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Found 6 results

  1. Emby is running on windows For starters I have recently moved to a new location after having my emby server accessible via its domain for a month or so. I can access emby remotely with my WAN IP along with my HTTP port number (HTTPS port isnt working). Im using cloud flare as for my SSL and DNS provider. when I attempt to connect using my domain I get a Error 522 (cloud flare cant connect to my server) I have updated my WAN IP to the one ive been assigned by my ISP. Tried changing the ports being forwarded (80,443,8920,8096) I have rebooted my computer and emby multiple times and updated my DNS A name a few times as well. AName: emby|MyWanIP (Domain is being proxied by cloud flare) Any tips on how to narrow down what is causing my issue? Could it be that my ISP is blocking the ports im using or is it cloud flare?
  2. Hi all, I am having an issue whereby I am unable to connect to my Emby Server remotely when using a domain. I have a SSL certificate that is correctly associated with the domain and works as it should. I have port forward setup on my router, and as a test I have used the external IP of my router as the external domain and this worked correctly and allowed me to access remotely. I've taken a log to show that it accepts the connection via the external IP as the external domain. If you require any further information please let me know. Thanks, Michael
  3. MintCollie

    Unable to access Emby over domain name

    Hello everyone! Im pretty new at emby, I installed it earlier this week and so far have been loving it on my local devices. Today I thought I would tackle getting it setup outside my network. But im running into an issue. I'm on version on a ubuntu 18.04 host. Whenever I set emby to my domain im unable to access it outside my network. If I clear the "External Domain" field and restart my server so that its back to my external IP im able to access it outside my network just fine. Its only when I set the "External Domain" field does it stop connecting. I have both local ports and public ports, port forwarded and it seems to be resolving to the local port instead of the public one that I set. for example if I change the public port to 8095 and the local port to 8096 and port forward both the 8095 and 8096 it will connect to 8096 rather then 8095.(checking the port on canyouseeme.com says connectionrefused) But if I change it to my domain it wont connect to either. I tested to make sure I have my domain set up correctly as I quickly set up a nginx webpage. Is there any solution to my issue? EDIT: after playing around with settings, when I set the domain its still accessible via my external IP just not the domain.
  4. deecemobile

    Question about my SSL setup

    Hi guys, big thanks to all who have posted walk throughs for setting up domains, DDNS, SSLs, etc. So far I have the domain name and DDNS working for HTTP traffic. But for whatever reason HTTPS traffic just times out everytime. I am relying on the UPnP protocol on my router instead of port forwarding and the bindings are correct. 443 is going to 8920, 80 goes to 8096. But I cannot connect via https:// or :443 ever. Even setting up manual port forwarding does not work. So I cannot tell if my certificate is even working but I shouldn't need the certificate to even connect via HTTPS, right? If the port binding is there I should be able to connect I am using Certify the Web for the SSL and it has been correctly setup with my domain but I can't tell if Emby is really using it. Any help would be appreciated.
  5. David Martin

    Emby + Domain Name?

    Hi, I've been using Emby for a while now and i really like it, So much so I want to get a domain name for it so instead of having a DDNS address point users to my servers IP address and port I just want to have a URL instead or my IP address and port. For example. Current - http://dukservers.ddns.net goes to Wanting - www.exampledomain.co.uk How would i go about doing this? Many thanks David
  6. Hello friends . Well, I installed Emby in my windows 10 and would take a question with YOU . 1. Possible And I use my own domain for others to access my movies Server. 2. inves the Leaving of a localhost , I Can Adicionar serve Inside My hosting Godaddy . Thus my Emby , Would Stay in the air, EVEN IF my pc was Off, . 3. Is How I use a Emby structure not wordpress ? Well, I hope a little help from YOU Excuses For my English! I'm from Brazil and I'm not very good no English Regards , Jefter
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