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Found 3 results

  1. Hi all, I'm using: Emby Server Version 3.0.5785.0 MB Theatre 3.0.5848.25554 I use TMT6 as an external player for BD and DVD playback. I use MPC-HC as an external player for all other media content. The "Continue watching" (resume) feature works fine for any content played back using MPC-HC but not for content played back via TMT6. My 'Resume' settings in Emby Server are as follows: Min resume %: 5 Max resume %: 95 Min resume duration: 300 I think these are the default settings. I've had this problems since I first installed MB (as was) and MBT a couple of years back. How can I troubleshoot this further? Let me know if you need me to upload logs. Many thanks
  2. Hi All, Really need some help as rapidly losing patience. My Setup Server Win 7 x64 MCM - mainly used to keeping track of new aired episodes Emby Server HTPC Win 7 x64 MB 2.x TMT6 Powerdvd 14 DTLite Test/Study PC Win 7 x64 Emby Classic Emby Theater TMT 6 Powerdvd 15 Kodi (w Emby Addon) Have tried WinCDemu, VCD and DTL I have lost two days and countless years off my life trying to figure this out. End Goal = Have Emby Theater mount ISOs and play Blu Rays in external player in order to get full BR menus. I have this working for years with MB2... I can mount ISOs and even get asked which app to use to play the disc (TMT or Powerdvd). I would like to upgrade as I like some of the features that Emby provides. I have for months being trying out MB3/Emby casually but was never happy with the lack of stability. Both Classic and Theater would crash far too often. I would really like to move across but cannot get this to work properly. I prefer using folders as I have a extensive collection organized in a specific fashion that makes it easier to use than anything that Emby or Kodi provide out the box. I checked out the VCD ISO mounting pinned thread but it did not work for me. The VCD v5470 app installs (with admin rights) but I can never it to mount an ISO. Tried two different install .exe and have does 6 un+re-installs. The application appears to install along with drivers.... shows up working in device manager. Get no feedback or error when trying to mount an ISO with VCD. If I install WinCDemu then I can mount any ISO outside of Emby no problem. If I install DTlite v5 same thing. Outside of the Emby-T mounting is no problem. I also installed DTlite v10. I tried three different .exe that come with DT Lite v10 and none of them work within Emby-T. I un+re-install each and rebooted between different attempts. Using these three I can play the BR inside TMT or Powerdvd. With VCD, WinCDemu and DT Lite I tried both 'Mount' and 'Pass Direct to Player' options - both without success. With Powerdvd 14 and TMT6 the application starts and you can see the application 'drives' splash screen but no virtual drive is created. I verified this in windows explorer. I then tried Powerdvd 15 as it now has built in ISO mount capability. Outside of Emby it will mount an ISO and load the disc. Inside Emby with 'mount' or 'pass to player' I can only get the application to start but not go any further. If anyone has this working please can you post screenshots of your Emby-T external players settings and any settings you made on the external players. Would be great if you can also mention the exact versions you running. Greatly appreciate any and all help. Thank you.
  3. Hoping someone can help with with an external player issue. First, a description of my setup: I am running MB Classic on a Windows 7 based HTPC. The MB Classic version number is I am running the server on a home server with OS Windows Home Server 2011. Lastly, I am trying to use Total Media Theater 6 as an external player. My file system is set up with UNC folder shares. The movies are ripped from BluRay discs using AnyDVD HD from Slysoft. I have set up the external player through the MB Configurator - generic profile, pointing to uMCEplayer6.exe in the TMT6 directory. I have tried two different args, first leaving the default ( {0} ), and second using args suggested in a different thread ( {PATH}/PLAY ). Either way, the movie will not play. As for behavior, when I push the "play" button, I see the MB splash screen briefly, and then I'm returned to MB. I have attached the MB Classic log output. In the log, I can see a call to TMT6 with the proper UNC path to the movie I'm trying to watch (timestamp 2014-08-30 09:47:29.0074 in the log). Next, there is an error at time stamp 2014-08-30 09:47:29.5504 as follows: "Error,,Error interpreting Websocket message ......" Hoping someone can help me understand what is happening. Thanks much. Ross Hirschi MBClassic-30820144df61f5f8da84ee39379cc8b87540c75.log
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