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Found 15 results

  1. Hi there, I've set up my old PC as a standalone server running Emby, along with Windows AD, DHCP and DNS Services. Specs are an i5-7400, 16GB of DDR4 RAM, 120GB SATA boot drive, and a Storage Space with 2x4TB HDDs and a 500GB NVMe SSD for cache. I've mostly been using the server for streaming my music collection (which I'm still building on!) However, I've been trying streaming films/TV Shows from my server, and I've started to have a few problems. The issues I've been having mainly relate to my LG Smart TV (43UN8100), but also my Xbox One S. When I stream video on the Smart TV, it usually stutters and results in me not being able to comfortably watch the video. This seems to happen regardless of the resolution of the video/whether I'm direct-playing or transcoding. When I'm playing the videos on the Xbox, they start off playing fine, but then the Xbox will start dropping frames like a madman while still playing the audio. This has been tested using the Emby Theater apps and the native DLNA apps on both the Xbox and the LG TV. This perplexes me as the videos play fine on my Windows 11 PC, my Samsung Tab S7+, and also on my Note20 Ultra (I've even tested this over 5G and it plays fine). With regards to my network setup, the LG TV, Windows 11 PC and the Xbox are connected via Ethernet. My Note20 and Tab S7 are both on Wi-Fi or 5G. It seems like the issue could be device-related, but I'm unable to work out where the issue would lie. I've also taken a look at my Task Manager on the server while streaming, and the server doesn't seem to be overloaded or stressed at all. I've noticed that the network speed on the NIC fluctuates while streaming, but I'd assume this is normal? The videos themselves are encoded as H.264 with the highest bitrate being 44Mbps. Some of the videos are 1080p/30fps, others are 4K/24fps. I genuinely can't figure out what I'm doing wrong here, so I'm hoping someone can set me on the right path. Thank you! embyserver.txt
  2. Hi friends, since a couple of days now even low bitrate direct play freezes frequently in my Sony Bravia. (Like once every 15 to 30 minutes everything freezes for 10 to 60 seconds) It was working perfectly for months If not years. All other apps and other devices, no problems. Testet LAN and WLAN. Bandwidth is stable. Server settings didnt change like forever. Does anybody experience the same issues? Was there a recent app update maybe? Thanks Soki
  3. I have a few family members that use my emby server remotely for years now w/o issue. But within the last few months some locations have been seeing issues. I'm in Chicago with a 185/15Mbps connection. I have family in Chicago, Tampa, Atlanta and Phoenix. Now the family in Chicago(remote) and Phoenix have not reported any issues. But the Family in Atlanta and Tampa have. The ones in Tampa have tried playing on an XBox One, Android phone, Chromecast and IPad. They start a video and it stutters for a few seconds before getting worse to the point of stopping. But when they use a Firestick it works fine. The issue with that is only one family has a firestick. The ones in Atlanta use a Sony Android TV and report either heavy buffering of freezing at the begin of playback. The issues are worse on movies then they are on TV shows. All households have 3-digit download speeds. Here are the logs when my brother-in-law tried to watch a movie and it froze instantly. Is this a known issue or is there anything in my logs that can point to a cause? embyserver.txt ffmpeg-transcode-88e31d65-eea1-4e65-a7c5-d9cc913faef9_1.txt
  4. Over the last week, multiple users have complained about constant stuttering on all movies and shows. Iv'e tried finding the common denominator, however all the devices they stream from are different. The most current complaint I have can be located in the logs where my friend was streaming the movie Tropic Thunder. Please help me figure this out, as I've tried turning on and off gpu transcoding. I currently have a RTX 2060 gpu in case that helps.
  5. Good morning, I'm writing this because I wanted to highlight an issue I've been having with the Surface Pro X, which is a Windows on ARM always-connected device. The issues I'm having with the app are: It seems downmixing is not working properly for 5.1 and 7.1 audio. Audio sounds very, very low despite ensuring all settings such as the volume bar and system volume are maxed out Content with stereo audio sounds normal as far as I can tell Playback of any video over Cellular plays for about 0.5seconds, then freezes. It will continue pausing and playing like a delayed stutter with a few seconds in between. If I switch to Wi-Fi, the content will play at normal speeds, but the audio depending on the content will still be low.I've already verified cellular speeds were more then enough for playbackI've tried it with the eSIM and nanoSIM Playback through Edge Chromium and Firefox <both of them ARM64 builds> are normal. I would like to use Emby Theater for the better integrated syncing/downloading options and other benefits it provides. Since there already is an official ARM64 build, I'm wondering if some attention can be given to this issue. Thanks for your time.
  6. jdewoody71

    Fast Forwarding Remotely

    Hello! Does anyone have any suggestions on how I could tweak my server settings to help with family fast forwarding remotely. The main complaint is that after the FF, the stream stutters a lot and may recover, it may not. I don't experience this locally. I have 1G/50Mb service and my server is dedicated to Emby with i7/16GB RAM/500GB SSD. Thanks for any ideas you might have!
  7. I have a .STRM file and have disabled transcoding for the user. In the dashboard the content shows up as direct played but it is evident this is not happening because there is massive stutter. I looked in the log files and Emby is still using FFmpeg to transcode it even though it should be direct play. I am using Emby Web Client on Chrome.
  8. So I switched from Plex a while back as I prefer the way Emby handles my media and the plugins. But no matter what setting I pick I can not get stable playback of anything remotely. My internet connection is 400mbps/40mbps so that shouldn't be the problem. When playing from within the network with the windows server I have no issues and can play back anything in full quality. But when streaming it will only play for anywhere from a couple seconds to maybe a minute before it pauses, then continues. The pauses may be a second or 2 or may be 10 or so seconds. Regardless of how low I turn the settings it will not play without pausing. For music it is the same. It doesn't mater if I set it to 2mbps, 320kbps or auto. It is the same result. I want to continue paying to support the project but it has basically been unusable for me since I got it. I should note that chrome playback on my phone is maybe a little bit better than the app, but it still does the same thing. My phone is an LG V20.
  9. Having problems where playback seems to stutter or stall on a particular android tv box. After about a minute of playback, the problem occurs. However, I do not have this problem playing back the same media on another android tv box, namely the nvidia shield. -1st server log and 1st 5 ffmpeg logs are for the affected android tv box -2nd server log and the 6th & 7th ffmpeg log are for the unaffected nvidia shield server log 12-17.txt ffmpeg log 1.txt ffmpeg log 2.txt ffmpeg log 3.txt ffmpeg log 4.txt ffmpeg log 5.txt 2nd server log 12-17.txt ffmpeg log 6.txt ffmpeg log 7.txt
  10. I have just moved across from Plex to Emby on my Unraid server as I prefer the interface. One of the key features for me with Plex was sync'ing and downloading a copy of a TV show onto my device to watch whilst on the move. I encoded and syncronized 3 episodes of a TV show yesterday to watch on my journey to work. However, every episode was terrible. Stuttering and Video frame dropouts making the video impossible to watch. All three episodes were the same. I couldn't find where the files were stored so could not test with another player. If this is not resolvable I will have to dump my subscription and move back to Plex as this is a key feature for me. I have searched the forums and although there are similar cases raised in the past, I have found no potential resolution to the issue. The device I am sync'ing to is Google pIxel 2 XL. Plenty of horse power. thanks in advance, Gary
  11. jasonwilliams

    A Problem Channel - IPTV

    Hello, I have one problem channel when I try to play it over an Emby Connect connection. It works fine on my LAN. I've tried multiple external connections and no matter how fast, this one channel stutters. I've also try lowering the resolution to the minimum and it makes no diff. I can send the M3U for this channel over PM if you need it. I have attached the FFMPEG log. Thanks, Jason FFMPEG.txt
  12. I attached logs directly from Emby Server on my QNAP TS251 at 10:05 CST username logged in "Mike". Started log on Channel 11 at about 9:50, only one freeze, switched to Channel 5 at 9:58 and the "normal" freezing (occurring every minute or so, with a 5-10 second delay). Network is gigabit ethernet direct wired to Android TV (device X96mini version 7.1.2) running Emby for Android TV Version 1.5.32g. Can use HDHomerun app and no freeze. Playback movies, and stream from HBO, no freeze. Only live TV. Settings are default. Freezing happens on every channel. Suggestions? Thanks.
  13. Ember stutters when playing MKV files. Also, Audio seems to get out of sync and several MKV file stop playing altogether. However, those that stutter and stop playing work fine when playing them with MPC-HC, VLC and Movies and TV across the network in my own home. I'm running Ember version: 4.1.160 on Win 10 Home ver 1607 with Intel i7-3720QM CPU w/ 8GB Ram. Please advise.
  14. Hi folks, This weekend I've been having a blast troubleshooting assorted Emby minor issues. So far, so good, with just one left to go: I've got a new windows tablet, and I would like to use it as a roving Emby client, within my home. I'm a paid supporter; I've installed the latest Theater release from the web. After some hiccups due to server issues (now trouble-shot) I've got it basically working, and standard definition video is playing fine. But any high def video (stored as MKV files on the Emby Server, standard h264 video with AAC or DTS non-high def sound) is super stuttery when played on the tablet through wifi via emby. My guess is that the effective connection speed of the wifi is somehow too slow and I'm requesting advice troubleshooting this. Here are the basics of the situation: 1. The Emby Server is part of my HTPC which runs Emby through WMC. It's an older Windows 7 x 64 box, dual core Kuma processor, but it's fast enough for anything I've ever asked it to do. It has no problem handling watching 2 HD streams at once on wired connections. 2. The network in the house is all wired as gigabit including all switches. As far as access points go I've got the main router which is a Netgear WNDR4300 and a Linksys EA3500 as a supplemental access point. Any wifi device connects strongly to either of these; I'm not doing anything in a fringe area. 3. Emby Theater works fine on my wired-Ethernet desktop PC (Windows 7 64 bit). No stuttering playing the content. 4. I've got an android tablet; the Emby app plays the HD content just fine (via wifi) no stuttering. 5. The new Win 10 tablet is a cheap thing (Nextbook Flexx 10, $100 at Walmart). However, it plays LOCAL media from it's SSD or a microsd just fine without stuttering if I run MPC-HC or some such. In other words, the tablet can render HD video fine. It only stutters when playing via wifi. So, with those as the basic facts, I did some troubleshooting: A. Checked my Win 10 settings... what else is using wireless? As far as I can tell, nothing. I've disabled the peer to peer update scam MS uses, and the tablet is currently up to date so it's not feeling compelled to download anything new. I've turned off the telemetry that is under my control. In Task Manager, network usage rests at 0% unless I start doing something deliberate like streaming video. B. If I go on the tablet to speedtest.net, my results are pretty variable. Full speed to the testing site depends on my neighborhood's traffic load, but typically I will see between 30 and 50 Mbps download speeds when testing from a wired computer, and when testing from the tablet, I often get 15-20 Mbps, which suggests the tablet's connection to the router is at least adequate for our purposes. Once in a while it is much slower (<5 Mbps), which worries me, though, because I can't explain it. B. When I start Emby Theater on the tablet, I see a bit of network activity (in Task Manager), under 1 Mbps, while it loads up. It quickly returns to zero. So far, so good. Let's say I play an episode of Hannibal (HD). I hit play. This is what happens: I get the circle animation which says it's starting. It will play fine for a few seconds, then start stuttering. Total Network usage per Task Manager will vary from 15% to 70%. I'll get a few spikes from System and Compressed Memory using a few Mbps of bandwidth. Interestingly, Emby Theater app (up at the top of Task Manager) will show 0 Mbps. However, Antimalware Service Executable (I'll call it ASE) is using on average 25 Mbps. Say what? If I pause playback that ASE drops to zero Mbps. C. If I try playing content on the server PC just using the tablet's Windows Video Application (Movies & TV), I see ~20 Mbps video usage by that application and it's super stuttery. No blips from ASE. D. If I try to play content on the server PC just using the tablet and MPC-HC the MPC-HC app shows lots of network usage on the order of 30 Mbps and the video may or may not stutter. Let's say it's similarly stuttery as Emby Theater. No blips from that ASE thing. E. Once in a while, Emby Theater plays the content just fine. F. Just now I unpaused the video in Emby Theater and it plays fine for a minute or so, then starts stuttering. Total network usage per task manager's total at the top is around 30% (ranging from 15%-40%) and the ASE is showing 0 Mbps, as is the Emby Theater app. No idea why Emby Theater doesn't seem to be using network. Looking at the wifi Performance details, I see the usual spikes in bandwidth use, from 15-50 Mbps. Any ideas how to troubleshoot this? I'm a bit out of my depth here. Thanks Marc
  15. (I originally posted this on the old support forums for MB2 but I think it's still relevant info. Hopefully it can get added to the tutorials.) If you're like me, you use MB over your XBox 360 and if you're like me you've had nothing but issues with your MKV files especially as of late. These are my finds and they are based upon the fact that you have a properly installed MB and are already capable of watching some MKV files on your XBox, these fixes are only to correct specific issues. ***Problem #1*** "ARGH! My MKV plays but it's stuttering like crazy."* (Jerky video playback) ***Solution:*** This is most likely caused by either subtitles or menus added to the MKV file. To correct this. Download MKVToolnix and use mkvmerge.exe to remove the subtitles and menus like this; - Open mkvmerge GUI and load your problem MKV - Uncheck the boxes next to any subtitles or menus. - Make sure the check marks next to the Video and Audio stream are still checked and hit "Start Muxing" The resulting file should play with no issues at this point. ***Problem #2*** "OMFG WHAT IS WRONG WITH THIS STUPID THING?!?!? I have audio but no video.* (Audio is playing fine but the screen is black) ***Solution:*** Don't know how or why but this fixes it; - Open mkvmerge.exe and load your problemed MKV (mkvmerge.exe is a part of MKVToolnix) - Click on your video stream under "Tracks, chapters and tags:" - Click on the "Extra Options" tab and for "Compression" select none. Do the same as step 3 for the audio stream. - Make sure the check marks next to the Video and Audio stream are still checked and hit "Start Muxing" The resulting file should play with no issues at this point. ***Problem #3*** "Ok I've tried everything and nothing works. 'Bounces head off desk'."* (No worries, you're not alone.) ***Solution:*** You unfortunately may need to re-encode your video files. This isn't as scary as you might think and as long as you're running a decent computer it shouldn't take more than a couple hours to re-encode your file. Here's what to do; - Grab a program called Handbrake and a program called MediaInfo and install them. When installing MediaInfo select "Text" for Output format. Once you've installed Handbrake change the "Priority level" to Normal in options under the "System and Logging" tab. - Drag and drop your video file onto the MediaInfo icon and remember one bit of info, under the video section, "Bit rate" - Now drag and drop your video file onto the Handbrake icon and change the "Output Settings" to "MKV File" then reference the following links to set the rest of the settings. Video Tab, Audio Tab, Advanced Tab - With all these settings set I recommend saving the profile for future use. Then the only thing you need to set each time is the "Bit rate" on the "Video" tab. - Press "Start" and wait for your encode to finish. I strongly recommend leaving your computer alone until it's done. (If you use my settings exactly, you will see no difference in the video quality of your file and it will play perfectly on the XBox.) *If none of this works for you, maybe you've found a new problem for me to beat my head against the wall about. lol Post it in here and I'll try to help you.* **My Setup Is** - Intel i5-3350p - 16gig of ram - 20TB Raid 0 (Where all my videos are stored) - 256GB SSD (Where Windows/MB3 are stored) - Win 8.1 Pro 64-bit - Shark007 Standard Codecs (32bit and 64bit v1.7.6 at time of posting this) - XBox 360 (I do not use Transcoding and all files play over the 360) - MB3/MB3 Classic - Current Release I find it doesn't matter what bit rate your files are at or size. I play files well over 7GB on my xbox with 5.1 audio with no issues. Make sure you have the "Optional Media Update" update found in the xbox live market place installed on your xbox it allows for AAC audio and a few other things it doesn't talk about.
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