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  1. atomicmoon

    Hulu Style Library Icons

    Media Library Icons for Emby Updated: 07/10/2021 I've always had a thing for the simple gradient style Hulu overlays on their library images. I'm not that great at graphic design, but I can mimic some things pretty decent. I hope! It's very simple, and clean and something I've been wanting to attempt for a while. I've never done anything like this, so constructive criticism is appreciated! More color options for media libraries coming soon!!! Also included to make your icons match across
  2. Xzener

    Xzener's Fan Art

    Xzener's Emby Icons Download Xzener's Emby Reflection Icons Download Xzener's Emby EHS (Non-3D) Icons Download Xzener's Emby EHS Icons​ Download Reposted links in post 105
  3. Got bored and wanted to get back into making things in photoshop so i decided to make a few apple tv themed library icons to add a bit of colour to my server, it has been awhile since i worked in photoshop but luckily apples designs for their icons are pretty simple and easy to replicate. I have taken some liberties of course for personal preference but overall i think they turned out okay and i had quite a lot of fun making these and have already decided to maybe make more aha hope you guys like them. --------------------------------------------- Here is an Imgur Album if y
  4. Hi guys, I created those simple library icons for myself but decided to share - maybe someone will find them useful. Every icon is a PNG file in 1280x720 px. Download link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/15SGUccIljBZEysLj-cuMzpJ3I3QOVbIB?usp=sharing
  5. These icons are scalable, and it switches up the dashboard a bit. You can cut and paste this into to the custom CSS section under settings in the server: I marked the Css, so if there is an update it will be easy to replace! Choose a color for your icons: you can replace "rgba(0,0,0,0.5)" with whatever you want (example: black/white/red, or an rgba value). /*Custom Icons start*/ /*https://materialdesignicons.com/*/ /*Version 1.2*/ /*positioning, size and color*/ :root{ --iconColor: rgba(0,0,0,
  6. shaefurr

    Shaefurr's Disparity Icons

    Download Disparity Get it from my site here: http://shaefurr.wix.com/fanart
  7. Hi, Emby Theatre is showing a solid colour under some of the icons in Theatre for some themes. This results in a "squared" black edges to the icons. For example using the Dark theme you can clearly see the effect on the right hand most icons: Using a Light theme the Icons are transparent and display without a solid colour: I've completely removed and reinstalled Emby theatre, and it sill persists. Any ideas on how to resolve this? thanks.
  8. KobayashiM

    Tunein Radio Images

    Hi all, New Emby Premiere user here and this is my first post. Loving Emby so far! I recently installed the Tunein plugin but--aside from one default icon--it does not have any content-specific images. So, I quickly put together a handful of cover images just to get that ugly default logo out of my face. They're not super high quality icons by any means but will do for now. Hopefully some of you will find them useful until someone comes out with a full image pack. Cheers!
  9. Hope you enjoy. Library Icons: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/sqllz3tdq3m7v6j/AABdexiDW9ZgDZ4yb_dP0pgCa?dl=0 Music Genre Icons: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/zp8mdo7psnlaf9p/AAAyQb7g_uQyRu6O8b6dPhTta?dl=0
  10. The Baron

    Monochromatic Genre Icons

    I created a set of monochromatic TV & Film genre icons, I thought I would share them for (hopefully) your viewing pleasure. They are 640x360 in size, there are multiple TV and Film Genres including: Action, Adventure, Comedy, Crime, Drama, Fantasy, Foreign, Horror, SciFi, Thrilller, War & Western. Download link: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/53787006/genre-icons.zip I have included the Gimp2 template I used to create the icons. I've also created poster versions of the genre icons.
  11. hedgehogg

    My new Folder Icons

    Had a play (All parts Google Gleaned)
  12. yardameus

    Flat EHS "Collection" Icons

    Made a few "flat" or metro type neutral EHS collection or folder icons. Figured I'd share... Update: Here's a quick overview of the available images. And here's an up to date zip, also including a simple psd if you want to make your own. https://www.dropbox.com/s/59y782tyauwofth/Flat%20EHS.zip?dl=0
  13. colored icons on buttons get "hidden" when selected, while they should turn to white? sample @ halloween theme this also affects the "default" red checkmark on accent color red
  14. frankyhustle

    Custom Channel icons folder?

    I'm wondering where to place my custom channel icons? Is there a directory I should create for this? Or is there already an existing directory to put them? I read somewhere a few days ago That I need to create a new directory for them but I don't know how to go about doing that.
  15. jorg8

    Metadata manager without icons

    Hi @@Happy2Play, Does anyone knows why I don't see the icons next to the titles in the metadata manager? I lack images (covers, fanarts, background images ...) but I don't see the icons warning: Before I could see something like this: Thanks! -- Emby Synology 216+ Versión
  16. Starkadius

    TVGenre Icons

    I have created these genre icons for the community to use for TV shows. Currently MediaBrowser does not support genre icons for TV shows but instead uses the movie genre artwork so basically I made these with the hopes that maybe one day when the server does support TV genres we can at least have these available to start off with. I created the icons using the psd that is provided on the github (designed by Tikuf) so it can match the genre icons of the other media types (Movies/Music). All dimensions are the same as the movie genre thumb/folder images. Hope you guys approve. Upd
  17. Title says it all. On some channels icons are missing. On others the icons on there. When I first set up Emby on Jan 29 all of the icons were there. Anyone know how to fix it? To rule out mobile client issues (even though I noticed it on iOS), I opened up a Chrome browser and the issue is still there. I am using Emby's built-in guide (since I didn't want to pay for a guide and emby provides it so I figured it would be the "most supported" option) These channels are at the top of the guide (there are more with no icons but this is just a subset). And here are some with icons.
  18. EODCrafter

    Channel Icons

    This is not really Linux related but all my servers I have tested do this.... I have reloaded the Live Tv several times restarted the server several times but a few channel logos will not show up. It's driving me crazy. Does anyone have any ideas why? This is my .m3u data.... #EXTINF:0,channel-id="63.0" CA: T+E tv-logo="http://cdn.tvpassport.com/image/station/240x135/travelescape.png" blob/live/blob/blob/44899.m3u8 #EXTINF:0,channel-id="64.0" UK: Crime and Investigation tv-logo="https://my.tvguide.co.uk/channel_logos/60x35/394.png" blob/live/blob/blob/50811.m3u8 And here is how it
  19. Just wondering if this is normal or is this something not yet implemented where live tv auto grabs the fanart for things that are currently on? See attached image
  20. Guest

    CoverArt custom icons

    I would like to know where do I have to store my custom icons for 1080p/h.264/etc for the CoverArt plugin to read them, and also how I have to name them. I tried finding a naming pattern or a guide in the forum but I don't find it. Thanks in advance.
  21. skurvy_pirate

    Not getting channel icons

    I recently got a new Emby server up and running (Docker version) and for some reason I am not getting icons for channels in the Live TV guide. On my previous server with the same guide provider and lineup (SchedulesDirect/Comcast) they showed up after refreshing the guide data. Is there anything I can check to see why they aren't getting pulled down/saved?
  22. Starkadius

    Anime Genre Icons

    These are long overdue but they are finally here. I have created 89 109 genre/tag icons for anime to share with the community to use in tandem with the anime server plugin created by @@Aphid Design I used a "japanese brush" font and placed sakura petals flowing over the icon to give it an overall Japan feel. I know it might be cliche but when browsing from Movie -> TV -> Anime views I wanted the user to immediately recognize what view they were on. Anime sets itself apart from other media types (Movies, TV) as it has a genre/tag for practically everything. I meticulous
  23. yardameus

    My Media Icons (simple)

    Just throwing up some simple My Media Icons I made for myself. I liked the look of the dynamic images with the solid black background, but not all of the images were being created. So, I made these and I figured I'd share.
  24. What are Asian Dramas? According to the DramaWiki: "Asian television entertainment that use the following Eastern Asian languages: Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese), Japanese and Korean. TV dramas, artists, singers, directors and screenwriters related to Eastern Asian language TV drama series are included." What is a Dorama? Japanese television drama also called dorama, are a staple of Japanese television and are broadcast daily. All major TV networks in Japan produce a variety of drama series including romance, comedy, detective stories, horror, and many others. Cli
  25. Tester

    Webview Home Icons

    1st issue. Two of my libraries ( HomeMovies & Games ) refuse to stick to assigned artwork and instead will display auto downloaded thumb artwork. My other three libraries ( Movies, Trailers, TV Series ) all display correctly. The 1st row of the image below is what I typically see. The 2nd row is what I see after I delete the Thumbs and refresh the page. This only lasts until the page is refreshed again and then back to 1st row. I tried to delete the Thumb over and over but it always comes back and retains the artwork as shown below. 2nd issue. The reverse seems to hap
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