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Found 12 results

  1. Hello all, My request is an option in the settings to change the behavior of the OK button. Similar to SmartTubeNext, where you can change the button to Pause playback, Bring up UI, or BOTH Thank you and I appreciate your hard work
  2. I was wondering if implementing this feature could be a possibility eventually. Considering the option to change the version of a movie is so tiny, I'd like to be able to have the poster change whenever choosing the different cut of a movie such as Apoc. Now with the 10,000 cuts it has. I understand I can split apart the movies but this ruins the look and flow of my set up imo and I personally think the ability to change version posters would be neat. I also realized that the information such as length, rating, etc are based on the original release of the film and don't change when selecting another version. Thanks for all the hard work regardless! I attached some photos of an example of the change aswell.
  3. HSEmbyBox

    Auto lock or disable account

    Is there any plan to introduce account lock up or disable if any account is not used (to log into Emby) for "X" number of days? Also if there any option to enable 2FA for login?
  4. ReemyC

    Bookmark Trailers

    If you're like me you've got a collection that is shamelessly large and sometimes you even forget you have something in your library, if you have Cinema Trailers active you get to watch some pretty compelling trailers before your selected flick. So my idea is pretty simple, adding way to bookmark or save the trailers that catch our eye so the next time we have some downtime we could hit up the list and be reminded of those that tickled our fancy. Whaddya Think?
  5. Premise Emby is a media server which manages a media collection so the user does not have to do so. Basis for Feature Request Part of managing that collection is conversion to modern, appropriate media types that utilise better codecs, better encoding techniques. Presently people do most of this outside of Emby. Discussion The underlying tool being used for conversion is ffpmeg, see attached log. What I would like to see is an Advanced Conversion page which exposes some of these options to allow people to better manage their media conversion requirements. Then save these settings into a user-created named profile which can be exported or imported. This profile is then be applied it to a folder or file in the metadata of their collection. Doing so would initiate a conversion process with the settings of that profile. Benefits Current conversion options are limited. The Original Quality setting gives you files with 3MB/s bitrate from any source. Exposing more advanced options would allow the user to define specific conversion requirements and save them for use in their collection. The ability to export/import settings opens up a whole new class of community support. Conversion profiles can be shared between members and it is quite likely you will end up with a subculture of conversion expertise. As one person rightly said "giving advice on encoding is a lifetimes work" so its the community themselves who can do it best. Given the development of profiles and settings in a community of like minded people these can filter up to the Devs on which advanced features can be included in future releases. Reputation Given the right interest and gradual development Emby could easily become known for the best media management of all its competitors, something to distinguish itself in a competitive market. Devs Encoding and developing of such really is a work of passion. So its could easily become a pet project of some Dev to put together an advanced conversion page internally and slowly test out the options. Support Advanced encoding options are really out of scope when it comes to support. The core product does what it needs so if a forum is created for Advanced Conversion then right up front can be disclaimer that use of non standard profiles is at a users own risk. On the other hand, Emby devs working with the community are likely to develop some included advanced profiles that are supported when used for conversion. Thanks for listening. ffmpeg-transcode-a0dd4aa0-cce4-4e99-9e36-76d7599cc2e1_1 (4).txt
  6. I typically have the web dashboard up in a browser tab. Would it be possible to add a "magnifying glass" search button in the top right? I often want to go directly to a series or movie but have to go to the home page first before I can press search.
  7. Whenever there is new content, such as a new trailer or ep, a cute little notification ops up by the systray. This is nice. Unfortunately it stays there until I click the "x". I'd like to request two leves of notifications, such that, say, new version stays onscreen, but new content fades after a few seconds. This could be selectable by the user.
  8. Starlionblue

    A gaggle of Feature Requests for MBT

    Using letters on the number pad of the remote to "go to" a title. For example clicking "2" three times will make "f", which gets you to the titles starting with F. This works in MB Classic. An option on the server to disable the "remember me" box on MBT login. The ability to log in directly after entering the password by pressing OK/Enter instead of having to press enter, scrolling down two clicks and then pressing enter again. If the user has a password, selecting that user should directly open the password entering dialog without having to press enter/ok. Password entry should be "cloaked" with stars, not clear text as now "Manual login" option for hidden users.
  9. I have a user for the kids and a user for the adults. However I don't want either user to have access to admin features such as deletion and so forth. So I have an "admin" user to do all the admin stuff. Typically, the adult or the kids user will be logged in on the HTPC and mobile devices, while the admin user is logged in on my desktop. The problem is that since MB3 (correctly) separates played/nonplayed status, and progress within a media file, when I'm on my desktop and want to play something in the web client it doesn't remember where I was in a file and so forth. I could use MBT or MBC but they are very remote control centric and besides for speed of navigation nothing beats the web interface when you're using a mouse and keyboard. Ideally, there would be an option for one user's played/progress statuses to be slaved to another user's. That way my admin user would simply be fed the statuses from the adult user and conversely anything the admin user does updates the adult user.
  10. Starlionblue

    Making Auto-Organize more clever

    Let me start by saying that Auto-Organize is fantastic. However it is rather picky when it comes to source file naming. Two examples: the.big.bang.theory.721 two.and.a.half.men.1120 In both these cases, Auto-Organize recognizes neither series name nor number. Now, I understand the number because Auto-Organize doesn't know where season begins and series ends (is it s11e20, s1e120 or s112e0?) but I found it weird that it didn't recognize the shows either and auto-fill that in the manual dialog. Feature requests: Typically the problem with Auto-Organize is when the number, as in the examples above, does not follow convention. However there could be some "best guess" involved. For example if the number is three digits, like 721, in almost all cases this means s07e21. Similarly, in the case of four digits, like 1120, it almost always means s11e20. Auto-Organize could also look at the media library database and see what seasons are present. The two queries, "Does the show have more than nine seasons?" and, "What season is the latest one in the library?" would both aid a best guess. Auto-Organize might have multiple best guesses, in which case radio button selection could be implemented. If Auto-Organize has made a best guess, this could be listed on the Auto-Organize page under "Destination" (using a new color) and a single button click could automatically execute the file move and rename. The ordinary "Organize File" button would be retained. Batch processing in "manual" Auto-Organize. Instead of editing each file with "Organize File" and pressing ok, there should be an option to tell Auto-Organize what it should be doing for any relevant files, then pressing one button to have all the changes executed at once. On a side note, does anyone know if there is a command line switch for WinRAR to make it delete an archive after the files have been extracted?
  11. Since MB now stores metadata centrally (yay!), I was thinking of ways to migrate away from the local metadata I have stored. I could delete all XML, jpg and png files from the tree, but this would still leave the hidden "metadata" folders in all TV Show seasons. Seems a bit clunky and risky. So I am making a feature request for a mechanism (plug-in or non) that will grab all local metadata and migrate it to the MB structure (that way you don't need to download every single file again) and then clean up the media folders. Alternatively just delete everything in the media folders without migrating the data (new download instead). An option to dump the migrated data somewhere would be nice too. Just in case you need something.
  12. Right now if you add a media folder it is automatically available to all users. You have to go in and uncheck it for any users who should not have access. Say the folder is full of adult content and some of your users are children, this can rapidly become awkward. Therefore, I'd like to request an option to set for users so that any newly added media folders are automatically NOT accessible (i.e. unchecked) for that user. Like a "only add folders specificied explicitly" or "restricted user" or something. That way if you add, say, a media folder of adult content and forget to uncheck it for all your "restricted" users, they won't automatically see the folder.
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