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  1. iOS 2.1.5 Has Been Released This is a follow up release to the recent Emby For iOS 2.1.3. Released, Featuring: Timeline Seeking & Thumbnails release. We wanted to get this out to you as quickly as possible. This release features a resolution to: An Intermittent Loss of Audio Issue that Manifests When Audio is Transcoded. This release also contains a minor fix for: Problem with Scrolling on Certain Server Management Screens. You can now scroll fluently from top to bottom of management screens found on the Emby Server Tab. Please install this maintenance release at your earliest convenience. You can follow Emby iOS development as well as report any issues on our community forum site: https://emby.media/community/index.php?/forum/94-ios/
  2. I'm getting an Audio Desync issue with Emby Android TV App on 2015 Shield TV Pro. Only happens with high bit rate content, Dolby Atmos with HDR at UHD resolutions. Latest update 9.0.1 I added EmbyCon to Kodi on the SHield TV and it is not happening in Kodi. Basically the content will play fine for a while and then there is a slight pause in the audio, then the lip sync is gone. I also notice the app stutter a bit when I select to play the same high bit content, where as in Kodi it is instant. This is all running on a gigabit wired network.
  3. is there a way to force software decoding? i run emby on a Sharp 40BN5EA (Android TV 9) with a stereo soundsystem connected by 3.5 mm jack, but problem is also on the build in speakers at first i had the release version 2.0.48g which pretty much always did software decode for the audio and all sounded normal then i switched to beta 2.0.64g for testing, cause i had some DV files not triggering the TV, beta fixed most DV files here, but now dolby 5.1 audio suddently sounded very thin, flat and tiny i noticed that on these files audio is now not software decoded anymore but plays "direct" (shown in stats for nerds), as shot in the dark, i tried the correct playback option and it switched to software decode for the audio and voila normal rich sound was back so there seems to be a problem on my TV to handle/downmix these files deliverd from emby, cause i don't noticed anything abnormal with tv stations using dolby 5.1 or eg the amazon app (but i dont know what it is doing, probably also software decode) audio settings on that TV itself are pretty limited, but however, i tried to flip them all with no effect on attempting to force emby to software decode by default again so is there a way to force software decoding? emby isn't showing any audio related settings here
  4. Before you go ahead and label this a duplicate or suggest that the "set preferred language" option in settings pleases this request, I'm talking about a use-case for a feature such as this for scenarios where language-labeled subtitles doesn't benefit from the already existing preset in settings, i.e if you're watching a foreign media and there's a signs track in English because there's also a dub of the show. Having to change tracks every episode even though technically the correct language is selected but it's still not the right one gets quite tedious. What I'm suggesting is that you add the per-episode menu to the show/season details one more or less-.
  5. My setup: LG C9 with Chromecast with Google TV + Phillips Soundbar with Dolby Atmos. Both Chromecast and TV are set up to passthrough audio and it works perfectly with all other apps like Netflix, VLC and Apple TV. But Emby plays only PCM audio. I have tried this with a lot of movies that play Dolby audio on VLC. But the same movies play PCM audio in Emby. Any idea how to fix this? Attaching details of one such file.
  6. Please add this function to change audio/subtitles track at item card with no start playing. Following thread:
  7. @LukeI hate to bother you and the developers but the new Emby update has seems to have flip the audio Channels around. I have several 5.1 audio movies and shows that have been affected by this. And form the look of it the tv app and mobile app doesn't have any way to change the audio settings or at least force it to stereo audio. Please fix this. Btw love the new update y'all are making so much progress it's amazing.
  8. Hello! How should I configure server or something other for remembering selected audio/subtitles track? What do I mean: In user 'Playback' settings I checked 'Remember audio track selection' In user 'Subtitles' settings I checked 'Remember subtitles track selection' (preferred subtitles language = English; subtitles mode = 'No subtitles' (I experimented with all available subtitles modes, but nothing helps)) I go to a movie then select audio I need, subtitles I need, then go to home screen and go back to this movie again. And my chooses did not saved (all states look like as I did nothing) At playback time (I start movie playing and select while playback) change these settings does not saved also. Besides, I detect another playback problem: if I trying to change subtitles while movie playing - subtitles does not changed, also if I set it to 'None'. And if I choose subtitles before start playing then Emby for reasons I don't know select 1-st track only (I select 2-nd track but playing 1-st). Is it my wrong or server error?
  9. HI Sorry if this has already been answered but I couldn't find it. I am playing HEVC with 5.1 files to A Fire stick. Only the rear audio channels are going to my telly. How to I force it to transcode to stereo? In http://localhost:8096/web/encodingsettings.html/Playback/Transcoding I dont see anything about audio except boost when downmixing. Or anywhere else. thanks remainz I am just coming to Emby because it can do HEVC on a home server. UG Typo in title sorry. edit wont let me fix the title
  10. Hello, I have an odd one and I do not think it is emby directly. Read to the end.... I'm encoding some movies into HEVC using Hardware Acceleration. I decided to have two audio tracks (1. Original Audio Passthru, 2. AAC Track @ 960K). When I view the data in emby the second AAC audio track is wrong. It is being reported as 320K. So I figured maybe its the file itself. Here is the audio mediaInfo on the file. Perhaps it is the FFmpeg commands I am using for the audio. This is the main list of commands I have come up with for encoding HEVC with two audio tracks. Mind you the titles and names of the metadata for the audio tracks can change from title to title. I am not really sure why the second audio track is being mis-read. ffmpeg -y -vsync 0 -hwaccel cuda -i "inputFile.mkv" // First Audio Track (Source) Commands -map 0:v -map 0:a:0? -c:a:0 copy -metadata:s:1 title="Surround 5.1 Track" -metadata:s:1 handler="Surround 5.1 Track" -metadata:s:1 language=eng // Second Audio Track (AAC) Commands -map 0:a:0? -c:a:1 aac -metadata:s:2 title="AAC Track" -metadata:s:2 handler="AAC Track" -metadata:s:2 language=eng -b:2 960K -ac:2 6 -filter:2 aformat=channel_layouts=6.0
  11. I need Emby theater to output audio to a non-default windows audio device, but I don't see a way to change the device in the audio settings. Below is a screenshot of all available options: I know there used to be an option in a past version, I feel like I must be missing something obvious. Thanks for any help.
  12. CathMowr

    Metadata Problems - Audio

    Aloha community, one giant emby noob speaking, and so I have a problem. I hope I am in the right place and find an answer here, if I missed crucial details in order to find a solution please tell me, if should post somewhere else tell me too! So I want to set up Emby as my primary media player on OS X and IOS and started playing around with it. I set up my NAS with the server and whatnot and then started pulling some audio onto the server to see if Emby recognizes it. It does. But. The folder is called 20syl and emby does not want to make an artist out of it. Shows up under the Album (unclickable), but not in the artist section. So I pull out my ID3 Tag Editor to see if there is something wrong with the file. Nope. What's happening? Other artists work kind of fine. I had some problems with special signs like accents in french titles but hey. You cant have it all.. But! My guess is that the number in the beginning causes Problems but what can I do to make this work? I'd be extremely happy if somebody could tell me a way of correctly preparing files for Emby so that it reliably works. Sorry if this might be an old question but i couldn't find any valuable information concerning this topic. Thanks in advance! EDIT : I noticed that when i try to edit the metadata in emby it doesnt show an artist or an album artist as well. When i write it down and save it just says okay but nothing happens. When i reopen the section its gone. Refreshing metadata via the 3 points does nothing as well.
  13. Hi there, a request for Emby Server. I have been using Download and Sync very much lately to minimize transcoding, the only thing I don't seem to find is an option to convert the movie/episode with multiple audio tracks and keeping their metadata so one can select the transcoded version and different languages within the transcoded version. This feature would be greatly appreciated.
  14. It's really great the way the theme audio continues when navigating through info on a movie or series and fades when leaving. It would be great if the audio of video backdrops faded out also when leaving.
  15. fizzyade

    Swap L/R Channels

    This is going to sound like a very odd request, but any chance of having an option in the client to say "Swap Left & Right channels". The reason for this is that I have a SONOS BEAM which is used on a projector, because of this the beam is fixed to the ceiling and is therefore upside down. It's not possible in SONOS to fix this, I currently have a very hacky solution which involves a raspberry pi, but it's not great and I suffer with drop outs. If I could select swap left/right on the projectors emby player then all my problems would go away. The projector is only ever used with Emby so this would be a global fix for me.
  16. So I have an interesting problem. I'm in the process of setting up my first complete home theater with a C8 as my TV was reading up on the limitations associated with ARC. I plan on using one of LG's internal Emby app. The system I'm setting up is a 5.1.2 system and I was hoping that I could stream lossless audio by connecting my receiver to my C8 through the ARC connection, but I was reading that only eARC is cable of TrueHD. A quick diagram of my connections: LG C8 (Internal Emby App) -> AVR -> Speakers As an example, my Avengers Infinity War file has the following for audio (which looks like no DD+ [E_AC-3]): TrueHD: 5174 kbps | 8 channel A_AC-3: 640 kbps | 6 channel A_AC-3: 192 kbps | 2 channel I definitely want to retain the atmos channels since that's why I got the additional speakers. From my understanding, since the TrueHD can't transfer to my AVR, it would default to the A_AC-3 audio, which would not contain the atmos components (correct me if I'm wrong). So my question is, would it be possible to force my Emby server to transcode the TrueHD with atmos to DD+ with atmos? And if so, is this a fairly hardware intensive transcode? Let me know if I can clarify anything or if I said anything wrong! ~Q
  17. Aloha! I wanted to ask if somebody else made the experience that audio playback does a little stutter when you have it running and change from app to app or put the screen in sleep mode. I have this a lot on an iphone 6s running IOS 13.6.1..
  18. SangheiliDragon

    Emby low audio

    Hey all, New to Emby, having a minor bug. Audio when streamed to clients, have been using Kodi 16.01 (tested on 2 devices)(Kodi Emby plugin installed), Chromecast 1st Gen (FW ver. 1.20.66189), and a Samsung Smart TV Series 6 (DLNA), all have very low audio. I would say roughly half volume compared to when they are played via a shared network drive or via direct hard drive connect. (not using Emby). Emby server version 3.0.6400.0 running on MS Windows 10 build 10.0.14393 any help would be greatly appreciated Regards Jayden
  19. CathMowr

    Sorting Bug?

    I experienced a very weird thing today where artists that are written small get sorted to the back of the library when you sort by album artist. This happened with a different artist that was written small too, after this I added 2 other albums with artists written big and they behave completely normal. I then put the file into MP3Tag and capitalized the artist/Album Artist/AlbumArtistsort, deleted the MBP Tag and put the file in a folder next to the first one. After this I scanned the library and boom, the second fiel with the capitalized artist sorts normally BUT is still written small - even if it shouldn't be - and gets sorted into the same allbum artist section like the one written small. When I sort by something else than album artist both files sort correctly. I attached the files if somebody wants to check, trippin is the one written small, trippin 2 is the one that is capitalized according to MP3Tag. I am confused. alllone - Bedroom Files Vol.1 - 01 trippin 2.flac alllone - Bedroom Files Vol.1 - 01 trippin.flac
  20. adam1010

    Audio boost when dowmixing

    I'm trying to get louder volume on my Android mobile devices. I have set the server's Transcoding setting of "Audio boost when downmixing" to its maximum setting of 3, however, the volume doesn't appear to increase much. I have verified that the video is being transcoded (downmixed) and not using Direct Play. I'd almost say there isn't any distinguishable difference when I switch on and off the transcoding on my Android device (I'm using Ubuntu for the server). I'm assuming you're taking my value of "3" and normalizing it to something and plugging it into ffmpeg like so: ffmpeg -i in.mp4 -af "volume=1.5" out.mp4 This example represents a 50% audio boost. 1) What does level 3 correspond to percentage-wise, and is there a reason it's been capped at 3? 2) Is there any kind of debug information I can look at to verify that the audio amplification flag is being set in ffmpeg?
  21. Hi Emby, Are there any plans to support external streaming services via plug-ins coming to Emby. I'm aware that Plex offers these, and I think it would be a boon for us as well. We've got TuneIn for Internet Radio, which is great. But what about Tidal, Qobuz, Spotify, YouTube Music or Apple Music? Perhaps one of our more accomplished developers could whip something up. Kind regards, Bill
  22. I'm running emby on Synology NAS (DSM 6.xx). I'm using iOS 14 Phone / iPad and iMac (Catalina) to play music. I would like to ask wether the lossless audio files are transcoded to be played or not. As far as I understand (see https://support.emby.media/support/solutions/articles/44001161688-ios) emby can direct play Flac only. ALAC / m4a is not listed. As far as I understand there might be a second bottleneck to overcome: the iOS device "normally" transcodes to AAC before playing. So does the embay-ios app follow this procedure? Or do I listen to hi-res lossless audio? (if my file is lossless audio). In addition - what about m4b? is this format also ready for direct play?
  23. Recently spun up new Emby server ~ 500 tittles of mix .mkv, Mp4 and BD. Video playback seems fine however audio decoding via Apple TV (gen 4K) device is not passing thru HDMI receiver correctly. Media-info shows audio format below. Format :AC-3,Dolby Digital Codec ID :A_AC3 Bit rate :448 kb/s Channel(s) :6 channels Channel layout :L R C LFE Ls Rs Sampling rate :48.0 kHz This Issue: The receiver indicates multichannel format on the display, sound working for L,C, R, LF (sub), but not surround L or R. I have eliminated the file as the the problem for the reason that Roku devices played from the same server and AVR combo and produce sound from all channels. So this points to the interface between Emby app and Apple TV device. Furthermore, I ruled out the Apple TV device and my AVR together because other content played directly from apple store downloads sound as they should with surround L and R working. Also , ran the app "speaker Check" for apple TV and this verified all channels working through receiver HDMI / Apple TV. My conclusion, something is preventing full multichannel support (L and R surrounds in this case) from working as it should and I suspect the Emby Apple TV app/interface is the issue. This is such a basic feature not to be working so I am sure I am not the first to notice if a know issue, or, my setup is unique somehow but I don't that is the case either. If anyone else is having this issue please comment. Also, if this is working as it should for you please share your settings. I have tried many settings without success. One other question regarding enabling MPV, I don't see a plugin so this feature must be integrated with the interface. Thx Bnw
  24. CathMowr

    Audio Playback Issues - OSX/IOS

    More often than not I can't start to listen to an album with a choosen track because Emby shows the track in the bottom bar but does not play it. I then have to press stop and start the album with the Play all button. This works most of the time and after that I can choose a track to my liking. I encountered this problem in browser mode and in IOS App. Is this issue known? I didn't find a similar thread. Further Emby seems to have problems with the remote function. When I choose my browser (Safari) as the playback medium in the IOS app and start a song neither of the two react at all or the song shows in IOS but doesn't start playing in OSX. I tried the Play all solution as described above when this happens and then Emby sometimes selects a random song, shows it in the bottom play bar at a weird point of time (f.e. 2:30) but doesn't play anything.
  25. I would love to see the option to have Emby show me more advanced Metadata for audio. I tag my files as meticolous as possible and it would be nice to have a display for things like Label, Barcode, ISRC, Catalogue Number, Original Release Date / Media Release Date etc. Basically the values MBP already shows me in it's tagger. But also the more technicals side of things like Sample Rate, Bit Rate, File Format, Mono/Stereo. Video already does that, so why not audio? Also a few more sorting options in Audio would be nice, like having the possibility to sort by Artist AND year, not just one of them. Further I'd love to have the option to turn off backgrounds in certain sections, same with Logos. I like the backgrounds/logos in movies but i dislike them in the music section, sometimes it differs from artist to artist. Another thing is the UI for the IOS Apps, to be more precise the bottom bar. It would be lovely to be able to customise that bar. For example, I don't need fast access to movies on my phone, but on my iPad, the other way around with music. Anyways, thanks a lot for the effort you put into Emby! UI wise I already like it a hundred times more than Plex. EDIT : Not just UI wise. In general.
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