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  1. Douban.com is a great database of chinese movie amd TV.Support for chinese TV servies is great。Can you add a douban scraper or a new database plug-in!!!thankyou!
  2. roberthleeii

    Roku app not working on ultra

    My emby app is not working on my roku ultra. Both the regular and the beta show the splash screen then closes out to the home screen. The other rokus and apps in the house seem to work fine. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  3. Hi, I recently purchased a lifetime membership and use emby generally with my nvidia shield. Now I have few samsung devices like the note 9 and tablet. To my surprise emby cannot do HDR playback on these devices. I know a read something way back about the issue but it seems like it has never been resolved. Samsung is a very popular smart phone and make one of the best andriod tablets. Will this ever get resolved? In comparison plex does not have this issue nor kodi etc. On side note will emby ever implement a hdr to sdr tone mapping when transcoding? Thanks S
  4. Hopefully this is a simple request. Would it be possible to include a percentage indicator on the scan slider on the Library window where the scan button is located? Interestingly enough, I noticed there is a percentage indicator for the scan completion on the Dashboard, but there is not a button to start a scan on the dashboard. Thanks for the product and consideration.
  5. I would find it useful to use Emby in the car under Android Auto. Kind regards, Paul Roelandse
  6. Is there a way to set a simultaneous connection limit for each user. I share my server with family and a few friends and sometimes I see a couple with 2 or more active streams from different clients under their user and I would like to limit this to 1 connection per user for them. Thanks and keep up the excellent work.
  7. I hope one day Emby can play music from downloads if a download exists for that song (especially when I only downloaded the songs from within the playlist and don't have all the songs from that album downloaded). So if i am in the playlist view and the download button is ticked (highlighted blue) because i have downloaded that playlist, I would like it to play from the downloaded file. That way when I drive through a dead-zone my music is not interrupted.
  8. The genres tab currently displays the information as a list, with a row of songs inside every genre in alphabetical order, it would be nice if you add an option to switch between that view and grid mode view, just like the Playlists tab appears.
  9. hedgehogg

    Import playlists

    Making this official now: Can we find a way of either reading already created playlists eg for WMP or iTunes or import those playlists into MB.
  10. Hi there, a request for Emby Server. I have been using Download and Sync very much lately to minimize transcoding, the only thing I don't seem to find is an option to convert the movie/episode with multiple audio tracks and keeping their metadata so one can select the transcoded version and different languages within the transcoded version. This feature would be greatly appreciated.
  11. Hi, It would be helpful if you add collections to search results. If you have a few hundred collections, it become a chore to find what you are looking for by sorting through them manually. The same argument could be made for Genres, specially with genre cleaner plugin and Emby's ability to handle custom genres. Optional: If polluting the results is an issue then perhaps a search syntax could be added that you can type in the search box to make the results more specific. example; collections: search-query (only returns the results from collection) genres: search-query (only re
  12. This topic came up before but i wonder if there is a Solution now or it can be solved in the future. If i Navigate in the Webapp from Music -> Artists -> <select artist> and click on the "More" on Albums, i would expect the Albums to be sorted by Release Date descending, but they are sorted alphabetical. Url reads /web/secondaryitems.html?type=MusicAlbum&artistId=... Also, in the Artists view, there are 6 albums displayed. it would make sense to display the latest albums (by release date) there too, because if the artist has new content, i listen the new ones more frequ
  13. maci2100

    Carplay Support

    Hello, is there a chance to get a Carplay Support for Emby? It would be wonderful if i can listen and switch between my Music and Audiobooks from the Car-Entertainment System. best regards maci2100
  14. MaximumGator

    Multiple Movie Editions

    I have several movies in multiple editions, ie Theatrical, Director's Cut, Extended Edition, etc. Right now I have these movies in the same root folder, such as: /Taken (2008) /Taken [Theatrical] (2008).mkv /Taken [unrated] (2008).mkv Both editions show up as a separate entry. As of right now, I've just taken to changing the name of each entry in the server so I can tell them apart. What I'd like to know is if there is a way to elegantly group them together under the same entry and choose which one to play after I select the movie from the main movie menu. I've thought about putt
  15. lorac


    I'm not sure how many backdrops it cycles through but it doesn't seem to be that large of a number. It would be nice to see it not repeat backdrops within the same hour. Sent from my ONEPLUS A6003 using Tapatalk
  16. Hi, i'd love that search engine look for tags in complement with the filenames. For example i'd like to tag all my family "ski" videos so when i search for the work "ski" they are listed. Or is there an alternative to do that with the actual features ? Regards
  17. Luke

    Synology Setup

    Installation Instructions Please navigate to the Synology section here: http://emby.media/nas-server.html Old Instructions (for reference only) Pre-installation >> Package center-->Settings-->General choose-Trust Level any publisher >> Package center-->Settings-->Beta choose-Yes, I want to see beta version! >> Add http://packages.synocommunity.com/ and http://cytec.us/spk/ to Package center -->Package Source NOTE: Check the what CPU/architecture you have in your synology https://github.com/S...r-Synology-mode so
  18. Now that Google and Amazon are playing nice again and they've added the YouTube app back to Fire devices, can we get the trailer option added back to the FireTV emby app? Would make my life so much better as my wife constantly nags me that she can't watch a trailer to see what the movie is about lol.
  19. I couldn't find a existing feature request for this so I created one. I would be nice if all Emby apps had a prompt after so many consecutive episodes are played (maybe 3-4) asking the user if they are still watching and requiring them to answer to continue watching when "Play next episode automatically" is enabled.
  20. I don't have downloads enabled so this link at the bottom takes up space for something else that could be useful. How do I remove the link to downloads and/or replace it with something else (like link to movies or shows)?
  21. Hi everyone, i discovered Emby 2 days ago and have installed Emby Server in my NAS, which hosts my media files. All my movies were scraped before using Ember Media Manager and each movie folders has fanart and had .nfo files. These files were fetched by Ember Media Manager when I launched this program and help to display movie related info. Yesterday evening I started Ember Media Manager and realized that previously scraped movies where only presented with their fanart, but no other info. I checked the movie folders and found out that all .nfo are gone and replaced by .info files which appar
  22. Would it be possible to add an option to "Scan media library" that aborts the scan if the file server it's scanning is offline, currently it marks the media as offline and this can create chaos in the Kodi plugin as it has to resync all the "changes"
  23. Hi I have a fire tv stick And when I click on a trailer that need youtube, it's asking to make sure youtube is installed. But youtube tv is installed on the device Sent from my ONEPLUS A3000 using Tapatalk
  24. Currently when starting a movie, or when pressing play when a movie is paused, the OSD pops up. It's just getting in the way of what I'm trying to watch. Popping up automatically on pause isn't a huge deal as you can wait for it to go away if you're trying to see something at the bottom of the screen, but this isn't an option at the start of playback.
  25. I'll start by thanking the developers for all their time and effort. I have been using Emby in various capacities since the Media Browser days and fully switched over from Media Center about 3 years ago. Emby has come a long way in the time I have been using it. I have a friend that is stuck on Plex even though he constantly complains about them not listening to their user base. This seems to be a widespread issue over there. So thank you guys for listening to us and trying to make our requests a reality. </praise> Now on to my request. I have set default recording settings to start
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