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Found 5 results

  1. PurposelyCryptic

    View Options in Emby Theater?

    Hi, and thanks for taking the time! I feel like there is a really simple answer to this, but I'm just not seeing it, and various searches of the forums have left me none the wiser, so I'm giving up and asking for help: I installed MBT (or ET, I guess) today for the first time since before it was relaunched - I used the now-legacy version a while back, and otherwise use Emby for WMC, but figured it had been out for long enough now to have stabilized, and wanted to see the new fanciness. And so far, it's pretty great! ...except for the life of me, I can't seem to find the View options I'm actually fairly embarrassed about this, I've been using MB/Emby since early version 2, and have never had any issues getting things configured, but despite having tried what feels like everything, I can't figure this out. I just want to set it to my long-loved List-Thumb-Details Library-Series-Episode configuration, and it's driving me nuts, since it was so simple in every other version, and I'll likely feel like an idiot for how simple it is here. I just can't seem to find the little button: There it is in the Legacy version, but nothing here... Can someone take pity on this sad fool and tell me what to press?
  2. Hallo, I'm using the Android TV app (latest version from Play Store) on a Minix U9-H Android box using a Bluetooth remote control (cursor keys, enter, esc, Play/Pause ...). I configured a Library for my tvheadend recording files (as someone in the forum has suggested) - and my problem is: When using the Android TV app, I only get to see thumbnails for my recordings and I have to move over every single item to see the titles of these recordings. My question is: Is it possible to add a "list view" option to the Android TV app, kind of like the list view in the web app? Or better just a list of recording titles and next to it the picture + details only for the active title. That would be great! Thank you in advance! Regards, Anna
  3. First of all, major thanks for all the hard work, MBT is an amazing upgrade, coming from having used MB2 for years. One thing I do really miss from MB2 is that when viewing series/movies in List View, it showed the item's poster together with the overview. In MBT, you instead get a shrunk-down version of the backdrop. Since there is already an icon-sized version of the backdrop next to the item name, you have the same image shown 3 times on one screen, which looks a bit off. It would probably look somewhat better with backdrops turned off (in which case it would just seem like a logo/poster-alternative), but that would somewhat defeat the purpose of having separate backdrops/posters. So my feature request would be to have an item's poster displayed above the overview instead of the smaller version of the backdrop (or make it a toggle). I searched the forums for the issue, but only found a single post on the issue with no reply, from back in January, so I thought it was worth bringing up. Thanks for listening, and, seriously, thanks for all the hard work you guys/girls put into this. You rock!
  4. v3,0.129 MBC v. chocolate If you have a large number of movies in list view (ive reproduced with 285 Movies), when you scroll past bottom of list, the focus jumps from 285 to 265 ad infinitum as you scroll down. (rather than back to 1) (always seems to be 20 titles back for other list lengths tested) only seems to affect chocolate
  5. There is a way for enabling "list view" for tv shows that have only one season? I noticed that when entering a tv show with only one season, and then going to Episodes the episode show by default in Poster Strip view. I personally prefer the "list view" for episodes browsing. This is not a problem with multiple season shows, since i can enter to a season and then set the view to list mode, it would be great if we can set this only for single season shows and thus keep multi season shows with poster strip view. Alternatively a option to show all tv shows (even single season ones) episodes inside their own season folder
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