separate libraries: Wrestling - Documentaries Wrestling - Shows Wrestling - Misc I would like these to appear in the main libraries list just as "Wrestling" with the sub-libraries then being listed when one enters the initial Wrest
  13. deimos3@yahoo.com

    Missing videos

    I have the latest version of Emby server installed on my computer. I also have the Emby app installed on my Amazon TV Fire Stick. I've divided my videos into separate folders so they would be individual libraries and entered these as instructed via the Emby server dashboard. However, when I go to my TV and select the Emby app and libraries, in the libraries only a few or none of my videos are present. Even doing a name search won't bring them up. I use the "scan library" feature every time I put a new video in my libraries, so that's not the problem. Why can't I see my videos on my Emby
  14. LurchZA

    Moving libraries

    I have an existing Emby instance running on Windows 10 Professional. The machine has multiple hard drives with a basic structure replicated across them. For example: C:\ - OS D:\Movies D:\TV E:\Movies E:\TV I've now added an additional drive. Created the same folder structure and obviously added it to the Emby I would like to move some of the content from the other drives to the new one because they're filling up. I moved one TV show to test. When I moved it, it no longer showed that I had watched any of the episodes. The question is, is it possible to move co
  15. All my libraries had disappeared after this Version update. I hadn't used it for a while, i started emby server, it auto-updated, i restarted it and now there's nothing. None of the libraries are listed in the dashboard. But the library titles are listed on the 'Home' left-hand slide-in menu when you click the 'Home' burger button.
  16. Hi guys... I was wondering if there's any plans to make users on a server have the ability to set per library permissions. For example on my Music folder I might want some users to be able to stream/listen to the library, but not be able to download them. Others I might want the other way around. But at the same time. I may want them to not be able to encode/stream video to their devices but instead download the full file and play it locally. (Guests for example who are not in my network.) Where as another user I might prefer that they have the ability to stream or download video but have
  17. Windows Server: Version 3.0.5781.8 Hi Forum - I have been looking at Settings>Home Page>My Views to solve a "wish list" item that I brought up quite a while ago. Historically, I have organized my TV Series collections by container format, for example: TV Series (AVI) \Series A \Season 01 \Season 02 TV Series (MKV) \Series A \Season 03 \Season 04 When I add both of these folder paths to a library I get a duplication of the series rather than merging/displaying all seasons under the single series. I thought by selecting TV Series in My Views (Automatic
  18. Was wondering if there is any chance of being able to hide specific libraries from specific clients. Currently I see we can hide libraries from specific users but I'm more after not having games,books,comics,music show up in my MBC setup or whatever client you want to avoid showing this content in.
  19. Hello - newbie here I have setup a library for my films and a movie library for my kids films. In the now tv app I only seem to be able to see movies. Should I be able to see them listed separately?
  20. Blue Kachina

    Default Library Plus Others

    Hopefully this is a simple request, and one that others will see the merit in too. Essentially, the media center users in my home will typically all be sharing the same "Movies" and "TV" libraries, and only our "Music" libraries will be different. Because of this, I think it would probably be ideal if the server allowed for all users to use the Default Library (which I would define to include "Music" and "TV") and then be able to add custom libraries on top of that. I do see that this has been requested by one other (jj12345) as well, but it was in a post that included multiple items, so
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