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  1. dylan62370

    Download movies fail

    Hello! I can't download any movie by clicking on the download button of any movie. As soon as I click on download on the movie of my choice, I go to the "manage" tab to follow the progress and after waiting 30 min it remains on 0%... all users have the same problem including me who is the administrator. I am Emby first and my Emby is on Linux. Can you help me? Traduit avec DeepL (https://www.deepl.com/app/?utm_source=ios&utm_medium=app&utm_campaign=share-translation
  2. I was wondering why there is no support for matching movies with the TVDB. I have The Oscars 2020, which is available in The TVDB but not The MovieDb. In the metadata sources, The TVDB doesn't show up for movies.
  3. After we watching a movie, we frequently base our "next watch" upon what actors are in that movie and then doing a search by clicking on the actor icon. I did several searches and realized, after ordering several movies, that I already had them after finding DUPICATES pop up in the suggested movies afterwards. We also use the EMBY search feature for actors and we found that actors that I had many movies for (there's tons of them), but only had 12 according to EMBY in my libraries. Is 12 an (artificial) limitation? Imagine having friends over and doing a search on "Christmas" movie titles and coming back with only 12 movies! Does this make sense? No this is insane.. Is there a hidden option for changing the number of movies that I'm not aware of? Do I have to go and create separate libraries for my many favorite actors and Movie types for them all to display completely? @LukePlease help or enlighten me!!! Thanks! (Feel like - Desperately Seeking Susan (1985)! Don't blame me. I like the odies!!) Running the most current release of EMBY. Windows client. Windows 10 64-bit, lots of processing power memory and huge storage etc..
  4. wmcig2020

    Keine Elemente in Medienübersicht

    Hallo, Ich habe die Emby Server Version von 4620 auf 4640 erneuert. Dies habe ich über Portainer gemacht. Nun sehe ich aber nur meine Musiksammlung. Bei den Fotos und Filmen kann Emby keine Elemente finden. Ein Scan brachte keine neuen Ergebnisse. Auch an den Einstellungen wurde nichts verändert. Das Thema hat sich erledigt. Es war eine Servereinstellung meinerseits. Habe in Portainer das falsche Verzeichnis der Daten angegeben
  5. Hi Emby I logged this problem a while ago, can I please have my "Favorites" back on the Movies collection? I use this a lot and am frustrated it has been "bumped" off in place of "TAGS" etc on the Theatre pp. Favorites works in TV shows and on the Web App and the IOS app just not on Theater. Can I please have this back? Cheers guys Rob
  6. Hey Guys, sorry if this is already been mentioned somewhere else. I would like to know if it would be possible to have the option to disable the trailer, folders and episodes tab within the emby movies and tv shows section ? Onyx
  7. BruceDavid

    Movie Extras Not Showing

    Hi, I have the movie Gimme Shelter and several extras on my PC as such: f:\video\movies\gimme shelter (directory) gimme shelter.mp4 is a file in the above directory A sub-directory exists called Extras. In the Extras directory are the following files: Gimme Shelter Outtakes.mp4 Gimme Shelter Re-Release Trailer.mp4 Gimme Shelter Theatrical Trailer 1.mp4 Gimme Shelter Theatrical Trailer 2.mp4 When I click on Gimme Shelter in the Movies library of Emby, the movie is available as is the Outtakes extra but the trailer extras are not showing. Does anyone have any ideas as to why that is and what I should do to rectify it? Thanks. Best, Bruce
  8. Hello,yesterday I setup emby but on port 80 since my router cant port forward 8096 beause of a security thing everything was working and I added the m3u so some movies appeard on my ip:80 but when I went to the live tv I saw it needed subscription,I bought it. I enterm 3u and when I go on my ip : 80 I see no channels and not any movies anymore how can I fix that? I tried a file/m3u link neither did work Also I tried the iptv plugin but its not stable and also I can only add channels one by one
  9. Hello, I've named all my files and folders according to the movie naming guide for emby. But some titles do not get recognized, especially (but not exclusively) non-english titles. And non of them seem to be quite unusual or hard to detect. For example: Movies/Es (2017)/Es (2017) - 1080p.mkv [OT: It (2017)] -> identified as: Körper und Seele (2017) Movies/Oben (2009)/Oben (2009) - 1080p.mkv [OT: Up (2009)] -> identified as: Das Allgäu von oben (2009) Movies/Die Fliege (1986)/Die Fliege (1986) - 720p.mkv [OT: The Fly (1986)] -> identified as: Millowitsch Theater - Die spanische Fliege (1986) Movies/James Bond 007 (03) - Goldfinger (1964)/James Bond 007 - Goldfinger (1964) - 1080p.mp4 [OT: Goldfinger (1964)] -> identified as: James Bond 007 - Feuerball (1965) Berserk - Das goldene Zeitalter (2012), Berserk - Das goldene Zeitalter II (2012), Berserk - Das goldene Zeitalter III (2013) -> all three identified as: Berserk - Das goldene Zeitalter III (2013) english titles identified wrong are e.g.: Movies/The Raid (2011)/The Raid (2011) - 1080p.mkv -> identified as: Code Name: Geronimo(2012) Movies/Train to Busan (2016)/Train to Busan (2016) - 1080p.mkv -> identified as: Untitled Train To Busan Remake Also it was unable to detect 'Star Gate (1994)' because of that whitespace in the middle (like in 'Star Trek' ). After renaming to 'Stargate (1994)' it was fine. These are only examples. I know that identification is not trivial, therefore my question is: Can I name them better for emby, so that the auto detection has better results (without rename every movie to its english title)? I want to add something off topic: A while ago I identified every wrongly assigned movie by hand and added a sort title to almost every movie. Then I change the folder structure from '[mountpoint]/Movies/[all Movies]' to '[mountpoint]/Media/Movies/[all Movies]' and changed the path in the movie library (by removing the old and adding the new, because there is no edit/change functionality). Therefore all identifications were repeated, all identifications by hand and all sort titles were gone. I thought that emby would detect that it is still the exactly same folder with same content, only one layer deeper. I suggest that emby save some kind of folder hashes to be able to recognize that nothing changed in such cases.
  10. Collider

    Mostrar y Agrupar por Estudios

    Hola, Alguien sabe, como agregar o mostrar "Estudios" en la barra de menú de Películas ? En Tv shows, esto si se muestra, se puede también para las películas? Gracias.
  11. I currently have all my movies in one folder and it works fine with Emby. However, in order to get things to work correctly with the movie themes plugin, the movies have to be in their own individual folders. Can someone recommend software or a method of automatically creating folders for each of the movies and puting the movie into the folder, along with the files that go along with them e.g. image files, nfo files, etc? Manually creating folders for around 3000 movies would be a pain to do!
  12. Hi, So I am building a media library of workout videos. While many of them should really be entered as TV series (and behind the scenes I am making progress to let TVDB allow them), I was working a lot making entries at moviedb first. At moviedb for a long time they officially have supported this media type as long as one enters each workout video individually (as if it is standalone), but marked as a video. This works OK and you do get a nice poster for each video that people will photoshop to in a title to say what day it is (e.g. Leg day) - but it does mean that in Emby I have to set up a (movie) collection for each workouts series, and add each individual workout video into that collection (e.g. A Little Obsessed has 5 workouts). But when you get to something like 80 Day Obsession which has 80 videos, even though someone has entered them all individually in MovieDB, it is proving to be a PITA to manually create a collection in Emby for each of these. Since I'm planning on switching my Emby server from Windows (test box) to the Nvidia shield (in a few weeks, as my main Emby server) - I'd like to just create a collection in one of these 3rd party metadata database sites, and have Emby pull it all from there nice and clean. I did install the "Box Set Plugin" in Emby and I notice that it automatically put all the Star Wars movies into a collection without having me having to do anything! This is cool - except - Moviedb does not allow people to create "collections" in their database for anything but genuine movies themselves, and genuine sequels that are well known (e.g. Star wars 1-9). People who want to make a collection for things like all Marvel Universe movies have the same problem as I do. Moviedb says they are working on a solution for the Marvel Universe problem but it may take some time and even then it may only be allowed for genuine movies? Sorry for the long introduction to explain the problem, but does do any of you have a similar problem and an easy solution? is there some sort of "box-set" like plugin that doesn't rely on moviedb, or maybe somebody else runs an "unofficial" collections database that The Box Set / Collections plugin can link into?
  13. For some of my movies I have both an 1080p and a 4k Version saved into the same folder. Emby groups the files together properly and allows me to pick the version I want to watch. It seems that there are a few movies that just refuse to be added into a Collection when I do this. My John Wick movies show in a collection and have both 4K and HD in the same file. As will my Pacific Rim Movies. My Matrix Movies, will not go into a collection (even if I try to add them manually), The Incredibles will also not allow me to add them to a collection. I use the same file name structure for all of my movies.
  14. Hi, Last week sometime my movies started all being matched as "Teens Titans Go". My tv series from Sonarr work fine so it's something specific to movies. Some background, I have Emby running on Centos 7, it updates every time there is a new stable version (currently I have a SMB share to which I copy the new movies and then Emby picks it up from there. I can still click on movie -> Identify, copy and paste the movie name to the "Name" field and it will match correctly, but previously it would match it correctly from the get go. Any suggestions? Thanks. Warren.
  15. A feature i would find really useful would be to see additional metadata when looking through "on now" and "upcoming movies" for live TV. In particular the ability to click on the "on now / upcoming" movie poster & where the options are to watch / record / more... have additional data such as IMDB & rotten tomatoes ratings, movie runtime & a link to be able to watch the movie trailer prior to setting a recording. Would this ever be considered / possible?
  16. Hey peeps, Just a quick post as i am new to emby and in the middle of changing over from plex. when starting to add my movies to emby i have noticed that they is no tab for "newly released movies". when showing my family our new emby they all was asking the same and im very shocked this hasn't been already done, i have seen a lot of threads about this but i dont think people know what they are on about to a certain degree. ei sorting movie by date, using a plugin or spotlight etc, as you can see in the photo below from my plex server, i have NEWLY released movie and RECENTLY added movies, im not going to be buying emby just yet as i would like to test it for a bit first to see what its like. i love the amount of customization you can do along with the tv mode, these types of things smash plex outta the water. i would like to have my media server a bit like Netflix and emby is starting to do that very well but little things can go along way and really hope this gets added and maybe movie genres tabs too.
  17. Hey Guys, I am still trying out emby and in the middle of changing over from plex. my question is to find out why my libraries are not showing up properly. i have 2 main folders (movies) and (tv shows) these both work fine how ever i have another folder within my movies directory (movies 4k) which isn't working properly, no movies are showing up but the folder icon on the top show there are movies there. really stuck on how to fix this as i want 1 main library for all movies and then sub folders to other types like 4k movies etc. any help would be grateful. thanks guys
  18. Horsey

    Problems with alexa skill

    hi guys and great work on what you are doing, i have a issue or 2 i cant sort out with my echo show and firestick im using the uk version first of all it wont open emby when i say open emby home. so ive set a routine to open. which is fine when i ask emby to play movie, it plays flawlessly when i ask to play next episode of tv show or just play tv show it says cant reach ur skill at the moment. everytime.. now another is google. opens ebey home like a dream it wont play a film at all but will play next episode....lol it doesnt seem to want to repond to the number 2 in the lists so yeah i have options but its very annoying.. it also wont play on my webos player but alexa does lol.... any ideas please?
  19. Joramilea

    collections and main Movie file

    @@Happy2Play I run my emby server on a Linux server, which is why I am posting here. Last year I had my movies in collections and those collections were in my movie folder. So when I opened my main movie folder i wouldn't see 4 Indiana Jones movies I saw the one folder with all the movies in it and I also had them show up in collections top menu select. I had to move some files around in August 2019 and now when I add movies to a collection they only show up in the top collections menu option and then not 100%. I even went in and changed the file structure on some collections to see if that would fix it and it didn't. Is it me? Was this changed in an update and I missed the note? I really liked the collections showing up in my main movie folder. My file structure was and still is simple. If there is a place for this log, I have no clue where to find it. When I first started using Emby my file structure was: Movies ----->movie_1 ----->movie_2 ----->movie_3 Then I changed a few to see if that would fix it to: Movies ----->movie_collection ---------->movie_1 ---------->movie_2 ---------->movie_3 I have attached two files of images that show the difference between the two screens from July 2019 to when I moved files around in August 2019 Old_layout is the first file structure pre-August 2019 and new_layout is what I have now. I like the way the old_layout is set up. It kept my movies cleaner and collections together in an easy place to find them since some of my movies are in one collection but have different names. (IE Star Wars Saga - Rogue One, Solo, Star Wars 1-8) Thanks in advance for you help. I hope it I can get it back to the old way. I really liked that.
  20. Hi everyone I bought a seedboxplan and installed emby on it. The installation went flawless, and everything worked till i updated. From the moment i updated the library won't recongnise my movies if i chose 'movies' as content type. However, if I choose 'TV shows' as content type, emby recognizes them (that's how i know it ain't a permissions thing). Is there anyone having the same problem? I installed the latest stable version of the available Emby Server from the emby website on a Ubuntu Rapidseedbox, seedbox. Greetings, and thanks in advance!
  21. ricardonr


    Hi, I'm using DS418 and mMy libray metadata is not working correctly for all movies. Just a couple of movies fetch the correct parent rating in portuguese M/12, M/16, ... all others fetch in English R, PG-13, ... Some movies won't get the rotten tomatoes rating while others do. All of them show the imdb rating. I'm just testing, but all the movies are recent. I've uninstalled the server and reinstalled it but the issue continues. Thanks
  22. ricardonr

    Sort Movies Display

    Hi, Is it possible to show, below the title and year of the movie, the value of the sort order chosen? For example, if the movies are sorted by parental rating, below the title and year would appear the parental rating (PG-13,...). Thank you very much.
  23. icedragonslair

    How do I stop EMBY from adding sets?

    How do I stop EMBY from adding sets? it is quite literally destroying my collection Thank you, Ice
  24. I have a few handfuls of movies within iTunes Movies. I'm not a big fan of iTunes, but since I have these digital movies I've been exploring how to more easily access them. I recently came across the excellent Retune iTunes Remote software for Android ( https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.squallydoc.retune&hl=en ), created by SquallyDoc ( http://www.squallydoc.com ). This nifty piece of software is able to connect to my local iTunes library, display a list of my iTunes Movies, and then Play them in iTunes directly from within the app (ie, they do not play on my Android device, rather they play within iTunes on my computer). The fact that this is possible opened my mind to interesting possibilities for Emby integration (if there is enough user interest, of course). I think there would need to be two components to this: Emby Server would need to use the remote functionality (ie, whatever the mechanism is that iTunes provides for apps like Retune to be able to connect to the local iTunes library) to read what Movies (and TV Shows) exist within the users iTunes library. And then there'd need to be a way for the user to designate which Movies and TV Shows to display within Emby. The server would store whatever internal marker/id data is needed to later directly play that item in iTunes. And of course iTunes would need to be installed on the same network as Emby Server (so that it can access ITunes). iTunes is primarily on PC and Mac (and other Apple devices, of course), so Emby Theater should in theory be able to connect to a particular iTunes instance (ie, on the same PC) and then using the already acquired data from Emby Server, launch a given video in that iTunes instance (iTunes would need to already be open for this work, though it may be possible to lauch it via command line). Now, the thing that would make all this even cooler is if support for iTunes Extras (https://www.apple.com/itunes/working-itunes/enhance/extras/ ) could be added. I have reached out to the developer of Retune and he is going to see if that data is made accessible through the remote protocols. Ideally, we'd be able to import the list of iTunes Extras (including some basic metadata), and then launch them directly in iTunes. PS - If this is something you might like to see implemented, be sure to "Like" this top/first post (as well as any subsequent posts in this thread that highlight particular aspects of what you are interested in) -- "Liking" the top/first post helps the Devs to know how much interest there is in a given Feature Request.
  25. Hello, I just switched over from Plex and am currently in the decorating & sorting stage since it basically "just works". In plex I used my existing folder structure to have some sort of order when browsing ... essentially they are stored by genre and each folder is a library. In emby I simply scanned them all into 1 library and let Genre sort them out. Added some neat graphics and it looks real sharp. But I realized not all movies have proper metadata. How can I sort those out that don't have genre's or even those that are missing ID's altogether. The identification process is working pretty good ... but there are some that fell through the cracks, and my collection is a wee bit too big to simply check every single one. Thanks in Advance
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