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  1. PurposelyCryptic

    View Options in Emby Theater?

    Hi, and thanks for taking the time! I feel like there is a really simple answer to this, but I'm just not seeing it, and various searches of the forums have left me none the wiser, so I'm giving up and asking for help: I installed MBT (or ET, I guess) today for the first time since before it was relaunched - I used the now-legacy version a while back, and otherwise use Emby for WMC, but figured it had been out for long enough now to have stabilized, and wanted to see the new fanciness. And so far, it's pretty great! ...except for the life of me, I can't seem to find the View options I'm actually fairly embarrassed about this, I've been using MB/Emby since early version 2, and have never had any issues getting things configured, but despite having tried what feels like everything, I can't figure this out. I just want to set it to my long-loved List-Thumb-Details Library-Series-Episode configuration, and it's driving me nuts, since it was so simple in every other version, and I'll likely feel like an idiot for how simple it is here. I just can't seem to find the little button: There it is in the Legacy version, but nothing here... Can someone take pity on this sad fool and tell me what to press?
  2. yardameus

    Flat EHS "Collection" Icons

    Made a few "flat" or metro type neutral EHS collection or folder icons. Figured I'd share... Update: Here's a quick overview of the available images. And here's an up to date zip, also including a simple psd if you want to make your own. https://www.dropbox.com/s/59y782tyauwofth/Flat%20EHS.zip?dl=0
  3. I started this in the previous forum, but I again wanted to plead for the subtitle downloader plugin for MB3. MB Classic and MB Theater would be awesome, but I figure just for MBT would suffice. After living without it for the last few months, I realized how many times I would use the MB2 plugin. I personally don't like subtitles, but the wife does so it's helpful with a few remote clicks to have the subtitle.
  4. hey guys, just wondering if anyone else has had any issues with MBT completely locking up the PC, forcing a hard reset? and if so - are you using an AMD GPU, radeon card? i've been using MBT forever with my old graphics card which was a radeon HD 4850, but because the card was so old, catalyst control center was no longer available for that model in Windows 8.1, so the card used legacy drivers. with these i never had an issue in MBT. A mate of mine was trying to get the whole mediabrowser server and MBT setup a go because he really liked my setup, and his PC would lock up completely after a few minutes of using MBT with an R7 200 series. getting frustrated he eventually gave up on mediabrowser and went back to the old navigate with a mouse through folder structures on explorer. i figured it was something to do with his hard drives or something because he wasn't attempting to watch a video or anything, just navigating the UI. Then i recently upgraded to an R9 270x for my dedicated media pc; no format required, no changing my setup in MB server required; and literally 10 mins into having everything how i want it, i got the same complete lock up as my mate gets trying to navigate the MBT interface. the whole pc becomes unresponsive except for select things, for example i have an ALT F4 function programmed to the soft keys on my logitech harmony one, and sometimes if i hit that during a lockup, the MBT screen will stay frozen, but i'll get the mouse pop up in front of it. CTRL ALT DEL won't work to try and log off and log back in, plugging something into the USB i'll hear the connect/disconnect chime, but nothing will pop up. my only option is to hold down the power button for a few seconds to kill it. short press to trigger a proper shutdown won't work either. any ideas/experiences? a conflict with radeon's drivers? if so i figured alot of you guys would've been experiencing it if you had radeons. Cheers
  5. Hi all, I've mentioned this a long time ago in another thread, and haven't found a fix for it yet. The problem is, for some reason in MBT my Harmony 650 remote seems to work perfectly for everything, except when trying to "fast scroll" through my collections. What I mean by that is: I'm unable to hold down my arrow buttons and quickly move through my collection. Instead, I need to move through titles one at a time (I'd need to press the "right arrow" close to 900 times to get to the end of my movies collection). A while back someone mentioned that my remote may not be configured to repeat commands with the button held down. This is not the case. While I couldn't find an option to change that setting anywhere in my remote setup, I'm sure there's no need to, since it works perfectly fine in WMC. This problem seems to be limited to MBT for some reason. Any help would be greatly appreciated, since this problem keeps me from using my remote in MBT, and I'm stuck using my keyboard instead this really makes it an inconvienience, having the keyboard up on the couch next to you! Lol Thanks, Patrick
  6. Media Browser 3 Control for Unified Remote Firstly please be aware that I consider this very much a beta script and will do so until such time as MBT comes out of beta. I will however keep the scripts updated as MBT does so and provide more functionality as the MBT team gets around to mapping everything. So to start, what is Unified Remote? Unified Remote is an app that lets you control your entire Windows computer from your Android device. In short, it turns your device into a WiFi or Bluetooth remote control for all the programs on your computer. It is easily the most feature-filled PC remote available. With our app you can control a wide range of applications, including simple mouse and keyboard, media players, and other external hardware that can be connected to your computer. They also provide extensive capabilities to create custom remotes, which is what I have done for MB3. Now before we go any further you will need to purchase the full version of Unified Remote for your android or windows device to use custom remotes, they price is extremely reasonable at AUD$3.67 on the PlayStore and AUD$3.99 on the Windows Store, you won’t find a better remote for the price try the free version first and see what you think, although you will be unable to use this script with it, there are a few built in to try. (iOS version is in beta and not currently available for iCrap iStuff) You can find a full overview on their website here …..all good, how do I get started? Well firstly you need to download the Unified Remote Server here this needs to be installed on any PC or HTPC you wish to control. Once you have it installed run through the options, not much to do here, if on your HTPC I suggest you set it to ‘start on system start-up’ you can also click on the remotes tab and disable/enable any remotes you care to (feel free to disable that ugly cousin XBMC ) password encryption is also available. WARNING: Do NOT disable any of the Core.**** remotes or the Relmtech basic input remotes, they are action libraries required to work some functions. Once everything is configured, you can close the server window, since the application will continue to run in your system tray. IMPORTANT: make sure that Windows Firewall and/or other security software is not blocking the Unified Remote Server application nor ports (default 9512 TCP and UDP). It is recommend that you use Unified Remote on your local area network (LAN), otherwise you will need to open the ports on your router as well. Once you’re done there you need to install the actual remote to your device here for Android devices or here for Windows devices. Once the application is running, follow the in-app instructions. The dashboard offers quick access to all the main parts of the app. And you’re done. If you are just trying it out go ahead and play, if you grabbed the full version and are ready to install the Media Broswer 3 Remote, read on….. So you’ve made it this far, moving on…. By the way if you did fork out the four bucks for the app? Don’t forget about the guys who make MB3 for us and throw them a few as well, their beer fridge is empty after all these holidays. (in all seriousness though show them some love and keep MB going, donate, buy a plug-in or all of-the-above if you’re feeling giving) …now where was i? ahh the remote. As pointed out earlier this is still in early stages and will progress with MBT, not all buttons are currently working and some are but with some questionable methods lol I will list non-functioning and some minor issues shortly.This first release is also designed to give some function to WMC as well, this was necessary for me until LiveTV makes it to MBS then MBT. As you can see above I have tried to get as much in as possible without feeling crowded, the navigation area has been deliberately left clear to make it easier to avoid accidental touches. Layout was designed on a Samsung Galaxy SII which is a relatively small screen nowadays for android devices and it felt comfortable to use, I can only imagine it would be much better on a tablet or larger screen phones, unfortunately at the time of writing I do not have a tablet to test layout on, although I have a Galaxy Tab on it’s way, I also do not own a windows tablet or phone so feedback there would be nice, I will however try to get one from a friend for testing. NOTE: The full function remote scrolls if needed, the basic remote will fill to fit your device(s) screen. It has been thoroughly tested on my Galaxy SII and works like a charm, I do recommend setting Unified on your device to 'portrait lock' and 'full-screen' in options if similar in size to the SII. Remote using MBT/WMC was tested on a Desktop PC (Windows 8.1 Pro with WMC), Notebook (Windows 8.1 Pro with WMC) and a HTPC (Windows 7 Ultimate). Playback and Record Panel: Seriously, you want me to explain that? Lol Everything works as expected here, if you don’t know what to expect this is not the forum you are looking for, move along. (he says in his best Obi-wan voice) Navigation Panel: Really, again? Ok, left, no your other left, that’s it, right, no I meant right arrow doh! up and down, the round thing in the middle, press that when you get where you’re going, we’ll call it the butler, he’ll open the door for you. The Panel without a Name: I was going to call it porn, cos when you rub that little button on the right MBT gets bigger or you can use the one on the left and go back… (not finishing that!) The Panel of Many Colours: If it sang and had 2 big round buttons I would call it Dolly! The colours function as follows; Function Panel: Power Button will do a complete shutdown your pc Media Browser will launch Media Browser Theatre (if WMC is running it will end that process first) MBT can also be launched by pressing the menu button on your phone/tablet when the MB3 remote is open. A pop-up will show with ‘Launch’ above the usual ‘Share’ that is seen there in apps. (this method does not force WMC to close.) WMC will launch WMC directly to Live TV (if MBT is running, it will end that process first) Sort By opens the slide out panel for viewing by sort options (if applicable) pressing back hides it again. Screenshot will take a picture of the current screen and put it in > USERNAME/Pictures/Screenshots/screenshot(xx).jpg this is handy if needing to send an image to the MB3 team for trouble shooting or just grabbing that right pic from your favourite movie so you can use it as a backdrop. Access Panel: Keyboard opens the keyboard on your device Mouse changes your screen to touchpad mode, allowing you to control MBT via mouse in a similar manner to a notebook touchpad. Mic inputs basic commands via voice (basic functions have all been tested and working, it uses google voice so shows about the same accuracy) Quick Switch switches between MB3 and other Unified Remotes quickly (add these as you desire) Server selects the UR Server(PC or HTPC) you wish to connect your device to Get Media Browser 3 Control for Unified Remote here for x64or here for x86. The file is self-extracting and will need admin privileges as it extracts the scripts and custom icons to the unified install directory. Make sure the Unified Remote Server (URS) is installed prior to extracting these scripts. After the extraction process is complete, stop and start the URS or go to the remotes tab and click refresh. Your MB3 Remotes should then be listed on both your system and device. Rinse and repeat for each system running the URS. Current Release: beta r0.4 posted on 02/01/2014 Currently confirmed working with: MBT 3.0.5097.22952
  7. Hello, first, thanks for the greats efforts you guys have spend to build such nice media center! I have moved from XBMC to MB recently hand found myself left with some unanswered questions. DVD rips means for me to copy the DVD main movie only with two audio tracks and related subtitles into VIDEO_TS folder structure. This has been done for hundreds of DVD and VLC and other can play such flawless. If I do now the same thing in MBT the main movie starts, but compared to XBMC the following issues are occurring: · No time code / runtime · No fast forward or any kind of such · No way to pick a different audio track nor subtitle * * I know that 'i' shortcut will bring a menu. And this is of course working fine on my m2ts Blu-ray rips in term of changing the audio stream. But with the DVD rips, the menu point for Audio is gone. Transcoding the same DVD rips (via Android device) let me choose the correct audio track. Of course, in LAV and on the server side I have set the default language, but its still picking the wrong audio track in MBT However, since it depends on my current moot to listen to native or English language is there an easy way I might have overseen to change the audio track during the runtime? Thanks & Regards, Klapetste
  8. khodges747

    New problem with genre view

    Hi guys, I think this is a new problem. When viewing movies by genre, then selecting "more", I don't see the rest of the movies of that genre, I only see tiles with Resume, Latest, Movies, Collections, etc. See attached screen cap.
  9. I was hoping someone would make MBT remember which monitor it was open in before. My TV is actually a second monitor across the room, and I have to move MBT from one monitor to the other and then maximize it (if I move it maximized, it starts playing the video on my primary monitor). Thanks...
  10. Hello, I hope it this is the right place to put this because my problem is about to the legacy version of Emby Theater. I want to use MPC-HC as an external player out of MBT but the file always starts from the beginning. At the dashboard it shows me which file is playing (until I close the player) but not the position of the play progress. As I understood, I have to activate the web interface by using the "listen to port" checkmark in MPC-HC. My command line arguments in the external player settings in MBT are: {PATH} /start {ms} /fullscreen /play /close any help would be greatly appreciated
  11. khodges747

    Problem with Genres

    Hi, I noticed the other day that not all movies of a specific genre are shown in MB Theater. If I do a filtered view in the server, I find 145 movies with this genre. If I look in MB for WMC, I also find 145 movies. If I do the same thing in MBT, I find 109. (I use folder view, but I go to Movies- All movies - Genres - My specific genre - More.) The movies that seem to be missing are all the ones of this genre from a specific folder called Collections (I do my collections manually). I'm running MBT 2.5.25 and the latest server (8200). I know it's been doing this for several weeks, but can't say when it started. Anyone know how to fix this? It's probably a setting somewhere that I haven't found concerning Collections.
  12. Hi, I've had a search on the forum and all I can find is a reference to MBC saying they now support multi-part files. Is this feature implemented in MBT yet? Trying to work out if I've done something wrong or what I'm seeing is the expected behaviour? I have a very large library with some multi-part movies, and although I could go through and join them... I'd rather be drinking a beer instead. I've read the KB article on file naming structure. The behaviour I'm seeing is: 1) The WebUI shows a second part, but does not play it automatically. 2) MBT doesn't see a second part at all. 3) The android or iOS clients don't see a second part either. Is there a way for me to seamlessly play a multi-part movie (or more importantly.... for my kids to play a multi-part movie seamlessly) without needing to use a mouse and keyboard? I'd be happy with being able to cast multi-part movies to my chromecast from a mobile client if necessary until this feature is implemented in MBT. Here is an example from my library:
  13. Hi, MBT seemed to be working fine for me (except for a brightness issue that I've mentioned in other threads) until the release of the new version. I reinstalled the "portable" version to get rid of the "Try the new Emby Theater" message every time I signed in, and now all of the User Images are wrong or missing (They are still fine in the server/web app), and the "Next Up" section is a mess: All of the images are from either the wrong series, a movie, or as you can see in the one in the top left; is actually one of the user profile images. (Actually, I believe the "Dark Matter" image in the bottom right is the correct image). Screens: Actually, looking closer. For some reason most of the images are from the series "Extant", which is a series I've watched recently, if that makes a difference at all.
  14. Hi all, I'm using: Emby Server Version 3.0.5785.0 MB Theatre 3.0.5848.25554 I use TMT6 as an external player for BD and DVD playback. I use MPC-HC as an external player for all other media content. The "Continue watching" (resume) feature works fine for any content played back using MPC-HC but not for content played back via TMT6. My 'Resume' settings in Emby Server are as follows: Min resume %: 5 Max resume %: 95 Min resume duration: 300 I think these are the default settings. I've had this problems since I first installed MB (as was) and MBT a couple of years back. How can I troubleshoot this further? Let me know if you need me to upload logs. Many thanks
  15. Starkadius

    Feature Request: Easy OSD access

    In the MBT roadmap this is listed "Mapping the Info button on MCE remotes. For now, use * to pull up the OSD", had I not read this I would never have known how to access the OSD which is needed in order to change audio/subtitles. It has been mentioned that MBT is being geared towards being easy to use, I suggest having a button somewhere while the item is playing when the 'Now Playing' screen is triggered to quickly access the OSD in case we don't have a remote or having to press the * key.
  16. yardameus

    External subtitles

    Is there an issue with anyone else showing external subtitles in the latest update? They've worked nicely up until today when I updated. They are there and recognized by MBT, but they don't show. (Just how it was a while back before MBT supported external subs.)
  17. I've been having this issue for quite some time, but I've pretty much just been dealing with it until now. For whatever reason, having my taskbar set to auto-hide causes issues with MBT where the taskbar becomes visible while MBT is maximized. Not the whole taskbar, just the thin strip that you can see from your desktop when it's set to auto-hide. I can be browsing MBT just fine, with no visible taskbar strip, and it normally pops up as soon as I hit play on a title, but I believe it also happens from time to time while browsing through my collections. The only way I can get the taskbar to disappear once this happens is to switch MBT to windowed mode, and then maximize it again; you could see how this would get annoying. Especially since it happens about 95% of the time I click "play" to start watching something. This will also randomly happen while in the middle of watching something, though less frequently than while initially hitting play. The other issue I'd just like to lump in here, since I think it may be partially related, is that; sometimes when coming out of the MBT screensaver (by pressing a remote button, usually one of the nav buttons), Emby theater loses focus (ie. I can't control it, until I get my mouse and click somewhere on the screen), which is also a major annoyance, since it obviously takes you out of the experience of seamlessly playing media from an HTPC via remote control. Of course, I could solve at least the first issue (possibly the second, I'm not sure though) by simply not setting my taskbar to auto-hide; but the taskbar ruins the look of my rainmeter skin, so I'd like to not have to do that. I've noticed some old posts on here with similar issues, I just thought I'd bring it up again, and list my particular issues, in hopes someone might have a fix to it. Thanks, Patrick
  18. I know i have seen something about this before but i cant find. Is there a way to hide/remove the folders-tab? Feels pretty dumb to have a tab showing the same things as movies, tv and collection already does. I like to keep things clean and the folder-tab kind of bugs me Edit..... Found it
  19. Hi! I'm running the server on a Core i3-3.2GHz with 4MB RAM. It has been running fine until recently. Now, the MBT, MB Classic, Win8 App all fail to load the images of the movies. Interestingly, only the images of the newly added movies and TV Shows are not loading, and the old ones are loading. Also, all the clients have become slow, and frequently give error messages. BTW, the Windows Phone app seems to be working fine! Could this be because my library has become too big to handle for the server with 4MB RAM? Please help!
  20. richardap1

    Combined TV libraries

    Hi I have set up my web client so that libraries are not combined. I have Movies, Kids Movies, TV Shows and Kids TV. Everything is unticked under combine in the web page. However for the home pages of "Kids TV" and "TV Shows" the content is mixed ( for example next up contains both adult and Kids TV shows) . It isn't for both of the Movies libraries, where only the correct content appears in the next up section. If i click on the header for either of the TV libraries then the contents are just what i would expect, each only contains the contents of their own library. Are there any other settings that affect this?# Thanks
  21. Hi, The ISO mounting feature of MBT seems to be not working properly on my end. I did google on this already and search the forums, tried every solution posted to no avail. Everytime I try to play the iso file, all I get is a no disc error from TMT or PowerDVD. How can I fix this? 2014-09-29 22:43:55.3211 Info - App: Mounting I:\ServerFolders\Videos\3D\Captain America - The First Avenger (2011)\Captain America - The First Avenger (2011).iso 2014-09-29 22:43:55.3211 Debug - App: Start 2014-09-29 22:43:55.3211 Debug - App: Status ERROR: 3 Unable to open mount file "I:\ServerFolders\Videos\3D\Captain America - The First Avenger (2011)\Captain America - The First Avenger (2011).iso". 2014-09-29 22:43:55.3211 Error - App: Complete 3 Unable to open mount file "I:\ServerFolders\Videos\3D\Captain America - The First Avenger (2011)\Captain America - The First Avenger (2011).iso". 2014-09-29 22:43:55.3211 Error - App: Error mounting iso I:\ServerFolders\Videos\3D\Captain America - The First Avenger (2011)\Captain America - The First Avenger (2011).iso Unable to start mount for I:\ServerFolders\Videos\3D\Captain America - The First Avenger (2011)\Captain America - The First Avenger (2011).iso System.IO.IOException at MediaBrowser.IsoMounter.PismoIsoManager.<Mount>d__2.MoveNext() --- End of stack trace from previous location where exception was thrown --- at System.Runtime.CompilerServices.TaskAwaiter.ThrowForNonSuccess(Task task) at System.Runtime.CompilerServices.TaskAwaiter.HandleNonSuccessAndDebuggerNotification(Task task) at MediaBrowser.Theater.Presentation.Playback.GenericExternalPlayer.<GetIsoMount>d__5.MoveNext() 2014-09-29 22:43:55.3211 Info - App: C:\Program Files (x86)\CyberLink\PowerDVD14\PDVDLP.exe "I:\ServerFolders\Videos\3D\Captain America - The First Avenger (2011)\Captain America - The First Avenger (2011).iso" /PLAY Karl
  22. This has been discussed a little before quite some time ago. Difficult to search for so not sure on current status... I'd really like the option to login as multiple users at once. E.g. watching something with my wife. Both users are watching so both should get updated to watched (and synced with trakt etc). Should be easy to sign out a particular user e.g. one users signs out half way though a movie and the user finishes it - it's watched for one and resume (from when the logged out) for the other user.. Also when multiple users are logged in, when looking at things such as 'unwatched movies' it should display movies unwatched by both users. This really would be an AWESOME feature, probably at the top of my list. I'm sure it'd have an extremely wide appeal - how many MB users are watching TV alone...
  23. I have set my prefered language in the splitter settings to eng. Is there anything else i need to do for this to take effect (i have restarted MBT). I have checked the lav system tray icon and that confirms the settings from MBT. I always seem to get the first audio stream. I can still change the stream from the osd, but sometimes my remote plays up. Thanks
  24. TrainAss

    One or more errors occurred.

    After updating the server to Version 3.0.5545.1144, any time I try and play some media on MBT Version 3.0.5531.26414, the video crashes with "One or more errors occurred." I tried on my laptop and get the same errors as well. This seems to happen regardless of the video played, as the backdrops are MP4, and I've had it happen when trying to play AVI and MKV. I've included the most recent crash log as well as theater log. Videos play just fine in the web client. Another thing that I noticed, was the remote control function wasn't working between web client and theater client. If you need any other info, please let me know! crash_f663dd38-34fb-40e3-888a-ee0e3b612b5d.txt theater-63561397683.txt
  25. yardameus

    Now Playing?

    I haven't played music much through MBT, and I just recently tried playing a whole album (by pressing play when the album was selected) and I thought it would go maybe to a now playing list or something. It did not, the music played, but I had no idea what would be coming up next. I was just curious if there was any sort of now playing view to see a playlist/progress. Thanks
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