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Found 3 results

  1. Hi all, I have run into a rather weird issue this evening after reviewing my hardware encoder options. After seeing a remote user connecting and playing a media file that needed to be transcoded due to global bit rate limitations, I noticed that it was streaming at a rather low bitrate of ~900kbps when the global limit was set to 2.5mbps. My upload speed is more than capable of achieving this and has done so without issue in the past. I hopped onto DSM to see what was up and found my CPU usage was spiking to 99-100%, which was causing the slow down. This has never happened before and I would typically only see CPU usage of 10-20% while transcoding any file, so I thought to check my hardware acceleration options, as per the wiki suggests, to ensure nothing was switched off. I found that I still had hardware acceleration set to 'Advanced', but weirdly enough, no options appeared under 'Preferred Hardware Encoders' as they had just a week ago. See the screenshot. It is almost as though it no longer recognizes any of the hardware options for hardware acceleration on my NAS. I am stumped as to what has caused this sudden switch. My only inclination would be that it has to do with my recent upgrade from Synology DSM firmware 6.2.3-25426 Update 3 to version 6.2.4-25554 last evening. That upgrade went smoothly and nothing indicated there was an error, but this is the only major change from last week to today. I have confirmed that this occurs both for remote users and myself while local. This issue occurs on a variety of different platforms including Amazon Fire TV devices, Firefox, etc. I also confirm that the spikes completely subside once I stop playing/transcoding of media files. Direct play files are seemingly not causing spikes of this nature. My Emby Premiere license also appears to be correctly input and resolving fine. I am also running the official package, not within Docker. Any help would be appreciated so I can adjust my hardware acceleration options to not cause spikes. Included is the server, hardware, and transcoding log of a problem file. Thank you. Server Specifications: Synology 920+ 8GB Memory Firmware: 6.2.4-25554 Emby:
  2. I want to suggest you to add powerful HW+ decoder in Emby Android TV client app. In this way, a totally fluid reproduction is ensured without jerks and without jumps in the image of all devices with the Android TV operating system. MX Player app (MX Media - formerly J2 Interactive), managed to achieve wonderful results in fully smooth playback without stuttering or skips on Android TV images with its powerful HW+ video decoder. Do you know if the internal player in the Plex Android TV client app has an HW+ decoder? It is that the Plex client works almost identically to the MX player, without jerks and without startles in the images. Thanks. greetings
  3. As the internal player of the Emby app for Android TV is unable to have a powerful video decoder with HW+ configuration, identical to the HW+ decoder of the MX player (MX Media - formerly J2 Interactive), which is one of the few players that achieves smooth playback with no stuttering and no skipping on my main TV. For this reason I am forced to use the Emby app for Android TV with the external player MX (MX Media - formerly J2 Interactive) that with its powerful HW+ video decoder works wonders getting totally smooth playback, without jerks and without jumps in the images. For all that I have explained above, I request that you please try to make the Emby server for Windows operating system more compatible, and also the Emby app for Android TV, so that both the server and the Emby app work better with the player. external MX (MX Media - formerly J2 Interactive), and the following errors and problems that I am going to give you below are solved: 1) When I'm watching the episodes of the TV strips, I have to manually mark each episode as fully played. 2) When stopping playback in the middle of an episode, or a movie, to play again I have to manually find the exact minute and second to continue watching. It is unable to resume playback from the minute and second of the stop position. So I have to waste time manually searching for the exact minute and second to resume playback. 3) After a few minutes of playing with the external player MX (MX Media - formerly J2 Interactive) it seems that the Emby app for Android TV closes by itself, because after stopping the playback the welcome banner of the Emby app appears Emby like it was opening up again from scratch. And I have to navigate through the entire menu of my libraries again to get to the TV strip or movie I'm watching. 4) The Emby server never sends the information to the external player MX (MX Media - formerly J2 Interactive) of the default or forced subtitle and audio tracks, and I have to manually select the default audio track and the forced subtitle track. 5) Since the exact minute and second of the stop playback position is never marked, when I want to continue watching on another device by resuming playback, I have to spend time manually searching the exact minute and second to resume playback. In conclusion, using Emby with an external player is a real bummer, and a real hassle, all the time, a real mess. Another suggestion is that you make compatible, and enable in the next version of the Emby server for Windows a configuration option so that I can use the Android TV client application of the famous and well-known competitor of Emby, the one that begins with the letter P , as the internal player of the client, from Emby's competitor works very well, almost similar to the player MX (MX Media - formerly J2 Interactive) with no skipping and no jerking on TV images. Thanks Greeting.
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