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  1. I know VPN & Emby remote access is not a new topic. I'm looking into a secure way to provide VPN for my home and still ensure Emby remote access works while providing the best security possible. I have Emby remote access currently working on my NAS by providing a Google Domain (https://mydomain.com), SSL/HTTPS, and Reverse Proxy. I tried installing OpenVPN on the NAS, but Emby remote access was not accessible; as OpenVPN doesn't support Port 443. I have a 30-day trial version of ExpressVPN currently installed on my NAS and individual devices (LAN connected & WiFi where possible),
  2. ajalfon

    Remote (WAN) access address changes?

    My Remote (WAN) access address changes between 2 ip addresses for seemingly no reason? Is there a way to make this static? Or any insight into why it changes?
  3. Hi all, I came across a strange situation in which i request help. I have running a dedicated W10 Emby server for quite some years now. Version 4.6.4 already. When i first started the server i had a smartphone with Android One running and i was not able to login through remote access. Tried everything even with the help from you guys and eventually we concluded the isp must have something blocked on their end. When it was time to buy a new phone, i bought an android phone again but not from the Android One program. To my happiness i tried to use emby remotely and it worked!
  4. I am trying to get a handle on the differences between Plex and Emby. I have been using Plex for sometime and am considering switching to Emby. What I am trying to confirm is whether a remote Emby client can access my home server when it is behind a double NAT scenario. My server is behind my router (which is obviously using NAT). But, in my case, my network service provide also uses NAT in front of my router (WAN side of my router) or rather the router they provide me to connect to their Internet service. Because this is the case they have one router somewhere in their network
  5. Hi everyone, Just set up my Emby library and while it works on my Local network none of my remote users have access. I have read through other threads as well as followed the connectivity guide and connection troubleshooter. I have port forwarding set up and when I check my port on canyouseeme.org and portchecker.com they say it's closed. I've attached my logs and port forward screen so any help would be so very appreciated. embyserver-63743414400.txt
  6. twwayne33

    Cannot accèss Server remotely

    I am a new user of Emby after using Plex and XBMC for many years. I'm having trouble accessing the mac osx server remotely via IOS iPhone X. I'm able to access Emby on the local network with my iPhone but cannot when wifi is turned off on iPhone. I have a airport extreme router and have tried port forwarding with no success. When I click on the server from the IOS app I get the spinning wheel and the message comes up that says: "We're unable to connect to the selected server right now. Please ensure it is running and try again." When I login into Emby from IOS app it show my server but whe
  7. Just need a 'YES' or 'NO' answer to the above. Because not being a techno type, I have only just found that Emby opens up a port in my router to the internet without my knowing, during the installation. Which to me doesn't sound very safe. So I am hoping that if I purchase the Premiere package that it will provide the necessary SECURED access path, so that I can share my media with my friends who live down-country. I was using Plex and thought I would try Emby too. Plex already has the secure access for sharing, Emby is much faster to use. Thanks for any replies.. Cheers CD in NZ
  8. chris_martin


    i've recently come to emby from plex because the plex service has become more and more unreliable over the last 2 yrs to the point of becoming unusable.... ive mabaged to get everything working remotely on port 8096 with no problems whatsoever. however port 8920 is dead in the water as far as emby is concerned.... im using and asuscomm.com ddns with a let encrypt key and have converted it from pem ot pfx as directed in other posts with a passowrd etc.... the ports are forwarded on my router and can both be seen from canyuseeme.org... and yet emby still wont connect via https on any device in o
  9. I have Emby installed on a QNAP, which also has a VPN service running through OpenVPN. Scenario 1: VPN turned off, I can remotely connect to Emby Scenario 2: VPN starts up before Emby has started, so Emby uses the VPN address. Unable to access remotely Scenario 3: Disable VPN, start Emby and then restart the VPN. Emby show normal external address (not running through the VPN), and I can access Emby remotely. Is there a way for my to get Emby to use the non-vpn address only (maybe by locking it or something?) Many thanks for any help
  10. OK. This is darn odd. Since the most recent update I am unable to connect to Emby from anywhere but on the server. I have an IOS app, multiple PCs with web browsers and two rokus. None of them can connect to the server, and we are all on the same network. I have tried by direct IP address and I have tried it by remote DDNS names too. I can ping and connect to the server. I have rebooted every machine in the house, including network switches and routers. I can ping the server, map drives to the server, copy files to the server, even map a drive to the
  11. brentcoleman

    Cannot access server outside LAN

    Hi all. I know this same question has been asked a number of times, but I have so far been unable to find a fix for my situation/setup. I recently purchased a lifetime membership for Emby based on using the software to watch movies/shows locally (through my chromecast) at home. My 'server' is a PC running Windows 10 and I have my media located on an external hdd. I am using a TP-Link Archer C3200 router. I have been trying for the last week or so to figure out how to access my library remotely with no luck. I have tried via the iOS app (sign in with Emby Connect and no dice) as well a
  12. Hello, all Coming from the Plex world Secure Connections was easy to turn on (actually on by default). I am trying to determine if Emby has that on by default or what steps I might have to perform or if it's a non-issue. I am really hoping whatever is involved is pretty straight forward. When I (or a friend) is accessing my Emby server remotely I'd like to be reasonably secure. I liked that "no brainier" aspect to Plex. When I looked in the "Hosting" area of Emby server I saw a check box for requiring HTTPS (the equivalent of secure connects... maybe?) but it then asked me about Certs an
  13. I'm running emby on 218+ with Linksys ea8500. emby worked great out of the box when playing locally, however when I looked into remote access, I ran into problems. I could not access the server remotely, so obviously like recommended, I had to port forward. I have done that before so I'm familiar with it. So I open the port in the router and remote access works. However, local playback is now crippled. It constantly buffers or won't play at all. If I remove the port forwarding in the router, local playback works again. I have tried port forwarding the default 8096 port and also othe
  14. Sean89Butler

    Remote access no longer working.

    I tried accessing my server when I was on vacation and I was unable to connect. Remote access has been working fine for the past year, I'm not sure what has changed. I checked my firewall and everything looked good, just to be safe i removed the inbound rules and added them again, but still no luck, I even disabled my firewall completely but it still didn't work. I am able to remote into my computer with Chrome remote desktop connection, so it seems like my network is working as it should. And yes, I do have port forwarding set up. As I said earlier this was working perfectly for over a year,
  15. Hello, I'm a longtime Plex user wanting to move to Emby. The other night I downloaded Emby server on my computer (Linux Mint), uploaded all of my content from dual 8TB External HD's and added my nephew as a user to test out the remote access function...everything worked great with no problems!! The next day, I turned on my VPN (NordVPN, which does kick me off of the servers until I disconnect it), downloaded some content and that night, Emby worked inside my house but no longer worked remotely for me or my nephew. On Plex you can see if the remote access is red or green but cant fint that
  16. Chompy Lompy

    Emby server doesn't load remotely

    Hi all, I just got Emby 3 days ago. It works fine in my house. But when I try to watch it at my girlfriend's house on her Roku I am able to select my server and then I just get a spinning wheel. That's as far as Emby works when not in my house. Can anyone please help? Is anyone else having this problem?
  17. In the morning I can not connect remotely to the home server. The settings did not change, the antivirus was turned off, the port was forwarded in the router. There is simply no connection through emby connect, not directly. And the connection attempts were made both through the browser and through the application on the android phone. What could be the problem? http://www.canyouseeme.org/ shows "connection timed out"
  18. mataus

    Advanced Tomato router

    Hi all, I have a router running latest Advanced tomato firmware and PIA VPN running on it. I would like to run a script to enable Port Forwarding to the Port PIA provides me so I can access the Emby server remotely. However after searching the internet I am still no clearer on how to achieve this. Any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks
  19. emby20180524

    Cannot disable remote access

    Cannot disable "remote access". Public IP always shown on Dashboard page. Un-checking the "Allow remote connections to this Emby Server" box on the Advanced page and clicking Save results in nag messages but "remote access" remains turned on when return to Dashboard page.
  20. hugo0814

    Connection issue

    Hey, I'm having some issues with my Emby Server. My one problem so far is that I cant connect to it using another device. I've tried your'e network troubleshooting guide and port forwaded inside the firewall. I have checked if there is any instance in the firewall that blocks it somehow. My local IP seems very strange... here is a picture of it. https://imgur.com/a/En3Q8 Please help me solve this issue. Regards Hugo
  21. Niazniaz

    Can't remote connect

    Hey I can't seem to remote connect to my Emby server. I went through the connectivity guide, and set up port forwarding but still hasn't helped. I want to double check if the port forwarding I've done is correct. My router is the Tenda 11N. Here are the settings: When I tried the http://www.canyouseeme.org/ test I got this result: Error: I could not see your service on on port (8096) Reason: No route to host FYI I'm pretty much a noob when it comes to network setups so please explain your statements. Thank you.
  22. Moleburt

    Local and Remote Access

    I have a question I'm curious if anyone knows the answer to. I currently use Emby for home use, because for some reason Plex doesn't work on my local network, but I have people that use my Plex for remote access. So yesterday I finally decided to figure and set up Emby for remote access, I added the port forwarding to my router and tested it out, it worked. Then I went to use Emby at home and it wouldn't work on the local network, kept getting errors, but as soon as I deleted the port forwarding I had added to my router it worked like normal again. Ideally I would like to be able to use just o
  23. My os is windows-server-2016, I close the fireware, set up port forward in my router(8096), and I don't install any antiviral scan. I can only access emby-windows-server from In-Home (LAN), Is there any other setting? If I use emby-docker-server in my ubuntu, It can be access from remote, but this machine transcodeing too slow.
  24. TALCCaro

    Remote Access Issue

    Emby works fine on all our home networked 3 computers and 3 tvs. It works fine remotely on kid's computer away at college. However, it does not work on Grandma's computer and Roku stick across town at her home. She's got a Comcast Gateway Modem. Can log on to Emby with her computer...but won't connect to my server, says it's not working, make sure it's turned on, etc. Well it works on my phone at her home. It work's on kid's computer at school. I'm thinking the issue lies with Grandma's modem or network. Thoughts on what to change on her modem settings? I even took her Norton F
  25. Hi, maybe a silly question but is there a way to have a password only for remote access (either via android tablet or windows laptop) that then doesn't require local users to input as well? TIA and sorry if I am missing something simple in the server setup area. Brad
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