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  1. I've had this problem for months now - when I watch a TV episode and do not finish the episode it sits in Continue Watching until the Trakt plugin Import playstates task runs. Once that task executes it removes the TV episode from Continue Watching. If I disable this task this behavior doesn't occur, and this only happens for TV episodes, not movies. Log attached. Any idea how I might fix this behavior? I'm currently on Emby beta, but this has been occurring on every version of Emby that I've had installed for about six months now. I'm using Trakt plugin
  2. Hi Using Kodi in conjunction with the Emby Trakt plugin and Up Next causes some hiccups. I only use one user for myself which is on my main RPi and desktop and also if I'm using my phone etc remotely. I want to keep this setup with the ability to continue watching on all devices. Would it be possible to add an option to exclude clients, in my case Kodi, from the Trakt plugin? That way I can scrobble with the Kodi plugin that shouldn't have this problem, but also keep scrobbling as usual with other devices and keep my library updated on Trakt. Thanks
  3. SuperNic

    Trakt sync and other update issues

    Dear tech, since the update to the new version (DSM 6.2.3-25426 and DS1019+), I'm having the following issues: Sync library to trakt.tv failed Error: TrustFailure (Authentication failed, see inner exception.) at Emby.Server.Implementations.HttpClientManager.HttpClientManager.SendAsyncInternal (MediaBrowser.Common.Net.HttpRequestOptions options, System.String httpMethod) [0x00353] in <4b2b35e458474e708c04b3533f59ad82>:0 at Emby.Server.Implementations.HttpClientManager.HttpClientManager.SendAsync (MediaBrowser.Common.Net.HttpRequestOptions options, System.Str
  4. Is there a way to add items to my collection in Trakt, but not remove them? I have media accross several different platforms, and the Trakt sync just wiped out my Trakt Collection. The items still show up in Trakt for me, so its not too hard to get them back, but it is a little annoying. I found a post from last year, that stated that "dont remove from collection" would be added in the next version, but it looks like the author is no longer active. Is this something that will be done? Edit: Is the Trakt plugin maintained by the Emby team, or is it community driven? I can subm
  5. There have been multiple scenarios that have left me wanting more granular settings in the Trakt plugin. The most recent example is: Show 1 has been watched in 2015. I want to un-mark it as watched in Emby and not lose my watch history in Trakt. It's currently marked as watched in Emby and watched in Trakt. Even though I currently have "Update Trakt watched history during Scheduled Task" turned off. When I un-mark Show 1 as watched, it removes all my watch history from Trakt. The Trakt plugin settings tick boxes, along with whether you have the scheduled tasks scheduled or not, give some c
  6. Ausley

    Sync library to trakt.tv failed

    I found sync library to trakt.tv failed which was working before. Import playstates from Trakt.tv is working. I tried to change a new trakt token. Upgraded to 4.4.3. It doesn't help. Below is the log. Forbidden at Emby.Server.Implementations.HttpClientManager.CoreHttpClientManager.SendAsyncInternal(HttpRequestOptions options, String httpMethod) at Emby.Server.Implementations.HttpClientManager.CoreHttpClientManager.SendAsync(HttpRequestOptions options, String httpMethod) at Trakt.Api.TraktApi.<>c__DisplayClass34_0.<<posttotrakt>b__0>d.MoveNext() --- End of stack trace
  7. Hello, Since the last plugin update this week (, Trakt no longer updates my collection. It does scrobble and it does seem to download. I have re authenticated both users to Trakt both it still fails. I have attached the Emby log file that seems to show its an authentication api issue? Tried going back to and all works. Any help please? thanks, Neil. Log.txt
  8. Hi I'm having some trouble getting Emby to pull and sync the data of how much I have watched of a video from Trakt. I'm using Trakt on Kodi, Plex, and Emby. Between Kodi and Plex everything works no matter where I watch the video, I can continue watching from where I left of using any of the services. However, in Emby it does not seem to pull the data from Trakt because it will not update the progress of a video watched on any of the other platforms. What does work is starting to watch a video on Emby and then continue watching on any of the other two platforms. And when i play a video in
  9. Jeremy Gollehon

    Help troubleshooting Trakt.tv syncing.

    I got my annual "What you've watched this year" email from Trakt and realized Emby hasn't been syncing with Trakt since August. I made sure I'm using the newest version... 3.4... and updated the plugin with a new trakt api key... still not syncing. How can I troubleshoot this? Thanks! Jeremy
  10. JustZiya

    Error syncing trakt data

    Hi all,Sorry for my English. I use Emby for Windows and Trakt plugin and I have filled in the Authentication PIN But When I perform "Import playstates from Trakt.tv" or "Sync library to trakt.tv",they all fail Here is the logs: Thank you for your help.
  11. Hello there, I noticed the Trakt plugin was updated, this is when the issue started. Tested Emby app on iOS, Raspberry Pi running Emby Theatre (latest stable installed from .deb file) and the web player. All mark TV episodes as watched twice. The real end time is one, and it looks like the start time is the other. This only happens after you finish the episode. IE when you start it, there is no watch in Trakt, just 2 as soon as the episode is completed. Screenshot of Trakt attached I enabled degub logging in the Trakt plugin and the Emby server. I have the corresponding log file but I'd r
  12. We sat down to watch a movie the other day and the pre-show trailer it showed was for Dumbo. We didn't watch Dumbo. But Trakt suddenly showed that Dumbo had been watched... and so did Emby.... Is it marking trailers for movies as if they were the movie?
  13. Is it possible to generate a Collection in Emby by pulling from Trakt, using either one or both of 'collected' or 'watched' status in Trakt? Alternatively, to allow marking 'collected' or 'watched' as Favorites. I can see how to do it manually: 1. Pull Sync from Trakt, 2. Filter Playstate Played, 3. Manually mark each series as Favorite or add to a Collection. But am not sure if there is an auto-generate method to do this. The logic is: When moving to a new server with new content it can be handy for each user to mark the TV shows they like. Kind regards
  14. Overboardkiller

    Trakt plugin Collection issue

    Hi, i'm currently having problems with trakt plugin. None of my movies are being sync'ed to trakt collection. https://trakt.tv/users/overboardkiller/collection. I have moved from Windows to Unraid and installed emby with trakt plugin. I have set up the plugin. with User account, what folders to sync and ticked Sync Collection during Scheduled Task I don't see any problem with the log. other then it saying 0 movies to add to collection. Emby Version Trakt plugin Version Deleted plugin - deleted trakt Config.xml - Restarted Emby - reinstalled plug in - Restarted
  15. Hi there, Situation is that I watched an episode today from a downloaded/synced file on the iOS Emby app. Emby server had the episode marked as watched (which is great I wasn't sure it would do this). I ran both Trakt scheduled tasks and it synced the watch to Trakt however the time and date of the watch is "Monday 1 January 0001 at 10:05AM." I'd also like to say thank you so much for your support recently. I've just moved over to Emby from Plex and I'm amazed at how good it is. I came to Emby for the Trakt plugin but I'm finding so many other cool features and a really appreciate th
  16. Hi there. Strange issue, then I go to the Trakt plugin settings, as soon as I change the user in the drop down "Configure Trakt for:" I get the Emby loading circle and it never stops. It doesn't appear to be saving the settings properly but it's hard to know.
  17. gillmacca

    Question about Trakt settings

    All my tv shows and movies were marked on the trakt site as collected, but have noticed today that nothing is now marked as collected. Not sure if it is the trakt plugin, a setting in the plugin or an issue on the trakt website. Can someone check to see if their content on the trakt site is marked as collected? Many thanks
  18. KennyG944

    Regarding Trakt

    For those using Trakt, I just wanted to point this out. https://kinkeadtech.com/is-trakt-tv-putting-you-at-risk/ I don't have the Trakt plugin installed. However, any movies I click on shows Trakt listed under Links. For example: Added 5/23/2018, Links: IMDb, TheMovieDb, Trakt Just to be safe, I added this to my hosts file. trakt.tv I have a feeling that Emby is sharing info with trakt.tv regardless if users have the plugin installed or not.
  19. Hi there, since mid June (logs just date back till June 18th), my emby server (Version running under Linux > unRaid in docker) can no longer connect to trakt for syncing the library. "Import Playstates from Trakt.tv" works fine. "Sync library to trakt.tv" constantly faiils. I already got a new PIN, no success. Here is what the error message says: Unauthorized at Emby.Server.Implementations.HttpClientManager.CoreHttpClientManager.SendAsyncInternal(HttpRequestOptions options, String httpMethod) at Emby.Server.Implementations.HttpClientManager.CoreHttpClientManager.Sen
  20. Lately I've been watching quite a bit of shows offline. What I've noticed is that the episodes I watch offline, don't get a watched status in Trakt, even if the database status for the episode is updated to match the watched status. I'm using the latest Emby for Android with Emby server running on a Synology NAS (while that shouldn't really matter). I have a download set so that Android app will always download 2 episodes to my mobile device and removes the watched episodes automatically. As mentioned, the Emby server is tracking the correct watched status, but Trakt isn't being updated.
  21. HI, I have a Plex since many years and I have since a little bit over a week started an Emby Server. The first thing I wanted to fix was to sync watch state between Plex/Emby. But a couple of days ago I realized that Trakt tV plugin from Emby had made a lot of my watched movies/episodes unwatched. It obviously happened in the beginning before i got it to work, because I had some problems with it first. It may very well be that I did something wrong, or it may be a bug in the plugin somewhere. I dont want to do the same mistake again if it was me, and I wanted to tell you if t
  22. Keo

    Can't find trakt plugin

    Hi all, I was trying to install the trakt plugin and it looks like it isn't available in the catalog. Was this pulled? How can I get the plugin if it's not in the catalog?
  23. I would like to have a way to get the trakt rating for a movie or episode from the api. In the emby server api we can set the trakt rating for an item but not read it. The most convenient and fast way in an app would be to have the rating available as a property in the movie and episode objects on the server so you don't have to do separate lookups for each item in a listview for example. I would understand if you think that the emby objects should not be clkuttered with data from plugins such as the trakt plugin. The second best would be a get command in the server api so you can do a vie
  24. I'm having an issue with how the Trakt plugin scrobbles playback. I'm watching shows through the Emby for Roku app, and episodes aren't getting marked as watched when it automatically moves on to the next episode after the previous one finishes. Checking the emby logs shows that at the start of each episode a scrobble start is sent to the Trakt API, but a scrobble stop doesn't get sent when the next episode starts to play, so the episode never gets marked as watched in Trakt. If I manually stop playback before the next episode starts, then a scrobble stop does get sent and the episode is m
  25. soloam

    Keep getting error in Trakt

    Hello, I keep getting this error in trakt I have the token in my account, I don't understand the error. From what I can see my collection is being updated, but not my watch status Sync library to trakt.tv failed. 2 hours ago The remote server returned an error: (401) Unauthorized. Can it be one of the other users? but they don't what to sync all users and I don't have token in any except mine. Thank You
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