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  1. DarrenClimie-Newman

    Not receiving Emby Connect Confirmation

    Hi. Is there any issue with the Emby Connect email verification process? I've tried to add 2 new Emby Connect accounts to my server, but both emails haven't received the confirm/link email after registering? Thanks Daren
  2. ssinno28

    HTTPS With Emby Connect

    Hello, I currently have SSL setup with my emby server locally with a self signed certificate. The HTTPS version of the site is working fine and I can hit it locally with a local domain. My issue right now is that I'm trying to get HTTPS working with Emby Connect with the current certificate I have and I keep getting an error when clicking on the server I want to connect to: I've gotten it working by installing the the CA used to create the cert to my Trusted Certificate Authority Store, but I don't want to have to do this for every device. Can anyone talk me through how to get
  3. Hi everyone, I am new to the subject and at the moment Emby Connect does not work for me, locally I have no problems, it is worth mentioning that administering the server remotely is not of my interest, I just want my girlfriend to connect and see the content from her House. I have a Huawei HG8245H modem from my Totalplay internet provider in Mexico to which I entered and went to the Port Forwarding section and opened port 8096 with the TCP protocol choosing the IP of my Linksys WRT32X router as internal Host, hence I went to the settings From my router and in Port Forwarding I chose t
  4. wolflarson

    how do I skip Emby Connect?

    Hello, How do I skip emby connect and just login to my server with url / user+pw? I dont see any way to skip emby connect it just goes back and forth between "OK" and using a pin to login. This is my second apple tv and the first one works just fine but I don't remember how setup went with it. They are both on the same subnet. Thanks, Wolf Larson
  5. Hey guys, I'm having trouble removing a server from Emby Connect that I've uninstalled already (I set it up for a test). I tried going to app.emby.media and deleting it, but it just sits there loading.
  6. Hi i am a newbie on emby and i am trying to make my configuration of emby on my NAS and i got a problem... Like it's said in the title, it is impossible to use emby connect or an external dns (DuckDNS). I tried to forward my ports, create a new Emby account, change three times my DNS adress, reinstall DSM and Emby, wipe the Emby folder and the user on DSM and nothing works ! Please someone can help me
  7. Hi all My first post I'm really struggling to connect externally to my network. I've tried using the Emby Connect functionality and failed miserably. Whenever i try to login I just get the sign in error image attached. I even click the forgot password button and just get some page does not exist message attached. I know the password and username is correct as I've logged into this forum. The user is setup in the server to allow remote connections too. So in my wisdom I assumed that perhaps the router is blocking the access after reading the connectivity help. I'm not a
  8. I'm attempting to connect my Emby Server with Google Home. I already have Emby Server connected to Emby Connect (cloud icon next to my name in users). I have Emby Home enabled on my Google Home app. When I say "Hey Google, talk to Emby Home" I get the response, "Emby Home is not responding right now, please try again later". I think the issue is that I've had an Emby account long before Emby Connect came around and I login in with a user name and not an email address (unless I connect via emby.media). Even when connecting locally to my server via it's IP, I can log in by clicking my pictur
  9. cedrussell

    emby connect

    I don't ever use these community things, i can find my answers in the forums. I've tried everything I've found ,but still can not connect to emby connect. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I've opened the ports in windows firewall. I've gone thru the advance settings in emby, I don't see what else to change. I tried connecting with the ip directly. can someone help me please? I apologize if this has been covered in the forums... i couldn't find the fix for my issue. i'm trying to connect thru both the android app and the Iphone app. I;m actually trying to let my daughter who just moved out to
  10. Hello, i've been starting to use emby server in this week and although there is already a dashboard to manage emby server, such as creating users and stuff, i'd like to use my own admin panel already done that was written in php. I'd like to know if it is possible to access emby's dashboard options through another panel created by myself through an API, remote access or something similar, and if so, i'd like to know how because i'm new at this .
  11. Hi everyone new to Emby. I've added a Emby server to cloudboxes, created a user and created a Emby plex account. i can connect to my server manually but i can't connect using Emby Connect. However, when connecting manually i use port 443 but on my server dashboard my remote access is using port 8096. When i click on the remote access link i get "this site can not be reached" screen, but i delete the port number 8096 at the end and replace it with 443 it connects. So i'm thinking that is the reason why Emby Connect is not connecting because it's trying to connect to port 8096. please how d
  12. Crysallis

    Server not showing up

    I tried to setup emby with Alexa tonight.. and when the skill takes me to the emby connect page... I log in fine.. but my server doesn't show up. I can access it from my phone and the web just fine. What might I be missing?
  13. bobcoupee

    Delete Emby Connect Server

    Hi I have a server that no longer exists tied to my emby connect account, but I can't seem to delete the association: when I browse to http://app.emby.media/ login with my credentials and click on the '...' next to the now defunct server nothing happens. I have no other servers connected to that account - is that the issue? How I can I remove it? I am happy for my emby connect account to be completly deleted. Thanks in advance. Robert
  14. Hi together, I just figured out, that the context menu in the server selection on app.emby.media is not working. I wanted to delete a server from my list, but this is currently not possible. In the developer console I can see the following error if I try to open the context menu: itemcontextmenu.js?v= Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Cannot read property 'supportsWakeOnLan' of null at getCommands (itemcontextmenu.js?v= at Object.show (itemcontextmenu.js?v= at shortcuts.js?v= Best regards, Alexander
  15. Moats

    Why are there no how to stickies

    Why is there no "How to connect" stickies using Emby Connect for each product? Emby Android, Emby Ruku, Emby Theater, etc. from the end users perspective. Am I missing something? Stay healthy,
  16. How does my ISP see my outgoing network traffic? Do they see the actual music titles? Movie titles? and Podcast titles? Or is it just file type information that they see. I have about 15 users. 5 of them are in my house, 7 of them are scattered around the country and a few are in different corners of the world. I'm probably streaming about 10-15 hrs a day to various users mostly HD content. I don't have an SSL cert setup yet and wondering if I should if my ISP is snooping on my data. Thanks!
  17. I've tried using my account I've configured on the Emby server, and also the account I use to login to this forum, and keep getting an invalid user name or password error. Any ideas what the problem is? -Thanks @@cayars
  18. Hi all, Let me start off by saying I am glad to be done with Plex and Emby feels MUCH more consistent if not a little quirky so I bought a lifetime preimer pass, love it. So I'm stoked to be using emby. I started using emby in a VM but noticed my disk ops were bottle-necking emby so I installed Emby on a dedicated machine with the following specs: Intel Core i7-4770K 16GB DDR3 Ram Drives: OS Drive 128GB SSD, DVR Drive 1TB 7200RPM HDD, Media Drive 3TB 7200RPM NAS HDD Operating System: Window 10 Pro Build 1909 Patched all the way up HD Home Run PRIME TV Tuner while up front everything will
  19. dadofhgnadn

    Android Emby connect

    I recreated and opened ports however in android using emby connect I am stuck in a loop with no idea or prompt concerning what the fault is. See attached images: 01: I Choose Emby Connect 02: I enter my credentials 03: I am brought back to the first screen again. Am i missing something obvious? I will also attach a log. embyserver.txt
  20. My girlfriend thought she was being funny when signing up with a username that goes along the lines of user@.com. Yes, she wrote that as the username. Don't ask me why. She was smart enough to put a valid e-mail address in the correct field though. So far I haven't encountered any other issues than not being to able to add her account with the username as the server probably recognizes is as an e-mail address.
  21. brentcoleman

    Cannot access server outside LAN

    Hi all. I know this same question has been asked a number of times, but I have so far been unable to find a fix for my situation/setup. I recently purchased a lifetime membership for Emby based on using the software to watch movies/shows locally (through my chromecast) at home. My 'server' is a PC running Windows 10 and I have my media located on an external hdd. I am using a TP-Link Archer C3200 router. I have been trying for the last week or so to figure out how to access my library remotely with no luck. I have tried via the iOS app (sign in with Emby Connect and no dice) as well a
  22. PRodwell84

    Header Login Failure

    Hi I have a quick query i'm hoping someone can help me with. I have an Emby Server up and running and can access the content via the device where the apps are installed (Nvidia Shield), however when trying to log in via other devices, when using the Emby connect method I am getting the following error message. 'HeaderLoginFailure - Invalid username or password. Please try again'. I am familiar with media servers in general and know my username and password are 100% correct, I have reset the password on multiple occasions thinking it was a simple password issue and can log in on
  23. Hallo Emby Community, ik ben de trotse eigenaar van een Synology DS1019+ NAS. Hier heb ik media op staan die ik wil delen met bijv. familie leden. Het "Sign Up, Sign in and Enjoy" werkte tot het stukje enjoy. Zodra ik m'n emby server van buitenaf wil bereiken geeft deze geen gehoor. -Ik heb een Emby Premiere Key -Lokaal connecten werkt -De Emby server versie is -Router is een Experiabox v10 -User confirmatie mail is geactiveerd Het connecten van buitenaf werkte wel met de concurrentie btw. Edit: ik kan via het linkje in je mail https://app.emby.media niet connecte
  24. I have all of the users on my Emby server established with Emby Connect accounts hoping this would be easier since I'm dealing with non-tech savy individuals. But I'm having an issue with users being able to connect remotely. All of the users have the same permissions and access, but they are getting this error message in one form or another an all devices (apps and web browsers) But I can log in remotely without issues, using either my Emby Connect email address or username. I've actually even temporarily changed the password of an individual user and signed in as them, when they wer
  25. So, I'd really really like to like Emby; this must be about my fifth or sixth time trying to. But: as long as connecting to Emby over a Synology DDNS address is mindboggingly unreliable / completely random, Emby will never win against Plex. I'm not even thinking about the acrobatics needed to have a SSL-secured access to Emby running on my Synology, or the almost criminal carelessness of Emby standard security settings*. I've tried unsuccessfully at least a dozen times to connect to Emby server running on my Synology box using Emby connect on the app.emby.media URL. It kept telling me
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