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Found 7 results

  1. Hello, I'm using Emby for some years now to manage my offline movies. For playback I'm using Kodi but I'm currently try out the live TV features of Emby and possibly will switch completely to Emby. My question: Is there a possibility to define the default audio track to be used in live TV? Concretely I want the AC-3 audio track to be played preferably (if available). At the moment, Emby seems to play always simply the first audio track, what is mostly MP2. I'm using DVB Viewer Recording Service as TV headend. Alternatively it would be great if Emby could remember the selected audio track per TV channel. With that I could select the AC-3 track once per channel and the next time it would be already selected. I understand this is not implemented, right? Thanks already for your help, Michael
  2. Hello, I have an odd one and I do not think it is emby directly. Read to the end.... I'm encoding some movies into HEVC using Hardware Acceleration. I decided to have two audio tracks (1. Original Audio Passthru, 2. AAC Track @ 960K). When I view the data in emby the second AAC audio track is wrong. It is being reported as 320K. So I figured maybe its the file itself. Here is the audio mediaInfo on the file. Perhaps it is the FFmpeg commands I am using for the audio. This is the main list of commands I have come up with for encoding HEVC with two audio tracks. Mind you the titles and names of the metadata for the audio tracks can change from title to title. I am not really sure why the second audio track is being mis-read. ffmpeg -y -vsync 0 -hwaccel cuda -i "inputFile.mkv" // First Audio Track (Source) Commands -map 0:v -map 0:a:0? -c:a:0 copy -metadata:s:1 title="Surround 5.1 Track" -metadata:s:1 handler="Surround 5.1 Track" -metadata:s:1 language=eng // Second Audio Track (AAC) Commands -map 0:a:0? -c:a:1 aac -metadata:s:2 title="AAC Track" -metadata:s:2 handler="AAC Track" -metadata:s:2 language=eng -b:2 960K -ac:2 6 -filter:2 aformat=channel_layouts=6.0
  3. Hi, I note it is already possible to add a custom image on a per-audio-track basis in Music libs, these images are then displayed in the detailed Track page on Playback. This seems to be aimed as display of CD Cover images, there seem to be size / height/width limitations (with images which are not roughly sqaure ?) - I noted a portrait-format image was displayed on the left of the playback bar at the bottom, but not on the main page. What I'm wondering is: - what are the image limitations for display? - what formats are supported ? - would it be possible to support document formats (.odt or .doc or .pdf)? What I'm trying to achieve: It's common for peeps making music to practice along to recorded tracks, and it would be really nice if there was a convenient way for Emby to display musical notation of the track in whatever format to aid the learning process. Currently when the track changes & I need to fumble with paper-based folders to find the next track before I can start playing ... In my case I have the chords written in textual form in Office documents. I have been able to convert such a file to pdf - then from pdf to jpeg - then cropped it to be roughly square ... pretty manual process but it did work with said limitations. It would be great if I could display (the first page of) an .odt or .pdf file in A4 (or US Letter) format. Would this be possible - or perhaps someone has an alternate idea which might achieve something similar? cheers, Fred
  4. When playing a dual audio (Spanish/English) movie using the "Auto Speed", The proper audio and subtitle gets played. But problem is that "Auto Speed" always gives a speed of about 850kb. My server upstream is 10mb. So, I have to manually set the speed. The problem is that doing this I get the movie played in Spanish audio track. Even if I select the English audio track, it keeps playing it with spanish audio. I already tried selecting English as default languag on Emby Server and Emby User Prefrences.
  5. Thanks for taking the time to assist me. I just set up my media server, so I'm at the fork in the road where I need to choose between Plex and Emby. I heard good things about Emby, so I decided to try that first. Samsung Model - QN75Q9FNA Samsung Firmware - 1202 Emby Server - Client App on TV - Emby Theater 1.0.29 Media Info from Server I am just setting my system up and trying to decide on the best media server and ecosystem to get involved with. I'm only looking to choose between the big two. I put a single movie file on my server - The Hobbit Battle of Five Armies. It is in a .m2ts container. It is the English, DTS version. The Main Problem --- When I play in it in VLC on my computer, it starts the English audio track and can output perfect to my home theater via HDMI. Looking in the VLC Media Information it shows H264 movie, 1080p, 23.97 and 2x DTS audio streams, 2x AC3 streams and 7 Subtitle tracks. VLC Audio Track 1 - English VLC Audio Track 2 - French VLC Audio Track 3 - Italian VLC Audio Track 4 - Director Commentary ---- When I play the same file on the Emby web client, DTS 1 = English, DTS 2 = French, AC3 = Italian and finally director commentary. ---- The same file on the Samsung TV App: It shows 4 audio tracks but no matter which one I select, there is no english DTS, and each track is not mapped to a unique audio stream. It is like they are all offset from the file. DTS 7.1 - Plays as the Italian 5.1 tracks above. DTS 7.1 - Plays as the stereo directors commentary above. DD 5.1 - Plays as the stereo directors commentary above. DD Stereo - Plays as the stereo directors commentary above. Secondary Problem ------- I didn't have any metadata associated with the file. I put it in a folder called "The Hobbit - 2004 - The Battle of Five Armies\2004.Battle Of Five Armies.m2ts" The scan resulted in the associated images and displayed name being from "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey" This could obviously be quite confusing over a whole library. What did I do wrong here?
  6. Hello, first, thanks for the greats efforts you guys have spend to build such nice media center! I have moved from XBMC to MB recently hand found myself left with some unanswered questions. DVD rips means for me to copy the DVD main movie only with two audio tracks and related subtitles into VIDEO_TS folder structure. This has been done for hundreds of DVD and VLC and other can play such flawless. If I do now the same thing in MBT the main movie starts, but compared to XBMC the following issues are occurring: · No time code / runtime · No fast forward or any kind of such · No way to pick a different audio track nor subtitle * * I know that 'i' shortcut will bring a menu. And this is of course working fine on my m2ts Blu-ray rips in term of changing the audio stream. But with the DVD rips, the menu point for Audio is gone. Transcoding the same DVD rips (via Android device) let me choose the correct audio track. Of course, in LAV and on the server side I have set the default language, but its still picking the wrong audio track in MBT However, since it depends on my current moot to listen to native or English language is there an easy way I might have overseen to change the audio track during the runtime? Thanks & Regards, Klapetste
  7. I'm having trouble playing video files with a secondary audio track. When streaming the file (so not transcoding), the player will always select the default audio track regardless of other settings (like audio language preference of profile) and I changing the language in the remote has no effect. The playing device is a 2011 Netcast LG TV, and I'm running Emby Server Version 3.0.6070.0 on Windows 10. I found this thread that mentions that this issue is resolved. Am I missing something, or is it that my TV is just too old to support this? I have attached the log file. Also, a very minor issue, something I noticed when trying to find the log file, I am no longer able to select any text of Emby in the browser (using Firefox). It would've been easier to be able to copy paste the path to the log files, but I had to do this via "inspect element". I am able to select everything in the left hand menu, though. Just nothing in the main frame is selectable. Any help would be greatly appreciated, even if it is just a conformation that I'm out of luck EDIT: I forgot to add that I use an edited DLNA profile of the one I found here. In this profile the video audio codecs are included in the "Codecs" section with the condition "AudioChannels" (see screenshot below). I assume this means that Emby should switch to transcoding when trying to switch audio channels, but this is not something I see as an option when adding new codecs manually. 20160824_Emby_Log_Exceprt.txt
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