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Found 9 results

  1. Hi, this kind of surpasses a "feature" request but I got the idea from @sydlexius and this thread. From that lengthy discussion I realized I liked the mobile UI a lot more then the TV version's, but that adopting the mobile one would probably never come to fruition. I therefore suggest that, instead of having two separate apps in development, Emby could benefit from having one app for the android platform but with the option of choosing either the TV layout or the mobile one. Using the mobile APK (even on the powerful Shield TV) lags in playback, and since it's main purpose isn't for TV usage it's unlikely to get fixed. Optimizing for both platforms might seem tedious at first but it's what comes after that'll make it worth it. The TV UI, in my opinion, caters to individuals that likes to have everything available within the OSD while the mobile one is designed with minimalism in mind. I prefer the latter one of the aforementioned two. I'm very much in the dark of the complications with honoring such a request so I might be wishing for the impossible, but on paper it feels like a win-win for everyone including the developers.
  2. In addition to (but not contingent on) a related feature request ( https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/43845-emby-server-emby-theater-support-nfo-files-and-automatic-metadata-lookup-for-extras/ ), I recommend Emby Theater display the full Title, Duration and any other Metadata below the currently selected Extra using something along the lines of the UX pattern called "Thumbnail grid expanding preview". See the following for examples: https://tympanus.net/codrops/2013/03/19/thumbnail-grid-with-expanding-preview/ https://tympanus.net/Tutorials/ThumbnailGridExpandingPreview/ http://www.oriongunning.com/thumbnail-grid-expanding-preview/ http://www.oriongunning.com/demo/gridder/ While the current layout is clean and concise, it is not terribly helpful (in my opinion) in knowing what one is considering watching. As far as I can tell the only ways to get more details are to either start playing the item, or Ctrl-D to view Edit Info (neither of which is ideal when you're just browsing). I think that the "Thumbnail grid expanding preview" UX pattern is a decent route to go and in keeping with the general aesthetic of ET. Additionally, once the underlying code is built for this way of displaying data, there are potentially other uses for this UX pattern. One I can think of at the moment (which can be spun off to it's own feature request at some later point) would be to have items in "More Like This" respond this way, so that you get a mini-detailed view of some of the item metadata and then the option to click through to that item's page to actually play the item if desired. This would enable one to more quickly ascertain (without fully going to the item page) if they want to further explore that "More Like This" item or not. Regardless of additional uses (such as for "More Like This" items), I think that some sort of improvement is definitely needed for displaying the details of Extras, and the "Thumbnail grid expanding preview" UX pattern seems like a decent option to me. PS - If this is something you might like to see implemented, be sure to "Like" this top/first post (as well as any subsequent posts in this thread that highlight particular aspects of what you are interested in) -- "Liking" the top/first post helps the Devs to know how much interest there is in a given Feature Request.
  3. Hello, I'm not sure if this exists but I have merely overlooked it. If I have please point me in the right direction. My memory is shot but I am pretty sure I used a plugin for Emby that did this waaay back in the day. Firstly, I use Emby for WMC. I am wondering if a feature could be added / plugin created that would display your media in a style like the TV Guide, having multiple channels, and displaying media randomly for each channel. You could configure all of the channels by naming them what you want, and showing what media folders you wanted on each channel. The plugin would then create a random playlist for each channel. Ideally, it would only play items from the unplayed content, possibly make this an option. It would be great to sit down on a weekend and have Emby play random TV shows and movies for me, much like watching real TV (minus the garbage). My apologies if this has been requested before, and I simply didn't look hard enough. Cheers.
  4. Hello devs, I´d like to suggest some modifications to Web Client interface, some for better space use, others to allow customizations, etc... Just suggestions, no pressure. Other users please say what do you think about them. - Fixes 1. Scan media library percentage doesn't appears in "Library" Screen, just like appears in Dashboard 2. Reduce white frame width of "Server Information", "Paths" and "Active Tasks" in Dashboard, because in some screens the "Recent Activity" and "Latest News" can't fit in the right side and go to below the Tasks. 2a. Maybe happens with me because paths are too long (O.S.'s fault, not mine). Maybe if you word wrap the paths? - In "Paths" on Dashboard: 3. Create a "Clear Cache" button beside the cache section 4. Create a shortcut in Logs section (or linkify the logs path) where clicking goes to Logs (inside HELP) - Screen space optimizations: 5. Move "Thank you for supporting Emby" to below User Icon (upper-right Corner) 6. Allow resizing width of left panel, and remember size with cookie 7. If "Emby Server is up to date" then put it at right side of version, in [ ] Brackets 8. Move server name to inside Header (black ribbon) 9. Move "Ip address" to right of date/time in Recent Activity (Ex: "16/02/2016 10:00:00 -- IP:") 10. Reduce a little the height space between activies in "Recent Activity" That's all for now. What do you think?
  5. Olá pessoal, se alguém pudesse me dar uma dica de como eu consigo retirar a pagina Recentes e a pagina Sugestões do Emby eu agradeço. O que eu pretendo com isso é que quando eu clicar em uma categoria de filmes que eu criei apareça diretamente os filmes e não as Sugestões e nem os recentes, caso tenha alguma maneira de colocar filme na frente deles sem ter que excluir nada seria bom também. Obrigado. Coloquei uma imagem ilustrando o que eu quero que aconteça, caso tenham duvidas de imagem só perguntar.
  6. coolnodje

    Customize movie view

    Maybe I don't want to see the section Awards and Reviewsand If you like ***, check these out...but I want to add my own rating of the movie instead of the IMDB one that i don't think make sense or ... It'd be nice to be able to edit the page view and choose which section one want to see.
  7. Anyone else noticing the text is hidden behind the episode thumb? I'm having that problem on my pc and on my iPhone/iPad I no longer see the forward or back buttons to go to next episode like I do on my PC. Server Version 3.0.5724.6
  8. Hello, Something seems to have changed in the layout in the webclient from beta 5416 to 5421. On the latest release the left and right margins are wider which causes the buttons to not resize like they did before. This is especially noticable when using an iPad. See the screenshots: Pre 5421 5421: Hope this will be fixed. Cheers, Danee
  9. Any chance that with a huge list of movies, series, you can use a keyboard alpha to auto jump to that alphabet selection. So when I press R it'll take me to movies, series starting with R. Without favourites, and with a huge collection it sort of makes the app useless as it takes ages to scroll through everything until you get to where you want to be. This is obviously even slower if you're connected by wifi. Also, when initially seting up the app, it asks whether you'd like the layout for use with keyboard or finger touch, and says you can change this later - where? Finally, how about being able to set the initial view as in the Android app, ie I'd prefer to start the app with Folders being shown rather than the standard layout?
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