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Found 22 results

  1. Moin, ich habe Emby auf einen anderen größeren Server umgezogen. Dann habe ich die Datensicherung eingespielt. Beim Auto organize wird mir aber immer der alte Server vorgeschlagen. Wie kann ich die Liste löschen? Ich meine nicht die Smart Matches. Die habe ich bereits gelöscht. Hier einige Bilder Diese Liste möcht ich löschen:
  2. Hey I was wondering if there is a way to either hide collections made by the auto collections plugin, or to stop collections from being formed in the first place. There are a couple of collection that plugin creates that I do not want. Every time I run the plugin the collections are created and I have to go and delete them, It's kinda of annoying. Thanks for the help guys.
  3. Often times when I see "Reason for transcodng: Media bitrate exceeds limit." in the info I wonder, what kind of internet connection do they have? I know this can cover multiple scenarios like bandwidth limit set for user, server, client side quality setting, as well as AUTO bandwidth detection... Can you PLEASE add to the dashboard the returned client bandwidth capabilities? The value you are getting from the client that tells emby its bandwidth abilities. While you are at it tighten up the spaces between lines on the transcode items, and align the results to the right instead of center.. MAYBE SOMETHING LIKE THIS :
  4. Anarchy

    Chromecast AutoReconnect

    Hi guys i'd like to bring up the topic of Chromecast auto reconnect, i noticed that someone had mentioned this in a feature request but that was in 2017 so id like to reopen the topic. currently when i Chromecast from my phone it connects and the remote works as intended however if i was to become disconnected from the Chromecast by means other than using the disconnect option E.g. closing the app or getting disconnected from the wifi for what ever reason, currently the app does not automatically reconnect to the Chromecast. i would suggest that the app be given the ability to reconnect to the Chromecast automatically, in addition to this i think if you where watching a TV show that after a few episodes of inactivity from the remote (the users device) that it would ask the user if they are still watching
  5. Hey guys Recently moved to Emby from Plex. You guys did a really great job with that, I really love it and prefer to Plex which is not stable enough in my opinion... Though I'm missing one important feature that Plex has : Favorising direct play / direct stream while you can also select "auto" setting. This means that if Direct Play / Direct Stream is not possible for a user connected to the server (due to slow internet connection, or invalid format etc...) then the Player will automatically select the best quality available for this user. BUT it will always favorise Direct Play / Direct Stream. I'm asking because on my server I have some users using Auto mode, even if they have fiber with 1 gigabit connection, the auto mode will make them transcode to 720p 3Mbps while they could handle the direct play 1080p. Maybe I'm doing something wrong but also thought that on Plex the quality settings are way more clear than on Emby. Maybe this will come in an upcoming update ? Thanks
  6. Hi All, I'm sure I've seen this brought up some time ago, but I couldn't find a topic in here. I was wondering if in the future it will be possible to use the Auto-Organize feature on movies, as well as television. I love being able to add television shows to my watched folder and have MBS take care of the renaming and organizing. Having a similar feature for movies would be great as well (as some other users agree, from what I remember of it being discussed in the past). I don't remember what the developer response was to the possibility of this feature, this is why I'm making a new thread for it. Thanks, Patrick
  7. symphonichorizon

    options when creating a user via api?

    Hi, so I got the auto user creation script working, now I have much easier questions. 1) is there a list of what options we can use in the array call when creating a invite link via api? 2) if not is there a method to set options once the user accepts the invite?
  8. Hi, I am trying to migrate from Media Browser 2 to the new client/server configuration using server 3.0.5607.2 and Emby Classic. I have been able to get it to work on my local network so long as it is running. But it won't run as a service automatically. I have it configured to automatically start (both delayed and not) and to run as a local system service. When I check it after logging in the service is not running, even though it is set to automatic. I still have to start it manually. I have the option to start automatically in the server localhost configurator unchecked. I need this to work when no users are logged in to the PC that is running Emby server. Lifespeed
  9. bling26

    Synopsis Scroll

    I think this has been an ongoing request but within the Emby Classic for Media Center, has there ever been a scrolling feature for the synopsis portion of the screen. I have provided a picture of this as well. You can see where the text is cut off just above the cover art. What is really weird, I swear I have seen it auto scroll a few times but I might have been drunk lol. Anyway, Media Browser 2 allowed a scroll and I think it would be fantastic if it would do it here too.
  10. iamjen023

    auto file corrections

    i like to see this feature added what i like to see is it will check the run time of a video file movies and tv shows and if the known runtime is diffrent then what the files is it will mark it as needing corrections like if terminator is 1h and 48m but the file i have is an 1h and 04m it will mark it in the control panel page and give a notification so i would go to settings and to file corrections and i will see terminator does not have the correct run time what would you like to do 1 delete 2 delete and add to tv record list 3 keep anyway 2 would delete it and look to see when it could be recorded and mark it as high priority you could also add auto settings and fine tune it like 1 if movie is less then 10 mins off then mark for user to chose 2 if movie is more them 10 mins off the auto delete or auto delete and add to record list
  11. Hi Guys, For the last few days the manual override feature in auto-organise seems to have stopped working for me. I can go into it and select the show, the season and episode number, but when I click OK nothing happens. The screen doesn't close, the episode doesn't get sorted. The button just lights up as if it's been clicked, but then goes back to green again. I couldn't find any other topics about this, but I'm sorry if this has been already reported. Love the product guys. Cheers Server Version 3.0.5895.0
  12. Thank you to all that read/assist me with this: I have the Auto-Organize feature setup to monitor my Recorded TV folder...and after each recording it properly moves these shows (and deletes the empty folders) over to my UnRaid Server. The issue i'm then running into is that the "Recorded TV" section of Emby doesn't get updated...meaning it still thinks the recently recorded shows are still in my Recorded TV Folder on my desktop. I've tried the "Clean Database" under the Scheduled Task section thinking that might help, and that doesn't fix my issue. My only fix right now is to go into the Emby App, Recorded TV section, click into each show and then delete. Thoughts or potential solutions? Thank you for your time, sd
  13. I've been having this issue for quite some time, but I've pretty much just been dealing with it until now. For whatever reason, having my taskbar set to auto-hide causes issues with MBT where the taskbar becomes visible while MBT is maximized. Not the whole taskbar, just the thin strip that you can see from your desktop when it's set to auto-hide. I can be browsing MBT just fine, with no visible taskbar strip, and it normally pops up as soon as I hit play on a title, but I believe it also happens from time to time while browsing through my collections. The only way I can get the taskbar to disappear once this happens is to switch MBT to windowed mode, and then maximize it again; you could see how this would get annoying. Especially since it happens about 95% of the time I click "play" to start watching something. This will also randomly happen while in the middle of watching something, though less frequently than while initially hitting play. The other issue I'd just like to lump in here, since I think it may be partially related, is that; sometimes when coming out of the MBT screensaver (by pressing a remote button, usually one of the nav buttons), Emby theater loses focus (ie. I can't control it, until I get my mouse and click somewhere on the screen), which is also a major annoyance, since it obviously takes you out of the experience of seamlessly playing media from an HTPC via remote control. Of course, I could solve at least the first issue (possibly the second, I'm not sure though) by simply not setting my taskbar to auto-hide; but the taskbar ruins the look of my rainmeter skin, so I'd like to not have to do that. I've noticed some old posts on here with similar issues, I just thought I'd bring it up again, and list my particular issues, in hopes someone might have a fix to it. Thanks, Patrick
  14. kingy444

    Auto Organise Failing

    It appears that auto organise is failing for a single media file. Can this be looked into, all other files are organising fine once this file is removed from the folder and failing once I move it back. Log is attached server-63566544944.txt
  15. I could be wrong, maybe it's just been moved, but I can't find the button to clear the auto-organize log anymore since the beta update. It's not a huge deal, I just like to keep things tidy
  16. Say for example you discovered this awesome artwork package like @@shaefurr s Disparity, and you want to add it to your MB server. It would be awesome if you could choose to implement the whole package (I believe each of the images would have to have pre-recognized naming patterns) with just a few clicks of the mouse. And to also be able to implement say, a gaming genre package, or change it if you decide there is something you like more. Or to change to something you want to try out, but decide you don't like it, but it is so easy to change back, because you can just load the genre pack you had previously. And it could be bigger than just game genre's or library icons. Media icons, tv genre's, many other's I'm sure. Is this something anyone would like/use/appreciate?
  17. Request that an additional function be built into the Auto Organize feature of the server so that when a tv series is not recognized you can specify a new series to be added (at the moment you can just search current series in the library) USE CASE would be: File added to 'watch directory' Show not recognized ****do nothing automatically just notify**** User logs into server and checks the auto-organise logs User identifies the series using a tvdb search User selects the folder where the tv series folder should be created Series Folder gets created in format 'SeriesName (ReleaseYear)' Season folder gets created within Series folder File gets moved into the newly created folder The last step could change to scan that directory for files (to add it to the library) Then run the organise media files scheduled task again for cases where the user has multiple files for the same series not recognised. This would mean that only one 'identify' wouod be needed per series
  18. Requesting the addition of a notification under Advanced->Notifications for the Built in 'Auto Organize' feature. Would expect the notification to notify only when a file fails to be organized though it may be worth it to add two notifications, one for successful one for failed (some people may like to know everything the server is doing). On a side note really like that we can now choose the notifications we have on
  19. Maudite

    Auto Box Sets - Feature Request(s)

    Hello @@ebr. Love this Plugin, but don't use it quite yet due to the way I use my own boxsets right now. I'm wondering if there could be a few options added into this plugin. First, this one I might potentially use, but I also saw another user request this in the reviews of the plugin. Quoted from Plugin Catalog; I have all my box sets in a different folder from my movies, and tend to use it to cleanup/decrease "movies" folder. Perhaps this could be tied into the Auto-Organize piece of the server, it could not only create the Boxset folders, but it could move the movies (folder with MetaData and all) in there as well. And I use the format of Name [boxSet] for all mine. So any chance if the automove/organize of the files was implemented, it could name them in this fashion as well? Just makes it more human readable when going into the folder. Also, I have a separate folder for all animated movies. It would be nice to be able to auto create boxsets in two different locations, and creating the boxsets from certain area's of my collection. Therefore when I have dumped all the Shrek, Toy Stories, etc in there, it would combine them into a boxset, but not be pulling in the other movies from a different area of my collection. I think these are quite complicated asks, so here is another possible request/option. Could it be possible for it to not create boxsets if they already exist there in the Name [boxSet] format? Thanks for taking the time to read this.
  20. MrLinford

    Auto BoxSets - MetaData & Images

    Auto BoxSets has done its magic and found 47 collections for me I have 5 out of the 47 have some images downloaded and none have MetaData xml files created. What could have gone wrong here? MBS Version 3.0.5131.18923 Automatic BoxSets
  21. Hi, I've fairly recently stopped using meta</browser> for my metadata fetching purposes, and started using MBServer for everything. One feature, however, that I do miss from metabrowser is the auto-renaming feature. I suppose I'm a little OCD when it comes to how tidy my collection is, so I liked the fact that I could just add something to my collection, (i.e. a television episode) and it would automatically be given a nice, tidy file name. Example: "Breaking Bad S03E02 - Caballo Sin Nombre (2010).mkv" looks much nicer than: "Breaking.Bad.S05E15.720p.HDTV.x264.mkv". Same goes for movies, where something like: "man.of.steel.2013.1080p.bluray.x264.mkv" really sticks out to me, and if it could look more like: "Dracula (1992) - [MKV].mkv" my OCD would feel better haha. Real-time folder monitoring was a nice touch as well... Just putting it out there! Thanks for the great service, Patrick PS. I just made up these file names for example purposes...
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