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Found 6 results

  1. Hello, I want to warn you, and request a quick solution, when I use the Android TV client application configured to use an external player, I always have the serious problem that when I stop playback in the middle of a movie, or in the middle of the episode , when I resume playback, it always erroneously starts from scratch again and never resumes from the exact minute and second that the stop position was marked. Besides, many times the movie is mistakenly marked as fully played until the end, when in fact I had stopped the playback in the middle of the movie. I also have the error that at the moment there is a current playback, in the control panel of my Emby server for Windows operating system, in the control panel I can see the current playback in the client for Android TV with an external player, but in the control panel of the server it never shows the exact minute and second of the current playback, it counts only a few seconds and jumps back to zero, but the playback can actually go to half or close to movie's ending. All these problems happen only when I use an external player. With the internal player of the Android TV client application there is not problem. But unfortunately I find myself more and more forced to use the external player MX (MX Media - formerly J2 Interactive) since its powerful video decoder is configured in the HW+ configuration, it is the only player application that makes absolutely all the movies , all the series, and all the videos all play smoothly without jerks or jumps in the image, on my Philips 55OLED873 television with Android TV operating system. I would like to use the internal and native player of the Emby client application, but I have the serious problem that on my Philips 55OLED873 television, more than 70% of the movies and series have the problem of reproducing the image with constant jerks and jumps in the picture. But luckily there is the MX playback application (MX Media - formerly J2 Interactive) that, with its powerful HW+ decoder, forces my TV to play absolutely all the videos without jerks or jumps in the image. For this reason, I request if you could solve the problem so that when I play with the external player MX (MX Media - formerly J2 Interactive) always after stopping the pre-production in the middle of the movies, it resumes playback from the minute and exact second that it had stopped. Another solution that I would much like is if it were possible for you guys to add the MX Player (MX Media - formerly J2 Interactive) as a well-optimized alternative internal player within the Emby Android TV client app, so you can add a settings option where I can pick and choose MX (MX Media - formerly J2 Interactive) and dismiss ExoPlayer. If you please solve this problem, please let me know that future versions of the Emby client application for Android TV, and in the future version of the server for Windows operating system, all the problems and errors that I report to you will be solved. Greeting.
  2. Emby for Android Mobile 3.1.20: Wenn starting an audiobook with lot's of files in a playlist, the tracks don't start at the beginning. So, after fininshing one track, the next track start somewhere but not at beginning. I can reproduce it as follows: Start an audio playlist and listen. Stop somewhere - end emby app start emby app Mainscreen "continue listening". Here, only the last file of the audiobook-playlist is shown unforunately but with progress bar. That's why I open this file, click "more-show album and here I start a new playback with the file i stopped. Automaticaly a new playlist is generated. And when playing this playlist, the tracks don't start at the beginning. I don't notice the bug within the webapp. Here everything seems to be fine.
  3. tequilaparrothead

    Emby errors on Windows 7...at wit's end

    Emby had been working and I was ready to switch to using Emby from Plex...then I think it was when I updated to 4.x, all hell broke loose. Suddenly, I was not able to get the Emby server up at all. Just kept getting "cannot connect 8096" type errors. In an attempt to resolve the issue, I finally restored my computer operating system to factory default and reinstalled Windows 7 with no luck. Then I briefly upgraded to Windows 10 and suddenly found Emby server to work. My graphics card was not compatible with Windows 10, so I reverted back to Windows 7 factory fresh. To my surprise, after a fresh download and install, Emby started working once again....for awhile. After a few uses, I got this error and now Emby won't work again. I get this error every time I restart my computer. Not know what to do, I tried to install Emby over my existing and then I got this message. I'm afraid I'm ready to give up on Emby. I don't know how to post any logs or anything. Quite honestly, I just can't even get Emby to start up other then the little icon does show down in my little corner task bar. Otherwise, I can't get anything to actually open on my screen. Figure I would post here in one last attempt to salvage my experience. Any help would be much appreciated. I'm running Windows 7 Home Premium on an HP desktop with AMD processor. Thanks.
  4. Maybe someone could help me. I'm using the emby since july to watch some Anime and i never have problem with the emby but now I'm having some problems with playback on chromecast gen 2, I start play one video and everything seems work fine but after some time the subtitle start freeze and stop play but the video still keep running. Even playing videos than I already watched happen this problem This issue start happening since my Emby server update to the stable version "" and only happen on chromecast, I already try update my server to the beta version " now I" m running on version" but the problem is there, I buy a new router to see if make any difference but still happening, I already install the Emby Server in another PC more powerful but this too dont solve my problem. Here is information of one of the media than already play and is having problems.and the last server log.. P.S the server dont produce transcode log cause that video play directy I dont know if here is the right place to post this but i really need help. embyserver-63687600000.txt
  5. My issue is inconsistency with playback, sometimes it's fine for a whole episode playing flawlessly, others for 15-20mins playing how it should then it hangs up and other times it hangs up immediately before playing then stopping and playing repeatedly. This is understandably frustrating as I just switched over from Plex and purchased the Lifetime membership for Emby. (I'm all in!) All my testing has been done on a series of episodes and a movie with the originating format being MKV. Local testing has been done using an X-Box and remote testing has been done using the Nvidia Shield. My first thought was that it had to do with transcoding but as the Emby dash board says it's all Direct Playing, I have no idea why it's having such issues. The testing was done on the x-box attempting to play Angry Birds which is an MKV also tested on Nvidia shield with the same stopping issues. The primary remote testing was done on Brooklyn 99 with the same inconsistent results. I even used the convert feature in Emby and converted the Brooklyn 99 episodes all to MP4 and it still has the exact same issues. First off my server stats are as follows; Gigabyte MW50-SVO Intel Xeon E5 v3 3.5Ghz Nvidia Quadro P2000 (for hardware accelerated transcoding) 32GB RAM Server Raids 2x Intel Hardware RAID 5s both 4x 8TB Firewolfs (one for TV shows and one for Movies) Internet up and download are over FIOS getting 500mbps up and down The server is located remotely. I'm using an Nvidia Shield as my playback device. Here are all of the logs, I apologize for my ignorance in not knowing how to tell which logs are relevant but I thought I would attach them all for the relevant time period just in case... embyserver.txt embyserver-63689414400.txt embyserver-63689450608.txt embyserver-63689461604.txt embyserver-63689461681.txt embyserver-63689464367.txt embyserver-63689500802.txt embyserver-63689539161.txt embyserver-63689587200.txt embyserver-63689619670.txt embyserver-63689620488.txt Any help is greatly appreciated!!
  6. I must get my movies going again. I cannot get the server running - having installation issues in the setup, which apparently have no solution or suggestions (see link to yesterday's post)... yesterday's post. I used to have Windows 7 stand-alone with older Media Browser - which worked great. But I now have Windows 8.1 without Media Center (little drive space on the new htpc computer, nor do I want to pay for it). Anyway, since I have Windows 8.1 for client-side, and Vista for server-side, can I somehow use the old Media Browser without Media Center? Or better yet... Is there another way to run the Emby Server setup WITHOUT going through the localhost/browser? I have tried everything I can think of. Troubleshooting is starting to lead to recklessness in computer setting and updating various things out of desperation. At this point, my choices are either to toss my new Windows 8.1 htpc in the trash and revert back to Windows 7 with old Media Browser, or go with some other program altogether.
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