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  1. So far everything has been fine, with my movies in x264, mp4 etc, but now I have realized that with the x265 HEVC codec I can compress more movies and not occupy so much space, the thing is that when it comes to play them with Emby, it does not load, it is super caught, BUT IT ONLY HAPPENS WITH THE PC, I have 2 tv box and mobile phones, Mi box and chromecast gtv and in them the reproduction is normal and current, also, with an emulator of android in the PC also works well, it is only from the browser of the PC that goes all lageado. Only with x265 movies and series. If anyone has any idea what could be happening I would appreciate it, thanks!
  2. Hi Emby, Are there any plans to support external streaming services via plug-ins coming to Emby. I'm aware that Plex offers these, and I think it would be a boon for us as well. We've got TuneIn for Internet Radio, which is great. But what about Tidal, Qobuz, Spotify, YouTube Music or Apple Music? 🤔 Perhaps one of our more accomplished developers could whip something up. Kind regards, Bill
  3. When I have titles with Danish characters the sorting is off. The letters æ, ø and å are in Emby as a, o and a wich is incorrect according to Danish sorting standard. The correct sorting is as the last three letters in the alphabet. I have added an image for reference. Is there any way to change that? I'm running Emby Server 4.7.5
  4. joncy92

    Really weird issue with movies

    Hi all, I'm having a really odd issue with Emby server running on docker using linuxserver.io image. I recently rebooted the server that docker Emby runs on and it seemed to come back up correctly but the movie page is blank when I first click into it The library itself seems to be fine...TV Shows, Collections and Playlists are present, and if I click into any of them, I can browse to a movie set or playlist and I can see the movies within them. Similarly, if I click through movies into Genres, I can see the movies within those genres on the page and if I search for a movie, it will also find and display it. It's just when I click into the movies page nothing shows up. I've checked filters and there's nothing there either. This only seems to be happening to my user account which is the only "admin" on the server. I've attached a log and screenshot. Please help 😧 Thanks in advance embyserver (1).txt
  5. Hi, I have configured my local network as `` in the network settings in Emby. Then I have configure some of my users with the option "Do not require an password on the local network". This seems to be working and I can now login without an password. The problem starts when I try to contact the server from an different network ( When I click on my user it signs in without an password. I would expect it to ask for my password because this isn't defined as an local network. In the dashboard the successful login is reported with the ip address, which is expected. I am directly connecting to the Emby server (no proxy), tcpdump also shows incoming network packets from the source ip as expected. Tested versions: beta and stable System: Linux Debian 10 (4.19.0-18-amd64)
  6. Hi All, I have Emby for Android TV beta installed on my A90J. I have a couple of MKVs with Dobly Vision only and they correctly display the video (no purple tint etc) and the picture settings on the TV show the Dolby Vision Dark/Bright options as expected.. I have then tried playing a file with both Dolby Vision and HDR10 but Dolby Vision isn't picked up. I understand I need to upload logs etc but can anyone tell me from where? Thanks
  7. joncy92

    Movie upgrades

    Hello, Is there a way to have Emby use the same metadata, including images and library scan date when a movie is upgraded in quality Usually when this happens the first file will be deleted, then the new file (with a different name) will be moved into the same folder, then Emby will detect the change and scan. Is there any to stop emby seeing this as a new movie and replacing metadata? Thanks
  8. when i try to connect to my emby server the connection fails HELPPPP
  9. I have been trying for hours to try to get emby to connect to devices not on my home network. I have been unsuccessful so far and I think that it is due to me not necessarily understanding and being able to set up port forwarding. Not only that my home network is a bit confusing, I have a modem connected to a router, and another router connected to that router which is outputting a completely seperate wifi network which is where the emby server is located. I don't know which router I should set port forwarding up on, and whenever I try on either one with my supposed public IP address, I get the error the ip address and the lan ip address should be in the same subnet, which I have no idea what the means. I would appreciate help and I will try and give any information that I can.
  10. Hi, I am trying to give Emby access to my external drive on Raspbian. I've searched a lot of different things and have used chmod and chown to try and give it permissions, but to no avail. I am a Linux noob so this is somewhat difficult for me. When I try to add a library from the external drive, I go to the directory that has it, but it's blank. Any help?
  11. There has been this issue with playback on my server where emby is installed. I will try my best to describe it. The issue: When I play any form of media be it tv shows or music, the file initially starts to play normally. But if I move the playback slider (or the volume slider), 2 things happen: A ) The file will play from where I moved the slider to. (This is pretty much what is supposed to happen) B ) An another instance of the files audio starts playing from the start of the file at max emby volume. The second instance of audio keeps playing even after I pause the music or video and even move back to my emby home screen. It keeps playing until I refresh the page. What I've done to try to fix it: I have completely reinstalled emby-server, but the issue persists. I have a friend who also has emby and is on the same version as me. I sent him a couple of my files to see if this was an issue with the media I had, but it played without any issues on his server. I also tried to check if it was a browser issue on the server, but the issue persisted on all the other browsers I tried it on. i.e Chrome, Firefox, Edge. Other Points to note: The issue only occurs when i try to play something on the server. Playback on all my client devices is fine. I'm not sure if this issue started after a server update or not, but I do have the "emby server up to date" turned on. This playback issue occurs regardless of if I use localhost:8096, or to access emby on my server’s browser. Specifications: Emby Server Version: Windows 10 OS build:19042.928 CPU: AMD 1600 I will attach my embyserver.txt log. It was taken with enable debug logging turned on. I recreated the issue wiith an episode from a tv show and 1 song in the log. embyserver.txt
  12. I have 3 Fire TV's in the house and I've tried to connect to my local media server on all three. Here is the rundown: I'm connecting to it locally I'm not using HTTPS to no certificates are involved. I have tried through the browser on the standard port 8096 and it works fine. I tried the android app. It works fine. I tried the LGOS app and yes it works fine too I've tried restarting the router. Server. etc. I've tried to connect through the "connect" feature. No go. I did the same thing on the LGOs app and after I logged in and submitted the pin it automatically forwarded to the next screen. This was NOT the case on the FireTV app. It just stayed on the screen with the pin. There is a next button and I tried it but it does not forward me through the setup. I've tried to enter the address manually. It sometimes adds but when I try to select it it says its unavailable.The prompt indicates I can try to wake it or remove it. It fails at waking but I can remove it. I have sent in reports from each of the FireTVs Just for good measure I've configured port forwarding and can access the server outside the network as well. (using a browser) No I don't have any firewalls in the way. I don't use windows. IPTables is not active. Emby is running in docker on an ubuntu server. I've exhausted my options and come to the conclusion by the process of elimination that the FireTV application is broken. The application version is 1.7.92a it seems. It was working previously. Yesterday I believe? Any help or guidance for next steps would be appreciated. I'm at the end of my rope. Thanks in advance!
  13. raujaku

    Pauses on 4K Content

    I'm running the emby server on a raspberry pi 4 model B. The client is an Nvidia shield pro 2019. When watching 4k content, the movie will randomly pause for a few seconds. This is over a direct stream. edit: direct *play log.txt
  14. Moleburt

    Editing Images Problem

    This issue has been going on for awhile now, and I've seen other posts about it, but no solutions or fixes that I've seen yet. Whenever I browse my library and change the primary image of something it jumps the library to a random page, it doesn't even jump do like the next page or keep it alphabetical, it seems like it just jumps it almost like it's filtering the movies by letter or something, it makes it VERY time consuming to try and change images through my entire library. A fix for this would be great. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
  15. Hi, all! I've been using Emby for about a year and love it. It works fine on my Windows 10 PC (which is the server). It worked fine on my mobile phone (a non-branded phone) and on my housemate's phone (a Samsung Galaxy Note 3) all year. But recently, when starting the app on the Note 3, all we get is a blank screen. No loading animation, nothing. We've tried re-installing it. We've tried closing all other apps. We've tried closing it using different means (home button, back button, closing from recent apps). We've cleared the cache and data. None of this has made a difference. What can we do?
  16. daedalus

    audiobook support any?

    may i ask what audiobook support is currently implemented? all i see is my folder structure, no artist page, no album view, no album resume am i missing anything? setting up my audiobooks as 'music library' brings up a proper appearence kind of but also some wired (random?) album sort orders on album page: and in 'more of' @ bottom they suddenly get sorted descending incl some quirks @ end: metadata of albums are all like this, empty except for title and 'date added'
  17. Hello, I picked up a new Android Box and set up Kodi and am trying to Emby for Kodi sync add-on and while it syncs the server will turn off. Kodi is a fresh install, I added the Sync via the repository. Then i allowed it to sync all of my media, it adds my movies and TV and crash some where between my TV shows and my Music. I have had to turn on my server 4 times tonight, and with kodi trying to sync it will crash in 20 minutes. embyserver.txt embyserver-63676182309.txt embyserver-63676182777.txt
  18. Are there any plans to support vobsub subtitles in the app? This subs are not text files like SRT for example, but bitmaps that are rendered on top of the video by the player. Right now they don't seem to work (not even listed in the subtitles list) but at least they are supported by my TV (UE55H6500) according to the manual. The app is awesome, but since I can't play any videos with this kind of subs I find myself switching to my RPi2 running Emby for Kodi, everytime I need to watch a video (ie: DVDs ripped to MKV) with this kind of subs. Thanks and keep up with the good work!
  19. LouisMylle

    iPhone X support

    Hello, I’ve tested the emby app on the iPhone X but it is apparently not optimized for this device. Is there any iPhone X support planned in the feature? Regards, Louis Mylle
  20. I just bought an emby lifetime subscription today and I can't get any of the android apps to work. I can log in fine to Web Gui, Emby Theater, Kodi work (although EmbyCon is extremely slow and part of the reason I want to use the apps). I bought this subscription mostly to use the apps so I'm currently feeling like I wasted money. I can log into each of the apps (Fire TV and Android Phone). I have used my reverse proxy using apache, direct https and direct http ports and I can sign in using all of them but when I try to select something to play it just sits there. Although sometimes it seems I can get a SSL Handshake Error and other times it seems like it's not even recognized. Any ideas on what could be wrong? I have attached a couple server log.
  21. I wasn't sure if I should start a new topic for this, as I experiencing pretty much the same issues that Swynol and Daedalus experienced HERE: I originally posted this on that thread simply because it seemed directly related, but between worrying over whether that constituted thread-jacking, and the topic now having been marked 'Answered', I thought it might be better to start fresh (I will edit my post there to reflect this). I'm running Emby Server Beta on Windows 8.1. The main symptom is that all my supporter plugins are showing as "Trial expired", and when I go to their pages in the catalog, I just get a never-ending 'Loading' Circle. Emby Connect also seems wonky, as I can't link local users with their online Emby accounts; Users already linked can still use Connect to access the server over cellular (My only other internet connection), although when I try to log in through Connect in Chrome on the machine itself, my credentials aren't recognized. The logs show errors on every attempt to connect to verify plugin authorization, to the Emby Connect service and so on, in each case the log states "The underlying connection was closed: Could not establish trust relationship for the SSL/TLS secure channel.". It seems to be throwing A LOT of these errors, too, as I've had several 100MB+ logs over the past few days (The attached log from a fresh boot yesterday afternoon has since grown to 50MB overnight). The odd thing is that, despite the connection issues for plugin and Connect authorization, Emby Server updated both itself and the plugins just fine, and, as mentioned, I can use Connect to access the server from my cell on 4G. The "Thank you for supporting Emby" badge shows up properly on the Dashboard too (Not sure if that's relevant, but the last time I had a connection problem it disappeared). This is all happening as I finally have my server (the machine, that is) up and running again, after the motherboard and processor died a couple months ago, forcing me to use my laptop as a temporary server. I know from the fact that I didn't have these issues on the laptop that the cause should be located within the server, I've temporarily disabled my firewall entirely and placed the server in my router's DMZ just to eliminate that part of the equation, and I am fairly certain the issue isn't with my Emby configuration, as I've performed a series of fresh installs (both Release and Beta), and the issue was still present, but all I've discovered so far is what's NOT causing the problem, leaving me with no more of a clue as to what actually IS :-/ If anyone could help shed light on this, I would be seriously grateful, as while I do have a certain small amount of pride in my technical skills, I'm also pretty sure that I've come about as far as those skills will take me. Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi. You're my only hope. server-63605748225.txt
  22. I just want to say thanks to Luke and all the other developers out there that are hammering away day in and day out on updates, squashing bugs, responding to the community, and just being all-around great guys. Your time, talent, and effort means so much to me and the community. This includes those who help out on the forums with support issues, and all the other stuff behind the scenes. I have to say... you guys impress me all the time with your expertise, care and concern, and even how patient you are.
  23. Is it possible to add support for external subtitles trough DLNA to MB? Currently MB transcodes every item that has external subtitles to burn them in, which is K.I.I.S. solution. The DLNA standard actually support additional subtitle (.srt) files, for example Serviio serves external subtitles to the client as item within the ContentDirectory: "urn:schemas-upnp-org:service:ContentDirectory:1": ... <res protocolInfo="http-get:*:text/srt:*"></res> </item> The URI to the .srt file is given in the media directory and can be read through HTTP, so DLNA media render can access it. I get that, transcoding is the "last hope" when nothing else work but in this case, something else work, and why to force transcoding when natively can get without.
  24. manu1997

    I can´t install Emby

    Hello guys, i have downloaded Emby for my movie collection but i have this problem during the install.I have tried with the BETA and the Stable releases but nothing works. I appreciate the help.
  25. Please post any questions/support queries here for the Movie Theme Videos Plugin Full plugin details here:http://mediabrowser.tv/community/index.php?/topic/2404-themevideo-backdrops-for-mediabrowser-classic-free/
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