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Found 6 results

  1. Hi, couldn't find find this question anywhere, so here goes. For several months now, I've had this weird navigation problem. Unfortunately I don't know exactly anymore, when this was introduced. Currently the App reports itself as: AndroidTv 1.6.62g Running on: Sony KD-65XD7504 The Problem is as follows: 1. Navigate to any TV show episode overview page (the one with chapters and actors and so on). 2. Visit any sub page like going to an actors page or starting the episode. 3. Upon pressing back, or having the episode finish playing, the overview page is displayed again. However, I can no longer navigate using the Arrow keys. Only after returning to the main menu or the "Season N - Episodes List" navigation Focus is restored. I work around this, by using the episode list view in seasons so i'll only have to go back 2 steps to select the next episode. My NVshield does not exhibit the same behaviour. Unfortunately i have no idea where to begin debugging this, so any help would be very much appreciated. greetings
  2. Hi, Music playback is stuttering when Emby is send to background or when the screen is off. When Emby is back in focus, the stuttering is gone (Android 7.0). Any idea how I can fix this? Thanks, Jelle
  3. Okay, sorry for the extra question, but I have everything working properly with this compro remote (and logitech harmony) except shutdown. The original remote wakes up the computer through PCIe Bios settings ok (from full off state- which is what I prefer as I have a remote power switch to kill all components TV, HTPC etc. But the power off button only sends a sleep state shutdown, when I want a full power shutdown. I have got around this by having a shutdown batch cmd, which is shortcut to "num 8" on the original remote and this I have taught the harmony as "Power toggle". This works, as long as it happens from the desktop. But the HTPC uses Emby for WMC plugin, with WMC for Win 10 plugin, as I like this interface, my problem is closing WMC prior to executing the shutdown cmd. I have Microsoft ME Media Player, and Micorsoft SE Media Player devices in logitech harmony, but the Win + D key (takes win to desktop), doesn't seem to work in Microsoft SE Player through logitech, if I use a physical keyboard...fine, I can go to desktop and then the "Power toggle" button works to shutdown. So my problem is how to execute win + D through logitech, or how to assign it to a num 9 key in the remote,I even have a batch cmd to shutdown WMC, but again can't be activated while in WMC? I can't assign complex keyboard shortcuts to the compro remote, but it does have the possibility to assign an exe program, so I tried assigning cmd.exe cmd /c "c:\WMC_Shutdown\WMC_Shutdown.cmd" to * key on remote but no go. Just need a way to close WMC through remote key that can be mapped to logitech, so I can then execute shutdown bat that is already assigned and works when desktop is in focus. Any ideas would be much appreciated, though I couldn't really get my head around eventghost or autohotkey...seem quite complex. Thanks again, I tried all yesterday with a thousand diffferent configurations but keep getting stuck on the "go to desktop" problem. TIA Tried various combinations, batch file is there to run and kill ehshell.exe but when WMC is fullscreen, nothing short of a physical keyboard (Win+D) will minimise it, which I need to do before I can run proper shutdown, if WMC has focus my power toggle key isn't recognised and I go to a soft sleep, then when it wakes...no remote. I am tearing my hair out, I have used autohotkey, and still when WMC has focus, it can't be minimised by remote keys, only by keyboard. Suggestions anyone???
  4. I use the Win Key + 1 shortcut to launch Emby Theater as well as gain focus when the program has lost focus. That way I can always utilize my Harmony remote to show the Emby Theater program. Recently, I can only use the shortcut to launch the program. If the program ever loses focus, pressing Win Key + 1 does not bring focus back. Could it have something to do with how the program is appearing in the taskbar? The program expands separately, as shown on the right side. Usually, other programs will expand in place when they are opened. The only way that I can get focus back is to use a mouse and click on the actual interface. If I try to gain focus by clicking on Emby Theater in the taskbar, the program gets focus, but no item gets selected in the program, so I can't use a remote to move around.
  5. I've been having this issue for quite some time, but I've pretty much just been dealing with it until now. For whatever reason, having my taskbar set to auto-hide causes issues with MBT where the taskbar becomes visible while MBT is maximized. Not the whole taskbar, just the thin strip that you can see from your desktop when it's set to auto-hide. I can be browsing MBT just fine, with no visible taskbar strip, and it normally pops up as soon as I hit play on a title, but I believe it also happens from time to time while browsing through my collections. The only way I can get the taskbar to disappear once this happens is to switch MBT to windowed mode, and then maximize it again; you could see how this would get annoying. Especially since it happens about 95% of the time I click "play" to start watching something. This will also randomly happen while in the middle of watching something, though less frequently than while initially hitting play. The other issue I'd just like to lump in here, since I think it may be partially related, is that; sometimes when coming out of the MBT screensaver (by pressing a remote button, usually one of the nav buttons), Emby theater loses focus (ie. I can't control it, until I get my mouse and click somewhere on the screen), which is also a major annoyance, since it obviously takes you out of the experience of seamlessly playing media from an HTPC via remote control. Of course, I could solve at least the first issue (possibly the second, I'm not sure though) by simply not setting my taskbar to auto-hide; but the taskbar ruins the look of my rainmeter skin, so I'd like to not have to do that. I've noticed some old posts on here with similar issues, I just thought I'd bring it up again, and list my particular issues, in hopes someone might have a fix to it. Thanks, Patrick
  6. Tanamur

    MBT: Always on Top?

    Hi All, I'm starting to use MBT a bit more on a laptop and am curious if I have missed a setting for "always on top" when not in full screen display? If this hasn't been added yet then something I use in general is a little program called DeskPins which might interest others and can be downloaded from SoftPedia at http://www.softpedia.com/get/Desktop-Enhancements/Other-Desktop-Enhancements/DeskPins.shtml Thanks, Tanamur
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