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Found 21 results

  1. ccastilla

    Back button behaveor

    I see this a inconsistency, but not necessarily an error. When clicking on the back button in any library or folder, Emby it will first take you to the top left movie or show of the screen, and when pressing back again, it will take you back one screen. On the home screen, when pressing back, it will not take you to the top left, it will give the pop-up asking if you want to leave Emby. If I'm anywhere in the home screen I would expect to be taken to the top left, like on any other screen This is sometimes confusing, as the behavior is different in different screens. Even on the main Android TV home screen (not Emby), pressing back will take you to the left most app on the top row (Emby in my case)
  2. Is there a way / could there be a way added on Android TV to enact thumbnail scrubbing when "skipping" by default? I am on Shield TV Pro (2019) right now, and I have to click the down arrow to bring up the show overlay before thumbnails show up for scrubbing. If I just simply click left or right, it just skips without showing any thumbnails.
  3. When I run the android TV version of EMBY client, on my Mi Box S device - all the TV shows images disappear, as in the attached images. I noticed that when I switched all the device settings to English, things work fine.
  4. Hi all, I'm looking at switching from Kodi to Emby. We have Kodi running on a smart TV at our house, with videos on a network share. However, we are looking at buying an RV, and want to take our media collection with us on trips but also have access at home. Kodi does not make this easy, which is why I've been looking into the mobile sync features of Emby. What I would like to do is: Run Emby server on a VM on my UnRaid box at the house, which will handle the ripping, transcoding, and storing video to the network shares. Install Android TV on a Raspberry Pi 4 (4GB) with the Emby Android app and an external hard drive for media storage. Use mobile sync to get media from the server to the RPi so we can take it with us. (Aware this requires a subscription). Has anyone done this, or are there any pitfalls with this setup? I've been trying to setup Android TV on the Pi, but have been hitting some roadblocks, so I might be stuck with an off the shelf android tv box if I can't get that working. Thanks!
  5. I bought the in-app unlock for the AndroidTV app the other day and I am still getting messages about my trail expireing. Now when I select the unlock option in the menu it just gives me an error. I was charged for the purchase and got a confirmation email. I would also like to add that it was a real gut shot to have to buy the app again after already purchasing it for Android.
  6. altairr

    Android TV App 4K UI

    Hello, Since the Android TV app is undergoing it's OSD unification, I wanted to throw a request for the UI to be adapted to 4K screens. I know that Android TV has a limitation on the UI for 1080p, but I tried Kodi recently as well as Plex (as well as other Android TV apps such as Molotov) and they have a way to adopt and not have the blurry UI on 4K screens. I really like the Emby app, the simplicity and the speed over Kodi are great, but looking at posters and text it's blurry and regretful to look at on a 4K screen. Here is a topic illustrating the problem, I could provide further pics from both Kodi and Plex for comparison. Thanks for taking the time, I really hope there is a way to make the Android app even better
  7. Hi there So I bought one of those cheapy Android TV media players to connect to my Emby server (Android 9) from eBay. Seems to run ok, but things aren't quite right. For starters the images in the movie library at vertically stretched, and going into a movie screen shows the file formats, but lacks the options to select the subtitle stream. It also transcodes formats it says it should support, as will as transcoding audio I know my attached receiver does support. I have enabled audio pass through in device system settings. I have tried both the "Emby for Android" and "Emby for Android TV" apps from the play store. The "for Android TV" version is the one I'm referring to above, and specifies on the app page that "This app might not be optimized for your device". The "for Android" app appears to give me a web page view. Is this just a symptom of cheap playback devices, or are there some settings somewhere I can look at to help clear it up? Only just received it today, so well within the return policy of the eBay store if there is nothing to be done. Or is there some buzzword feature I'm lacking? Running Emby server v4.4.3.0 with Premier on Ubuntu Linux 20.04 LTS, and Emby for Android TV v1.8.10g Thanks
  8. If I use Handbrake "HQ 1080p30 Surround" to encode with default settings the first audio is Stereo and the 2nd Audio is AC3 Passthrough of a 5.1 audio track. Both these appear as options when I choose the resulting file served from emby server on my Sony Bravia Android TV app. Surround sound does *not* get sent to my receiver. When I repeat the encode process with Handbrake but this time delete the Stereo track so there is only one AC3 pass through. This is again correctly identified in the movie selection on the TV and the surround sound arrives at my decoder. ie when the App has no choice in sound tracks the hardware, tv, receiver etc. all get surround sound signals. It seems when there is a choice only the stereo is sent by the Emby app to my receiver. Now when I change the order in Handbrake, or remove the stereo so the 5.1 track is first and then add back in stereo as either the second track or move it up top to be the first track or even if i use ffmpeg and -map the order of the tracks no permutation (and I tried all of them) allows me to get 5.1 signals to my receiver - yet in all cases the app correctly identifies the number of tracks, the order and which is "default" and one of them is AC3 5.1. So for some reason selection of a 5.1 audio track in the TV app doesn't cause the App to send this to my receiver even though my TV, cabling and receiver are all able to receive and process 5.1 sound when I encode a file with *only* one AC3 5.1 pass through track. Am happy to send example files (I have a 40mb excerpt of X-Men), videos of what I'm doing, debug logs, you name it, whatever you need if I can help someone who can work this out and save me having to re-encode all my mp4s to remove the stereo track. For completeness. I am making no changes to either the cables or the TV or the App settings to get the 5.1 sound to work on the file that has only one track. The App doesn't seem to be able to correctly send 5.1 to my receiver when the video file has a choice of 5.1 and stereo tracks. I'm more than happy to repeat this and check all the usual stuff about TV audio settings etc. but I'm pretty sure this is something in the Emby App selection / processing / deciding what to do when there are more than 1 audio tracks in a file. I'm happy to run any diagnostics anyone cares to think of to get this working because I suspect from what I've read elsewhere a lot of people are struggling with this. Much thanks in advance. XBR75X850C, Debian 64, Emby S, Handbrake 1.3.1 Jonathan
  9. Hi all, thank you for this great product! I wanted to share an annoying issue I run into on the Android TV version of the Emby app when using the live tv mini guide. I hope below describes the issue clearly and I am willing to help wherever I can! Server: Latest stable Linux server docker image on unraid. Emby server version is using Live TV via HDHomeRun Prime (3 tuner) using Emby Guide Data Client: This issue happens in apps that have the mini guide such as Android TV in my case Nvidia shield pro 2020. *I can DM logs if needed but its very easy to repo and consistent. I believe I know the server logic that may need to changed to fix this issue. Repro steps: 1. Saturate the Tuners having (in my case 3 devices watching 3 different shows) 2. On any one of the devices open the mini guide while watching say channel 7 and switch to another channel say channel 9 that the other 2 devices are not watching. Results: The server will prevent the channel switching because its still tuned to channel 7 so there will be no open tuner. This shows and error and stops playback. Workaround: Close the current viewing session before choosing another one. For example instead of switching the channel via the mini guide, back out of live tv to the full guide to change channels and things will work. Potential Emby Server logic fix: When changing channel via the mini guide, check to see if anyone else is watching the pre channel change channel (7 from the example above) and if not close the session with the tuner and then open a new session as there should be a tuner available.
  10. Nvidia Shield 2019 Pro with Android TV The home screen tool bar things. called "Channels" I have one for Emby, "Live TV" It only puts 3 icons there, On Now, Live TV Guide, Recordings. The On Now does not always go to the On Now screen, say if i was in a tv series folder or else where previously, it will just load back to that page and not On Now. Ideally, would like to the list of On Now programs be the "Channels" banner thing on the home screen, so I can just scroll through what is on now on the atv home screen, like i can with the butil in "Channels" live app, or Channels DVR software. Second, but different issue of Emby on Android TV, is that when i load the Guide, the first several channels, it shows No data available, unless i scroll left or so, then back, then it loads it. does this every time i load into the guide or scroll through it at all. Does it in the mini guide too. I am using the beta Emby app btw.
  11. roxerroneous

    Nvidia Shield and Emby Crashing

    Hey everyone, has anyone else had trouble with the emby app crashing while playing 4K content on the non-pro 2019 Shield? I've only recently gotten a 4K TV, so the problem is new (otherwise the shield has been working great with 1080p content). My normal setup is: Emby server running an i5-5250U processor with 16GB of RAM (Windows 8.1), connected with a CAT5E cable directly to my TP-Link AC4000 Router. NVidia Shield connected directly to the router with a CAT5E and to my AVR (Sony STR-DH790) with an HDMI 2.1 cable. AVR connected to my TV (Sony X900F) with an HDMI 2.1 cable. I thought my receiver may be the culprit so I've also tried connecting the TV directly with the Shield and it still crashes playing 4K content. It's not an immediate crash, it will play about 10-15 minutes (for multiple movies) and then start to stutter and eventually crash back to the home screen. If I happen to navigate (press the back or home button on the remote) while the movie is playing (during the 10 minutes window) the reaction is very slow, sometimes taking up to 15 seconds to respond and sometimes it causes Emby to crash as well. I'm at a loss of what could be wrong. The only idea that's come to mind is that maybe I'd be better off with the Shield Pro as it has more memory and (as I just found out) supports 64 bit apps. I don't use it for gaming which is why I bought the tube version and apparently there is no stock of the pro version to try. Has anyone else run into this problem or have any suggestions? I really like the Shield as it limits my transcoding but I can't for the life of me figure out why I can't play 4K content reliably. Thanks. Edit: I've browsed this forum enough to know I should have included a server log with my question. I don't have one handy but will grab one later today!
  12. Good Day, I hope everyone is well, I require some assistance and advice, i have Emby linked to an external server and use it on the following devices: 1) Windows (Emby Theater) 2) Android Phone (Emby for Android) 3) Android TV (Emby for Android TV) when i playback the media on windows it plays perfectly but if i attempt to use my phone or android tv it constantly buffers (even if i reduce the quality). I am using the same internet connection (network) and external server on all devices, Is there a setting i am missing on the android apps which is causing these issues? Your assistance and advise will be highly appreciated Thanking You
  13. Hi Luke, I'm trying XIAOMI MIBOX S android tv box and the amby app is great (better than LG tv app and iOS I think) but I have a volume control issue. The mibox is connected through SPDIF to a sound bar, on all video apps on the box I can control the volume with the mibox controler but not on the emby app ! I tryied to look for an option but I can't find anything. also it seems like there is a sound issue : I noticed that the sound is a littlte bit bad, acute (aigue [FR] ?) are too high / saturated, low seems to be great (but it is maybe because of my sound bar) all parameters are by default andoid tv : xiaomi mibox s android tv app : 1.7.54g server : synology up to date sound bar : freebox player devialet is there a parameters that I missed ? I can't find the app logs thanks
  14. I searched, and despite finding many topics revolving around custom subtitle positioning I'm here to ask about to at least add a hardcoded option to position it within the video frame. I suspect this wouldn't work well with remuxes but with other encodes (where the video frame is filled with the image) this could be useful. I know Plex do this, but they burn subtitles on video to make it work. Is it possible to get some sort of setting on Emby that does this as well? Like, for 1.85:1 videos, the subtitle goes over the border with the top line inside the video frame and the bottom line above the video frame. This happens on Android, Android TV and Chrome Web App.
  15. Hi there, I actually run the EMBY Beta Version on my synology DS916+. Very often i run in a very curious issue. The server transcodes without any need if I start watching on my nvidia shield (EMBY app 1.6.56g) In my opinion I think that this effect happens more often if I changing the audio, e.g. german to english, or changing subtitles. In this case the sub are integrated pgs subs and should be played directly. When I open nerd stats I can see that the transcode is running with the message: "error by direct playing attempt. When I check on the server dashbord, I got the info that the transcode was triggered by a issue with the media bit rate. I can't understand this, cause every setting for local network are on max and all is hardwired 1GBit LAN. For a more easier inquiry I add three logs. The first starting playback, the second by changing audio and the third one by changing subtitles. P.S. May I suggest to add a option to preselect audio and subtitle before starting the stream. Thx. Mike
  16. cptv

    New Smooth TV Guide

    Hey guys. I loved the old Fire TV app but am having a hard time adjusting to the new one with "Smooth TV Guide". The channels scroll A LOT slower and it takes me a long time to scroll to the end of my channel list with 100+ channels. Also the category background color (ie Sports, Kids, etc) does not display properly in the new app while scrolling (random things have the blue sports background). The most glaring issue seems to be the fade out/fade in effect the guide does when you stop scrolling. Just thought I'd share my opinion as I thought the old version of the TV guide was pretty damn good. Cheers and great job otherwise! Edit: One more issue I have with the new Live TV Guide. When I used the Fire TV Menu Button (3 horizontal lines) to bring up the half-screen guide during playback- it now takes two button presses of the back button to exit the half-screen guide. It used to take one. It's not a guide deal but I often pull up the guide just to see what else is on during a commercial and much preferred the old functionality.
  17. Emby for android tv - Scheduled or event triggered channel updates on android tv oreo channel The Android tv home screen channels in Oreo are a great way to quickly select what to watch right from the Android tv home screen and Emby has a couple of great channels available today. Unfortunately, you have to enter the emby app for the channels to update which loses the advantage of having channels as they are not up to date when you need them, so I would suggest that we add a scheduled task that updates the emby channels or even better, if there is an event that triggers an update when you start your tv. Typical usecase: Today when I start my tv for example in the morning, I get suggestions to resume the tv show I currently watch, but the suggestions in the channels are old and I have to open emby, wait a couple of seconds, and then go back to the leanback launcher and the channels are is updated. This use case is common when you have multiple emby clients you use, and their 'local' playback positions are out of sync. There is an example of this in the webpage I link to below in the section "scheduling channel updates" and should be a fast copy paste with a couple of minor adjustments to the code. https://codelabs.developers.google.com/codelabs/tv-channels-programs/index.html?index=..%2F..%2Fio2018#1
  18. HI, Had an interesting one last night. Have just signed up for Google Play Music and saw it on my Shield so had a play with it... Then opened the Emby app and selected a TV show. When I started the show using the double tap on the volume slider (which gives an immediate start instead of going to the detail screen first), I got both the TV show and Google play music playing at the same time. This is repeatable every time. Google play music app does not have a Stop button, just a pause and as far as I can see there is no way to stop the app running. Even after two Shield restarts, Music and TV play simultaneously. The only way I found to circumvent this it to use the centre select button on the shield remote and start the TV show from the detail screen. Once I did this all was back to normal using the volume slider. Anyone else experienced this? thanks
  19. Hi, I installed the emby server on pine 64 and imported my music(audio) collection into the library. I'm able to successfully play with my android nexus 6 phone, but couldn't from within the emby app on my Android TV (nexus player emby app to be specific). Against each song in the album i see '0.00' for the length of the song. Also I get the error "unable to play audio null" when I try to play a song. I have sent logs from the app, bearing username: curiousgally time of upload: 11:20 PM CST I'm not a paid user and just evaluating emby at the moment. Let me know if I missed any info here. I have uploaded the last 1300 lines from the server log..the file was too big to upload, hope that helps. Thanks !! log_server.txt
  20. allanmobile313

    Artist vs Album Artist

    Is there a way to get the Android TV app to use the ARTIST tag for browsing instead of the ALBUM ARTIST tag? This is a feature that works remarkably well on the web app, and on the Android phone/tablet apps. For some reason however, I am not able to get the Android TV app to allow browsing by the artist tag. I understand that for many casual listeners out there this may seem like a trivial matter, but for music buffs (or in my case....music junkies), the difference between using an artist tag vs album artist tag can be pretty huge; especially, if you listen to genres of music where collaborations are a way of life. Please forgive me if this matter has already been brought up elsewhere (I tried a search but couldn't find it). Right now I have a "test" server that I'm using to work out the kinks and learn the system before setting up the final deal. Thanks in advance if there's someone out there that can point in the right direction!
  21. As the title really, thought I would give this system a try since plex is getting ever more annoying, and in general I'm liking it (video playback is very quiet though) apart from this issue with pictures, it will show them and when I click on one of the thumbnail expecting a fullscreen version of the photo all it does is show the picture in the middle left hand side taking up less than an eighth of my tv's screen. Is there any way to change this?
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