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  1. Hi, there! This night I've been passing a frustrating problem: A Update has arrived in my pc and then I reboot it to apply it, before this my Emby Server was perfectly configured in my router, and in my pc! When I reboot the computer, a friend send me a message talking that the server down when he was using, and I tranquilize him saying that I was updating the PC and it'll return in a few seconds, but when the computer start, the External Connection wasn't work, just the Internal, I very confused because I just reboot the computer and updated it! Notes: - I have others servers configured in my computer and it's working normally, just Emby Server is Down. - I've already checked my router/modem settings and the cable too. - I've already checked the Firewall settings to see with it was blocking Connection it isn't.
  2. Emby External Player Launcher (E2PL) Emby External Player Launcher is a simple and pretty basic .NET application that connects an external video player to an Emby server as a playback device. MPC-HC is currently supported, MPC-BE should work as well and more players may be coming in the future. E2PL lets you play videos from your Emby library straight to MPC-HC, provides remote control support for essential commands and will automatically sync viewing progress to your library. I wrote E2PL for my own personal use, I wanted to watch videos using MPC-HC on my Windows desktop while also keeping everything nicely synchronized with my Emby library, which I access from multiple devices. I simply leave E2PL running in the background, use the Emby web interface to select it as a playback device and play videos. I decided to also release it since it may be useful to other people as well. General features: Play videos from your Emby library in MPC-HC Automatic viewing progress synchronization Resuming in-progress videos Remote control: E2PL will translate essential remote control commands from the Emby web interface to MPC-HC (stop, pause/unpause, seek and volume control are supported) Easy to run: no special install required, simply run the program Doesn't get in the way: E2PL only appears as a tray icon and works in the background once configured Free and open source: anyone can contribute or have a look at the source (GPLv3 licensed) E2PL uses direct playback in order to launch MPC-HC, the videos have to be stored on your PC or on a network share that can be accessed. The Emby server itself isn't involved in the playback process, which also means that transcoding isn't supported. Where to get it: On GitHub. There is more detailed information available in the ReadMe as well as the source code and pre-built binary versions you can simply download from the Releases section. If you just want to download it, click here and get the latest release. Make sure to read the ReadMe for some instructions. Support: If you're using E2PL and are experiencing issues, let me know and I'll try to help. As for further development, I will very likely keep E2PL working with new versions of Emby if compatibility breaks since I'm using it myself. I may also look into adding support for mpv and Mono/Linux in the future, but I have no specific plans at this point. Using E2PL and have a suggestion or some feedback? Let me know.
  3. Hi Emby, Are there any plans to support external streaming services via plug-ins coming to Emby. I'm aware that Plex offers these, and I think it would be a boon for us as well. We've got TuneIn for Internet Radio, which is great. But what about Tidal, Qobuz, Spotify, YouTube Music or Apple Music? Perhaps one of our more accomplished developers could whip something up. Kind regards, Bill
  4. Scenario: I have an external disk full of movies and lend it to my brother. The film folder is full of nicely named or scene named movies, but it's hard for my brother to see/know what some of the films are. It'd be nice to have a "Contents.html" page on the disk that he could open to see the poster view page we get to see in emby! The poster view alone would allow them to work out what most movies were kind of about and whether they want them... but perhaps the posters could be clickable to go to the metadata page for that movie. The page would be generated for a Media Location, so it'd just show what movies that are in that folder, that has been included in an emby library. the html file would be created in the root of that folder. The external drive would be currently holding folders added to emby's libraries... (could it export the moves and data to an external disk?) This 'contents' page would be generated/updated on demand, so if i was lending the disk to my brother tonight, i'd ask emby to create the contents page for this specific media location or to update/recreate it if it had previously been created... The contents.html's images/data would be stored in a folder (just like a saved webpage does), perhaps hidden, say '_embydata'... This would include all the posters, metadata, etc. if they're not already set in emby to be saved in the media folders. All links relative so the whole folder could be moved/copied. The contents page would be paginated, i'm guessing only statically, set at creation time, so 200, 500, whatever... Just a simple poster page would be awesome for what i'm needing, but one with clickable metadate, other bells & whistles would be good later.
  5. Hi all, I am having an issue whereby I am unable to connect to my Emby Server remotely when using a domain. I have a SSL certificate that is correctly associated with the domain and works as it should. I have port forward setup on my router, and as a test I have used the external IP of my router as the external domain and this worked correctly and allowed me to access remotely. I've taken a log to show that it accepts the connection via the external IP as the external domain. If you require any further information please let me know. Thanks, Michael
  6. DancingMan

    default to external subtitle

    Is it possible to set my external subtitles to be the default? I see that I can set subtitles to always be on, and I can set a particular language as the default. Most of my mp4 movies have graphic subtitles in them (dvdsub), and for lots of them I also have external subtitle files (srt, sub). If I have an internal english subtitle and an external english subtitle file, it seems like Emby uses the internal as the default (the attachment is from the bottom of Emby's WebUI for one of my movies). Is there any way to set a system wide default to say "if there are external & internal subtitles for the default language, use the external subtitle"?
  7. I have Emby installed on a QNAP, which also has a VPN service running through OpenVPN. Scenario 1: VPN turned off, I can remotely connect to Emby Scenario 2: VPN starts up before Emby has started, so Emby uses the VPN address. Unable to access remotely Scenario 3: Disable VPN, start Emby and then restart the VPN. Emby show normal external address (not running through the VPN), and I can access Emby remotely. Is there a way for my to get Emby to use the non-vpn address only (maybe by locking it or something?) Many thanks for any help
  8. I am having trouble accessing my Emby server from outside my network. I have opened ports on router and Windows firewall. Is it my computer not being up to specs? The computer specs: AMD Vision CPU Toshiba Satellite All Realtek Drivers Please and Thank you!
  9. HotteHotte

    Adding external folder to Library

    Hi! I've managed to set up Emby on my QNAP TS-653B, but ran into a problem. A small percentage of my media files isn't located directly on the NAS, but on my PC instead. So I wanted to add those folders also to the Emby Library, but it doesn't work. So, let's say the folder I want to add is called "720P" and the PC is called "Mother". I've tried to use \\Mother\720P or instead of the Server name use the IP address of the PC \\\720P but that's not working too. Accessing the folder without Emby is working, I've mounted it in the QNAP File Station under CIFS/SMB connections successfully, so the general network sharing seems to be working. Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong and how to fix this?
  10. itschrisonline

    Premiere not working on external connection

    Hi All, for some reason when I connect from external; through a reverse proxy it does not pick up that there is a key registered but when i use a computer connected to the lan it work Any help would be great, Cheers Chris
  11. Hallo Emby Community, ik ben de trotse eigenaar van een Synology DS1019+ NAS. Hier heb ik media op staan die ik wil delen met bijv. familie leden. Het "Sign Up, Sign in and Enjoy" werkte tot het stukje enjoy. Zodra ik m'n emby server van buitenaf wil bereiken geeft deze geen gehoor. -Ik heb een Emby Premiere Key -Lokaal connecten werkt -De Emby server versie is -Router is een Experiabox v10 -User confirmatie mail is geactiveerd Het connecten van buitenaf werkte wel met de concurrentie btw. Edit: ik kan via het linkje in je mail https://app.emby.media niet connecten, maar die ik dit via http:// ipv https:// dan werkt het wel. Edit2: niet van buitenaf Edit3: Poorten opengezet op de router mbv tweakers guide die weer linked naar -> Emby Server Setup met eigen domein voor externe https toegang met SSL via Cloudflare: https://blog.awelswynol.co.uk/2018/01/setting-up-cloudflare-with-emby Ik dacht dit is iig veilig.. maar werkt ook niet.
  12. Within the last few months, I was able to play my movies through Emby Theater / Media Browser with VLC. Now, all movies play through the Emby Theater internal player. I have uninstalled/reinstalled VLC and Emby Theater to no avail. I'm running Win10 64-Bit and Emby 3.0.5859.23399 I NEED all movies to play through VLC external player.
  13. Hey guys, I am a Kodi/XBMC long time user. I really have enjoyed using Media Browser for greater control over my metadata and artwork. I also use it for our chromebooks and accessing our media outside of our home network. This may not be new news to this forum but I posted a noob guide here including configuring your router for external access. http://gameroomsolutions.com/organize-access-home-theater-media-anywhere-media-browser/ Thanks, Ryan GameRoomSolutions.com
  14. I have external access to Emby Server from PC browser and Android browser, but the Android Mobile app recently fails to connect using HTTP on port 8096 using my static-ized domain name myserver.com. This used to work fine. I haven't changed anything other than updating the Emby Android Mobile app.
  15. Hi, i am using VPNs to access Emby. Unfortunately some VPN clients get IPs inside the servers range and are treated as local, so no bandwith throttling occurs. There is the option to set local networks, but the server's subnet is always treated as local. An option to set IPs or IP ranges always as external would help a lot! Thanks!
  16. Hey all! I'm attempting to set up Emby to run externally. However, whenever I attempt to connect with my Android device in either Chrome or the Emby app, I can see the server but get the message "We're unable to connect to the selected server right now. Please ensure it is running and try again." I've been doing a fair bit of research on this issue and haven't been able to find anything that has solved the problem (though plenty of others with similar issues). I've gone through the entire Connection Troubleshooter with no luck. I'm uncertain if my router is blocking traffic and how to check if so. I'm on AT&T U-verse. The combined modem/router that AT&T gave us should be in bridge mode, and I'm using my own router for WiFi and ethernet connections. I've set up a static IP for my PC that's running Emby Server. I've also set up port forwarding on my router for 8096 and that static IP address. Now it shows up as the local address. The remote address, however, is different: [image removed] I can connect to the local one from inside my network, no problem there. Still having problems connecting remotely. I've tried both signing in with Emby Connect (the server shows up but gives me the error message when I attempt to connect) and adding a server manually for both the remote and in-home addresses (same message) on my Android from both Chrome and the Emby app. canyouseeme.org is showing my public IP address at port 8096 is not connecting ("Connection refused"). I suspect the problem is due to the difference between the two IP addresses, possibly due to the AT&T U-verse modem. I am unable to use that IP address, however, in my port forwarding (my router insists upon 10.166.*.*, which is different from the public IP). I did set "External domain" to the same IP as the In-Home (LAN) access just for kicks and that didn't seem to work either. The attached log file does have an "error processing request" but I don't know if it's related. I did some digging on the forum, on port forwarding in general, and so forth, and now I'm here. Has anyone else run into this particular problem when connecting remotely? Thanks.
  17. I have Emby running on a Windows server 2016 in a data center. I am always connecting to the external port with ssl enabled. After streaming for some time on any given day the external port within Emby closes and I cant access the server remotely. I have to RDP into the server and restart Emby to get the port to open again. When I RDP in I can see Emby on the LAN port. Windows firewall has the external port open and the network firewall has the port open. I know its somewhere in Emby that has the problem. I used to use the auto restart plugin to restart Emby server every 24 hours but now that that is gone i have to do it manually. Does anyone have any recommendations to a good fix for this problem in the current version of Emby?
  18. FalsePhoenix

    Can PS4 app be used externally?

    Hi, I've been attempting to get a friend online through the PS4, it works for me but of course, I am within my own network. For him, it connects on mobile but the PS4 version refuses to connect when using the manual option with the external IP. The same method is as stated being used on an iPhone by him through the chrome browser. I will add that I do have a premium account so I see no reason that it should not be working.
  19. LIMABravo253

    Setting UP External Connection

    Hey, I have read most of the posts on the forum and i am still really struggling with setting up external connection and SSL. Now I have bought a domain through namecheap.com and have been following the guide Setting up SSL for Emby (WIP) by Swynol Now i have followed every step but I cant seem to get it to work. now I am not that technically gifted but know my way around a computer. Please could some help even further or dumb the process a bit even though its dumbed down already. I struggle with ssl free as it never finds my txt line to verify my domain. So any help would be greatfully appreciated Setting up SSL for Emby (WIP)
  20. Natilus13

    External Player Won't Load

    Hello Emby community, I'm really hoping someone out there can help shed some light on this for me. Try as I might I have not been able to get an external player, in my case VLC, working with Emby Theater on Windows. Back when Emby was known as Media Browser, I was able to get VLC working fine. I've found some good posts on the forums and spoke with some kind people but have still not had any luck. I've copied my settings to match exactly with the settings in this post... https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/43054-considering-emby/?p=402646 No luck, Emby Theater still plays any video files. I have also tried copying the settings from this post... https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/31284-external-player-support/page-6&do=findComment&comment=323052 Same issue, VLC is not loaded and Emby Theater still plays the video. I've tried cutting back on the amount of arguments, and even using no arguments, but I have not been able to get VLC to play. I am running Windows 10 and Emby Theater 2.5.35 I would greatly appreciate any help. Thanks!
  21. Greg Prz

    Android App needs some lovin

    Hello, I know the technical reasons for the following issues have already been discussed but I was wondering when will they be fixed? Emby on my android phone running Marshmallow is pretty much useless at this point I might as well uninstall it. I definitely would not have bought the premier version if I were looking at it today. The big issues I see are: 1) Lack of External SD Card support. Mega Huge, Monstrous even, in my book. I can't even use the old work around of syncing to the external card and then using a 3rd party player anymore. 2) HTTPS doesn't work over wlan - meh no biggie except - 3) No offline playback support I'd rather not have to move to Plex (assuming they can do it) as I've already paid for Emby but I do want to use the nice 128GB SD card in my phone. Any timeline at all? Are we talking days, weeks, months, years???? Please? Thanks
  22. Definitions: Local refers to HTTP/unsecure External refers to HTTPS/secure For local use, I really see no reason to use passwords but for external use, passwords are critical to prevent anonymous access (only want a handful of people to access it, not the ~7 billion people on the planet). What I expected going into this is that only Emby Connect enabled accounts would show up through HTTPS and they would require the Emby Connect credentials to log in. What I got was the same as HTTP: click a name and you're in. So, what does Emby support now in terms restricting access to the world other than NAT routers and requiring all users to have password? If I have it about right, then consider this a feature request (probably should move it to Feature Request forum).
  23. Hi, I have my server for Emby running locally on a Fedora 23 machine, ports forwarded and local networking is fine. I can reach the server website from my external IP address from outside my network and everything loads. I have set up the transcoding/streaming bit rate to be low enough to test streaming despite internet quality.. However I cannot access the media outside of my network. Going through the Kodi Logs (on an external network) its apparent that the Kodi installation isn't looking for the media on my server at a different location however its currently looking at "/mnt/data/Videos/.." on the Kodi machine, whilst the actual data is at a location such as Would i utilise path substitution here? or would that interfere with the transcoding and streaming performance? If i do use PS, how would i go about setting that up? ( i considered FTP or NFS.. but then security question is raised as I'm unsure how you'd have a login for either with the Emby for Kodi add-on). Regards, Jeremy
  24. bb_xspeed

    External Access

    Hi, I currently use emby on a windows server as an internal MediaCenter with Emby for WMC client. 2 users are created - 1 for my kids without any password allowing them to access easily to all the stuff they like through the remote command + TV - 1 for parents with a very simple numeric password that we can enter with the remote control. The idea is to disallow kids to watch films and series that are not for their age Today, I would like to active external access to let friends access my media library from the internet. So I activated Emby Connect which works great. But, as I entered a nat rule in my internet box, It opens access to my server from the outside. So anyone that scan my IP and tries port 8096 is able to access my medias through my kid unrotected user ou through the very simple parent user password. So, I would like to use emby connect but to disallow direct http access on my external public IP adress with kids and parents user (that I still need to be viewable from emby for WMC client. I do not want to enter manually login/pass from my remote commande . Is it possible ? Other Idea : Today, When I use TeamViewer, I do not need to open any incoming nat rule on my internet box to connect my PC from the outside. I do not know how it works but I suppose that my PC has a permanent outgoing https connection to teamviewer cloud that, then, let me connect to it. Would it be possible to have this kind of functionnality in emby ? Emby server would have a permanent connection to the emby cloud that would let emby connect users to connect it. On the other hand, it would not let direct http access on 8096 port for other users ... Thanx
  25. jasonwilliams

    External Player Triggers

    Hello, It would be great if we could trigger the External Player based on the 3D meta-data. If a 3D option is set, it would call the External Player. Thanks, Jason
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