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  1. Hey guys, I was previously able to connect remotely, I have upgraded my phone in the last 6 months, but I was sure I'd connected since then. In any case; - ports forwarded on router. - remote connections enabled in emby settings. - installed port mapper plugin / restarted. - toggled port mapping on and off / restarted. Still no dice. Any ideas? The log is empty during the periods on mobile / off WiFi, no attempted connections logged. Screenshots attached.
  2. option for QUICKLY viewing tv guide without stopping the video in emby for android app currently this feature only exists on emby for android tv but is nowhere to be seen in emby for android. i would use emby for android tv but it keeps crashing every second time i open it. the other good thing about emby for android tv is i can see even more channels while in the quick view tv guide that is displayed over the video.
  3. I have an Emby server ( running on macOS Catalina. I have several users defined in the server. The server is accessible within my home network (via HTTP) and over the Internet (via HTTPS). Most ion my users have passwords defined but I have one, which is the 'family' user which is intended only for use within our home and so has no password defined. For this user I have unticked the box that says 'Allow remote connection to this server' but when I access the server remotely a ) The user still shows on the login screen b ) Clicking the user logs it in. This seems like quite a big security hole? Am I misunderstanding what the 'Allow remote connections to this server' option is supposed to do? How can I have a user that shows up on the login screen when accessed locally but does not show up and cannot log in when accessed remotely? Thanks, Chris
  4. Hello everyone, I'm having trouble playing/streaming dsf music/audio files from Emby DLNA to my Sony Blu-Ray UBP-X700 using remote apps on my iPhone (mainly three: mConnect, 8Player Pro, and nPlayer Plus). Using the Twonky server, I have no issues what so ever direct streaming DSD dsf files to my UBP-X700 and from there playing it on my YAMAHA receiver which indicates its a DSD stream and plays it perfectly, even Multichannel DSD dsf files play perfectly with full surround. I don't even touch anything in terms of configurations in Twonky. With Emby, this does not work. On my remote apps, it sees the Emby DLNA server perfectly with no issues. If I choose to play mp3 AC3 or even dts files, everything plays with no issues, however if I choose to play a DSD dsf file, I get an error message "device sent an error response" and "Open command failed" depending on the Remote app I use. So, is there support to play DSD dsf files this way from Emby??!! I'm sure that it can be done, but how?? I would like to use Emby and I'm already on Premium and have come across some people on the Internet who successfully done that and be able to stream DSD dsf files over Emby's DNLA. I even seen a review about that somewhere on the net. I would appreciate it if I can get an answer please.
  5. Hello, I'd like to see a button in MBC to bring up the movie synopsis. Since the new screen overrides the old Media Centre overlay, maybe we could repurpose the "info" button? Failnig that, maybe when pressing "play" or "pause", the synopsis/plot could be shown as well as the other info that is ther.
  6. xiiMaGzx


    Ok so my problem is my server uses usenet and I need/want to use a vpn so that makes me use a vpn on my emby server due to them being on the same pc. Now when using a vpn (nord) I cant connect directly to my server and remotely on my devices. Any thing i can do?
  7. My Emby server is Version on a Mac Mini. I keep Emby player open on the Mac Mini and remote control the player using the player app from various other devices -- my Android phone, and Android tablet, my Macbook, my wife's PC laptop. About once a week or so, when I click the "Play On" icon on a remote player, nothing shows in the list of available players to control. It just says "Play On" with nothing below it. If this happens on, for example, my phone, I'll go to my MacBook and try from there but get the same result. In other words, it affects all players on all devices when it happens. Library content from the server is still visible and playable locally on that device. The way I've found to "fix" it is to VNC into the Mac Mini (it's headless) and change the focus of the active apps -- if Emby player is the front-most active window, I'll click on the desktop to make the Finder active, then click Emby to make it active again. If Emby isn't the front-most window, I'll bring it to the front. Basically any change to the focus of Emby player on the server fixes it. Thoughts? thanks
  8. I have had my server running perfectly for about 3 months now, able to connect anywhere in the world and from any device via my domain name emby.XXXX.com on port 8096. However, today I went to connect remotely and was met with Connection Failure messages from all devices. I checked my network settings and the Dashboard shows that everything is still looking correct on the server side. What I've tried: Removing my custom domain, and connecting directly to my public IP address Changing the port # Checking to make sure the port is visible from out yonder (it is) Confirming that my domain has an A Record entry point at my emby server Restarting Emby Restarting Windows Tried on 4 different devices, 1 from a different state Connecting to my local IP address from on my own network (doesn't connect) If on the Dashboard I click the "LAN" link, it'll open Emby in Chrome. If I click the "WAN" remote link, it opens to a could not connect page. The only way to connect to my server is from the PC running it, or from it auto detecting on in-network devices. Thoughts?
  9. rayrayvenom

    Remote Connection Help

    I am in need of some help. I have tried to get my remote connection going with no luck. I have port forwarded, turned off all firewalls, dmz my computer and still no luck. I do have a isp modem/router connected before my router but I have that setup in passthrough mode. I am not really sure to go from here. I did have the server worked but recently moved it onto a new pc. Thanks ahead of time.
  10. Can anyone help me figure this out? I want to open the EMBY app installed on my TCL Roku TV as an activity when I turn it on and open the EMBY app seconds after the TV turns on so I wont have to!! lol
  11. I currently have Plex and wanting to switch over to Emby, but when I installed Emby yesterday and tried to access the server from work or I turned my Wifi off on my phone and used cell service, I keep getting a, "We're unable to connect to the selected server right now. Please ensure it is running and try again." Well, the server is running, can access it while on my network at home, but getting this error on my work computer and iPhone. On Plex, I am using the UPnP and it works great with my router, I have my firewall off, but I do have the inbound rule of port 80 open, so something is blocking this from working, but for the life of me, I can't figure it out since Plex works just fine with UPnP. Can someone help me, please?
  12. prinzpiuz

    Manager for emby server

    I have built a Media server managing application (for managing media server like emby, jellyfin, plex) please have a look https://github.com/prinzpiuz/MSM_mobile built with #flutter #dart
  13. sjscarlata

    Play/Pause for Music

    Hi, I'm using the Emby Theater for Windows. I love it. Only gripe is regarding the ability to Pause Music. Videos work perfectly, using a keyboard if I press Play/Pause then the movie pauses, and starts playing again. When I'm playing music if I press Play/Pause then it restarts playing the current song and deletes all others from the queue. If I use the mouse to hit the pause button then it works as expected. Could you plesae make a modification to make the Play/Pause in Music function the same as with Videos? I'm hoping to introduce Emby to our customer base and this is the main flaw. Thanks, Steve
  14. Hi all, I am having an issue whereby I am unable to connect to my Emby Server remotely when using a domain. I have a SSL certificate that is correctly associated with the domain and works as it should. I have port forward setup on my router, and as a test I have used the external IP of my router as the external domain and this worked correctly and allowed me to access remotely. I've taken a log to show that it accepts the connection via the external IP as the external domain. If you require any further information please let me know. Thanks, Michael
  15. So, I've got a baffling issue. I cannot remotely connect to the MB server I have running on a Windows 10 machine. I've tried all suggestions on the connectivity page. But even with the firewall temporarily off, I cannot connect. Local connections work fine. I don't have access to router settings due to the apartment complex having all the routers locked down (whitelist probably). But I even tried using my mobile hotspot and no dice. Canyouseeme reported no response on port 8096 or 8920 using either internet service. I even tried each connection again with a VPN (PIA) turned on on the host machine, though I didn't expect any good results from that.
  16. How does my ISP see my outgoing network traffic? Do they see the actual music titles? Movie titles? and Podcast titles? Or is it just file type information that they see. I have about 15 users. 5 of them are in my house, 7 of them are scattered around the country and a few are in different corners of the world. I'm probably streaming about 10-15 hrs a day to various users mostly HD content. I don't have an SSL cert setup yet and wondering if I should if my ISP is snooping on my data. Thanks!
  17. Hi all, I've mentioned this a long time ago in another thread, and haven't found a fix for it yet. The problem is, for some reason in MBT my Harmony 650 remote seems to work perfectly for everything, except when trying to "fast scroll" through my collections. What I mean by that is: I'm unable to hold down my arrow buttons and quickly move through my collection. Instead, I need to move through titles one at a time (I'd need to press the "right arrow" close to 900 times to get to the end of my movies collection). A while back someone mentioned that my remote may not be configured to repeat commands with the button held down. This is not the case. While I couldn't find an option to change that setting anywhere in my remote setup, I'm sure there's no need to, since it works perfectly fine in WMC. This problem seems to be limited to MBT for some reason. Any help would be greatly appreciated, since this problem keeps me from using my remote in MBT, and I'm stuck using my keyboard instead this really makes it an inconvienience, having the keyboard up on the couch next to you! Lol Thanks, Patrick
  18. Hello everybody. Recently I have moved my Emby server from local install on DietPi (Emby version was to Docker (Emby version is now). After this change, I cannot pause video, fast forward, rewind or continue watching. Before the switch to docker the functionality was present. I am using Samsung TV to open Emby over DLNA. Does anybody have an idea why this is happened and how to fix it? I have tried to run Emby in Docker with host network and with bridged network options. Result is the same. Thanks, Aleks.
  19. trmb

    irTrans remote in linux?

    Does anyone have irTrans working in linux for Emby Theater? I have a living room htpc running emby server in a Zalman HD160 case that has IrTrans receiver remote built into it. IrTrans with the MCE remote has worked well for me in Windows 7 Media Center and Emby Media Center Classic, but it is time to retire Win7 MCE. IrTrans and the remote does work for Emby Theater for Windows, but I'm trying to avoid Win 10 bloat and its random rebooting for forced upgrades. So I'd like to shift to a Ubuntu htpc using Emby Theater to replace MCE in the living room, then possibly Docker after I get things debugged. Biggest stumbling block so far has been getting irTrans and the MCE remote to work in Emby Theater for linux. I downloaded the linux IrTrans drivers and installed them. Irtrans' irserver works in test mode, recognizing the MCE remote button presses. I then installed it as a service and made sure it starts. I configured a apps.cfg [*] section to translate buttons to keypress for emby-theater, as I had done in windows and as suggested elsewhere here. However, it does not work; no keypresses seem to be forwarded to the emby-server process [of which there are many]. File permissions on apps.cfg are set to a+r, so that shouldn't be the issue. Any chance anyone can help solve this Ubuntu/irTrans/remote issue?
  20. Can one change the 30 second skip forward/10 second backward times Emby Theater skips forward or backward when those buttons (or alternately the left/right buttons) are pressed on the remote? (or corresponding keys on keyboard?) Background: Using Win7 MCE, I was able to change those buttons time to 15 seconds forwards and 7 seconds backward (my preferred amounts for watching football, which is one of the few shows I still watch in the Living Room). I'm now thinking of finally transitioning to Emby Theater & Emby Server LiveTV due to the Windows 7 EoL and no more MCE Guide after next week. I've been testing ET on my MCE box to see what might work after years of a stable system (Thanks Luke & team!). Looking at going to a Linux htpc install with ET vs Win 10 with either ET or the MCE port. I did look through the github source code for Emby Theater to see if I could spot an easy fix, but I think the number of seconds might be server determined? It appeared that it just got a new URL with a new seek time passed to it. (If so, perhaps this is more appropriate as a server feature request?)
  21. The PC that I have set up an Emby server on uses Mullvad VPN often, but not always. My goal is to be able to watch the server's media files through other devices, no matter if the VPN is active or inactive. When the VPN is active, the connection fails. When the VPN is inactive, the connection succeeds. Mullvad allows port fowarding, and I've read a few guides on that, as well as the Connectivity Wiki for Emby but am still having trouble, either because I don't quite understand how it works or because the guides weren't specific enough for my issue. So far, I have only tried to connect through a Fire Stick and it works only when the VPN is inactive. If the VPN is on, entering either the LAN and WAN address still gives a connection error. Emby Connect has connected my user account to the server, but the server still does not show on the app after entering the pin. I appreciate any suggestions that you can give.
  22. gillmacca01

    shortcut to main menu

    Not sure if there is a way to do this, but if I am watching an episode, is there a button on the remote I can press to go back to the Emby Home Screen, rather than having to keep pressing return to get back to it
  23. I've seen some helpful posts regarding this by some advanced users, notably @@skidmarks and @@Tur0k but I'm having no luck. Anyone else successfully doing this with PIA? My setup is: * Emby server on MacOS 10.12.6 Sierra and also running PIA 1.1.1 * Internet is cable to an ISP-supplied modem, WAN port to Asus RT-AC68U, ethernet to the Emby server. * Emby server has a manually-assigned IP via the Asus GUI to its MAC address. * Emby remote port is 8096 via http When my server is not connected to the PIA VPN, I can scan the server's public-facing IP (from another computer) for open ports and I see 8096 is indeed open. When I connect the server to the VPN and scan the server's new public-facing IP, 8096 isn't open. These are the things I've tried and have all failed: 1. Forward 8096 to the server's local IP address via the Asus GUI. 2. Enable port-forwarding in the PIA VPN client; change the Emby server remote http port to the port the VPN is forwarding (this is a read-only assigned port in PIA); forward the new port to the server's local IP address via the Asus GUI. Scanning the new public-facing IP shows the new port (and 8096) is not open. 3. Same as #2 but leave the Emby remote port as the default 8096. 4. In the Asus GUI additionally specify the destination local port as 8096. 5. All of the above with different PIA VPN locations among the ones that support port-forwarding. 6. All of the above with MacOS firewall disabled. Thanks!
  24. I remember some time ago when I was able to send remote control commands to the Roku app from a server outside the network via websockets. From what I understand is, currently it's not possible to do this anymore since the new Roku remote control API implementation. I'm aware of the port forwarding solution, but that's an impossible feat to teach Mom; she won't even attempt it. lol I was wondering if there's any other way to get this to work again. Maybe revert the websocket removal in the next release or a plugin of some sort? Any advise to point me in the right direction would be groovy smoothie. Thank you!
  25. Hi all, Just a quick question I am using Emby for WMC (always just like the look of it) on Win 10, and recently had to repair my OS.One of the pecularities of my hardware setup is that I have a TV tuner card, which I only use the IR receiver for to switch the HTPC on/off and navigate as a MCE Remote, I have setup the remote to toggle the desktop (minimising WMC) and then closing it, before sending a shutdown command. However, in the OS rebuild and all apps, I now have Emby for WMC responding to my * cmd to (mapped to shutdown WMC) as this is a remote key shortcut on the homescreen for the context menu. I cannot remember how I reassigned this key in Emby for WMC, any ideas? I need the * cmd for my shutdown and simply want to reassign the "context menu" remote key to something different like a 'Y" - something I don't use. Is this possible, maybe by editing an xml file? Thanks in advance for any help and suggestions
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